Top 14 Best kids Bikes That Will Impress Your Child

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A bike is the best gift you can give your child. Once in a while, kids need to go outside and get away from their iPods, computers, and tablets.

 Although choosing a bike for kids can be a daunting experience.

 There are so many bikes in the market it’s hard to decide on one. 

Which is why we compiled a list of the top 14 best kids bikes available in the market.

Top 14 Best Kids Bikes - Complete Buyers Guide


Bike Name

Recommended Age


Frame Material

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle

12 inch (3-4 Years old)

14 Inch (3-5)

16 Inch (4-7)

18 Inch (5-9)

12 Inch (18.9 lbs)

14 Inch (21.6)

16 Inch (24.3)

18 Inch (24.9)

Steel Frame

Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 

3 – 5  Years old

21 lbs

Metal Frame

Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike for Boys and Girls

2 – 5 Years old

12 inch (18.3 lbs)

Steel Frame

Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike

4 – 8 Years old

28 lbs

Steel Frame

RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid’s bikes, unisex children’s bikes

12 Inch (3-4)

14 Inch (3-5)

16 Inch (4-6)

18 Inch (5-7)

12 Inch (21 lbs)

14 Inch (22.6)

16 Inch (24.2)

18 Inch (26.6)

 square-tube frame

Schwinn Boys’ 12-Inch Grit Bike

2 – 4 Years old

23.9 lbs

Steel Frame

Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girls BMX Street/Dirt Bike 16

4 – 8 Years old

27 lbs

Steel Frame

Critical Cycles Cub Balance Bike for Kids No Pedal 

20 months – 5 years old

12.2 lbs

Steel Frame

Huffy Good Vibrations Girls’ Cruiser Bike 20″ Rims 

7 – 10 Years old

32 lbs

Steel Frame

 Woom 3 Pedal Bike 16″ Rims 

4 – 6 Years old

12.7 lbs

Aluminum Frame

 Firmstrong Urban Girl Single Speed beach Cruiser 


4 – 10 Years old

30 lbs

Steel Frame

Royalbaby Space Shuttle kid 

4 – 6 Years old

21 lbs

Magnesium Frame

Royalbaby Flying Bear kids bike 

(16 inch) 5 – 8 Years old

16 Inch (25.35 lbs)

Steel Frame

Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street bike 

6 – 10 Years old

26.9 lbs

Steel Frame

Best kids' Bikes 2018 - Top14 Best Bikes for Kids:

The RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle is a kids unisex bike.

 It comes in four different sizes which are 12, 14, 16 and 18-inch size which you can choose  depending on the age and height of your child. 

This bike is ideal for kids from 3 to 8 years old.

  The bike comes in a variety of different colors for both boys and girls, which makes it perfect for giving your child a wide range of options.

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?


 A kid’s bike should always have safety as top priority. The manufactures of RoyalBaby have included a variety of features to enhance safety.

 For instance, the bike has two breaking options to make it easy to stop at any time. The front and rear braking system are ideal when your child needs to stop abruptly. 

It also has a bell to alert people and other kids. The training wheels offer a great balance to prevent accidents when learning how to ride.

Comfortable ride

This bike has everything that is needed to make sure that your child is comfortable when riding.

 It has a comfortable seat, and the handles are ripped avoid friction when holding the handle for a long time.


Buying a durable bike for kids is always important. The last thing that you want is to start replacing the bike after a few months. 

The bike is comfortable to ride on all terrains because it has a steel frame.

Easy to assemble

When you buy the bike, it will be assembled except for the seat, handles, and paddles. 

However, assembling the bike is easy because it comes with a manual and all the basic tools that are needed to assemble. It will take less than one hour to fix the bike. 

Minor issues with the bike?

Training wheels

The training wheels might come out after some time, and you might need to attach them again. However, this is not a big problem because by the time they come out your child will already have learned how to ride.

Key Features

Training wheels

This bike comes with training wheels, these are important when kids are still learning how to ride a bike. If you are looking for a first bike, then this is a good option. Young kids under the age of 4 years need training wheels for support and balance. The best thing about these training wheels is the fact that they can be detached once the child is confident enough to ride.

Cushioned seat

The RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike comes with a comfortable seat to ensure your child has a comfortable ride. 

Steel frame

A strong frame is important when buying a bike for kids. The frame is durable enough to take on tough terrain. Steel is a durable material, and you can be sure that this bike will last your child for a while.


Accessories are important in making a bike stand out from the rest. The RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike comes with accessories like a water bottle holder, bell, and cage. These small things is enough to make this bike stand out from the rest.


The Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 12 is a great budget bike for boys.

 It is designed to withstand the off-road terrain on those days that you want to explore the outdoors.

 At first glance, you will notice the rugged look of the bike keeping in mind that it is specifically made for boys. It is ideal for 5-year-old boys.

Overall this bike is on our list of best kids bikes with training wheels.

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

Rugged exterior:

This bike looks tough with bold prints and cool colors. Since it is meant for boys, it appeals to young boys who want a boys looking bike. When buying a bike, style is important because it encourages the child to keep riding. 

Durable bike:

 strong exterior to withstand riding off-road. The tires are also strong enough, and  will not need to be replaced any time soon.


The Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster offers comfort when riding. The padded seat offers a comfortable sitting position when riding. It also has padded handles to prevent friction on the hands when riding for a long time.

Safety features:

You will appreciate the safety features of the bike like the enclosed chain, coaster brakes for abrupt stopping and also a padded handle. The padded handle will reduce impact in case of a fall.

Minor issues with the bike?

Rear brakes only:

Most of the kids’ bikes have both rear and front breaks for safety. However, the Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster has only the rear brakes.

Handlebar not adjustable:

The handlebar of this bike is not adjustable. This means that if your child is tall, you might need to adjust the seat and not the handlebars.

Key Features

 Tires and cool rims:

This is a dirt bike, and this means tires are very important. It comes with 12-inch tires that can withstand pressure when riding on gravel. The cool rims are also great for enhancing the look of the tires. The bike has green colored rims that add style to the black and green bike.

Stylish exterior:

The exterior of this bike has been made with style in mind. This is a black and green bike, and it has everything that a young boy will love. It has a green handle, black frame and the graphics on the bike are bold and stylish. The high gloss black finish adds to the style of the bike, and it gives the impression of an expensive bike.

Easy to adjust training wheels:

 Training wheels are important for beginners, and they are ideal when it comes to creating balance. With easy to adjust training wheels, it will be easy to remove  them once your child learns how to ride the bike without support.

Padded handlebar

The handlebar of the bike is well-padded with bold prints. The role of padding is to add to the style and also for the safety of the bike.

This is a unisex bike for children between two and eight years old. It comes in a variety of colors to appeal to both boys and girls. When buying this bike, you have the option to choose the 12 inch for toddlers and the 16 inches for pre-teens.


Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

Easy to assemble:

When buying a bike online, many people are worried about assembling process. This is an easy bike to assemble, and it will take you less than 30 minutes to assemble. The manufacturer makes it easy for you by including a manual as well as some tools required.

Smooth ride:

This is a smooth bike to ride. It has anti-skid tires that offer a good grip while riding. The rigid frame and the training wheels also make riding a smooth experience. If your kid is learning how to ride the bike, then this bike will motivate them because it is smooth to ride.

Strong and quality exterior:

Buying a strong and quality bike will give you value for money. The bike is strong due to the steel and well-welded frame. All the parts used in making the bike or high quality. At first impression, you will think that it is a high-end bike.


When it comes to safety, the manufacturer has put some features into consideration. The anti-skid tires are great, and they will keep the bike stable even on muddy terrain. The rear brakes are good when you want to stop the bike abruptly.

Minor issues with the bike?

No hand brakes:

The bike only has rear wheels. This means that it only has one breaking system. However, the rear braking system is still good and works well for safety.

Key Features

 Adjustable seat and handle:

The Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike has both adjustable seat and handle. This is a good option considering that your child will grow taller over the years. You need to be sure that you can adjust the seat and handle for comfortable riding. Most of the bikes will only allow you to adjust either the seat or the handle, but with this bike, you can adjust both parts.

Pneumatic Tires:

The pneumatic tires of this bike make riding an enjoyable experience. The tires provide the desired grip to prevent sliding when riding. Tires are very important in determining the performance, safety and comfort of riding and the manufacturer considered the importance of tires.

Rigid make:

The Tauki Kid bike is made using steel. Steel is a strong material that can be able to withstand weight and pressure.The paintwork is also done well to protect the bike from mud, water, and dirt.

Training wheels:

Just like many bikes for kids, the Tauki bike comes with training wheels to provide balance when beginners are riding.


Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike is a dream bike for many little girls. Just like the name suggests, it has a princess style and theme. The style appeals to little girls, and they will love all the features it provides. This is a 16-inch bike available in pink and white.

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

Safe riding:

Riding safety is not compromised when it comes to the Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike. It has a padded handle, and this means that in case of a fall the impact is reduced. The 16 inch wheels are great for offering balance when riding reducing the chances of falling.

Tough bike:

The Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike is decorated with all the girly features, but it doesn’t mean that it is a weak bike. It is a strong rigid, and the frame is ideal to carry the weight of young girls below the age of 10 years. The tough exterior makes it durable, and your little girl will be able to use it for a long time before it needs replacing.

Extra value accessories:

When you buy a bike, sometimes you are required to purchase accessories to enhance performance. However, with this bike, it comes with everything that is needed for adventure rides. It has a back seat which can carry your child’s doll as well as a basket to carrying other things.

Beautiful Design:

Girls love beautiful things, and this means that their bike should also be beautiful. This is a beautiful girly bike with purple tires to match the look.

Minor issues with the bike?

Only pedal brakes:

The only way to stop this bike is using the pedal brakes. This is a modern looking bike, but unfortunately, it does not have hand breaks.

Key Features


We can’t talk about a girls bike without talking about colors. The bike has a pink or white frame with purple colors. These are colors that most little girls love.

Training wheels:

The bike has training wheels, and this makes it the perfect choice for girls who have never ridden a bike. The little girl will be confident to ride the bike with the training wheels offering balance and support. It runs smoothly, and it takes a short time for girls to learn how to ride it.

Frame and tires:

The bike has a feminine and soft look, but at the same time, it is a tough bike. It has a sturdy tube frame for durability and strength. The 16 inches are also great when riding for balance and support.


The Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike is not a simple bike. It has all the accessories that little girls love. For instance, it has a seat at the back to carry their doll when riding. The front basket is allows your child to add other important items. You don’t have to worry about buying extra accessories once you buy this bike.


The RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid’s bike is ideal for both boys and girls. Children from 2 to 8 years can comfortably ride this bike. All you have to do is to choose the right bike size which ranges from 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches. 

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

Unique design:

This bike has a unique design with a tube frame. The square tube frame makes the bike look light and stylish for kids. The unique colors also add to the design of the bike. 

Unisex bike:

Buying a unisex bike is always an advantage to every parent. With a unisex bike, a brother and a sister can share the bike. It is made to serve the needs of both boys and girls. Colors like blue and green will appeal to both boys and girls.

Child safety:

A bike for kids should always offer safety. RoyalBlue has put all the features to guarantee the safety of your child. 

The use of handbrakes ensures fast stopping of the bike. The enclosed bike chain will also protect your child from injuring themselves.

 Using the training wheels offers balance and reduce the risk of falling.

Minor issues with the bike?

Heavy to carry:

This is a heavy bike to carry. It is not one of those bikes that you can easily carry around when traveling with your child. However, for normal home use, it is a good bike to consider.

Ket Features

Variety of colors:

The RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid’s bikes are unisex, and this means that you get the freedom to choose from the wide variety of colors. The colors available are ideal for both boys and girls depending on their preference. Some of the colors available are pink, blue, lilac, green and red honey. These are soft colors that all children will love.

Child-friendly brakes:

The braking system on this bike is child-friendly, and the manufacturers have the needs of the child in mind. The braking system is made in such a way that it is easy to use and also sensitive. Since kids have small hands, it is easy to reach the handbrake without straining. The hand brakes plus the rear brakes make it easy to stop the bike.

Training wheels:

Training wheels are a very important feature for a kid’s bike. The wheels are meant to offer balance when using riding. With the heavy-duty training wheels, it is easy to ride the bike even for young kids who are still learning.

Adjustable seat:

An easy to adjust seat is important for growing kids. Kids will grow over the years, and you will be required to adjust the seat accordingly. Apart from being easy to adjust, the seat has foam padding for comfort. It is also ergonomically designed so that the kid does not get tired when riding the bike.

The Schwinn Boys’ 12-Inch Grit Bike is the best kid’s bike for children between 2 and five years. It’s a rather small bike, and it might be too small for pre- teens. This bike is recommended for boys who are just learning how to ride a bike. It has all the features needed to make riding a bike for beginners comfortable and very enjoyable.

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

 Good starter bike:

If your child is learning how to ride a bike, this is the best kids’ bike to buy. It has a parental control area for the parent to teach the kid how to ride. The training wheels are also good for offering balance as the child learns how to ride.

Ideal for growing kids:

The bike is ideal for growing kids who are just learning how to ride a bike.If you get this bike when your child is two years old, they will be able to use it up to the age of five. All you have to do is to adjust the bike over the years to accommodate the height of the child.

Easy to assemble:

When buying a bike, you need to be sure that you can assemble it. This bike is easy to assemble, and it will take a few minutes before your child can start enjoying his first ride.


The bike comes with accessories like a water bottle and cage to hold the bottle. The bike also has a bell, and this is something that young kids will love.

Minor issues with the bike?

Small size

This is a small size bike, and it might not be ideal for children above five years

Key Features

Parent control handle:

Since this bike is meant for toddlers, it has a parent control handle. This means parents can easily control the movement of the child when riding. The control handle is great for children who are learning how to ride a bike. It makes the child feel in control, but at the same time, the parent can monitor the movement.

Adjustable seat and post:

The bike allows you to adjust the level of the seat right from when your kid is two years up to 5 years when they are tall enough. Once your child learns how to ride the bike on their own, you can remove the seat and allow them to ride without the control post.

Training wheels:

Since the Schwinn Boys’ 12-Inch Grit Bike is a bike for toddlers, it comes with training wheels. The training wheels are sturdy and stable for your child to stay balanced when riding the bike.

Enclosed chain:

The chain is enclosed, and this means your kid’s shoe lace will not get stuck in the chain while riding. The enclosed chain is also great to keep dirt away when riding.

The Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girls is good for girls who want a girly looking bike. It has all the things that a little girl would want in a bike. The bike is recommended for kids from 4 to 8 years old. 

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

Easy and smooth ride:

This is a dirt bike, and it is easy to ride it on rough terrain without any problems. You can be sure that your girl will not have problems riding on dirt roads.

Comfortable riding:

Comfort is important when riding a bike and the Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girl Bike has all the comfort that you need for a bike. The seat is padded to support your kid when riding. It is also easy to adjust until you achieve a comfortable.

Easy to assemble:

The bike will come ready to assemble with the seat and handle ready to fix. It is easy to fix, and it will take a short time to assemble the complete bike. it has a manual, and this means that it takes a short time to join the parts.

Unique design:

The unique design of this bike makes it a looker. It has good quality paint and bold prints to make it stand out from other bikes in the same class. If you are looking for a beautiful girl bike, then this is a good option to buy.

Minor issues with the bike?

 The bike has white wheels, and this means that they might get dirty very fast.


Key Features

Bright and attractive colors:

The bike has bright and attractive colors. The combination of pink, white and purple makes it a good bike for girls. The seat is a bike in colors, it has a purple frame, and the wheels are white. The design and colors make it attractive for little girls.

Padded handles:

The handle is padded to with a stylish pad using bold print. The handles have a pink casing to make sure that your child holds the bike in position when riding.

Training wheels:

This bike has training wheels keeping in mind that it is a starter bike. Kids who have not yet learned how to ride a bike can use the training wheels to gain balance. The training wheels are easy to adjust, and this means that you can remove them once your child learns how to ride a bike.

Steel frame:

The bike might be attractive and beautiful, but underneath the attractive colors and prints, there is a steel frame. A steel frame is the best for kids’ bike because it is a strong and durable material. Since this is a dirt bike, the strong steel can withstand pressure.

This miniature Critical Cycles no-pedal bike is extremely light weight and can accommodate young children provided they are old enough to walk. Basically, if they can walk, they can ride. Since the bike has no pedals, the tiny riders only have to scoot and scuttle. They get on easily thanks to a step-thru frame move forward with their feet, and this makes for a less scary experience that ultimately builds up strength and confidence to ride a bigger kid’s bike.

Why no pedals?

If you’re wondering how your child will manage to get around with a bike that has no pedals, then you’ll be surprised at how useful this type of bike is

especially when introducing younger riders to bicycles. Because the bike has no pedals, your child won’t suffer any scratches, falls, or high speeds. This is extremely important at their age, and will serve to build their coordination skills while strengthening the legs (they have to put both feet firmly on the ground and use them to move forward).

Because at this age they haven’t yet developed enough balance to ride a big kid’s bike, it makes sense to start them off slowly. In any case, they’re not yet ready for speed yet, so they won’t need to ride fast. Parents can relax knowing their child is gleefully riding around in a safe, stable balance bike that protects them from the usual bumps and scratches.

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

  • Perfect starter bike to help little ones learn to balance
  • Light and easy to adjust
  • Contains a stepping stool making it easier for your child to get on 
  • No maintenance required
  •  Very durable frame
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Air free tires
  •  Extremely safe

Minor issues with the bike?

  • The tires are made out of foam

Key Features

Critical Cycles Balance bikes:

This is a simple yet strong pedal free push bike that is perfect for instilling confidence in young children who are still learning how to ride a bike.

It also comes in a step through frame as well as a foot to floor design to ensure they get on and off safely.

It Features Strong Training Wheels:

Strong training wheels that provide efficient balance for children aged between 20 months and 5 years.

Develops Coordination:

Coordination is a major developmental  factor at this age group and this Critical  Cycles Cub Balance Bike will help your young one develop balance and coordination skills as they go through several stages in their early years, and this will ensure a seamless development toward unaided bike pedaling.

Requires very minimal assembly: 

 no maintenance, air-free tires (which means the ties will never go flat), and more importantly, the bike is designed with CPSC safety compliance features.

Easy to Adjust:

  Designed with adjustable handle bars and seat posts to accommodate both boys             and girls aged between 20 months and five years. It comes in black, pink, orange,          lavender, powder blue, bluish pink, and royal blue. 

The manufacturer has been building kids’ bikes since 1892 and they have a wide range of products under their belt including this range of 20″ Good Vibrations cruiser bikes that are made for children aged 7-10 years.

 Girls’ bikes in general feature plenty of color and are mostly designed for a comfortable ride, and this Huffy Girls’ bike is no different. It comes in a strong kickstand and easy-design coaster brake that provides safety during emergency stops.

Girls who want a bike that shows some personality won’t be disappointed. The entire bike is decorated with fun graphics, including lavender grips and a lime green padded seat. The chain guard is also colorfully designed, and incorporates cool patterns in different shades to suit a variety of personalities.

The color combination alone makes it a really cute girls bike, and the fact that it isn’t commercialized is something to note (some bikes feature a little Barbie or whatever characters the kids like). The frame is a little heavy from being a sturdy piece of steel and will stand up to regular use.

It takes only a little assembly work to get it ready for use (it ships 75% pre-assembled).

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to add training wheels to this bike, as the bolts on the axle aren’t long enough to accommodate the adjustments needed with training wheels. Presumably, the manufacturer expects that users aged 7-10 should already know how to ride safely. Overall, this bike has amazing graphics that add up to a really fun ride! 

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

  • Comfortable hand grips
  •  Durable steel frame 
  • Easy to follow assembly

Minor issues with the bike?

  • Training Wheels cannot be added

Key Features

Strong, durable steel:   

The steel frame is designed to last a long time and is covered by a lifetime warranty.  A strong chain guard is built to protect the chain when the child is pedaling, and it comes in beautiful lime-green to add to the overall experience.

Quick assembly:                                 

The padded seat comes in full color and decorations, and is easy to ride. Huffy has over a hundred years of designing children’s bikes and comfort is a major factor in their products. The Huffy Good Vibrations Girls Bike is no different: the seat allows safe and comfortable riding for hours.

Comfy, padded seat: 

The padded seat comes in full color and decorations, and is easy to ride. Huffy has over a hundred years of designing children’s bikes and comfort is a major factor in their products. The Huffy Good Vibrations Girls Bike is no different: the seat allows safe and comfortable riding for hours.

easy-to-use quick release seat mechanism:   

allows the rider to adjust according to height. The chain guard is colorful and comes with matching wheel rims and handlebars – all of which make the bike a fun combination of color, design, and style. Dual density grips are included to make it easy to ride, and pedals are larger-sized to enhance pedaling power and improve comfort.

About the manufacturer:

Woom bikes are light-weight and long lasting, and the manufacture builds a range of bikes for children aged between 20 months and fourteen years. The official website describes heavy kid bikes as trying to learn to ride using a moped. For this reason, they design their bikes with the weight factor as a major determinant of the final product.

When children struggle with a bike that weighs 2/3 of their body weight, it makes the whole experience very challenging. Woom bikes are made using high- quality, lightweight material that is safe and perfect for kid bikes.


Easy-to-reach brakes

The brake levers are made for small hands and the braking concept is fairly simple on both Woom 2 and 3 models. The rear-hand brake is identified by the green lever – which helps to minimize the mix-up of right and left brake. Overall, the V-brake is made simple and braking is effortless.

Optimal gearing

The cranks are made extra long to accommodate the ergonomics of a child. The riding style is enhanced with optimal gearing ratio; and the bike offers a great ride overall through optimum handling and good geometry. This is what enables children to ride longer, faster, and comfortably.

Kid-friendly geometry

The geometry can be described as beginner-friendly as it takes into consideration things like low center of gravity to keep 4-year-olds safe, and a long wheel base keeps the directional stability and weight properly optimized. The tough aluminum construction makes the bike tougher while keeping a smart design that improves comfort, making the child more enthusiastic about riding.

Proprietary design

Kids’ bikes have very specific requirements such as lightweight materials, safety, comfort, concealed bolts, etc. This Woom 3 pedal bike is built with a beginner- friendly design and is easy to assemble. Its a great bike for improving biking skills such as handling and speed. The upward riding position gives the rider a good view of the road ahead and improved balance.

Mounting is made easy with the low step-in height and the fork is designed to improve steering and stability even in high speed. The Woom 3 also features 1,5″ low-profile balloon tires that provide grip, good rolling performance, and great dumping. Tires perform well on straightaways also when taking corners – and the braking concept is easy for kids to master.

The bike has a proprietary brake system that makes it easy for little hands to reach the lever, and it can be operated at minimum hand-strength. A freewheel is included as its more efficient than foot brakes especially for kids who are still improving their riding skills. For kids who are just starting to ride, hand brakes are better because kids can react faster – and the Woom 3 has a braking concept that responds quickly even to a light touch.

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?


  • Lightweight
  • Easy reach handbrake
  • 99% already assembled
  • Perfect bike to transition from a balance bike

Minor issues with the bike?

  • Training wheels cannot be added
  • Expensive bike

Key Features

  • This 16″ Woom 3 is designed to help improve bike riding and handling skills for children aged between 4 and 6 years (or a height of about 44″).
  •  It has a front and rear hand V-brake with an added freewheel feature. There’s also a selection of color-coded brake levers that are made specifically for children.
  • The main features include a super light-weight aluminum frame, a long wheel base designed for stability, optimized for a comfortable, upright riding position, and low profile balloon tires that can handle both smooth and rough surfaces.
  •  The cranks are narrow and are made with child-proportioned Q-factor, with the length and width purposefully made to accommodate a child’s ergonomics. The cranks are also optimized to maximize the gearing ratio.
  •  Assembly is made easy, and the manufacturer promises that each package is carefully checked by a team of qualified mechanics to ensure that it is ready for shipment. Buyers will get all tools needed to assemble the bike, plus detailed instructions.

About the manufacturer:

Firmstrong bikes are designed to combine functionality and elegance, and it’s the manufacturer’s goal to foster a lifelong love of biking by providing a great experience early on. Firmstrong pride themselves by creating fun bikes using the highest quality components – all while keeping prices affordable.

Your family won’t miss a good fit in the large Firmstrong bike lineup, which begins with training wheels for the younger children and a variety of bikes are available as they continue to grow. This single-speed Urban Girl is great for taking rides around the neighborhood or out to the store, or just riding around enjoying the day. For most kids, it’s about the journey so the ride should be kept fun.

This Urban Girl 20″ Cruiser comes in a classic beach cruiser design that includes a variety of comfort features and is perfect for introducing your daughter to the joy of riding. This bike is perfect for kids who have spent some time on training wheels and are ready to graduate to a bigger bike. The Urban Girl single- speed makes things easy for your kid – just a single gear and one brake

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get the bike rolling. The pedals turn easily so it will be fun to take casual rides in the neighborhood without exhausting young riders. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted to accommodate different heights, and they can be tilted to give more leverage and to enhance comfort.

This Urban Girl bike fits most girls 3 feet, 2 inches, to 4 feet, 4 inches tall. Training wheels are easy to install, and the whole thing comes 80% pre-assembled. Main features described

Backwards pedal coaster brake

This feature is included in the original beach cruisers and it’s a casual breaking system that allows the rider to backward-pedal and easily glide to a stop. More experienced riders will have fun with this while taking casual rides.

Single-speed cruising

The manufacturer kept the bike simple enough for young riders – there are no complicated cables dangling off of the bike or advanced gear system. It’s just a single-speed urban bike that young riders will be able to control while keeping a safe, consistent cruising speed.

Classic design

It offers a simplistic, yet attractive style that includes a curvy design and elegant top tube that slopes gently and shines with a high gloss paint. Overall, the bike really pops and is a hit with young girls. It doesn’t weigh too much so a petite seven year-old girl should be able to hop on it and move it about without feeling like an adult pushing a motorcycle.

Wide tires

This cruiser has wide tires and a comfy dual-spring saddle that makes the ride smooth as the tires absorb a lot of the jumps. This is important when riding longer distances or off-road.

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

  • Contains a pedal back-words coaster brake
  • Wide tires
  • Comfortable saddle

Minor issues with the bike?

  • Training wheels cannot be added
  • Expensive bike

Key Features

  • A single-speed cruiser bike with 20″ rims, it provides comfortable riding and is a good bike for training young riders. 
  • It has pedal-backwards coaster brakes that provide smooth braking and easy pedaling.
  • The seat has dual springs and is made for comfort.
  • The 13″ frame fits young riders who measure between 3,2″ to 4,4″

Quick Tip:

According to Firmstrong’s website, this bike accepts training wheels out of the box, however this isn’t so. You will have to fiddle with the rear axle a bit as it’s too short to accommodate training wheels. Other than that it’s a great purchase and will be appreciated by most kids.

The overriding feature in this Royalbaby bike is the trendy design. It has unique details that set this bike apart – for instance the stars on the grips, the thick, functional tires, strong colors, and the frame all come together to form a really fancy kid bike.
This bike also maintains a safe design with the training wheels designed to minimize noise to enhance hearing ability. The chain guard is fully enclosed to protect tiny fingers and flanged grips keep hands from sliding off the bars.

About the manufacturer:

Royalbaby takes a unique approach to kid’s bikes, focusing on both style and safety to ensure that each bike makes an impression on young riders. By including child-oriented brake levers on the design, the manufacturer ensures that the kids are able to halt when needed with minimal effort. The levers are designed for small hands and the tires are slightly bigger than average, which makes the ride a little bit smoother as the tires are able to absorb a greater amount of vibration from heavy impact on rough terrain. Other cool features that parents will love include a water bottle, bell, and basket.

This Royalbaby Space Shuttle kid’s bike features a super-lightweight magnesium alloy and a frame design that was inspired by stars and the larger universe – something that has always appealed to kids’ imagination. The smooth lines and curved surface combine to offer strength and flexibility.

Benefits of magnesium alloy

a) By using magnesium alloy, this bike reduces weight significantly, making it easier for kids to move the pedal.

b) It has great anti-impact capability and it comes in a structural design that makes young riders comfortable and improves safety overall even when riding on rough surfaces. It also minimizes the risk of falling over.

c) When compared to aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, this new magnesium alloy is much easier to curve and makes strong, elegant surfaces. Fun ride

This Space Shuttle model is marketed as the Ferrari of Royalbaby bikes, and apart from being lightweight and easy to ride, it will make your little one very popular among his friends. Even if you child doesn’t yet know how to ride, the bike still offers a fun time outside and he will be able to mingle with other kids and gradually learn how to ride. 

Overall, this Royalbaby bike is one of the nicest looking kid bikes around. The frame design and wheel spokes look high-tech and the paint is glossy and classy. In addition, all the hardware (clamps, brake levers) are high-quality and have that premium feel.

All Royalbaby bikes are compliant with CPSC safety standards. The bike comes 95% pre-assemled, and the packaging is pretty strong to ensure safe delivery. All things considered, it is a sleek bike that features great design, safety standards, and a sturdy frame that can handle falls and riding through tough roads. 

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

  • lightweight
  • anti-impact performance of magnesium alloy and the structural design ensures safety and comfort for your child even when riding on rough surfaces
  • magnesium technology makes it easier to curve

Minor issues with the bike?

  • Expensive bike

Key Features

  • A durable steel fork and lightweight magnesium frame make for a great combination of strength and lightness.
  •  A reliable single-speed system with a ball bearing bottom bracket and one-piece crankset.
  •  Double-safe braking system that uses a font disc-brake and Quando coaster brake.
  • It ships with heavy duty magnesium training wheels and all assembly tools that you need to put it together.
  •  The frame is newly patented and features a fancy hollow design with smooth lines and a curved surface. The bike combines modern elements with a design that most kids would love.
  • Excellent packaging, and the paint is covered by a foam wrap.
  • Installation is easy and takes about 20 minutes – and all tools are included.
  • The front disc brake comes perfectly calibrated right out of the box.
  •  The kickstand is heavy-duty, and the bikes comes with a bell and 2 reflectors.

The Flyingbear collection features the most concise suspension for kids’ bikes. 

The combination of frame suspension and front fork gives the bike the most optimum suspension effect and doesn’t compromise on comfort.

 Both front and rear fenders feature appear trendy and practical, and the V-brakes are perfectly optimized to give the bike reliable braking performance.

There are some drawbacks with this bike. For one, it is a little heavy for the younger riders and can make it difficult for them to learn to ride. 

Also, the saddle is a little small. Some kids may find the offset is too close to the handlebar, and this makes for an uncomfortable position, which goes against what the manufacturer promises.

 However you can make a few adjustments so the bike fits your child’s measurements.

This bike can be used without the training wheels however the full suspension mechanism is rather heavy so the kids may struggle initially to set the bike ready for a new go.

 The back fender bends and wobbles easily as it isn’t strongly attached and might need fixing if the bike is put on the floor.

Overall it’s a nice bike and it has great looks that will get your kid excited to go for a ride.

 As long as it’s being used by a child of the right age, it should provide a decent experience when they ride around the neighborhood.

 Plus it can handle rough surfaces and bumping into walls. Assembly is fairly straightforward and the bike itself is rather sturdy.

If you’re looking to buy your child a nice looking, strong bike, this will make a good purchase – however keep note of the takeaways such as the weak rear mud- guard or the extra weight. 

Overall this bike is one of the best 16 inch bike available in the market.

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

  •  very sturdy and durable. 
  • Easy assembly
  • protective chain guard for safety.adjustable seat hieght and handlebar for a better fit
  • training wheels can be removed


Minor issues with the bike?

  • Heavy bike

Key Features

  • pulse TIG steel frame with front and rear suspension
  •  Aluminum rims with 2.4 inch knobby tires 
  •  Front V-brake and coaster braking, with kid-sized brake lever, soft saddle, and a quick release seat post clamp
  • The bike ships with a number of accessories including a bell, fenders, kickstand, assembly tools, and training wheels.
  • Protective chain guard to keep young riders safe
  • Concealed nuts and bolts to prevent scratches
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar to provide better fit

This bike contains a custom frame that includes a high-gloss finish and coordinating black and green decal on the chain guard.

 The training wheels provide extra support and balance for beginners, but they’re also removable.

Its very easy to ride, has a smooth feel to it, and your son will be able to go much faster than they would be able to on a smaller bike. 

It’s also pretty easy to put together even for a fist-timer and you might not even need to read the instructions.

 Most kid bikes are pre-assembled and you only need to put together a couple of components and it’s ready for use. 

In this case all you need to do is put on the seat, handlebars, front wheel, and then screw in the pedals. The bike is strong and tough enough to be manhandled by a 7 year old.

Quality of parts

The parts are high quality and are designed to handle rough use by slightly older children. All the mechanical parts are sturdy and nothing is bent. Shifter

When the shifter refuses to go into the 1st or 7th gear, it means you need to adjust the derailleur. For anybody who is assembling a bike for the first time, this might be a little confusing but there are two screws that need to be worked. If you don’t know how to do it, try searching YouTube videos or take it to a bike shop to have a professional do it for you.

Overall, the Dynacraft Magna Throttle bike is a solid purchase and has a number of features that stand out including a sturdy steel frame and fork, coaster brakes, and alloy levers. This bike is perfect for street and off-road riding. It’s designed for versatile boys and has classic BMX styling including great color and amazing lines and a steel frame that is accented by white and red graphics.

It also has a handle bar pad, a kick stand, adjustable saddle seat, and coaster braking system that makes it fun to glide to as top. The bike also comes with rear body reflectors for added visibility at night. 

Why Should You Consider Buying This Bike?

  • Durable
  • Adjustable seat 
  • Coaster Brake for control
  • Affordable

Minor issues with the bike?

The brake pads are close together and this can make it hard to install the front wheel, however this is the case with a lot of bikes with this style of tires and brakes. There are some useful videos online about unhooking a brake cable, so that can help you out. Adjusting the brake is a little tricky but it’s not unusual for this type of a brake.

Key Features

  • Tough boys’ bike for beginners with coaster brakes and street/dirt riding
  • Does not come with training wheels but they can be added to the bike
  • Tough steel frame with handlebar pad
  •  Sturdy wheels for blasting through rough terrain

How to choose the best kids bike:


When buying a bike for your kids, safety should be the priority. you need to make sure that it has all the safety features to avoid falls and injuries. Breaking power is a great safety aspect, and you need to buy a bike with great breaking power. It should have hand breaks and rear breaks to stop abruptly whenever the need occurs. The tires should also be thick enough to be able to grip the road in the right manner for balance.

2. Comfort

You need to make sure that the bike that you buy is comfortable. With a comfortable bike, your child will enjoy taking rides for hours without getting tired. When it comes to comfort, there are various factors that you should keep in mind. You need to buy a bike that has a proper padded chair for a comfortable sitting position. The handles should also be properly padded to avoid friction on the hands when riding the bike.

3. Steel exterior

Buying a durable bike is always a good way to get value for your money. A bike made using steel is the best option to buy for your kids. In case your little boy decided to ride on rough terrain, you can be sure that the bike is strong enough to withstand the pressure. A rigid exterior is also important when it comes to riding safety.

4. Extras

There are some extras that you should consider in case you are looking for a cool bike. You can opt for a bike with a water bottle holder, front basket, and even cool rims. For young girls, princess themed bikes are cool, and for young boys, superman bikes are a favorite. As well as a bike for a specific occasion such as a kids mountain bike. The extras that you choose will depend on what your child wants. You can always ask them before you make a purchase.

A Few Final Words

Kids’ bikes come in a variety of types and styles. When buying a bike for your kid, you need to consider the gender of your kid, age and also the needs of your child. It is also important to buy a bike that will be comfortable and safe for your child to ride.

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