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A commuter bike is essential for city living. You do not have to drive your car every time you want to run a small errand. With a good commuter bike, it is easy to run errands and still keep fit in the process.

When looking for a city bike, you need to make sure that the bike has all the features of city riding. City riding is all about convenience, safety, and comfort. 

Here are some features to consider when buying a commuter bike:

Riding style

A city bike should have an upright riding position. When looking for a commuter bike, it is easy to look for one that you can ride in an upright position. In busy cities, you need to know what is happening so that you keep up with the road safety.


It is also important to consider buying a bike that will offer you safety. City riding is different from adventure riding, and you are likely to encounter other riders. Look for a bike that has basic safety features like a bell in case you need to alert other riders. The brake system should also work well in case you need to make an emergency.

Comfortable bike

Buying a comfortable bike is essential. If you will be using your bike to run errands in the city every day, it is advisable to buy a comfortable bike. When looking for a comfortable bike, inspect the saddle and grips. Make sure that you can use the bike every day without feeling tired.

Unique features

The bike that you are planning to buy should have all the unique features that you need. For instance, if you are looking for a shopping bike, make sure that it has a shopping basket. A good bike should also have a bell. It is essential to buy a bike with a chain bike guard so that your clothes do not get stuck in the chain.

Top women's commuter bike under 500

1. Critical Cycles Beaumont Commuter Bike - Lady's Urban City

This women’s bike is available in interesting colors. You can choose from blush pink, eggshell, and turquoise. It is also available in muted colors like white, black and midnight green. The Critical Cycles Beaumont bike has everything that you will need from a lady bike.

Key Features

  • Braking system – it has a linear braking system with both front and rear brakes
  • Gear – the bike works on a 7 speed Shimano shifters.
  • Steel frame – an upright steel frame for upright riding
  • Features – kickstand, back luggage space, and assembling tools


  • Attractive colors and vintage look – the bike comes in beautiful girly colors that every woman will love. However, there are still muted colors like black for those who do not like feminine colors. The bike also has vintage colors to remind of you of the 60s
  • Control and smooth ride – if you are looking for control and a smooth ride, this is a bike to consider buying. The grip shifters and the 7-speed gears make it easy to control the bike and change the gear appropriately.
  • Safety – when looking for a commuter bike, safety is important. The bike guarantees you to safety because of the front and rear gear.
  • Convenient to use – the bike is convenient to use and especially when going shopping. The back seat is ideal for putting your items. It also has a kickstand for easy city packing.
  • Easy to assemble – the bike comes 85% assembled making it easy to assemble.


  • Tires – the tires might be weak, and they are likely to wear out after some time. However, you can always replace them.

2. sixthreezero Explore Hybrid Commuter bike - Women's 7-Speed

At first glance, you will notice the minimalist look of this commuter bike. You will notice the light and straightforward look of this bike. The truth is that the bike is light because of the aluminum frame that is lighter than steel. It is available in navy, cream, and teal blue.

Key Features

  • Frame – lightweight and straightforward aluminum bike frame. The hybrid frame also has a diamond design.
  • Saddles and grips – the saddles and grips are made using a well-stitched leather material
  • Speed – 7 speed Shimano external derailleurs.
  • Brakes – both front and rear frames.
  • Unique features – rear baskets


  • Comfortable riding – the upright riding position bike is good for long rides. The saddle is also adjustable, and you can set the height based on your comfort levels.
  • Riding in different terrains – with this bike, it is easy to ride in different terrains both wet and dry. The 700 x 38C tires are ideal for riding even away from the city.
  • Safety – this is the best bike when looking for safety. Both the front and rear brakes are meant to maximize safety.
  • Speed – unlike other bikes, this is a good bike when looking for speed. It is a lightweight bike, so it will be easy to ride at high speed.
  • Easy to assemble – it is 85% assembled, so it is easy to assemble.


  • Additional features – the rear luggage saddle is not stable and it might be a problem carrying items over 5lbs.

3. Vilano Women's commuter bike - Hybrid Bike 700c (retro city)

This retro-style city bike is available in a light green color. It is a feminine looking bike with an upright riding position. The Vilano women’s bike is ideal for running city errands.

Key Features

  • Retro style – it has a vintage-retro style with matching grips and also a saddle. 
  • Braking system – the good old linear brake system
  •  Speed – 7 speed for city riding with grip shifters
  •  Unique features – lockable peddles and also a kickstand for support.


  • Durable and strong frame – the steel frame of this bike is strong enough to withstand city riding and also guarantee you durability.
  • Beautiful design – this bike is a good looking bike. You will love the beautiful color combined with leather grip and saddle.
  • Comfort to ride – since the bike is used for city riding, it is made with comfort in mind. The leather saddle and grip are made to keep the rider comfortable even when the ride is going for a long distance.
  • Safety when riding – for maximum safety when riding the bike, the linear brake system of the bike works well.
  • Convenient features - the bike has convenient features for the easy use of the bike. For instance, it comes with a kickstand and also basket area for carrying your items.


  • Difficult to assemble – the bike is difficult to assemble, and you might be required to take it to a professional.

4. Gama Bikes Women's City commuter bike - 6 Speed

This is a hybrid urban cruiser available in a bright pink color. It has a front compartment for carrying your bag or items. It is ideal for the modern woman for city and school errands.

Key Features

  • Speed – 6 speed Shimano technology rear derailleur
  • Saddle and grips – solid weatherproof saddle and padded grips • Frame – solid frame steels
  • Unique features – basket, bell, chain guard and fendes


  • Beautiful and stylish bike – for many women, the appearance of the bike is essential. This is a beautiful bike, and you can be guaranteed of riding a beauty around the city.
  • Comfort – when buying a city bike, comfort is not something that you can compromise. To enhance the comfort of the users, the bike has a comfortable saddle and grip. Riding for a long time without feeling pain is easy.
  • Easy to assemble – the bike is easy to assemble because it comes 85% assembled.
  • Easy city riding – with this bike you can think sure of easy city riding. The 26-inch wheels are good for easy riding and especially during the rainy days.
  • Convenient – with this bike you will enjoy convenient features like a basket and bell.


  • No back luggage – the bike does not have back luggage that is necessary for those who do not like front luggage.

5. Raleigh Bikes Women's - Superbe City

The first thing you will notice is the unique frame of this bike. It is quite different from other women commuter bikes. These bikes are available in a variety of colors. You can get the bike in black, white, pink and also green.

Key Features

  • Frame – the frame has a unique tubular frame made using steel.
  • Speed – 7-speed shifters
  • Wheels and tires – strong alloy rims and 700x35c tires
  • Unique features – spring seat, leather grips, and bell


  • Stylish and fashionable bike – this is a stylish and fashionable bike, and you will know just by checking the frame design. It also has beautiful and stylish colors.
  • Riding comfort – the bike offers utmost comfort when riding. It has a spring saddle to protect the bike from bumps. The leather grips will reduce friction when riding for a long distance.
  • Convenience – the bike has all the convenience that you need for riding. It has a bell that is needed for city riding. It also comes with a basket for shopping.
  • Riding in different weather – the bike is not just ideal for city riding. It is also possible to ride it in harsh weather. The 700x35c tires offer easy riding even during winter.


  • Professional assembling – for easy use of the bike, you might require professional assembling. The good news is that you can take the bike to your nearest bike shop.

A Few Final Words

A good commuter bike should be easy to ride around the city. When looking for a commuter bike, make sure that it is comfortable and safe to ride. You also need to buy a stylish and beautiful bike and especially if you will be using it every day. When you have a stylish bike, you will be motivated to ride it every day.

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