Benefits of Bike Riding Vs Walking

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One of the most serious threats to our overall health is being inactive. According to several studies, when you are active, you are less likely to suffer from heart and circulatory diseases. Being active reduces your chances of getting these diseases by about 35% and early death by 30%.

To stay healthy, adults should spend about 2.5 hours of their time every week, in activities. Cycling and walking are some of the most basic and fun ways of staying active with each having its benefits. However, if you are contemplating on choosing one, below are benefits of bike riding vs walking to help you make a great selection.

Benefits of Bike Riding

An improved mental well-being

Active people have a higher well being score of 32% than individuals who are inactive. Besides keeping you healthy, bike riding enables you to explore the outdoors as you burn calories.

Cycling improves mood. It does this by causing the release of endorphins and adrenaline; the feel good’ hormones that play a critical role in our moods. By cycling, you also improve your confidence, which contributes to improving your mood. This why it’s an ideal exercise for people suffering from depression.

Improves navigational skills

We are living in a world where there are Google maps to show us direction to unfamiliar destinations. Even though Google maps are beneficial, they tend to undermine our navigational skills. However, with cycling, you get to explore and sharpen your navigational skills. This is especially if your bicycle does not have a GPS computer with mapping capabilities.

Saves time and money

Every day, we face scenarios such as spending several hours in traffic, queuing to access the car park, covering long distances to the bus station, waiting long hours for the bus only to arrive at some distance away from your destination.

But, having a bike means that you can get past the traffic easily and arrive to work, home or your destination of choice on time. 

This is why cycling saves you time.

Furthermore, one of the major contributors to air pollution is the gas emitted from vehicles. 

So, why not save the planet and some money by opting to ride your bike.

Stronger muscles

Do you want to get rid of weak muscles?

Get on your bike. Not only does cycling strengthen your hips, but it also strengthens your rear end and thigh muscles. If you want to benefit your upper body as well, include hills in your route, and within a short period of regular cycling, you will have stronger arms and upper body in general.

Besides, cycling helps in preserving cartilage as well as making your joints gentle. This is beneficial if you are suffering from foot problems, knee troubles, back pain, muscle strain or any injuries caused by walking, jogging or running.

Benefits of walking

Enhance your creativity

Are you working on something that needs your creativity and you feel like you are stuck?

Do not worry; go for a quick stroll just around the block. When you are looking for inspiration for the novel you are working on, trying to find a solution to a problem you are facing at work, walking is the best way to get your creative juices flowing.

According to a recent study walking improves both divergent and convergent thinking, the two types of thinking linked with improved creativity.

Solution to Allergies

If sneezing, watery, itchy and sniffling eyes are some of the problems that you deal with on a daily basis, you should consider taking strolls. Even though your first instinct may be to stay at home and close all the openings, doing all these is not going to help. Besides, for how long are you going to stay indoors?

It has been established that running or walking for just for 15 minutes can reduce sneezing, congested and runny nose and itchy eyes by up to 70%. However,

you need to learn to moderate your speed when walking to take in less polluted air.

Live Longer

According to research, you can add up to seven years to your life by engaging in a physical exercise. Walking is one of the physical exercises you can engage in. Even better, those extra years are bound to be fun and worthwhile as studies have shown that people who take walks tend to be generally happier than those who don’t.

Additionally, walking is good for your general outlook in life making it ideal for people suffering from depression. You only need to know how much you need to walk to live longer and you will be on the road to a longer life.

Save money

It is a fact that trying to stay fit can be pricey that is if you intend to join the gym or purchase home exercise equipment. 

Either of these choices will require you buy workout clothes and shoes, and if you are joining a gym, you will be required to pay the membership fee.

However, staying fit does not have to be pricey. 

Walking needs nothing from you apart from your time-even the shoes you choose to wear is optional. 

But, if you are on a tight budget then you should consider going for affordable attire.

Apart from saving you money, walking benefits your health. By choosing walking to be your main form of physical exercise activity, you not only get to save money that you would have spent on buying exercise equipment or gym, you also save money that you would have spent on healthcare.

A Few Final Words

From the above information, the benefits of bike riding vs walking are clear even though both are among the most basic forms of exercise.

 While bike riding saves you time, walking saves you money since you need to spend some money to get a bike.

So, depending on your objective, you can choose which one between the two is ideal for you. 

But, regardless of your choice both of them are crucial forms of exercise that will help you keep fit.