Top 12 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes in 2018

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Mountain bikes are one of the greatest inventions. Found in a variety of brands, qualities, and prices, they serve everyone who is looking for a bit of adventure and excitement. 

High quality cheap mountain bikes are ideal for beginners. 

They come with just the right amount of features and tend to prepare you for more advanced bikes that you may want to ride down the line. 

When it comes to making your buying decision, spending a lot of money does not mean that you will go home with the best bicycle.

The most important considerations you can make are the features. 

Remember, there is a clear distinction between a cheap bicycle and one that is “cheaply made”. 

This list of affordable mountain bikes do not compromise on quality. 

Read these reviews to find good mountain bikes that  will ensure you get the best mountain bike for the money.

The Top 12 Best Affordable mountain bikes - Best Value Mountain Bikes:


Bike Name

Tire & Rims



Vilano Ridge 1.0 




Xspec 26




Huffy Men’s Alpine Mountain Bike




Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike 




Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Men’s Mountain Bike 




Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Mountain 21 Speed Bike




Stowabike 26” MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Mountain Bike 




Kent Kz2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike




Ozone 500 Men’s Ultra Shock 26” 21-speed Mountain Bicycle 




Schwinn Men’s High Timber 21 Speed Mountain Bike 




Merax Finiss 26” Aluminum 21 speed Mountain Bike 




Men’s Excursion Mongoose Mountain Bike 




The Top 12 Best Cheap Mountain bikes 2018 - Best mountain bike for the money:

The Vilano Ridge 1.0 is one of the most affordable mountain bikes that you will find in the market.

 Conveniently designed for beginners, it has been manufactured to take on dirt trails, pavements, roads and uneven paths without much effort. 

All you have to do is get on the bike and let it work its magic. 

If you are looking for a cheap mountain bike that will offer you an entry to adventure and thrill, this is it! 

As Vilano is known for quality and affordable bicycles since 2008, you can be certain that the Ridge 1.0 Mountain Bike will not disappoint. 

It comprises of all the bell and whistles that come with a modern bicycle. 

Characterized by a handcrafted, double butted aluminum alloy frame and an 80mm suspension fork that maximizes power on all terrains, this bike is indeed one of a kind. 

Provided you are a beginner who wants to polish up on their riding skills, you will find utmost comfort in the abundance of features that it offers.

 It is also best suited for casual riders and off-road beginners who are looking to establish a mountain biking lifecycle or add some cycling excitement into their daily routine. 

Additionally, the bike has 21-speed Shimano terrain shifters that will allow you to ride anywhere at any speed with no restrictions whatsoever. 

The cleverly designed mechanical brakes also make it possible for you to stop at each and every scenario without necessarily having to worry about your safety. 

It does not matter whether you are rising on regular paths, dirt roads or nearby places, the Vilano Ridge will always surpass your expectations under all circumstances, making it one of the best cheap mountain bikes in 2018. 

Key Features

  • 21-speed terrain shifters 
  • A sturdy build that is accompanied by a butted 6061 aluminum frame
  • Reliable and mechanical disc brakes that offer improved stopping power
  • Shimano EF-51 Easy-fire 7sp shifters for utmost fun whenever you ride
  • Suspension fork to ensure strength and durability when handling rough terrains and big drops
  • Shimano TZ30 front derailleur and Shimano Tourney TZ50 rear derailleur which makes shifting from one speed to another a seamless process
  • 26” wheels that are lightweight and offer a great amount of stiffness. They accelerate quickly and can take on any terrain
  • A comfortable alloy 31.8 640mm handlebar
  • Shimano Integrated brake levers that provide superior stopping power in the most adverse weather conditions

The Pros

  • Affordable, high-quality entry level bike
  • Great-performing mountain bike on all terrains
  • Aluminum alloy contraction that ensures durability and makes the bike lightweight
  • Powerful mechanical disc brakes that can be relied upon even in wet or steep conditions
  • Eye-catching mountain bike that is ideal for cruising around
  • Partially assembled bike with clear and easy to read instructions
  • Great quality and decent components
  • 24-speed Shimano drive-train

The Cons

  • An entry level bike like this one may not necessarily be the best choice for advanced riders
  • Performs better on mild terrain in comparison to rough trails

 What’s the bottom line?

.The Vilano Ridge 1.0 is indeed the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy an incredible riding experience on a budget without sacrificing any important features. 

It is right for any preferred flexibility, height and riding style. The bike does not offer any restrictions and will successfully propel you through your next journey.

Xspec is a unique brand that is still trying to find a good footing as a bicycle manufacturer. 

Despite this, it has managed to outdo all of its competitors by coming up with one of the best cheap mountain bikes that currently exists.

Representing one of the best of budget mountain bikes, it enables riders to transition effortlessly from the road to off the road trails.

 Needless to say, this kind of fully functional mountain bike has been missing from the market for a very long time. 

This folding bike is quite the looker!

 Apart from this, it enables leisure riders to take their bikes on their  daily commute. 

With an ample amount of gear speeds, you can be certain that this bike will cope beautifully on the road as well as when you are off on other trails. 

Its front shock absorbers reduce the shock impact that may be experienced when riding off the road.

 It can also confidently tackle the most difficult terrain. It stands out among Cheap mountain bikes in the market. Its versatility and unique streamline design make it truly outstanding. 

You no longer have to worry about taking your bike wherever you go because you do not know how to secure it in a public space, the Xspec folds neatly in 15 seconds, making it easy to store in just about any location.

 It is ideal for students, convenient commuting, urban environments and office workers alike.

 With the great addition of convenience and portability, this affordable mountain bike is as reliable as they come and makes our list of the top 12 best budget mountain bikes available in the market.

Key Features

  • A disc brake system which provides a long-lasting and stronger stopping power in comparison to other traditional V-brake systems.
  • A high tensile foldable steel frame that can easily withstand rough mountain trails and could fold flat in seconds without the use of any tools.
  • High-quality components such as durable derailleurs, shifters, and alloy double wall rims with 26” wheels.
  • A suspension system that includes front and rear shock absorbers which are known for withstanding rough terrain or daily commutes and providing comfortable, gentle and luxurious rides.
  • 21-speed function that allows you to cruise around in high gear
  • 5’3”- 6.0” riders’ height and a 220-pound weight limit which allows the bike to accommodate the average weight limit of many people.
  • 26” road tires
  • Available in black, white and yellow colors

The Pros

  • An exceptional streamline design that makes the bike versatile
  • Excellent on-road and off-road performance capacity
  • 21-speed gears and 26-inch wheels for quick acceleration
  • Top-notch shifters and derailleurs for optimal performance
  • Efficient and reliable braking system that allows for instant stops
  • Folding capacity that makes the bike highly portable
  • Sturdy build with top-of-the-line components
  • Smooth riding and transition between various gears

The Cons

  • The 26” tires are very thick and may require a lot of energy to efficiently pedal the bike
  • The assembly instructions are long and not necessarily easy to understand
  • It takes a bit more time to adjust the gears
  • The bike can do without the mud flaps but this is only a matter of preference

 What’s the bottom line?

Apart from the thick tires, the Xspec 26/21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike is well-built and functional in a wide range of scenarios.

 It is indeed what you are looking for as it offers a traveling companion that glides smoothly on roads as well as on those adventurous trails.

For more than one hundred years, the Huffy Company has been a pioneering force in the world of cycling. 

Aiming to produce high quality cheap mountain bikes that changed the way people thought about the sport, the Huffy Men’s Alpine Mountain Bike is one of the best bikes that the company has ever produced.

 At an affordable price, it will enable you to put your sport-cycling prowess to its peak.

 Strongly built for rugged trail riding and off-road adventures, this mountain bike is designed to last you through long trips while offering a strong, smooth, and reliable ride at all times.

 In addition to this, the Alpine’s steel frame precision gives it complete durability. 

This makes it easy for the bike to take pounding over bumps and rocks so that your arms and legs do not have to. 

In comparison to other mountain bikes, the Huffy Alpine has sure-handed grips that provide a comfortable hold on your handlebars.

The easy-to-reach brakes will also give you instant control with the steel linear brake pulls being quite the necessity in many congested streets.

 When you need to ride off the road, the 26-inch knob tires will allow you to easily do so. With a lot of traction, the bike makes it easy for you to get up and go. 

Key Features

  • 18 different speeds that make it easy to ride on any trail or terrain- just twist to change gears
  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant rims
  • Highly durable steel frames that are made for mountain-sized fun. The frames also feature an array of colors including midnight blue and crimson red
  • Premium Huffy Krayton grips that instantly molds to your grip
  • 3-piece crank for more durability
  • A 1200 suspension fork crown that offers the bike extra strength, good shock absorption and delivers better riding comfort
  • Easy to control front and linear pull brakes
  • Comfortable, padded seats that ensure you do not get tired during long trips
  • Weather-resistant alloy rims that offer improved performance and perfectly complement the tires
  • 24” rugged tires that confidently power through any terrain including wood and neighborhood roads. The tires are also excellent for dirt and paved surfaces.

The Pros

  • Comfortable, soft-textured seat 
  • Lightweight and easy to handle 
  • High-quality linear brakes
  • Sturdy construction for utmost durability
  • Durable alloy-rims
  • Eye-catching design
  • Easy assembly that does not require any help from a professional in putting the bike together
  • Front suspension which fork makes your ride easy and smooth Men’s mountain bike that can also be handled by women

The Cons

  • Difficulty in shifting gears while at riding high speed. The bike will require you to slow down and go at a steady pace in order to make a smooth transition.
  • Difficulty in shifting gears while at riding high speed. The bike will require you to slow down and go at a steady pace in order to make a smooth transition.
  • Unsuitable mountain bike for beginners as it is geared more towards more professional riders who understand various trails and terrain.
  • The handlebars may move from time to time if they are not tightened properly

What’s the bottom line?

The Alpine is one of the most amazing gateway mountain bikes for outdoor enthusiasts. 

It’s also ideal for all-around riding. Aiming to make your riding experience fun, you can be certain that it will confidently take you anywhere you want to go. 

There is no doubt that it will always guarantee memorable riding moments which is why it made our list of one of the best budget mountain bikes available.

If you are an outdoorsy person who loves a bit of adventure then the Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike is the perfect fit for you. 

You don’t need to be a pro-cyclist to be able to handle this bike or enjoy everything that it has to offer you only require a passion for riding. 

Its most notable features are a full suspension aluminum frame and a 50mm steel fork for better absorption. 

 It is equally reliable on the road and off the trails, making it a much-needed companion for any adventurer. 

Represented by an impeccable design and a high level of durability, this bike is a perfect choice. 

Key Features 

  • Designed using aluminum frame material which makes the bike much more durable and long-lasting in comparison to other mountain bikes.
  • High-speeds in any riding situation (21-speed shifters are used to increase speed) that will accommodate your need for speed in the best way.
  • 81.28 centimeters stand over height that makes the bike a decent choice for riding enthusiasts with different heights.
  • 50mm steel crown fork for full suspension will offer you a forgiving ride. It easily absorbs shocks and bumps, giving way to a smoother ride.
  • 26 inches alloy rims which make the bike lightweight as well as easily portable
  • Sturdily built steel triple crank
  • Comfortable padded seats that make it easy to go for longer rides without getting tired
  • 24” wheel size which makes it capable of getting through rough terrain
  • Shimano rear derailleur

The Pros

  • Highly affordable bike that does not sacrifice quality
  • Made of a durable aluminum frame
  • Ability to tackle rough terrain and bumpy trails
  • Easy to switch between gears
  • A wide variety of speed options
  • Relatively lightweight thus easy to transport from one place to another
  • Arrives when partially assembled, therefore, saving valuable time and energy
  • Good balance that provides you with complete control during your riding experiences
  • Sturdy wheels that are good for rough terrain
  • Smother ride because of its full suspension
  • A well-made braking system
  • Comfortable seating
  • Easily customizable to your needs
  • Compact enough to be transported

The Cons

  • It takes some time to get used to the braking system. However, the more you ride the bike, the easier it will be to handle the brakes.
  • Although the bike feels lightweight, once it is fully assembled, it is heavier and cannot be transported by hand.

What’s the bottom line?

Upon first look, you can appreciate this bike’s unique design. its subtle changes have enabled it to stand out of the crowd. With a predominantly black exterior and a touch of lime green, you can be certain that this bike will be eye-catching no matter where you go.

The Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike will fit right into your budget. Everything about it is top of the line.

 It generally provides a happy medium between beginners and more advanced riders. 

With an incomparable level of durability, you can be confident about the fact that you will be enjoying it for many years to come. 

For a price tag  and from a reputable manufacturer, this cheap mountain bike is surely worth it and should be part of your next adventure. 

There is no doubt that the Mongoose Ledge 2.1 represents one of the best of affordable mountain bikes.

It is the perfect representation of reliability, versatility, and affordability. 

 It is comfortable, smooth, stable and also outfitted with a host of components which make it perfect for every beginner. 

 You can easily tell by the big spring in the middle and the front suspension fork that the bike will not limit you as far as traveling from one place to another. 

You can hop over rocks and sticks without incurring on much impact.

 The front and rear linear pull also provide incredible stopping power. 

Key Features 

  • Back tire spring shots that allow for a smooth transition over different terrains. They also offer a strong grip on gravel.
  • A suspension fork that absorbs shock when traveling over bumpy areas. This will give you maximum control over your ride at all times.
  • Hand-grip shifting that works effortlessly and precisely, making it possible to change gears without exerting yourself.
  • 21-speed gearing that enables the mountain bike to tackle all terrain including tough hill climbs
  • 3-piece crank which offers a wide range of gears for your convenience
  • Linear pull brakes that allow for braking power at all speeds
  • Superior construction that includes sturdy and lightweight aluminum
  • Well-constructed alloy rims that are sturdy and rustproof and can withstand a few bangs here and there
  • Durable and solid components
  • Highly comfortable, padded seats

The Pros

  • Comes in varieties of red, blue and grey colors
  • Has a kickstand for easy parking
  • Two different frame sizes that are suitable for adults of various height sizes
  • Four-bar linkage and full suspension frame that provides a comfortable ride
  • 21 speeds to suit riders with different preferences
  • Pre-assembled bike that favors even the inexperienced bike builder
  • Super light frame that makes the bike highly portable
  • Highly affordable mountain bike that does not sacrifice on its quality
  • Easy assembly using basic tools
  • 26” and 27.5” wheel sizes available

The Cons

  • Continuously squealing and squeaking brakes which may become unpleasant for any rider. If the issue persists, ensure that the brakes are well-oiled or they can also be also be replaced.
  • Loose handlebar adjustment mechanism that can remain firmly in place if tightened correctly through the screws.
  • Low handlebar that can be adjusted or raised to your liking by removing the connecting rubber plug.

What’s the bottom line?

This Mongoose bike is perfect for all road conditions as well as light off-road use.

 It is a well-constructed, affordable and lightweight entry level bike that will easily take ensure that any adventurer goes from one place to another.

 The sturdy aluminum frame makes it long lasting. It will never let you down on a day to day basis. Instead, it will elevate all your biking experiences. 

The Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Mountain Bike is available in different designs for both men and women, it is certainly useful for riders with different needs. 

 Featuring a linear pull with resin levers and rear steel brakes, the possibilities that you will get from this bike are endless. 

With pops of color for some added charisma, you can be sure that the bike will get you noticed when you are out and about on the roads.

 Everything from its professionally built frame and stitch- padded seats that make even the most prolonged rides comfortable. This is one of the 

most affordable mountain bikes that can maneuver any terrain. 

Constructed with longevity in mind, you can definitely ride light trails, as well as uneven terrain.

 Do not worry about your stopping power, you can safely and swiftly stop even if you are riding at the highest speed. 

Perhaps the greatest attribute of the mountain bike is the balance that it offers. This will give you maximum control as you ride, something that many other bicycles may lack.  

Key Features 

  • Shimano derailleurs that allow for the easy changing of gear in a quick and efficient manner. The derailleurs hardly have any friction thus, lengthen the overall life of the mountain bike.
  • Strong linear brakes that have utmost strength that will enable the bike to stop under any circumstances. These brakes are also ideal for off-road riding experiences and ensure that you avoid the quick and uncomfortable stops.
  • Lightweight alloy rims which make the bike easier to manage. In comparison to steel rims that are heavy and clunky, alloy rims are especially useful when going around corners. The rims are also aesthetically pleasing.
  • A front suspension fork that easily absorbs shock as well as friction when the bike goes over rocks, sharp brakes or turns corners. As such, the bike can travel for longer miles.
  • 3 ranges of speed across 21 different gears. As such, it is easy to travel uphill without pedaling harder and go faster on gears 15-21.

The Pros

  •  Highly affordable Perfect for all kinds of riding enthusiasts 
  • Powerful and reliable brakes and smooth handling
  • Durable frame
  • Alloy rims that make the bike lightweight in nature
  • Easily portable from one place to another
  • Very easy to set up

The Cons 

  • Despite the fact that the bike is easy to set up, it does not have detailed instructions. This may prove quite challenging for any beginner.
  • The seat padding may not be comfortable for long riding adventures. However, this can always be changed to your liking
  • Hardcore riding enthusiasts may need a bike that is a little more sophisticated

What’s the bottom line?

The Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Mountain 21 Speed Bike 26” is a must-have for any adventurous man or woman.

 Represented by efficient derailleurs, good brakes and a handful of gears, you can be certain that your riding experience will truly be unique. 

Do not worry about tackling those rough surfaces because the linear brakes have got you covered. It is definitely the best purchase any rider can make.

 It will serve you well and always add to your riding experience if you treat it kindly.


This affordable mountain bike stacks greatly against the competition.

 Its dual suspension ability and quality components from its outstanding manufacturers make it a bike that is meant to last.

 However, this mountain bike really comes into a league of its own due to its incredible folding frame which makes it incredibly convenient.

As a highly refined model, Stowabike is certainly making its presence in the biking niche courtesy of this 18-speed mountain bike.

Capable of being ridden off-road as well as on the road too, the bike is truly manageable and perfect for those who do want to splash out on a premium folding mountain bike.

Key Features

  • 38.2×12.6×29.5 inches-folding dimensions 36lbs weight
  • 67.3×23.2×55.1 inches-full dimensions
  • Up to 18 different speeds to cater for riders with different preferences
  • A dual suspension system that automatically gives the bike its great performance
  • Tough and durable exterior which makes the bike long lasting
  • Folding bike and mountain bike all in one
  • An added suspension which fosters traction and reduces the chances of topping over when on the road 6-speed grip shifter on the right side
  • 3-speed grip shifter on the left side which allows for comfortable riding
  • Alloy body spring shocks that allow the bike to support up to 750 pounds
  • Front and rear derailleur
  • Steel V-brakes
  • Maximum user weight of 177lbs

The Pros

  • Smooth ride on rugged terrains because of the zoom steel suspension fork
  • Rear shocks make the ride much more enjoyable and controlled
  • Easy to assemble even without a user manual
  • 18-speed feature which is rare for a bike of a 26” wheel size
  • sturdy frame
  • Easy maintenance even for beginners
  • Highly affordable and does not sacrifice quality

The Cons

  • Initially, the wheels may be difficult to release but the more you ride the bike, the easier it will be to maneuver
  • Heavy-weight that makes the bike less portable

What’s the bottom line?

 Due to its impeccable design and reliable components, it is not uncommon to see this bike on the streets with many beginners who want to tread all sorts of paths without holding back. 

 It cuts through traffic with ease and is also a joy for off-road odes. 

Its speed and longevity also make it suitable for casual riders. If you are not an avid biker then the Stowabike 26” is absolutely perfect for you!

As one of the best affordable mountain bikes available, the Kent Dual-Suspension has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that it is a perfect fit for rough terrain. 

With a full-suspension, strong aluminum frame, and unique design it surpasses your expectation for its price.

 Built for the long haul, the Kent KZ2600 will enable you to enjoy an exclusive mountain biking experience without spending a fortune.

 It can withstand bumpy trails and also be taken across town for leisurely rides. 

The bike has 21 gears that will allow you to navigate obstacles easily alongside its small enough tires that equally get over hurdles quickly. 

This mountain bike is designed with the safety and comfort of the rider in mind. 

Therefore, it automatically reduces the risk of an accident and ensures that you focus on nothing other than the amazing riding experience that it offers. 

Key Features

  • 20-inch full suspension frame
  • Lightweight and portable aluminum body
  • 65mm suspension fork that makes the bike easy for travel                                       
  • 21 speed- shifters with a rear derailleur 
  • Strong metal wheel frame that guarantees a safe journey
  • Disk front brakes and rear linear pull that allows for smooth stopping even on the roughest terrain
  • Rugged and good looking build
  • Small wheels and alloy rims that are perfectly designed to take on any terrain
  • Lightweight wheels that make the bike easy to maneuver
  • Easy to use brakes for sure stopping power
  • 26” full suspension aluminum frame that utilizes a floating beam suspension
  • design that ensures longer travels 65mm travel suspension fork that increases control
  • Highly reliable shocks that are useful off-road and also provides a smooth landing
  • A classic design that is not known to many other mountain bikes out there
  • Available in black, green and white colors
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Quick-release seat post clamp

The Pros

  • Very affordable mountain bike with top-notch components Easily upgradeable
  • Shimano shifters that make it easy to roll through 21 speeds Smooth riding due to the rear derailleur
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Additional suspension ensures rider is not worn out easily even when traveling for long distances
  • Cruises over rough surface because of dual suspension
  • Rear wheels maintain static friction and prevent “spinning out”

The Cons

  • The full suspension requires longterm maintenance. As such, frequent servicing is important. It will enable the suspension to work exactly as intended.
  • Does not come assembled but the instruction manual is easy to understand and makes the assembly process easier

What’s the bottom line?


Granted, there are many cheap mountain bikes but the Kent KZ2600 is worthwhile for every beginner and entry rider.

 Its string lightweight nature and freedom to go for higher speeds makes every ride enjoyable.

 It is rugged, attractive and exactly what your daily commute needs. 

Providing its riders with ultimate comfort and performance, it does not disappoint. It will make you feel like cycling each and every waking day. 

The Ozone 500 is crafted with a durable frame and knobby mountain bike tires that make it truly sturdy.

 Its 21 speed-option and high level of stability, makes it the perfect choice for any rider. It can tread the roads just as well as it glides through off road  terrains.. 

Key Features

  • Highly affordable
  • Steel frame which offers durability 26” wheels with alloy rims
  • Shock fork with dual suspension
  • 21-speed derailleurs that make every ride an adventure
  • Shimano grip which provides easy and smooth shifting.
  • Quick-release seat for a more comfortable ride even during long distances
  • Shock fork with a dual suspension
  • Rising handlebar to accommodate individuals with different heights
  • V-brakes that offer reliable stopping power
  • Suspension fork which enables the mountain bike to easily go over bumps
  • Decently built for the long haul
  • Standard pedals that make the bike equally suitable for beginners
  • Lightweight aluminum frame that makes the bike portable
  • Authentic and unique design which cannot be compared with other mountain bikes out there

The Pros 

  • Smooth riding even through rough terrain
  • Very light in weight
  • Comprises of many useful features for a budget bicycle
  • Life time warranty that will take care of any mechanical problems that may arise
  • Sustainable mountain bike for any riding enthusiast
  • Soft grips and acceleration
  • Highly reliable wheels

The Cons

  • Difficult for a beginner to assemble
  • This is not the easiest mountain bike to assemble, especially if you do not have any experience or are merely a beginner.

What’s the bottom line?

The name says it all- the Ozone 500 Men’s Ultra Shock Mountain Bike is your key to outdoor fun and adventure.

 It does not matter where you are looking to go, this incredible and cheap mountain bike will always take you there without much of an effort. It is indeed the travel companion that you need! 

Schwinn is a company that has always been known for the manufacture of brilliantly affordable mountains bikes. 

Especially known for its spectacular design of indoor and outdoor bikes, the company’s bicycles are perfect for hard trailing and just casual riding alike. 

Needless to say, the Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bike is truly a worthwhile purchase of any casual biker with an adventurous side. 

 packed with a variety of the best features, you can count on this bike for a top casual biking experience.

Boasting of different angles of comfort, high performance as well as functionality, the Schwinn High Timber bike is suitable for the outdoors and anyone riding it will have fun blazing the trials.

 It is certainly a stunner that will exceed all of your expectations for a friendly price. 

Once you check off everything on your to-do list, hop on this 21-speed mountain bike and cruise around the neighborhood in style.

 You no longer have to worry about the bumps and shock along the way because of the stopping power in this bicycle will take them on whenever necessary. 

Key Features

  • A sturdy mountain frame which gives the bike more strength and durability.
  • SR Suntour suspension fork that supports the frame and absorbs shock from the rough terrain and challenging riding environments.
  • Rising handlebar which all give you full control as you ride.
  • Comfortable handlebar crafted for utmost comfort during cycling adventures.
  • 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM Grip Shift Shifters that will allow you to travel at the speed of your choice.
  • Easy, fast and fun gear changes.
  • Comfortable and convenient design with an athletic riding position which promotes a comfortable position as you cycle.
  • Easily adjustable release saddle that can perfectly suit your height.
  • A compact bike which can easily maneuver through small spaces.
  • Linear pull brakes that adds safety.
  • 27.5” wheel size that grants you more speed.
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty.
  • Maximum weight capacity that accommodates a variety of riders.

The Pros 

  • Very comfortable and smooth riding experiences
  • Easily adjustable
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Comes with a variety of pre-drilled mounts
  • Ride saddle that can be adjusted to suit various heights 21-gear change possibility that adds more control when riding Safe and easy to maintain linear brakes

The Cons

  • its bulky metal frame makes the bike less portable.

What’s the bottom line?

It is safe to say that this mountain bike has been designed to make your experience fun and memorable.

 It comes with all the features that you need for a smooth and comfortable ride ever on the roughest terrain.

 It provides a great option while keeping the budget in mind. 

A top-performer in every sense of the word, the bike will treat you to a lightweight aluminum frame, suspension fork and reliable brakes that will propel you through on-road and off-road riding experiences.

Needless to say, this sports bike is stunning and also offers the most fabulous rides. It will absolutely make you one proud owner! 

Comprising of several exciting features, with it, you will derive value worth the investment. 

The Merax Finiss is unisex and treats any and all riding beginners to a brilliant start! 

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame that also makes the bike highly portable.
  • Double aluminum wheels for an easier and comfortable riding experience.
  • Front and rear mechanical disk brakes.
  • 80mm suspension fork that allows you to smoothly glide over bumps and increases control 21-speed Shimano derailleur and shifters
  • Proper speed and control
  • Sporty looking magnesium alloy wheels
  • Sturdy frame for enchanted stiffness and durability which is an important factor in off-road cycling

The Pros

  • Strong and lightweight frame that makes the bike perfect for off-road cycling and reduces the overall weight of the bicycle
  • 80% assembled, therefore easy to set up the pedal, front wheels, handles bar and inflate the tires
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Ergonomic magnesium alloy wheels

The Cons

  • The only concern that comes with the Merax Finiss 26” Mountain Bike is that its disc brakes may need some adjustments. Have them tuned before putting the bike to the test.

What’s the bottom line?

This is an affordable, easy to handle bike that is designed for beginners. Its lightweight nature gives it a good balance when riding. It is a smart choice for mountain biking, has a reliable braking system and an amazing set of wheels. 

The Mongoose brand embraces everything mountain bike!

 Associated with the manufacture of the best kind of bikes, the company has remained at the top due to its variety of high quality and affordable mountain bikes. 

The brand has done it again! 

Introducing the  Mongoose Mountain Bike, going big on wheels and all of its other components, you can be sure that it will offer the classic riding experience that you need. 

All about a sleek look, the bike has an incredible design that will make you stand out no matter where you ride it. 

With a front suspension fork and 21-speed twist shifts, this company ensures you get much more than you bargained for at an affordable price. 

If you are a beginner, this might be your very first mountain bike and it is the best option you will ever have. 

The name says it all! It will have you roaring with excitement when you partake in various excursions.

 As already established, there is nothing you cannot do on a Mongoose.

 Built with a durable steel mountain frame, the bike can confidently take the abuse of the bumps and dips that are found on various dirt paths as well as trails. 

It will offer complete control over resistance and speed while you travel. 

This will allow you to easily fine-tune your ride as you go. 

The brakes can be conveniently pulled and they will automatically bring your bike to an automatic stop. 

Key Features

  • Rigid steel frame for a more powerful ride
  • Shimano rear derailleur with 21-speed shifters that gives you total control
  • Reliable front and linear brakes which provides a speedy riding experience
  • Tool-free adjustable seat that favors riders with different heights (6.0” and above) All-terrain 27.5” knobby wheels
  • Multi-colored mountain bike

The Pros

  • Simple entry-level features for beginners
  • Reliable on different types of roads and the roughest terrain
  • Lightweight frame that gives it a high performance Smooth and controlled riding experiences
  • 27.5” Wheels that make the bike truly sturdy
  • Reliable shifting and braking system

The Cons

  • The shifters on this bike are awkwardly placed which may result in accidently shifting when you don't mean to

What’s the bottom line?

When it comes to your first excursion, this is one of the best, cheap mountain bikes that will come in handy at all times. Manufactured 

by a renowned company, it will never let you down as far as your riding needs are concerned.

 It can handle the concrete streets of the town as well as it can handle a mountain pass or rocky roads of a forest.

A Few Final Words

There you go! The Top 12 cheap mountain bikes that will take your passion for riding to a whole new level! 

While buying your first mountain bike can be a daunting experience, especially when you have to navigate through hundreds of products and promises, this guide sums up the best value mountain bikes that you will find in the market.

 With basic maintenance like regular cleaning, lubricating and maintaining the correct air pressure, these bikes will outlast any other in the market. 

Whether you enjoy full-speed riding, want to tread carelessly on the streets and see what they have to offer, are planning an adventure in the mountains or are simply looking to exercise, any of them will come in handy. 

They are well-suspended and feature everything that you would require from a modern mountain bike and much more. 

Evidently, the type of bike that is right for you depends on your needs as well as the pros and cons that each of these bikes offer. The price range, height, weight, construction and sturdiness are key elements that you should consider when making a decision about your bike of choice. 

The good news is that no matter which of these bikes you choose, you will not be disappointed! 

They will truly awaken your passion for riding. For mountain biking accessories check out our guide on the best mountain bike helmets.

How to Choose the Best Budget Mountain Bike for Your Needs

There is nothing better than having a mountain bike that is perfectly suited to your needs. 

Although, making the wrong decision will leave you with the bike you will not enjoy riding.

To ensure you confidently end up with a mountain bike that is custom-made for you, follow these tips:

i) Determine what you are going to use the bike for:

Do you intend to use the bike for recreational purpose, cross-country rides, trailing or all-mountain excursions? 

Maybe you want a mountain bike that is purely for commuting, as such, you will need a commuter-style bike ride.

 Carefully choose the bike according to your needs and you will end up with one that will properly serve your purpose.

ii) Consider the fit

The best mountain bike is right for your height, flexibility and riding style. As such, you should not compromise on these three things. Ensure that you choose a bike that will tackle all types of trails with confidence. 

There are standard sized bikes that are generally similar across all brands and are also adjustable to correspond with different heights. If you are in-between sizes.

 It is best to go for smaller-sized bikes that generally have a smaller frame. Always visit a bike store and identify the recommended models for you.

iii) New or used bike?

All new mountain bikes should come with the best terms of warranty that should start when you buy it. 

There are also free tune-up processes for up to 30-90 days to help you with any mechanical faults.

If you prefer a second-hand or used bike, look over it carefully and inspect the frame of any cracks. 

Ensure the wheels are true, the suspension is smooth and the bearing works as they are intended.


iv) Evaluate your riding habits

What kind of rider are you? Do you need utmost comfort or are you perfectly fine with a bike that may not be that easy to control but has all the bell and whistles? How often do you want to change speeds? Your riding habits will lead you to a better choice.


v) Your riding environment

Different bikes are designed to suit a variety of terrain. This makes their frame geometry, head angle and suspension system different. 

As such, it is important to consider the kind of terrain that you will be frequently riding on to ensure you pick the bike with the right specifications. 

Choose a bike that truly suits your terrain.

Granted, there are many affordable mountain bikes available in the market but these tips will enable you to choose one that is tailor made for you. 

Only go for a bike that will allow you to build your skills and grow while you explore your capabilities. Once you make your decision, get out and fun!

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