Top 16 Best Single Speed Bikes & Fixed Gear Bikes 2019

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What makes single bikes so special?

 They provide a basic and straightforward biking experience with one gear ratio, and they don’t use the derailleur or hub gearing system.

 In simple terms, there is no possibility of varying the bike’s gear ratio.

With its unique features, single speed bikes have gained popularity over the past years, because of their low cost of maintenance and the absence of multiple gears. 

These bikes will force you to work extra hard while cycling uphill, build more technique, and train effectively.

Today in the bike market, you can access and get any single speed bike for different types of terrains. 

They are readily available in cruiser bikes, commuter styles, and BMX. 

Singe-speed bikes, also known as fixed gear bikes provide an exciting experience for an enthusiast who loves to ride.

Every cyclist should come to a point where they would want to test their skills, track bikes are by far the best for this. 

Since they do not have a freewheel such as a road or mountain bike you have to keep on pedalling at all times!

Here is our list of the Best single speed bikes reviews.


Best Single Speed & Fixed Gear Bikes 2018 - Top 16 Best Fixie Bikes Review:


Bike Name


1.Critical Cycle Classic Fixed Gear Single Speed Track Bike


2. Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed Commuter Bike with Foot Brake


3. 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike​


4. Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle


5. Firm strong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle.


6. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike.​


7. SXL Expressway Aluminum Urban Track Bike Fixie - Single Speed.​


8. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike.​


9. Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Commuter Bike.​


10. Fortified City Commuter


11. Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike


Pure Cycles-Fix Original -Single Speed Bike


State Bicycle-Co-Black Label 6061-Aluminium


The Top 16 Best Single Speed Bikes:

If you need a premium bike, this is one bike that you should closely consider.

 Critical Cycle Classic Single Speed Track Bike was designed after a careful consideration of riders’ requirements. 

 It’s a bicycle built to make your cycling experience memorable. 

 The bike gives you maximum comfort as it is designed with an advanced subtle drop handlebars which make it possible to cycle in a number of different positions. 

The bike consists of super hand built fixed steel gear single speed track fringe. 

The frame also has a bar spin allowance without toe overlaps. 

Additionally, the bike comes with a mounted water bottle and horizontal dropouts.

 The rims of this bike consist of two deep V wall rims and spokes that are made up of stainless steel. 

The handlebars of this bike are pursuit bullhorn handlebars with soft Kraton rubber grips for ultimate comfort. The saddle of the bicycle is urban comfort saddle.

The bike is made of a simple VP set of BMX pedals.

 Additionally, the bike has a sealed bottom cartridge bracket, promax brake, KMC chain, three Piece cranks, and a light chain wheel. 

The bike also comes eighty five percent built with all the accessories you require to assemble and maintain the bike brought on delivery. Assembling should take less than 30 minutes.

Features and specifications

  • 43mm stars superior deep V rims
  • Durable hand built tig-welded steel frame
  • Pro max brakes
  • sun run freewheel
  • KMC chain
  • A protek crank
  • VP set of BMX pedals
  • bullhorn handlebars
  • horizontal dropouts


  • very comfortable to ride
  • light yet very strong and durable


  • Requires simple assemble upon purchase

Do you love the idea of a single speed commuter bike?

 Then the bike manufactured by critical styles is a great pick and would definitely fit your taste and preference. The single speed bike has a great sleek look with outstanding ease of a cruiser.

It is specially designed for novice cyclists, but still, be ridden by expert riders. This is because the components present in this bike are great and ideal for beginners. It provides the easiest and most efficient braking system, reliable construction and a nice smooth ride to keep you comfortable all the way.

The bike’s frame is made of steel to absorb the vibrations and bumps in all rough terrains and roads. That said, there is no doubt that the bike will conquer all weather conditions for years. It comes well equipped with Kenda commuter tires that hit the road so bad.

Other crucial features of the bike include VP freestyle pedals, coaster brake, and other great components to have a smooth, exciting ride. In addition to that, it also includes all the necessary tools required to build and maintain your bike after delivery.


  • Riser handlebars
  • KMC chain
  • Deep V double wall rims
  • Hand built steel track frame
  • Coaster brake
  • Kenda city tires
  • No toe overlap


  • The bike may be tricky to assemble for first-timers.

Bottom Line

Harper Coaster Fixie is a perfect bike for recreational purposes as well as outdoor recreation. It is highly recommended on areas with little gradient although it works perfectly well on other gradients too. 

It is a great way to spend leisure time during the summer. The minimalist design used in assembling the bike makes it perfect for first time buyers, amateurs, as well as professional riders looking for a one speed bike .

6KU manufactured bikes are becoming the best option for cyclists who want to shift to the single speed bikes. 

They are made from ultra-light components that include aluminum frames that have a unique style and easy removable back/front brakes.

The most distinguishing feature of the GKU bike is the outstanding brake system.

 It has a powerful and responsive system that is not found in other single speed commuter bikes.

 In addition, the bike is super lightweight with riser bars in place of the standard drop bars to offer quick navigation through different terrains.

Other great features include a 30mm Deep V Double-Walled Alloy Wheels, 1/8 inch alloy fork and a free-wheel with a flip-flop hub.

 Available in ten different colors, the bike is perfect for commuting, leisure, and transportation purposes.

Features and specifications

  • Fixed gear
  • Removable brakes
  • Optional freewheel or fixed wheel riding
  • List Item
  • Over 10 Color to Choose From
  • Synthetic leather saddle


  • High endurance and quality guaranteed
  • Comes with a hassle-free warranty
  • The bike is highly durable


  • The bike’s seat might be uncomfortable for some people.
  • The bike is slightly heavy

Bottom Line

Made from steel fringe and fork, the bike is suitable for riding on rough roads. One requires just a little technical knowledge know-how to assemble the bike. 

The bike is available in different sizes making it ideal for people of different heights. 

The bike also looks aesthetically pleasing due to its  multiple color range. 

The 6KU single speed is really impressive and one many people looking for a one speed bike will truly enjoy which is why it made our list of one of the one of the top fixed gear bikes.

The Vilano Edge Fixed Gear bike is undoubtedly a high quality  bicycle, this bike is considered to be among the top single speed bikes. 

These on speed bikes are available in small and medium sizes. 

Made up of a 45mm Deep V shaped Anodized wheels and matching wheel spots, the Vilano’s rear hub is a Turn-flop with a free wheel and cog. 

The bike also incorporates an exceptional 28c tires for a larger touch of the cycling ground. The frame and the fork of the bicycle are tig-welled. 

The crank set is made of a strong alloy and 46T returnable chain ring. 

The wheel of the bicycle is 45mm twin walled deep V wheels with anodized matching hubs.

 The chain is a KMC Z410 1/eight” type of a chain while the cassette encompasses a 16T Freewheel and 16T Fastened. 

The brakes of this bike have an alloy caliper entrance and rear. This makes the bike more durable and versatile.


  • Has free platform pedals included
  • 700c urban geometry tig-welded Body and Fork
  • 2 x 45mm deep -V with matching hubs
  • Turn-flop hub
  • Alloy crank set with the replaceable chain ring.
  • 28c x 700 tires
  • Alloy riser handlebars
  • Urban-type saddle
  • 700c one 1/eight” threadless fork
  • Turn flop hubs
  • 1/8 inch KMC z410
  • Loose platform pedals
  • 25.4 x 300 mm alloy seat post


  • The bike is very durable
  • Easy to ride for beginners
  • The bike has a high versatility character
  • Super-fast bike
  • List Item


  • Requires professional to assemble the bike

For ladies looking for a smooth riding experience, this is the most appropriate bike. This bicycle is currently ranked among the best single speed bikes. 

This bike is ideal for casual riding as it is compatible for riding in lots of environments with paved paths. 

The bike is extremely easy to ride even for amateur riders. It is simple with no cables hanging off the bike or complicated gear systems.

 This design makes it easy to maintain a consistent riding speed of up to 15MPh. This Single speed bicycle is suitable for riding on flat terrains. 

Firmstrong Urban Lady cruiser bike is a classic cruiser bike that has wheels of 24 – 26 inches which makes it suitable for any riding style.

 The bike has a curvy cruiser frame accompanied by aluminum wheels and white walls tires. 

This enables this bike to roll smoothly over bumps as the rider rides freely. It also has a wide seat that makes riding even more comfortable. 

The seat is fixed with dual springs to make the riding soft and cushy. 

The bike is also fitted with a guard for protecting pant cuffs from being caught by the chain. The bike is available in a number of colors to fit the tastes and preferences of different riders.

Features and specifications

  • Slick waffle tread tires
  • Classic curvy beach cruiser design.
  • 15-inch durable steel frame and aluminum wheels
  • Oversized seat
  • White-wall balloon tires for a cushioned ride
  • The bike is fit for women from 5 to 6 feet tall
  • Steel frame


  • Bike comes 80 percent assembled
  • The bike is super comfortable
  • It is easy to ride
  • Available in multiple colors
  • It has an easy-to-use rear coaster brake


  • May be uncomfortable for for shorter individuals

Cycling is one of the most loved recreational activities. Therefore, when looking for a bike, you should go for the best high quality guaranteed bike. 

This single speed commuter bike is designed in a classic way to give riders an exceptional riding experience. It is one of the champion bikes in the single speed bikes category. 

The bicycle comes in multiple selections of colors just to ensure you choose your preferred color. It is a suitable bike for sports riding as well as for leisure riding around the town or around campus.

The bike has a fixed rear flip flop hub for fixed gear or freewheel. It also has a tig-welded steel fringe and forks with alloy rims, alloy hub, and alloy side pull brakes. Assembly of this bicycle is simple as far as you follow the instructions there will be no really hard issues. 

The bike features a strong hand-made steel frame comprising of horizontal dropouts. This single speed bicycle does not have derailleurs or other gearing systems and therefore it has fewer parts that require maintenance and this makes the bike perfect for city commuting. Whether the bike is for training or work, it is really a good choice. The bike is very light yet strong. The bike is also solid weld and it utilizes one of most practical welding application around. The bike can hold up to a weight limit of 300 lbs.

Features and specifications

  • Tig-welded steel Fork and frame
  • Alloy rims with nuted hubs
  • Rear flip flop for fixed gear freewheel
  • Alloy side pull breaks
  • 700 x 28c Kenda Tires
  • 32 Spoke Alloy Rims
  • Toe Clips & Straps
  • Rear Single Speed Flip Flop Hub


  • The bike is highly durable
  • It is light in weight
  • Classic designed
  • Stylish - available in multiple colors
  • Affordable


  • Requires some modifications

This is a sturdy and lightweight aluminum fixed gear bike  is great for a daily commuter or for the weekend warrior racing through local roads.

 The quality of this bike is highly guaranteed as it comes with a lifetime warranty on fringe and fork, and a one year warranty on other components. 

The bike is lightweight as it is made from 6061 aluminum fringe and fork. The bike is also equipped with Chao Yang 700x25c performance tires. It has an internal cable routing with two bottle cage bosses and front and hind eyelets for fenders.

 The flip-flop hub for this bike for single speed is made of 46T alloy crank set paired with a 16T cog. 

The bike is also made of riser handlebars with radius breaks in the front and the rear. The wheels are deep V 30mm in size.

Features and specifications

  • Aluminum made fringe and fork
  • Supports wide tires up to 700x32c
  • Neat internal cable routing
  • 31.8 riser handlebars
  • Front and hind radius breaks
  • Deep V 30mm wheels
  • 46T alloy crankset


  • Light in weight
  • Highly durable
  • Neat and easy to ride
  • Comfortable to ride


  • Riding this bike on hilly areas is a little bit hard.

 This great bike manufactured by Pure cycles and is ideal for both novice and experienced cyclists. Its frames are made of steel, and you can be assured of it’s remarkable durability especially if you want to hit hundreds of miles be it on flat or rough terrains.

The bike is among the best single speed bikes in terms of style, speed, and simplicity. It features an easily removable front brake, a flip-flop back wheel that facilitates the changing of gears from single to fixed speed and slim nylon pedals.

Its v drome saddle offers a perfect mix of comfort and raciness. If you are looking forward to purchasing a bike that has the best brake system, then you should consider settling on this type from Pure cycles. The Promax brakes stop when applied and are easy to remove.

Generally, bikes manufactured by Pure Cycles are designed to last for a long period offering great features, geometry, and gearing options. Besides, comfort and durability are guaranteed.

Features and specifications

  • Removable front brakes
  • KMC chain
  • Kenda tires
  • 40mm Deep-Dish 32-Hole Rims,
  • Flip -flop back wheel hub
  • Steel frame
  • Grips made of pure rubber
  • VP freestyle pedals
  • water bottle cages


  • Stylish and fast
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable to ride
  • It is built to last


  • The bike is a bit expensive but it is worth the price
  • Professional assembly is required.

This is a perfect bike for passionate riders who want a stylish sleek style single bike. It is a premium tig-welded hand-built bike. The bike is made of a high- pliable strength steel fringe that enables it to easily absorb bumps on the road, this also makes the bike very durable. 

The bike comes with a VP pedals, a brake coaster, KMC chain, kender commuter tires, and a standard with 30mm deep-v rims. All these components are professionally put together to ensure the rider enjoys a smooth ride. The weight of this superbike is 220lbs. 

The bike comes in either white or black color. This bicycle also comes with all the accessories you require for maintaining or building the bike. Regarding the cost, it is relatively cheap and worth every penny you spend on it.

It has fewer moving parts than most bikes and this makes it more reliable and also requires minimal maintenance as compared to bikes with multiple gears. It is designed with great attention to details with the best components to give a rider the best ride possible. The quality of the bicycle is highly guaranteed as the rider can expect to have miles of smooth and reliable riding. 


  • It is light in weight and thus easy to handle.
  • The bike is highly affordable
  • It is a high-quality bike
  • It is simple, quick, and efficient.
  • The model is perfect for tall as well as short people


  • The bike may be tricky to assemble for first-timers.

Bottom Line

This bike is perfect for recreational purposes as well as outdoor recreation. It is highly recommended to use this bike on areas with little gradient although it works perfectly well on other gradients too. This is definitely one of the top fixed gear bikes.

If you are looking to purchase a single speed bike that is designed primarily to survive the city, Fortified City Commuter should be on top of your list. 

With its lightweight and sturdy aluminum design coupled with puncture resistant tires, this bike is all you need for your daily commute to the city.

 You will find the security bolt to be one of its kinds among the features that come with this bike.

 In addition to that, this model has fortified stain steel waterbottle screws, the stem faceplate bolts and top cap bolt the S/S bolts to give you an assurance that your bike is theft-resistant.

 Essentially, the Delta Fort Knox ( locking nuts) are also included to secure the wheels together with the state of the art fortified theft protection plan and the U-lock to safeguard your bike.

 Besides making your single speed bike lighter, the aluminum material used on the frame is rust-free and constructed to enable you to ride the Fortified City Commuter on the road with ease. 

Also, there is an aluminum chain which means you will have to save a lot more on maintenance.

 Another intriguing part of this bike is its riser handlebars and saddle which gives you an upright position when riding for a better view of where you are going to. 

The dual breaks are included to ensure that you achieve an adequate stopping power. With a drivetrain of 42:16 ratio, you will find this bike to have a perfect pedal cadence combined with top speed for efficient riding.


  • The bike comes with security features which make it theft-resistant
  • It has dual breaks for adequate stopping power
  • The puncture resistant tires prevent the bike from getting flats
  • Lightweight and rust resistant
  • Easy to assemble


  • The lock is too small to fit most of the plates
  • There is the likelihood of the bolts and tools to strip easily

Joining the list of top 10 fixed gear bikes the Vilano Urbana is a high performance, lightweight weighing 21.5lbs and single speed bike that is perfect for riding around the city, town or estates.

 It is quite clean, has a minimal style and easy to maintain. The wheels measure 20 inches, and there are mounts for water bottles and a rear rack.

The bike’s design is unique with no v-brakes, shifters, and cables. In addition to that, the bike can fold quickly for easy storage which make it a perfect choice if you will be travelling with it. If you cannot afford the much expensive single speed bikes, you should settle on this affordable Vilano Urbana.

Since the bike is lightweight, it is the ideal bike to own if you traverse the streets or commute to work regularly. It will improve your riding experience and you wont regret the investment.

Pure Cycles-Fix Original -Single Speed Bike

When you think of a single speed bike featuring a flip-flop hub, Pure Cycles should be your ultimate choice. This model is highly recognized for its components, various colors and sizes to choose from. 

From the design, this speed bike is more comfortable and efficient while complimenting its stylish look. Additionally, you will realize that its frame is made from high tensile steel that emphasizes urban use. 

Better still, the frame is skillfully paired with the straight steel fork for shock absorption thus giving you that much-needed comfort. 

With its alloy riser handlebars (slightly swept back) and a comfortable leather saddle, you can always enjoy your rides in an upright position or occasional sprint depending on your preference. For the speed, you don’t have to worry anymore when you can make the good use of the 44:16 gear ratio which is standardized for the urban single speed. 

The bike has standardized platform pedals with a front brake which will guarantee you of your safety while enjoying your ride. However, the slick and nimble 700c by 28c tires are designed primarily to give you top speed as well as agile maneuvers.


  • The Pure Cycles single speed bike comes in a variety of colors to choose from
  • It's easy to assemble
  • Its pedal speed is perfect


  • The bike does not come to the instructions for assembling it together
  • A little padding on the saddle

State Bicycle-Co-Black Label 6061-Aluminium

When it comes to an aggressive race bike nothing beats the State Bicycle-Co-Black Label 6061-Aluminium. 

This single speed bike comes in many colors and in 6 different sizes with a rider height ranging from 5′ to 6’6″ for advanced riders. 

In fact, this is an ideal bike if you are looking to have a ride on the track and in an urban environment in general.

 Unlike most of the single speed bikes, the State Bicycle-Co-Black Label 6061-Aluminium gives you a flip-flop hub with an option of riding it in either a single speed or the fixed gear.

 In one way or another, you will find both the frame and tubing to be quite helpful especially when riding on the track.

 This is attributed to the fact that the frame and tubing are paired with the drop down handlebars, shorter stem and the slightly raised rear chain. 

Most importantly, the bike is made of aluminum aero material which gives it a light frame that is matched with the Essor fork and carbon fiber making it durable and perfect for shock absorption. 

On the other hand, the bike has alloy pedals equipped with toe cages and both the front and rear rim brakes to help you in controlling the speed of your bike.


  • Given that the bike is made of aluminum alloy, it means that the bike is lighter than it looks
  • The bike comes in different sizes to accommodate different riders
  • A well-designed bike with top quality components


  • The wheels are a little bit heavier
  • More expensive

Best Single Speed Mountain Bikes


Bike Name


Gravity G29 FS 29er


Swobo Mutineer 27.6-inches SM 14-inches Single Speed Mountain Bike


Mongoose Fireball 26” Dirt Jump Bicycle


Gravity G29 FS 29er

Gravity G29 FS 29er is a great single speed mountain bike ideal for any novice rider. The bike features competition-ready components.

 Speaking of the components, we can highlight its SunTour 29er suspension fork. The suspension is equipped with lockout functionality. 

Hence, you can use the mountain bike in whatever configuration as you so wish. 

Further, it comes with a trail-tested geometry; making it a perfect option for lots of gravity disciplines. 

As a single speed bike, it is easy to handle; which is a feature that appeals to many riders.

 Besides being easy to use, the bike has sturdy tires too. This ensures that your rides on every terrain are as smooth as possible. 

Above all, the WTB speed disc makes sure you operate the bike at ease. 

Apart from being lightweight, this single speed mountain bike is also resistant to harsh terrains. 

Since the rims are made of anodized aluminum, the impact on this bike’s weight is minimal. Another interesting feature for this bike is its powerful disc brakes. 

These brakes are fur better than any v-break system. They do not only offer great control over your bike but they also potentially save lives as the braking is efficient.

 It is important to go for the best mountain bike with the most efficient braking.


  • Easy to handle: the bike is easy to handle and very responsive on every terrain. Thus the bike is great for challenging traces
  • Lightweight: the bike is not only easy to handle but it is also lightweight as well. The rims and frame are aluminum made, which makes the bike lighter than others in the same price range.
  • Tires: this single speed bike features WTB Prowler SL Race tires, which are perfect for use on every terrain. The diameter for these tires is 29 inches and 2.1 inches in width.
  • Suspension lockout: the suspension lockout features enables you to easily switch between hardtail and suspension.


  • You might think about buying a better saddle
  • The bike doesn’t come in different frame sizes

Swobo Mutineer 27.6-inches SM 14-inches Single Speed Mountain Bike

The Swobo Mutineer mountain bike comes in either single speed freewheels or fixed gear versions.

It is an exceptional bike that mostly suits women and men alike.

On the same note, the bike is perfect for every trail and hosts lots of quality components.

Speaking of wheels for this bike, they are 27.5 inches in diameter.

This is a perfect fit for different genders regardless of their body type and gender. 

The suspension features the right geometry and it is made in such a way that it can withstand rough terrains.

 In addition, this design lets the bike roll on the roads with minimal damage.

 Moving on to the bike’s frame, it is made of aluminum, which makes the bike sturdy and fairly lightweight. 

As for the fork, it is built of resistant steel. Similarly, the Tenge Terious HS tires are able to withstand rough conditions. 

More so, the tires have a strong grip on any slippery terrain. 

The Avid BB7 disc brakes provide enough braking power in every circumstance – inclusive of an emergency.


  • The different options of either single speed freewheel or fixed gear makes the bike ideal for use in different disciplines.
  • Enhanced geometry for the bike adds balance; hence your ride will be more enjoyable
  • The aluminum frame makes the bike fairly lightweight


  • The bike comes in a single color, which is pink
  • The mutineer comes partly dismantled, meaning you must do some assembly

Mongoose Fireball 26” Dirt Jump Bicycle

Among the best single speed mountain bikes, Mongoose is among the big brands.

Thought the machine comes with a high price tag, it is great for any enthusiast rider.

Just as the other two mountain bikes, the Mongoose Fireball bike features great components. For one, it comes with a Tectonic T1 dirt jump frame made of aluminum.

The dropouts are horizontally placed. Further, the bike has Manitou circus Comp 100-mm travel fork.

The combo is durable and lightweight, which makes the bike perfect for experienced and novice riders.

Another interesting feature for this bike is its 25/8T drivetrain, which has three-piece tubular crank with 175 mm handles.

These components are high quality just to ensure the bike lasts long. Additionally, the Mongoose Fireball bike is resistant and rugged alike. Made to resist all terrains, this is the kind of a mountain bike that cannot disappoint.


  • The dirt jump tires are made with stability and durability in mind
  • The mechanical disc brakes do add braking power to this bike. Besides the machine have Tektro Novela disc brakes with 160 mm rotors
  • The handlebar is made of 2-butted aluminum, which is a sturdy material. Therefore, you’ll be in full control over the bike during those tough landings and jumps
  • The ergonomic design boosts performance on steep slopes


  • If you are not a serious enthusiast, then, the price of this bike could be hard to justify

5 Reasons Why Single Speed Bikes are Awesome

Why single speed bikes?

 If you ask any biking enthusiast why they love single speed bikes, it’s no doubt that they’ll tell you their simplicity is outstanding. 

Single-speed bikes are among the few things designed to keep your work simple.

 This is why many people are now considering riding single speed bikes for more enjoyable rides.

 If you have never owned a single-speed bike, then it’s reasonable that you need compelling reasons why you should invest in a single speed bike. Well, if you are looking for answers, then you’ve come to the right place. 

This guide presents to you the benefits of owning a single speed bike to help you make an informed decision.

 So, here are the top reasons why single speed bikes are exceptional:


Everyone wants to lead a simple life, and anything that makes this achievable shouldn’t be missed. Single speed bikes are built to ensure that you encounter the least challenges when riding. The bikes come with no gears, and you won’t have to go through any troubles of shifting gears. 

The only moving parts they have are the brakes, wheel, and cranks. This makes adjusting quite simple and limiting the possibility of anything going wrong. 

Besides, riding the bike is much easier allowing you to focus on enjoyable riding experience. With a simple design, even beginners are comfortable riding single speed bikes. 

Making adjustments using the drop-outs is easy, and only a little knowledge is required for perfect tuning of the drivetrain. The fact that they are easy to use makes them ideal for everyday riders.

Low Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, single speed bikes have fewer demands as compared to their counterparts multi speed bikes. 


They are not designed with shifters, front or rear derailleurs among other features found in multi speed bikes which are prone to damage.

 The only parts that you need to maintain in single speed bikes are brake adjustments, chain tension, tire pressure, and brake adjustment.

 Furthermore, few parts mean that you can easily point out what’s slowing the performance of the bike. With fewer maintenance needs, you won’t have to spend extra money buying replacement parts and paying the maintenance fee.

 So, you don’t have to worry about being caught by unforeseen high maintenance cost when you are least prepared financially.

 However, it is important that to note that every bike requires maintenance from time to time. 

The key point is to minimize the time needed and the cost incurred in those maintenances.

 This is only possible by ensuring that the maintenance demands are reduced, something achievable with single speed bikes.


Another benefit of owning single speed bikes is that they have lightweight which makes riding, carrying and storing them easy. The lightweight is due to the reduced number of parts found in multiple gear bikes.

 The less weight also makes accelerating the bike much more comfortable when riding. If you live in urban settings, then this is one of the best bikes to have. Its incredible features make coping with the tight space easy. 

For instance, you will need less effort carrying the bike to your apartment if you have to lift – thanks to its lightweight. 

Additionally, single speed bikes offer you an incredible way of complementing your workouts as you enjoy the ride. To ensure their durability is enhanced, the bikes are made using a double-butted aluminum frame.


Single speed bikes are designed for people who desire to own a reliable and robust bike with excellent performance.

 They are built using steel alloyed with Molybdenum and Chromium that makes them durable. Since they are not designed with multiple gears and derailleurs, they are more resistant to various damages due to accidents. 

Furthermore, single speed bikes don’t have many “valuable” components which make the bikes less targeted by thieves. 

Contrary, derailleurs on multiple speed bikes are prone to damage when proper care is not observed when handling them When riding your bike, encountering mechanical challenges can be quite disappointing. 

This is why you need to ensure the bike is reliable since you might not carry maintenance tools everywhere. 

But, you don’t have to worry about shifting gears or getting stuck with the derailleur when riding a single speed bike.

 You only need to ensure that the chains are properly oiled, and the tires have enough air pressure to get enjoyable rides.


If you are on a tight budget, then you should consider purchasing a single speed bike. They are often more affordable as compared to multispeed bikes. 

You will spend less amount on the purchase because a considerable percentage of the cost results from features such as the cables, crankset, cassette, shifters, and derailleurs. 

Considering that single speed bikes lack most of these parts means that the overall retail price is set to be lower. The overall maintenance expenses are also reduced since you have lesser parts that might require replacement.

 For instance, you won’t have to incur replacement costs of damaged parts like a bent rear derailleur.

 Besides, with the same amount of money, you can get a better-quality frame, bearings, and wheelset on single speed bikes as compared to what you get on a multispeed bike. 

This is means that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low quality when comparing single speed to multispeed bikes.

Single Speed Bikes vs Fixed Gear Bikes

A Few Final Words

With several bikes in the market, deciding on which one to invest in can be tricky.

 This can be worse if you are a beginner not familiar with the features to consider when making a purchase.

 However, the process can be much easy if you know what you get from the bike. If you are looking for a simple ride or on a tight budget then look no further than single speed bikes. 

They are designed to ensure that nearly everyone gets an enjoyable ride even with the least experience. The fact that they require little maintenance means that you are free from any worries.

 After reading this guide, we hope that you are equipped with all the necessary information on the benefits of owning a single speed bike to help you make an informed decision. 

These advantages provides reasons why single speed bikes will make a valuable investment, and you shouldn’t hesitate to get yourself one.

A single-speed bike contains few moving parts than other style bikes.

Their simple construction and good anatomy make them lightweight and durable.

Great security features like S/S bolts make the bikes secure giving you a piece of mind knowing that it is secure.

If you are looking forward to having a great biking experience, then you should decide on choosing from one of the best single speed bikes from above. Don’t hesitate getting yourself an exceptional bike.

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