Best Cheap Road Bikes Complete Buyers Guide 2018

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Road biking is the best way to improve your fitness, absorb everything that your environment has to offer and interact with new people along the way. 

As such, it is important to choose an affordable road bike that embraces speed, efficiency and agility. However, when it comes to choosing bikes, a hefty price tag does not necessarily mean that you will get the best features.

 If anything, there are numerous cheap road bikes that will surpass your expectations as far as performance is concerned.

Most affordable bikes can go head to head with the best and most expensive bikes in existence. 

Looking to get the right bike for you? 

Read on! 

Here are top 13 best inexpensive road bikes that will always guarantee a memorable riding experience:

Top Quality Best Cheap Road Bikes - Best Affordable Road Bikes Buying Guide


Bike Name



1. Kent GZR700 Road Bike​



2. GoPlus Road Bike Commuter Bike



3. Merax Finiss Aluminum



4. GMC Denali Flat-Bar Road Bike ​



5.BAVEL commuter Aluminum Road Bike​



6. Schwinn Volare 1400 Men’s Road Bicycle​



7. Takara Kabuto Single-Speed Road Bike​



8. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike​



9. Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle​



10. Giordano-Rapido Single-Speed Road Bike​



11. North Gear 901 21-Speed Road Bike​



12. Critical Cycles Harper Fixed Gear Single-Speed Commuter Bike​



13. Vilano Shadow 2.0 Round Bike-Shimano STI Integrated Shifters​



Top 13 Best Budget Road Bikes - Best Cheap Bikes Available:

This bike is beautifully engineered to suit riders with a variety of preferences. It also has the most outstanding features. With it, your rides will be breezy and unique.

Despite its highly affordable price tag, you can be certain that this bike does not sacrifice on quality. 

In fact, it is manufactured by Kent, a family owned company that has been in existence since the 1900s. As such, it is perfect for serious riders who require a sturdily built “machine” to take on the rough roads.

The GZR700 is not your average bike, in fact it differs from several other affordable road bikes that are currently sold in the market.

 It is fully equipped for long and extended rides while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Key Features

  • Built with a solid aluminum frame that has been welded using the tungsten-electrode inert gas welding style. (Therefore, this makes the bike very steady, sturdy and reliable).
  • 21-speed drive-train that comes with a Shimano rear derailleur
  • High performance 700C tires which enable the bike to confidently tread on all types of roads/terrain.
  • Shifting levers that are attached to the handles bar stem and makes it easy to maximize the speed range of up to 21 ranges. (As the levers are 3-4 inches away from the hand, they will certainly make your riding experience much more comfortable).
  • Brake levers that take into consideration your decision to stop at any occasion.
  • Vitesse 36” rims that give the bike a chic and premium look but also delivers an unbeatable cycling experience.
  • Comfortable Vitesse racing seats for comfortable long rides.
  • High-capacity carriage that has a weight limit of up to 250 pounds
  • Assembled dimensions of 69”×18”×38”


  • Flexibility of speed due to a variety of gear shifters that enable you to freely ride at your own pace, without any restrictions or limitations
  • 21 different speed settings that range from fast to very fast and very slow to medium
  • Automatic brakes for any unforeseen events that may occur on the road
  • Brake levers that give you total control of the bike
  • Speed shifters that enable you to go as fast as you can
  • Sturdy aluminum frame that has been extensively tested and can withstand extreme strain
  • Padded bike seats for a comfortable riding experience especially during longer rides


  • weighs 31.2 pounds, which might make it heavy for those who wish to carry it around

The Verdict

Joining our list of the best road bikes on a budget. The Kent GZR700 may be among cheap road bikes under 200 dollars but everything about it speaks to its quality and durability. 

It can power through the most uncomfortable paths without having any kind of effect on your body. You will remain solid and steady throughout the way.

GoPlus is a manufacturer that has always stood out of the crowd because of its array of top quality products. 

No Matter the price tag, you can be certain that their products that are designed by this company represent utmost efficiency and are highly functional.

 Needless to say, the GoPlus Road Bike Commuter Bike 700C Shimano is no exception.

Do not let the affordable price tag sway you, this bike offers an exceptional riding experience like any other expensive road bike would.

Perfect for racing or commuting, it boasts of maximum speed and power. 

The bike can also hold its own on the roughest roads. Its lightweight frame makes it easy to carry or manuever around.

If you are on the hunt for a cheap road bike that meets your needs but does not compromise your riding experience in any way then this is a bike that you should consider. 

Available in blue, green, orange and red colors, it is an eye catcher that will satisfy your daily riding enjoyment. 

Key Features

  • Constructed with lightweight aluminum frame that reduces the overall weight of the bike
  • Sturdy frame that meets all your riding efficiency demands and offers stable riding to tackle any terrible road situations
  • Comfortable and easy adjustability and maintenance
  • Quick-release front wheels
  • Reasonable price for a high quality bike
  • 700C tires that accounts for a fast and safe riding performance
  • Strong tires for rigorous city street racing
  • Fashionable colors and attractive design that meets your needs for driving a stylish road bike
  • Recommended height of 5.5” to 6.0”, making it ideal for many riders
  • Kickstand for convenient parking
  • 9/16” alloy pedals
  • Comfortable seats for long distance riders 
  • Well-functioning pedals


  • Lightweight bike that also offers all the benefits on quickness and speed
  • Premium performance that offers a smooth and flawless riding experience
  • Strong but lightweight aluminum frame that meets the demands of any terrible roads with ease
  • It also provides a stable riding option for all the riders
  • Easy overall installation process
  • 700C tires that are made of good quality material and provide a fast and safe user experience
  • Shimano derailleur makes it possible to change gears when required
  • Very affordable price for the features offered


  • people may find it a bit complicated to put together the bike during their first try
  • No water-bottle holder

The Verdict

Granted, there are many affordable road bikes in the market, but the GoPlus is efficient and includes some features of a racing bike.

It is always a joy to ride it anywhere, at any time. It comes highly recommended and will always meet you at your point of riding needs.

The Merax Finiss 700C Road Bike has proven to be a real gem. Constructed with high functionality in mind, it is a perfect suit for those who are looking to own a budget road bike for competitive purposes. 

Merax has certainly done a wonderful job of keeping this bike lightweight, making it quite easy to manuever.

Beginners will get a real kick out of all the bike’s elements.

 It can be purchased in a wide range of styles and colors, ensuring that you will get the kind of Merax Finiss that fits you right. 

Merax is always known for exceptional quality for little cost and with this road bike, the company has certainly done it again!

You have a range of color choices which are green/black, yellow/grey and red/white.

As a bike that has been aerodynamically designed, it will effortlessly glide down the road without straining you in any way.

This Merax Road Bike is conducive to maintaining the riding momentum that you require.

Key Features

  • Strong, sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame for a smooth riding experience and easy transportation Shimano shifter and derailleur for reliable shifting
  • Quick release front wheels that are easy to install without the use of any tools
  • Aluminum kickstand that makes the bike easy to park
  • Three separation sizes including large (58cm), medium (54cm) and small 950cm) (depending on the size that is ideal for you).
  • 700c from that provides a high level of stability on the road and substantially reduces unnecessary vibrations as you ride on rough roads. 
  • Kenda tires 
  • Free pannier bag included to make it easy to carry a variety of small but essential items when out on the road. 
  • Highly responsive brakes that do not disappoint when you need to make a sudden stop


  • An aluminum frame that does not only give the lightweight advantages but also makes the bike highly durable
  • Entry-level features that make the bike great for beginners
  • Good-looking bike that comes in an array of colors
  • Easy-to-understand assembly instructions
  • High quality wheels and tires
  • Comfortable and padded seats for long-distance riding


  • shifters may be a bit too low but will perfectly suit you with a little adjustment
  • Tuning of the fork for 180-degree before assembling the front wheel (Even so, this is an easy process that is outlined in the instruction manual and does not require any tools)

The Verdict

This road bike is certainly one of the best in its class.

 Everything from its individual components, to its frame and all other parts are designed with top-notch precision and can easily match your demands or the road. 

Which makes it one of the best value road bikes.

 It also allows you to change or replace some of its components to ensure you have an all-round bike making it on our list of the best cheap bikes available.

The GMC Denali Flat-Bar Road Bike is ideal for entry level and serious riders.

 Available in large, medium and small sizes, it is the perfect riding companion for those who are eager to put the miles behind them.

 Its lightweight nature makes it quite portable and can easily be placed on your car’s bike rack when you want to head out for longer driving and riding distances.

If you are seeking to enjoy a grand adventure. It is unafraid to take on all kinds of roads and it is exactly what any amateur or professional cyclist needs.

 It is a one of the best-selling cheap road bikes for both offline and online travels. 

As a flat-bar bike, it has slightly lower handle bars in comparison to other bikes that you see on the road.

As such, it is able to facilitate a streamlined riding position, enabling you to move around without consuming too much energy. 

With the best flat road bikes being only a few in between, taking advantage of this one is the best decision you can ever make. Needless to say, your rides will never be the same again.

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame that makes the bike very easy to maneuver
  • High-profile allow Vitesse racing rims which enable the bike to tackle both online and offline roads
  • 21-speed road bike that puts you in control without limiting how fast or slow you want to go
  • 700C×32 tires which are well-suited for city street riggers
  • Other aluminum alloy components that equally provide weight savings and necessary strength where needed.
  • Promax aluminum brake levers and alloy caliper brakes that allow you to instantly stop on a dime no matter the weather conditions
  • Alloy water bottle cage which is present to ensure you are well-hydrated during your rides
  • Well-designed rims that perform flawlessly. (You can expect a stable and smooth rolling whenever you get on the Denali).
  • Unique bicycle 7000 steel fork to ensure you are not jostled whenever you ride off the terrain. The fork also gives you optimal handling at all times.
  • Simple gearing function inclusive of Shimano Reyo shifters, a Shimano index front derailleur and a Shimano-7 speed rear derailleur. 


  • Quick assembly time
  • Contains a A maintenance guide for when the bike develops any faults
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Lightweight therefore easy to maneuver
  • Comfortable seating for long distance rides
  • 21 speeds
  • Aluminum brake levers for instant stopping and a better control of your bike


  • Large pedal which may require changing for anyone with a small foot sizing

When it comes to outdoor biking, there is nothing that beats the BAVEL Commuter Aluminum Road Bike. Not only will it enable you to keep fit while cycling on the road, it will also allow you to commute to work and equally enjoy a leisure ride. This road bike comes with an array of features that are not necessarily found on other regular bicycles.

BAVEL has always been at the forefront of improving their user experience by providing the most affordable road bikes. The BAVEL Commuter Aluminum Road Bike does not disappoint! It is jampacked with convenient features that will always take your riding to a whole new level. Cheap, lightweight and comfortable-it is exactly what you need!

Key Features

  • Aluminum frame and fork that offer utmost strengths and disability but still keeps the light 700×236 tires that can take on all of the paved roads that you will encounter along the way
  • 700C Aluminum rims with steel spokes
  • Quick-release for the front and rear wheels. 
  • The assembly process is really quick and easy 
  • Shimano mechanical disc brakes that offer great support and allow for instant braking
  • Shimano EF-500 shifters for the front and rear respectively.( This is great for maneuvering through the years and 21-speed option).
  •  Chain guard that offers an extra layer of protection for the bike’s chain system
  • Water bottle holder that comes in handy during all your work out and leisure rides
  • Available in a variety of colors such as black, green, white and blue
  • Lightweight bike even though it may look heavy (only 27.3pounds)
  • 90% pre-assembled and only needs the attachment of pedals and adjustment of the derailleurs at first. This makes it easy even for an amateur rider to assemble.
  • Fantastic decals
  • Comes with an easy deploy tool


  • Fast and easy assembly process thanks to the quick-release capability of the front and rear wheels
  • Aluminum material on the frame, fork and the rims gives the bike extra strength and makes it more durable
  • Mechanical disc braking system that ensures top-notch safety at all times
  • Smooth gear shifting and you can enjoy seven different gears without breaking a sweat
  • Accommodates riders with a variety of heights
  • Aluminum fork and frame that makes for great stability
  • Multipurpose bike that can be used for a professional commute and leisure ride


  • Plastic pedals that may easily fall off after a few rigorous rides. However they can be replaced with more durable pedals that are more ideal for strenuous riding
  • Entry-level bike that may not be a good fit for those who are used to competing or training with road bikes and are looking for a riding challenge.

The Verdict

This road bike has a lot to offer and it also comes at an affordable price for the cycling world. 

With an unmatched and unrivalled strength, you can enjoy your ride with ease and comfort.

If you are a rider who believes in getting exactly what you need then you should trade your old and worn out bike for the Schwinn Volare 1400 road bike. Representing a multiple of cheap bikes, that are ideal, for fitness and leisure, it is a traveling comparison that is worth purchasing.

The lightweight bike is dedicated to excellence and its amazing engineering showcases Schwinn’s best work. It is everything that you could ever need from a road bike and more. The lightweight nature is easily one of the best element of the Schwinn Volare 1400. It gives it the steady and stable construction that allows the Volare 1400 to “fly” on the road.

If speed is your game and you are hoping for a bike that is agile, nimble and built to go fast, this road bike will meet your need for speed. With crisp breaking and 14-speed integrated shifter is a true delight.

Key Features

  • Lightweight road bike that is fast and easily cuts through the air due to its reduced resistance
  • Aluminum lightframe material that makes the bike easily portable
  • Easy to assemble with tools such as spanner and wrenches
  • Steady bike that will surpass all of your expectations and allows it to easily cruise along gravel roads and potholes Sleek design which makes riding in rough terrain easier
  • Strong and light alloy rims
  • Aluminum road fork for agile riding
  • Lightweight handle bar system
  • Flawless brake/lever system
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Oversized road tires for smooth and easy riding
  • Attractive matt red color and eye-catching design
  • Shimano derailleurs that promotes a smooth and comfortable riding experience Toe-cage pedals that are cosy even for long distance rides
  • Maximum capacity of up to 250lbs
  • 67” long ×37” high, making the bike ideal for all average-sized riders’
  • Highest performance for an affordable price Responsive gears
  • Alloy caliper brakes that assist in precise stopping


  • High quality breaking system
  • choice for both beginner and advanced riders
  • Lightweight bike


  • a mechanic may be needed to grease, tighten and adjust the brakes for them to function efficiently
  • While the instructions are pretty simple to read and understand, the fact that tools such as wedges and spanner are required for the assembly process makes it a bit challenging to be handled by beginners.

The Takara Kabuto Single-Speed bike is the way to go. Even though the Takara Kabuto brand is only an upcoming bicycle manufacturer, this road bike has put it at the top of the charts with the likes of Merax and Schwinn. Although many riders go for bikes that have variable gear option, this single-speed bike will surpass any of the existing cheap road bikes.

It is perfect for commuting. It comes with a variety of features and is defined by simplicity and durability. In fact, it beats many models in the current market. Its affordability is just one of the advantages that you enjoy.

The Takara Road Bike also has a catchy design for those who want to ride stylishly while going to work or school. It has all of the necessary elements to give the rider the most comfortable riding moments. This bike is the quickest and most affordable to move around the city, go for a relaxing ride or set off for a biking adventure.

Key Features

  • Made from alloy materials, which a strongerand much higher than a single frame
  • Tubular steel frame and fork that are made of steel
  • Welded joints that do not fracture easily even if the bicycle is put through strenuous riding situations
  • Lightweight, alloy rims that give thebike its stability
  • 32 spokes rims and wide profile tires (700C×32). These are yellow in color and give the bike its unique pop of color 
  • Comfortable pedal hub
  • Functional and reliable front and rear alloy side pulling brakes that enables the bike to stop instantly.
  • Steel kickstand that is convenient for parking
  • Sturdy and comfortable seat that will hold up your weight without making you tired
  • Flip flop hub brake design that surpasses any fixed gear brakes
  • Suitable hub and freewheel gearing


  • Strong durable bike because of its steel aluminum frame
  • Easily switches from a fixed gear mode to a standard
  • free wheel-single speed mode because of its flip flop hub
  • Picks up speed in fast and efficient manner
  • Easy to install and set up as the bike comes together with all the necessary tools required for its assembly.


  • The bikes steel frame makes it heavy but also durable. Therefore, it may be hard to carry around.

The Verdict

The Takara bike will allow you to exercise without necessarily realizing that you are burning calories when riding to work or a recreational trip.

 It will lower your transportation costs and enable you to deal with all the hassle that comes with traffic and a long commute. The world will be much easier to explore on your own Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike.

Different bike manufacturing companies are known to provide different types of bikes to their customers. Vilano is among leading companies that deliver nothing less than high quality, cheap road bikes.

If you are a money-conscious rider who still wants to get the best bike for exercising, commuting to work or are even looking forward to a fun and adventurous ride then this affordable aluminum road bike is the ideal choice.

Do not let its amazingly low price dissuade you from buying. The Vilano R2 Commuter has all the bells and whistles that may come with any other higher end bike. Representing the best of multi-speed road bikes, it certainly fits the bill.

Key Features

  • Traditional looking, lightweight aluminum frame that is important for good reliability
  • An attractive gloss black color
  • Neat and well-built welds, just like you would expect from a bike of this nature True sleeper inclines that make it easy to move the bike from side to side as you ride
  • Friction shifters on the front rings that have only been recently introduced to the world of biking. (These shifters let you stretch your effort as far as you want).
  •  Shimano and Shimano Tourney derailleur which makes gear changes easily due to their commitment to functionality
  • Alloy brakes that not only elevate the performance of the bike but also makes it the perfect racing companion for a racing competition or long rally
  • Quick braking power makes the Vilano R2 Commuter excellent for use in ordinary street or high-traffic areas
  • Neutral and natural feeling brake levers
  • 700C doubled wall CNC tires that make the bike sturdy
  • Excellent design that is available in an array of colors including blue, white and silver Hi-Ten steel fork
  • Comfortable, urban commuter saddle that makes long-distance travel a real joy
  • Water bottle and rear rack mount points


  • Water bottle holder to let you remain hydrated during long commutes
  • Platform pedals that lead to a higher level of functionality Reliable braking system
  • Brilliant design that can be purchased in many different colors
  • Upgradable components that can easily suit your style and preferences
  • A surprisingly high frame steel-constructed bike that makes this bike a great starter for commuters and light users


  • If you plan or riding this bike on rougher roads, it is better to upgrade and invest in high-quality tires

This bicycle model is meant for a passionate starter who is excited about learning how to ride before they move on to a bike with more advanced features. The Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle is a reliable commuter that is specially built for men, the bike is jampacked with fascinating features. It is the best choice for those who need a satisfying biking experience and are not looking to settle for any less than the best.

Despite the fact that the Schwinn Prelude was designed with men in mind, it can also be used by women after slightly modifying the saddle. It is ready to take your experiences to new heights. The eye-catcher will make you stand out from the crowd anytime you are on the road.

Key Features

  • High-quality aluminum frame that gives the bike a high level of mobility and durability. 
  • Quick and agile riding due to the combination of light frame and drop handlebar. (The handlebars also help with an aggressive forward learning position and maximum speed).
  • Aluminum powder on the frame that ensures its shining and protection against erosion and oxidation. As such, there is less chance that the bike will become rusty even when riding in different kinds of weather conditions
  • Accommodates men (or women) of different heights because the handlebar can be adjusted accordingly. Comfortable saddle that is meant for long-distance rides
  • Magnificent bicycle with a highly-developed wheelset
  • The 700C alloy wheels ensure comfortable rolling in rides on any type of road
  • 36-hole rims that give the bike more strength and protection
  • QR hubs which ensure maximum protection for the rims
  • Speedy release hubs on the large 700C alloy rims. This assists in giving the bike a better grip on the street and allows it to glide over bumps and jerks while still absorbing plenty of shock.
  • Aluminum drop bar fork that reduces the shock reasoned by even road surfaces 14-speed Drivetrain that dictates the overall performance of the bike
  • A050 shifters and 42?52 tooth road that fosters the bike’s efficiency
  • Coaster brakes that allow the bike to respond instantly in any urgent situation


  • Strong, durable and high-quality bike 14 types of gear options to take on uneven roads
  • Comfortable seat post with fast-bike lock
  • Solid frame that enables the bike to be strong than a majority of its competitors
  • Adjustable handlebar and saddle
  • Easy to assemble


  • Shorter individuals may find it quite uncomfortable on the handlebar and saddle
  • No water bottle holder

The Rapido Single Speed represents a group of cheap road bikes that keep things simple. At its heart, you will be delighted by the crafted aluminum frame and outstanding design that can take on all the busy city streets.

Better suited for beginners who want to get a good grip of their skills, it is fresh, trendy and user friendly. Needless to say, this bike is truly a diamond in the rough, especially if you are looking for nothing other than speed.


It is a road bike that will hold all the riggers, the Rapido Single Speed Round Bike has a single-speed fixed gear and the ability to take on rough terrain. It boasts of an extra measure of comfort and excellence. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame that makes the bike lightweight and flexibile
  • 29 pounds with pedals, reflectors and a kickstand. (As such, the bike is highly portable).
  • Welded aluminum frame that provides easy tuning and tight control especially in a busy and crowded street.
  • High-quality configuration and specialized parts such as alloy rims, alloy side pull brakes, rear flip flop hub and 700×32 backhand tires. 
  • Flip flop hub makes it easy to run the bike on a flexible gear or with a standard freewheel
  • 50cm seat tubes that will allow you to enjoy a day-long journey without any challenges
  • Single speed specification which refers to the tag welded aluminum frame and fork
  • 42cm steel road handle bar
  • One-inch alloy guilt
  • 3 steel prices, 170mm 44 tooth chain ring and bottom bracket for crank configuration Alloy cage pedal system
  • Joytech alloy high flange front hub
  • Available in two different sizes for riders of diversified height


  • Flip-flop hub that offers flexibility
  • Highly responsive side pull brakes
  • Easily upgradable even though it is considered a starter bike
  • Offers fixed gear and free-wheel single speed mode riding options
  • Designed to endure the rough terrain of inner city roads
  • Lightweight but very strong bike
  • Strong Wanda tires which can endure the pressure in any road condition


  • Plastic brake levers ( can be replaced by metal ones)

The North Gear 901 21-speed Road Bike may be sold out soon because of its excellence in quality and unique performance capability. This bike is a diamond in the rough for all who are looking for a combination of high quality performance and a need for speed.

Everything from its design to its array of features is simply exceptional. It blends taste and function into an entry or mid-level bike for those who want to explore the open road. If you are conscious about elegance then you no longer need to be because this bike is meant to surpass all of your expectations.

It is an affordable choice for students who want to use it on campus or dash for those who want to work out. Its design ensures that your weight is distributed evenly and all of your muscles are hard at work.

Key Features

  • Fitted with Shimano gears that optimize the bike’s performance. As such, the gear will allow the riders to vary speeds
  • smooth gear changes
  • Highly effective brakes that are responsive whenever you need to make a sudden half. (This makes the bike phenomenal for mid-level riders who like to ride on paved surfaces at the highest speeds).
  • 700C lightweight 20-inch frame that keeps the rider in a forward learning motion to reduce wind resistance and makes it excellent for aerodynamics.
  • Sturdy material and a sleek design
  • 700C steel fork that helps in reducing road vibrations to ensure your hands and for arms do not encounter any harm. 
  • A touch KMG Z33 chain that does not snap even when cycling uphill in high gear. (This is especially important for novile bikers who do not necessarily know how to shift gears on various terrain).
  • Shimano A050 21-speed shifter which is designed to simplify your choice of gear when racing
  • Full Shimano synchronized shift, front and rear derailleurs with a single press, you will feel the gears getting harder Double wall rims
  • Strong Wanda tires


  • High speed without having to shift the gears
  • A050 21-speed Shimano shifter that allows for a smooth transition of gears especially when maneuvering steep slopes
  • Lightweight bike
  • Forward-indication design that promotes utmost comfort and maximizes on the aerodynamics for optimal performance


  • Cannot take onterrain and unpaved surfaces

The Verdict

This is an awesome bike and is also ideal for high speed racing that will give you an edge over your competitors.

 The North Gear 901 21-speed Road Bike is an affordable bike for its class.

The Harper Fixed Gear Bike is Critical cycle’s main offering. Sleek and simple, it has a narrow frame and top-notch external parts that will make riding it a real joy. It is a simple bike that does not require a lot of care but it is also easy to ride.

Do not underestimate this single-speed bike because it will surpass all of your expectations in the very best of ways. For an affordable price of your expectations in the kind of bike that you can count on for commuting or leisure riding around the neighborhoods.

It has the style of a fixit and the comfort and simplicity of a top-notch cruiser. The Harper Fixed Gear Bike is one of the best, road bikes that you will ever come across. Although it only has one speed, it still has all the basic elements that aim avid rider requires. The bike represents nothing less than quality work manship.

Key Features

  • Deep and robust rims that are 30 millimeters in length. (As such, they offer the bike a great place of anchoring and elevates the aesthetic value of the bike).
  • Sturdy rims that hold the wheel together and keep all the spokes in place. the rims also make the bicycle highly presentable
  • Two sets of brakes that give the bike all the stopping power that they need. (This way, you will easily move at your own leisure. Therefore, you will not constantly be in worry of the brake giving away).
  • Comfortable pedals
  • Mode changing ability that will enable you to swiftly change from one riding mode to the next. You can shift between the two modes at ease making this bike suitable for a variety of purposes
  • High quality spokes which give the bike a good level of balance
  • High quality alloy which preserves the spokes from corrosion and makes the tough and durable High-tensile steel that is welded with Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) that guarantees a quality welding process
  • Lightweight frame that gives the bike the stiffness it requires


  • Well-built rims
  • Double breaks
  • Outstanding gear support
  • Easy for anyone to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable ride
  • Comfortable bike even for long distances
  • Classic profile that ensures no level of strain is experienced when riding the bike
  • Fixed gear and single-speed riding options
  • Various Youtube instructional videos available for beginners who do not know how to assemble the bike.


  • Does not come with multiple shifts and gears as it is a single-speed bike
  • Delicate plastic components that can easily be replaced for better ones

The Verdict

The Harper Fixed Gear Bike is convenient and will support your commuter or adventurous lifestyle. It is an inexpensive single-speed option for riders who are not major gear heads.

At a worthy price, you can be certain that this amazing, budget-friendly entry wheel bike will not let down. It is built for performance without forcing you to gouge your bank. After all, Vilano has made quite a name for themselves by manufacturing the best Italian-inspired affordable road bikes and this one is absolutely top-of-the-line.

That is why it is so popular in the first place. With an array of solid components, this affordable bike is a perfect starter. It retains an abundance of quality and is an ideal choice to get your started on the road.

The bike has a shadow-frame with a very traditional design but it is combines with amazing features that can be found on higher-end bikes. It is best suited for commuting as well as keeping fit. Its multiple uses make it ideal for riders with different preferences.

Key Features

  •  Available in small, (50cm), medium (54cm) and large (58cm) sizes and easily caters to riders with different preferences 
  • Shimano technology that makes it compelling for anyone looking to indulge in some serious riding
  • Weighs 23 pounds, taking it to the ultra-lightweight category
  • Shimano STI Integrated brake levers that offer precise and braking that is easy to control. (Therefore, you can ride the bike on any terrain with ease due to the good level of control that this bike offers).
  • Compact drivetrain that translates to better performance abilities
  • Vibration-reducing design that does not interfere with your riding even on rough terrain Large wheels that can take on bumpy roads and offer a comfortable ride
  • 6061 double-buttes aluminum aero frame that has an integrated headset
  • Free pedals included
  • 700C fork
  • Front and rear derailleurs
  • Anatomic comfort saddle
  • 14 speeds
  • Prowheel alloy double cranset
  • Alloy handlebar


  • Very affordable and high quality road bike that does not compromise on the best features in any way
  • Utmost durability because of the bike’s sturdy frame
  • perfectly even when riding under strenuous conditions
  • Multi-purpose road bike that is not limiting and can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Takes less than 20 minutes to assemble and set up because of the easy-to-read instructions
  • Ultra-lightweight construction shifters for controlled braking
  • Smooth ride and decent speeds that will make you a very confident rider (average speed of 17mph)
  • A well-thought out design that features extras such as internal cable routing that aids the bike’s aerodynamics and cockpit maneuverability
  • Good control because of its drop handles


  • The seat may feel a bit under-padded for some people but can equally be replaced later on should you desire
  • Low tier quality that should eventually be replaced

Things To Consider When Buying A Good Cheap Road Bike - Best Budget Road Bikes Buying Guide:

There you go!

The top 13 best budget road bikes available.

but before purchasing a bike you need to ensure you choose the right one for your own personal needs.

Here are a few things to consider

When it comes to purchasing cheap road bikes, there is a plethora of options that exist out there. As, choosing the best one for you may be a daunting task. With so many brands, styles and makes to choose from, narrowing down the scope may just be about the hardest thing that you have ever done. Therefore, it is good to know exactly what you are looking for before making that grand purchase. Here are the things to consider when buying a cheap road bike:

1. The size

This is the single-most important feature that should be considered when buying cheap road bikes, regardless of whether it is new or used. A good bike needs to be fitted to a rider and not the other way round. If your bike is not the right size, your rides may be uncomfortable. Instead, the bike should fit you like a glove. Any good bike shop can help find the appropriate bike size by trying them out.

2. Frame and fork material

A majority of road bikes are aluminum-framed and home with a carbon fire fork. This will provide a good balance of reliability and robustness. However, if you are looking to have a bike with the lowest weight and great lateral; stiffness, go for a full carbon frame and fork. These bikes are lighter and more compliant. Therefore, they can be faster.

3. Group set

The group-set model is always specified on the bike description and affects its brakes and transmission. For instance, Shimano has five group-sets that include: 

a) Sora for the entry-level or beginner
b) 105 for the riding enthusiast
c) Tiagra for those who are looking for a higher-end shift feeling without spending too much

d) Dura Ace for the pro-rider
e) Shimano DI2 for a bike with an electronic shift

Remember to go for a groupset that you can afford and provides more gear shifting and/or an array of gear choices.

4. Brake system

Should you get a road bike with disc brakes or rim brakes? While disc brakes are fantastic and have automatic stopping power in any kind of riding situation or weather conditions, rim brakes suffer in grimy or wet conditions. Even so, they are easily upgradable and cheaper to maintain.

5. Necessary components

Most road bikes come nearly complete. However, additional accessories need to be purchased. These include water bottles, bottle cages and tyre levers among others. Ensure that the road bike has all other necessary features apart from those that can be bought later. All the available parts should work together flawlessly without complications.

6. The fit

A majority of bike shops today offer expert advice on the fit to ensure that you buy the best possible bike. The good news is that you can adjust the height, saddle and spacers to make the bike the best fit for you. Remember, you spend a lot of time in a single position on a road bike. As such, the fit is highly important.

7. The brand

When buying road bikes, it is better to purchase from a brand you trust. However, do not panic if you have not heard of a certain brand before. There are meant new companies that are coming out with excellent road bikes. Just make sure to make a comparison between the new brand and your older, trustworthy brand to find out what the difference between the bikes may be.

8. Keep it simple

There is no need to buy a road bike that is rammed with components you do not understand.

 Keep it simple and only buy a bike you understand and can easily manuever.

Also, do not worry too much about the size and quality of the tires during purchase.

 After all, they can be easily replaced. It is equally important to consider all of the aforementioned features when buying used road bikes.

The less amount of money you spend on your road bike, the savvier you will have to be with your purchase. 

These affordable road bikes are nothing less than outstanding and you will be amazed at their performance and agility on the road.

Making the correct buying decision will enable you to stand out from other riders. 

These bikes will make your daily commute or casual urban rides even better. They do not skimp out on features and still deliver a high-end riding experience despite their price tag. They are the best you will find in the market!

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