Best Women’s Road Bike Saddles

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A good bike saddle can change your riding experience. It’s essential to buy a good road bike saddle especially if you have longer rides.

Comfort when riding is important, and an ergonomic saddle will keep you comfortable even when riding for longer rides. 

Men and women have different needs when it comes to bike saddles because of their physique. 

When you decide to buy a road bike saddle for women, here are some features to keep in mind:

A. Anatomy

Buying a saddle is a personal experience. It all depends on your anatomy and comfort level. 

Your anatomy will determine whether you need a wide saddle, large cut or even a narrow seat.

 Before buying a new saddle determine the problem areas of your current saddle and buy a saddle that will solve those problems.

B. Riding style

Your riding style can also influence your choice of a bike saddle. If you ride in an inclined or bent position, look for a saddle that has a wide cut. 

On the other hand, if you ride in an upright position, look for a saddle with a wide seat.

C. Padding

Padding is a factor that many people check when buying a bike saddle. Unfortunately, padding does not always mean comfort. 

You need to make sure that the padding is adequate, but that should not be the main feature that you should look for.

D. Saddle for women

Buying a gender-specific saddle is a good way to enhance comfort.

Saddles for women are made with features that will accommodate the natural female physique.

Top 6 women's road bike saddle:

This hand-made tanned leather saddle comes in different colors. You have the option to choose the four different colors including aged tan, black, brown and honey chrome.

Brooks has been known to produce quality products for more than 100 years.

Key Features

  • High quality tanned leather look.
  •  Traditional springs for attaching to the bike. 
  • Tiny holes for ventilation on the saddle


  • Comfort – the comfort of this bike is unmatched. It is not like modern saddles with gel and padding. It is made using tanned leather, and the best thing is the fact that it conforms to your body shape for maximum comfort.
  • Beautiful traditional look – the Brooks bicycle saddle is a good break from the modern saddles. It is has a textured and beautiful look ideal for people looking for something unique.
  • Superior quality – unlike other saddles, the Brooks bicycle saddle is hand-made. You will notice the craftsmanship of the saddle just by looking at it.
  • Easy to attach – the bike has a single rail attachment for easy attachment.


  • Maintenance – this is a leather saddle, and care is important to keep it in good condition.

2. Planet Bike women seat –ARS standard

The planet ARS saddle for women has a modern and sleek look. Just like other modern bikes, it comes with a steel rail and gel padding.

 It is a good saddle bike for road riding and especially when working with a tight budget.

Key Features

  • Exterior weatherproof material 
  • Cut-out design
  • Foam padding and gel pads


  • Comfortable – the seat is well-contoured to fit the woman’s body and enhance comfort. The cut-out center is ergonomic to improve comfort
  • Firm and rigid – the gel and foam padding is rigid to enhance durability
  • Durable – the seat is all-weather, and this makes it durable because it not affected by weather.
  • No pain – when riding for a long distance, it is common to experience pain. The cut-out design of this bike is ideal to keep you comfortable and avoid pain.


  • Medium durability – this might not be a seat that you can use for a very long time. After some time the gel might start moving from the right position of the bike.

At first glance, you will notice the sporty look of this bike. It looks like it was made for a sports bike, but it is comfortable for long distance riding.

 The serfas company has been in existence for 20 years, and this is a guarantee that they are committed to quality.

Key Features

  • Gel layer for padding
  • The base has dual density padding
  •  Black in color
  • Weight – 1.25 pounds.


  • Comfort features – the saddle is made to enhance comfort due to the technical features. The deep groove design supports your body together with the deep groove design.
  • No pain – many people prefer to look for a women saddle because of the pain experienced after cycling. The saddle guarantees you a pain-free experienced due to the top gel layer.
  • Guarantee – when buying a saddle, you need to look for a company that offers a guarantee. With this bike, you get a 90-day guarantee.


  • Sensitive outer material – the outer material is quite sensitive, and you need to take extra care.

This is considered a high-end women saddle. 

The exterior is made of full grain leather, and you will notice the polished look of this saddle.

Key Features

  • Silicone gel padding
  • Made using leather material (full grain)
  • Cut out design
  • Lightweight – 256 grams


  • Hard wearing and durable – this is a saddle that you will use for a long time. The combination of composite, leather and gel padding can withstand shock.
  • Comfortable – we cannot talk about this saddle without considering the comfort. For maximum comfort when cycling, it has a breathable material and elastomer suspension that is good for long distance cycling.
  • Anatomical design – the anatomical design of the bike is ideal to reduce pain when riding for a long distance.


  • Might not be ideal for racers- most racers are looking for something light.

This is a modern gel padded saddle, but it has comfort that you might not get from other bikes. It has cut out design and alloy rails for attaching it to the bike.

This is a modern gel padded saddle, but it has comfort that you might not get from other bikes. It has cut out design and alloy rails for attaching it to the bike.

Key Features

  • Cut out design in the middle section
  •  Combination of foam and gel padding
  • Black synthetic leather exterior
  • Strong alloy rails


  • Sit bone comfort – this saddle is wider than the traditional saddles that we know. The flat-shaped top and the wide features make it ideal for bone support while cycling.
  • Padding – the multi-density padding of foam and gel is ideal for providing comfort and reducing pressure while cycling.
  • Durable – it is a durable saddle with a polished exterior cover and an alloy rail for support.
  • Multiple uses – the saddle can be used for racing and also road cycling.


  • Slippery – the cover is very soft, and some people might find it slippery.

This is a budget saddle that offers high performance for people looking for comfort.

It comes in a black, minimal design color. Just as the name suggests, this is a comfort bike.

Key Features

  • Mounting tools and instructions
  • Cushion padded seat
  •  Black beach design
  •  Rail for mounting


  • Comfort – this is one of the most comfortable bikes available. It has a dual suspension, and the cushion padding adds to the comfort.
  • Made specifically for women – the bike is specifically made for women, and it has an anatomical structure to suit women. The hollow design is a good ergonomic feature for many women.
  • Easy to mount – the bike is easy to mount, and it comes with tools for attaching it to the bike.
  • Waterproof – with a waterproof cover it is easy to take care of the saddle.


  • Synthetic leather – since it is made with synthetic leather it might not be the most durable bike.

A Few Final Words

Buying a women’s saddle is all about comfort. You need to make sure that you look for a saddle that is comfortable, ergonomic and also durable. 

When looking for a road bike saddle, you should look for one that is easy to maintain since you will be using a rough terrain. 

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