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Benefits of Bike Riding Vs Walking

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One of the most serious threats to our overall health is being inactive. According to several studies, when you are active, you are less likely to suffer from heart and circulatory diseases. Being active reduces your chances of getting these diseases by about 35% and early death by 30%.

To stay healthy, adults should spend about 2.5 hours of their time every week, in activities. Cycling and walking are some of the most basic and fun ways of staying active with each having its benefits. However, if you are contemplating on choosing one, below are benefits of bike riding vs walking to help you make a great selection.

Benefits of Bike Riding

An improved mental well-being

Active people have a higher well being score of 32% than individuals who are inactive. Besides keeping you healthy, bike riding enables you to explore the outdoors as you burn calories.

Cycling improves mood. It does this by causing the release of endorphins and adrenaline; the feel good’ hormones that play a critical role in our moods. By cycling, you also improve your confidence, which contributes to improving your mood. This why it’s an ideal exercise for people suffering from depression.

Improves navigational skills

We are living in a world where there are Google maps to show us direction to unfamiliar destinations. Even though Google maps are beneficial, they tend to undermine our navigational skills. However, with cycling, you get to explore and sharpen your navigational skills. This is especially if your bicycle does not have a GPS computer with mapping capabilities.

Saves time and money

Every day, we face scenarios such as spending several hours in traffic, queuing to access the car park, covering long distances to the bus station, waiting long hours for the bus only to arrive at some distance away from your destination.

But, having a bike means that you can get past the traffic easily and arrive to work, home or your destination of choice on time. 

This is why cycling saves you time.

Furthermore, one of the major contributors to air pollution is the gas emitted from vehicles. 

So, why not save the planet and some money by opting to ride your bike.

Stronger muscles

Do you want to get rid of weak muscles?

Get on your bike. Not only does cycling strengthen your hips, but it also strengthens your rear end and thigh muscles. If you want to benefit your upper body as well, include hills in your route, and within a short period of regular cycling, you will have stronger arms and upper body in general.

Besides, cycling helps in preserving cartilage as well as making your joints gentle. This is beneficial if you are suffering from foot problems, knee troubles, back pain, muscle strain or any injuries caused by walking, jogging or running.

Benefits of walking

Enhance your creativity

Are you working on something that needs your creativity and you feel like you are stuck?

Do not worry; go for a quick stroll just around the block. When you are looking for inspiration for the novel you are working on, trying to find a solution to a problem you are facing at work, walking is the best way to get your creative juices flowing.

According to a recent study walking improves both divergent and convergent thinking, the two types of thinking linked with improved creativity.

Solution to Allergies

If sneezing, watery, itchy and sniffling eyes are some of the problems that you deal with on a daily basis, you should consider taking strolls. Even though your first instinct may be to stay at home and close all the openings, doing all these is not going to help. Besides, for how long are you going to stay indoors?

It has been established that running or walking for just for 15 minutes can reduce sneezing, congested and runny nose and itchy eyes by up to 70%. However,

you need to learn to moderate your speed when walking to take in less polluted air.

Live Longer

According to research, you can add up to seven years to your life by engaging in a physical exercise. Walking is one of the physical exercises you can engage in. Even better, those extra years are bound to be fun and worthwhile as studies have shown that people who take walks tend to be generally happier than those who don’t.

Additionally, walking is good for your general outlook in life making it ideal for people suffering from depression. You only need to know how much you need to walk to live longer and you will be on the road to a longer life.

Save money

It is a fact that trying to stay fit can be pricey that is if you intend to join the gym or purchase home exercise equipment. 

Either of these choices will require you buy workout clothes and shoes, and if you are joining a gym, you will be required to pay the membership fee.

However, staying fit does not have to be pricey. 

Walking needs nothing from you apart from your time-even the shoes you choose to wear is optional. 

But, if you are on a tight budget then you should consider going for affordable attire.

Apart from saving you money, walking benefits your health. By choosing walking to be your main form of physical exercise activity, you not only get to save money that you would have spent on buying exercise equipment or gym, you also save money that you would have spent on healthcare.

A Few Final Words

From the above information, the benefits of bike riding vs walking are clear even though both are among the most basic forms of exercise.

 While bike riding saves you time, walking saves you money since you need to spend some money to get a bike.

So, depending on your objective, you can choose which one between the two is ideal for you. 

But, regardless of your choice both of them are crucial forms of exercise that will help you keep fit.


Top 4 Best Value Triathlon Bikes

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Are you ready to get the best value triathlon bike? Well, if you are committed to triathlon, then a fast triathlon bike is all you need to succeed. An excellent triathlon bike is an investment in your passion and yourself as well.

Buying a triathlon bike is a good idea because the bike is specifically designed to march the needs of real triathlon athletes. Various features of the bike will enhance your ride. It takes away the unnecessary resistance you get when racing or training.

With several bike brands in the market, keeping track of them can be tricky. But we take the pain from you in this guide. While some of the bikes might be new in the market, their performance is unmatched.

Check out these top 5 best triathlon bikes with the excellent value that suits any triathlete who needs to take his cycling game to the next level.

Diamondback is one of the best triathlon bikes in the market today that adds value to your investment. It is designed with an array of technology to ensure you stay ahead of the competition. Although it could be pricey, you will appreciate the faster rides the bike delivers. Little to say, the bike will enhance your performance during your competitions.


Do you need a bike that will fit your body shape and makes your rides more comfortable? The diamondback might be the perfect choice for you. It is designed with a carbon frame that delivers incredible stability ensuring that you have little challenges negotiating the corners.


When it comes to durability, the bike is built to last long. It will endure various conditions to help you perform better in all your races.


Diamondback invests a lot of time in the development of this bike. The end product delivers ridiculously fast speed.


Although Diamondback might be expensive, its price is worth the dedication and amount of time invested in its design. If the bike is within your budget, then don’t hesitate to grab one.


  • Comfortable
  • Highly durable
  • Improved speed
  • List Item


  • Could be expensive to some users

Stradalli TTR-8 is an excellent triathlon bicycle all around. It comes with unique features that enable you to enjoy faster rides pushing your performance. Furthermore, it comes at a competitive price that is perfect for its high price.


The bike is designed with a blend of stability and comfort in mind. Besides, it’s built with flexible and durable aero bars alongside adjustable carbon seats to allow easy customization for comfortable rides.


It is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure its durability is unmatched. With this bike, you can expect little maintenance costs that enable you to save some bucks in the long run.


Its advanced frame design and easy to shift gears will ensure that its performance is impeccable. You will hardly experience any challenges riding the bike in your competitions enabling you to focus on winning.


Stradalli TTR-8 is yet another triathlon bike that’s worth every penny. Its incredible performance on the road will take your rides to the next level. The bike’s carbon masks ensure that the crucial parts are protected from corrosion enhancing its durability. This makes the bike an incredible choice if you need a bike with superior durability and exceptional performance.


  • Adjustable cockpit
  • Easily accessible parts for service
  • Enhanced protection for durability
  • Advanced frame design
  • Mechanical shifting gears


  • The bike could be loud

3. Kestrel Talon Triathlon bike

If you are a beginner in triathlon racing, then this bike will make a great selection. Besides, the bike is affordable as compared to other triathlon bikes in this list. Most riders like this bike due to its high quality and affordability making it a great alternative.


Although Talon is a beginner bike, it is packed with amazing features seen in professional bikes. The bike will deliver outstanding speed without compromising the comfort it offers. Its quiet specimen and Kestrel’s EMS Pro Aero seat post which is adjustable to various positions makes customization to suit your riding much easy.


Kestrel constructs its bikes using a blend of 700k and 800k carbon fiber which is highly durable delivering high quality. This equips the bike with a lightweight and a robust frame to ensure that the bike remains functional for long.


Regarding performance, you will appreciate the bike’s asymmetrically shaped seats that are designed to enhance power transfer and lateral stiffness. They also dampen the vibrations from the rides, and you will hardly feel any discomfort. Its Shimano gears allow you to shift gears smoothly for faster rides easily.


If you are on a tight budget, then look no further than this bike. It comes with amazing features that will enable you to go beyond your limits without spending too much.


  • Stiff and lightweigh
  • Easily adjustable seats
  • Affordable
  • Incredible speed


  • You might need professional assistance to assemble the bike

Eagle T3 from T series is an improvement of the T1 model and comes with advanced components. A critical advancement that stands out is the inclusion of electronic Shimano gears that delivers smooth shifting. With other essential features, you will enjoy the performance that this triathlon bike offers.


Apart from its easily adjustable aero bars, Eagle T3 comes with a seat post that allows you to change to various positions. This means that you will hardly miss a position that best suits your ride.


This bike is constructed with a drop-down tube which boosts the aerodynamics of its Triad. The frame also consists of carbon fiber which delivers super-light performance.


Eagle T3 comes with a fork and frame which are molded with carbon to deliver incredible performance. The manufacturer invests a lot in the design to deliver a bike with a remarkable weight-to-stiffness ratio.


This bike is perfect for triathlon athletes who are looking forward to improving their performance. Its features are well placed to ensure that you encounter the least challenges while on the road.


  • Easily adjustable aero bars
  • Sports power-arc curved chainstays
  • Improved durability
  • Lightweight
  • Great versatility


  • It doesn’t come with storage compartments.

A Few Final Words

When it comes to triathlon competitions, a great fit is a must to delivering incredible performance. This makes choosing a bike that best suits you a crucial factor. Besides, it will save you a substantial amount of money since you won’t have to keep changing bikes or making adjustments.

Luckily, several bikes in the market will ensure you get enjoyable rides. The top 4 best triathlon bikes in this guide offer excellent value for your investment. If you need to step up your cycling game, then nothing should stop you from getting any of these bikes.


Spinning for Beginners at Home

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What is a spinning workout? It is an indoor exercise that you can perform on a stationary machine with the ability to burn up to 400 calories per session.

 It allows you to lose lots of weight on your spin workout routine at the comfort of your home without spending a dime. Besides, spinning has a lot of benefits to your health, unlike other indoor exercises.

 It improves your cardiovascular and lung capacity ensuring that you live a healthy and fulfilling life. Also, it prevents the development of medical ailments such as obesity and diabetes.

 If you are you planning to purchase a spinning bike, they are available in the market and ideal for spinning for beginners at home, because you can easily access the machine and adjust to your preferred position and height. 

The following guide details crucial information on spinning for beginners at home and useful tips for smooth workout.

Take a look!

1. Tabata 30 Min Spinning Workout

The spinning workout takes after its founder, Dr. Tabata, renowned for designing a (HIIT) program.

 It is designed to offer more benefits within a short period and suitable for beginners who want to try something new at home. 

So, how do you apply this Tabata exercise on your spinning workout? 

It’s quite simple, get onto your stationary bike, and follow these steps in your workout:

  • Start warming up by cycling lightly for 5-6 minutes 
  • Cycle your bike for approximately 20 seconds at a moderate intensity and rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure sixteen times. 
  • Follow it up with one-minute of cycling using little effort
  •  Take 40 seconds to do a high-intensity riding and have 20 seconds rest immediately. Repeat the exercise 8 times totaling to 8 minutes.
  • Cycle for 1 minute at low intensity and immediately cycle for another minute at high speed.
  •  The workout is over. Cool down for 5 minutes.

The workout takes thirty minutes on your stationary bike, and you will burn lots of calories. Besides, it’s perfect for both beginners and professionals. 

To get more information on how to perform the Tabata workout program on your spinning bike watch this video here:

2. 45 Minutes Indoor Cycling Routine

This cycling plan is quite accessible to most bike classes and specially designed to help you lose lots of weight just within an hour. Besides, it is perfect for people who want to increase their endurance especially athletes and footballers. 

Since the procedure is quite easy, it is a good spinning workout routine for beginners at home. Although it may take more time and effort to adapt to the plan, it’s a top solution for people who want to lose some weight. You should consider adding your favorite songs to your playlist to keep you going. Follow these steps;

  • Take the 5 minutes of your workout to do a warm-up at 100 RPM riding. Get seated on the stationary bike.
  • Adjust to a moderate resistance from minute 5 to 10 maintaining 70 RPM cycling. Do this, while rising from your saddle.
  • Maintain your resistance from 12 - 15 minutes, but increase the pace to 120 RPM. Remain seated on your saddle.
  • From 15 - 17 minutes, increase your resistance and rise from the saddle while cycling at 80 RPM.
  • Still, maintain your resistance from 17 - 19 while increasing the pace to 120 RPM. Don't sit on the saddle.
  • From minutes 19 - 21, maintain your resistance and decrease the pace to 80 RPM. Get on your saddle
  • 21- 22 minutes maintain your strength and increase the cycling pace up to 120 RPM. Ride while keeping off the seat.
  • Just half-way the workout, (22 - 25 minutes), decrease your resistance and cycle at 100 RPM. Sit on the saddle.
  • From 25 – 30 minutes, make the resistance heavy and rise from your saddle. Ride the bike at 70 RPM.
  • 30 - 35 minutes, make the resistance moderate and cycle at 100 RPM. Rise from your seat.
  • Get on your saddle and relax on the remaining 5 minutes.

Spinning for beginners at home should be done within 30-45 minutes because at this time the body is not adapted to the high-intensity exercises. When it adapts the workout, try the 60-minute indoor workout for more endurance. Considering that you will be performing these spinning workouts at the comfort of your home, it is important to set up your bike correctly. This makes the cycling process comfortable, safe, and filled with fun. 

The following tips are useful when performing the workout:

• Handlebar Height

Ensure that you are comfortable and set the handlebars higher than the height of the saddle. Once you become a professional rider after several practices and exercises, you can adjust your handlebars downwards. This will help you to avoid any shoulder or neck pains.

• Seat Height

By getting on your bike, you will ascertain if the seat height is perfect for your spinning workout or not. You can choose to clip in or place your feet onto the cage just above the pedal. Pedal forwards and make a stop at the bottom of the stroke to check the best cycling position. Alternatively, consider standing next to your bike and adjust your seat to your hip level, get on the bike and make adjustments accordingly.

• Music Is Great While Working Out

Good music in the background will keep you going as you cycle, and you can add your favorite music tracks to complement the pedal stroke.

As a beginner, you will appreciate spinning workout because adopting to it is quite easy. You will also realize the effectiveness of spinning bikes in shedding extra pounds. With 2 minutes of stand-up pedaling in n interval of 10 minutes on routine cycling, your stamina and overall strength can be greatly boosted. 

Furthermore, spinning at home is no longer a great deal – thanks to your bike and several workouts you can perform comfortably to make your body healthy. These workouts are not only useful in burning calories leading to weight loss but also builds endurance.

 If you have a stationary bike at home, consider trying a spinning workout routine. It’s worth your time and investment. But if you are looking for a spinning bike, then you’ve got plenty of options to choose from in the fitness market.

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Top 5 Best Mens Commuter Bikes

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Commuting with your bike is the best way to exercise and cuts transportation expenses thus saving you some money. This is why many people all over the world are embracing the concept of bikes. 

If you’re planning to join a team of the best bike commuters in town, then you should consider purchasing the best mens commuter bikes in the market. These bikes are quick on the road and can comfortably handle potholes, rocky surfaces and other obstacles on your way. 

Many bike brands have modified their styles and designs developing models that suit the needs of commuters in terms of high-quality components like handlebars, frames, and brakes. The following are some of the best men’s commuter bikes currently available in the market.

1. 2018 Raleigh Carlton Mixte 8 Complete City Bike

The Raleigh Carlton offers high-quality features with modern designs and functionality that hardly go unnoticed. It handles all surfaces efficiently whether on the city streets or off the rough bike trails around your neighborhood. 

There are eight different speeds to choose from with colored fenders to ensure that you’re clean and completely dry in all weather conditions. The speeds enables you to tackle hills and mountains with less effort and more relaxed. 

It features two top tubes that make getting on and off easy. Also, it’s fitted with a combined handlebar and stem that gives it a classy look.

 The presence of reflective decals on its downtube adds more visibility while riding at night or the wee hours of the morning. The bell lets other riders and pedestrians know that you’re coming. You also get to choose from two models; geared Carlton 8 and single-speed Carlton.

2. 700c Royce Union RMX Mens 3-Speed Commuter Bike

Royce Union develops comfortable and high performing commuter bikes with a top of range components. One of them is a lightweight aluminum frame that is durable and makes the bike strong. It also makes balancing the bikes easy allowing to move smoothly across different terrains.

The zoom suspension forks and a suspended seat-post offer high performance and comfort while riding through all road surfaces. Also, the extra padded VELVO saddle comes with dual springs to deliver more comfort. 

The ergonomic grips are well designed to match the feel of your hands perfectly just like gloves. The handlebars are slightly raised to allow you to ride at an upright position for extra comfort. 

It uses a 3-speed SHIMANO twist with SHIMANO Nexus rear derailleurs to enable a smooth shifting with a single twist. Besides, its SHIMANO internal hub ensures that you are protected from mud and rain.

3. Huffy Men's Commuter Bike

Are you looking for a bike that will fuel back your youthful spirits? Well, the huffy commuter bike for men delivers the best regarding performance, comfort, and functionality. 

Every ride will be filled with lots of fun. It’s perfect for riders who want to hit the trails or have a ride through the neighborhood into busy streets of a town or city.

 It uses a Shimano drivetrain that delivers a smooth gear twist shifting offering high speeds to climb uphill and downhill. Besides, the frame takes a perfect fit design to provide more comfort for an exciting ride.

 It’s handlebars are swept backward to allow an upright riding position with complete leg extensions. The bike is fitted with alloy linear pull brakes and alloy wheel rims to deliver a perfect brake pad contact which guarantees a smooth stopping power.

 Also, the presence of extra pads, premium stitching, and dual springs ensure your seats are comfortable for all rides in different terrains.

4. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU is a reputable name in manufacturing the best mens commuter bikes in the market today. The 6KU aluminum fixed gear single-speed bike offers all the best components for enjoyable rides.

 It rides quicker and delivers high pedal efficiency, making you hit the trails or rough surfaces effortlessly. Its frame has a unique track design embedded on its surface with dropouts made of steel offering extra shock absorption on rocky surfaces and bumpy paths. 

Also, the frame features welds giving it a sleek and beautiful look. It has riser handlebars that enable you to ride in an upright position making it easier on your back, shoulders, and neck. 

The most distinguishing feature of the bike is the urban track drivetrain. It has a well-sealed cartridge rear hub sourced from Novatec ensuring your ride is worth-fulfilling by preventing the entry of moisture and dirt.

 The BMX grips are soft, durable, and efficient to improve your comfort and steering capability. This makes the bike suitable for heavy-duty commuting, recreational purposes, or a means of transport.

5. Retrospect Mantra V2 Urban Commuter Bike

Mantra version 2 commuter bikes have been developed to provide the enthusiasm you need in cycling. It is a single-speed bike that comes with front and rear brakes for adequate stopping power. Besides, these brakes are quite precise with fast response time allowing you to easily control your ride and speed. 

The bike’s frame is lightweight, double-butted, and tig-welded. It has a high tensile strength resulting from the integration of steel and diamond that makes it ideal to cycle anywhere. Besides, the bike features sealed cartridges to ensure your bike is clean, dry, and healthy.

 With sealed hubs you will have less maintenance needs since water and dampness will not get into contact with your bike.

 There is a flip-flop hub that allows you to ride the bike has a single-speed or fixed –gear bike with a free-wheel.

 It is fitted with high-quality Kenda commuter tires featuring treads that can disperse water. The bike is available in different colors to suit your taste and preference.

A Few Final Words

If you are looking for the best mens commuter bikes, then these are some of the best available in the market. They are designed with top-notch features that ensure their performance is exceptional allowing you to enjoy more comfortable rides. Although there are many bikes in the market, you need to be careful to make a great selection. 

This guide makes the otherwise challenging shopping process much easier to enable you get the perfect bike. The bikes are worth your investment and will offer the best biking experience.

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What Are Cruiser Bikes Used For?

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Are you a beginner looking forward to enjoyable rides?

 Well, although there are various biking options, you will never go wrong with a cruiser bike. Yes, it is specifically designed to deliver comfortable rides around the beach or within the neighborhood.

In the recent past, cruiser bikes have increasingly become popular for use in recreational purposes. They deliver smooth rides thanks to their excellent performance ensuring that you get better riding experiences.

Besides, the bikes are built with incredible features such as coaster brakes, comfortable seats, wide tires, upright handlebars all wrapped in a simple and unique design.

Still wondering what are cruiser bikes used for? Read on to find out.

What Is A Cruiser Bike?

Also called beach cruisers, they are bikes that combines various important features. These features makes the bikes more stable and easier to ride making them suitable for casual rides ranging from low to moderate speeds.

To deliver incredible performance, most cruiser bikes are designed with a large steel frame, curved handlebars, and wide set balloon tires with simple styling. The handlebars allow you to ride in an upright posture and its single speed drivetrain and coaster brakes make pedaling smooth.

Additionally, most cruiser bikes can be upgraded and are customizable. This means that you can change accessories such as luggage racks, saddle bags, lights, and fenders to suit your needs. However, the features could vary with respect to the sub-genre that the bike belongs.

Top Uses of Cruiser Bikes

If you love to spend your weekend cycling around the beach or merely traversing the busy streets of a city, then you should consider purchasing a cruiser bike for your adventures. It offers the best biking experience, thanks to its tremendous and appealing features. They will never disappoint you.

While other bike models in the market might make your biking experience tedious and painful, cruiser bikes are quite different. They are equipped with high- quality components that ensure you have a comfortable and smooth cycling experience.

Perhaps you are considering buying a cruiser bike but need more clarity on its functions. 

Here are some of the top uses of cruiser bikes and why they are suitable for accomplishing those purposes:

Recreation Purposes

Unlike other bikes, cruisers don’t work well for stunts, off-roading, and covering long miles or any kind of intensive riding. Instead, they are the perfect choice if you need more relaxed and comfortable rides for fun, especially during leisure. You don’t need to be in a certain riding position or mode when riding a cruiser bike.

With the upright riding position, balloon tires, comfortable seats, and more upright handlebars, cruisers are the best choices for enjoyable riding. Most of them are designed to use 3-speed or a single speed system with the old-fashioned coaster brake. These features make the bike suitable for covering short distances on fairly flat routes.

Exercising with Fun

Although cruiser bikes are designed exclusively for casual rides, it’s obvious that you will be exercising as you power the bike when riding. Riding is one of the best ways of exercising outdoors and cruiser bikes gives you the opportunity.

Riding a cruiser bike enables you to strengthen your muscles in the legs and arms. It also helps you to generate enough energy needed for the breakdown of nutrients which makes your body healthier. This allow you to enjoy the countless benefits that comes with leading a healthy life. For instance, it enables you to tackle the days’ work easier.

Why Do You Need A Cruiser Bike?

Despite the wide variety of bikes in the market, cruiser bikes stand above the pack due to various reasons. They are designed with some of the best features that add value to your investment.

Here are some of the key features that make cruiser bikes outstanding:


Cruiser bikes are made from durable and lightweight materials like steel, rubber, alloys, aluminum and cast plastic. These materials are known to be highly resistant to corrosion and wear, meaning that cruiser bikes offer long-term benefits in regards to performance and functionality.

This means that you can ride your cruiser bike in all weather conditions without changing its components for years. So, you won’t have to spend extra money in maintenance since the bike rarely gets damaged.

Beautiful Appearance

If you need an attractive bike with unique look and style that hardly go unnoticed then look no further than cruiser bikes. Generally, these looks are not only meant to attract customers but to improve riding experience.

They feature incredibly curved frames, flowers, vines, and elegant lettering among other appealing features they are built with. You can also find cruiser bikes with metal flakes, velvety petals or pearl paints.

Easy Customization

Cruiser bikes come in an array of colors, sizes, and styles enabling you to select one that suits your fashion taste. This means that you can always get a bike that fits your preferences without having to make additional adjustments.

Customizing cruiser bikes is also easy which enables you to make any adjustments you need. You can transform the frame type, rider height, frame color, fenders and the color of your handlebars depending on your taste and preferences.

You can also opt to fix a basket at the rear of the bike to carry all your stuff including your swimming suits and water, as you head to the beach or to make it suitable for shopping around the town.

Cruiser bikes have grown in popularity over the years because of their simple design, excellent features, easy to handle, quality construction and the comfort they provide.

However, there are different types of cruiser bikes available in the market today. This means your purchasing decision should be based on factors such as; personal preferences, cost, the purpose, and place of riding the bike.

If you need a bike for riding around the beach or the neighborhood then you should consider getting a cruiser. The comfort they deliver is unmatched making them perfect for riding experiences full of fun.

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This is How Cycling Reduces Belly Fat

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Did you know that cycling is quite effective in reducing belly fat? Well, many people like cycling either as a hobby or a sporting activity but aren’t aware of its benefits in achieving fitness goals.

 In fact, many people suffering from belly fat related problems prefer this method because they start noticing the results within a short period. 

According to research, belly fat is linked to dangerous diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Besides, it has been established that excessive accumulation of fats on your waist exposes you to heart-related diseased. 

Although losing belly fat can be challenging, cycling makes the process easy. Through riding a bike, you perform various workouts which are crucial in burning fats around your waistline.

 The good thing is that there are various forms of cycling and you can choose according to your preference. Without further ado, let’s look at how cycling reduces belly fat.

1. Low-Intensity Cycling

Riding your bike for a long duration at low-intensity cycling is the tried and most effective way of burning your belly fat. During low-intensity cycling sessions, your body will burn more calories from the belly fat. However, the total calorie burn will be low because cycling is not strenuous like high-intensity cycling. 

Low-intensity cycling activities will burn up to fifty percent of calories from your belly fat, while HIIT will reduce only 35 percent. This is why low-intensity cycling is quite useful.

 You lose more weight when more calories are burned than the amounts consumed by your body. You can do this just before eating breakfast because you’ve been fasting all night long and your blood sugar levels are low. 

The amounts of glycogen are also low in the morning which forces your body to use fat for energy production thus burning more fats.

 For faster results, you need to be consistent with this fat burning routine. Instead of cycling your bike 3 – 4 times a week, change your routine and ride it for one hour from Monday through Sunday.

2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a workout that alternates between low and high intensity. The average variation of intensities keeps you focused on your time and speed, ultimately transforming your workout making it engaging and fruitful.

A HIIT consists of intense exercise that lasts 30 – 90 seconds followed immediately with a recovery time of approximately 15 seconds With practice and endurance, the intensity difference will increase to 50-50. The rest time is also known as “Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” (EPOC), meaning that you’re going to increase the consumption of oxygen to replace the amount you just used while working out. It is very significant because you will burn more calories after completing the workouts. 

You can perform high-intensity interval training sessions using a stationary bike by following these steps:

  • Do a warm-up for the first 3-5 minutes. It will help you in building resistance as the intervals become more challenging especially if you are a starter in high- intensity workouts.
  • Take 30 seconds for high intensity and 1 minute of low intensity (repeat the process four times)
  • Increase the high-intensity interval to 40 seconds followed by 1 minute of low intensity (repeat it four times)
  • Take 30 seconds for high intensity and 1 minute of low intensity (repeat four times)

High-intensity interval training sessions could be more effective in losing the fat belly because you burn more calories every minute unlike doing low-intensity intervals. Besides, your body facilitates the fat burning process when recovering from the challenging workouts. 

A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) also reduces the training time, and you will only spend 30-45 minutes in a single session. Some people prefer this workout over the low-intensity one because it’s easier to get motivated and face the challenge.

 Also, you increase the amount of oxygen your body consumes after every workout enabling you to last longer doing the exercises. Furthermore, you don’t need to be an elite athlete or hire a trainer to train you on these high-intensity workouts. You only need to use the right exercise for your fitness level. Besides, you can learn the workouts through the internet and doing them practically on your stationary bike.

3. Diet

Apart from working out, you can also burn fat belly by following a diet that will effectively manage your weight. 

Here are some of the foods to avoid and what you should include in your diet:

  • Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks

Research shows that these foods have harmful effects on your metabolic health. When you consume a lot of sugar, your liver is overloaded due to high levels of fructose ultimately turning them into fat.

  • Reduce Carbs in Your Diet

If you want to lose fat effectively, then reduce your carb intake. When you cut the number of carbs, your appetite is suppressed, and ultimately loss of weight is realized. For instant results, drop your carbs intake to 50 grams per day.

  • Eat Proteins

Proteins are crucial macronutrients for losing weight. They are known to reduce cravings by over sixty percent and improve metabolism by 100 calories per day. People who eat high amounts of functional proteins such as fish, dairy products, meat, and legumes have less belly fat.

  • Consume Foods Rich in Viscous Fiber

Eating foods rich in fiber helps in reducing weight loss, and the viscous fibers are known to be very useful in burning fat belly. Fiber reduces the movement of food on your digestive system, slowing down the rate of digestion and absorption of nutrients into the body. This helps in suppressing your appetite thus reducing the intake of food.

A Few Final Words

The process of burning belly fat is not an easy task. It needs the integration of cycling workouts that are continuously followed with a good diet.

 You should avoid consuming sugary foods and drinks, because they will ultimately lead to gaining of weight, causing killer diseases such as diabetes and obesity. 

With the above-detailed information, you should be more informed how cycling reduces belly fat. Follow the workout steps, observe a good diet, and drink lots of water to lead a healthy life.

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Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Brands

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Mountain biking was started way back in the 1970s, it quickly became a favorite sport for most bike lovers hence transforming the concept of a bike. Since then, the mountain biking experience has changed significantly, forcing manufacturers bikes to come up with unique designs that appeal to the broad market. Some manufacturers have developed excellent bikes that can challenge the mountainous terrains.

 The bikes were made lighter, durable and Today, mountain bikes are meant for every cyclist who yearns to experience the unique feeling of riding on rough and rocky terrains. 

With numerous models to choose from in the market, settling on one that offers all features and performance, can prove quite a hard task. Since there are some specific details to consider, the following list detailing the best mountain bike brands will make it easier for you to make a choice. Take a look!

GT mountain bikes are among the most popular bike brands in the whole world, thanks to Gary Turner, the founder, and pioneer of the current day BMX bikes who launched the bike brand back in 1972.

 He developed a more durable and innovative GT frame that was first used by his kid for racing in 1972. GT bikes were created with a simple vision, ” to give bikers a different cycling experience that is possible on a two-wheel by developing the most innovative, durable and reliable frames of all time.” 

Over the years, the bike became famous for its unique ‘triple triangle designs’ that made the rear part to be stiffer and more durable. 

These bikes offer high speeds and durability are currently ranked among the fastest mountain bikes in the world. They were mainly used for racing in the 1980s and delivered the best results for bike racers. In 1995, the bikes received a full suspension development that later led to better upgrades from 1999-2002.

 If you are looking for the best mountain bike brand that will offer high speeds, durability, and performance, then the GT is the perfect brand for you. The bike has gone through different unique innovations, and current features are also exceptional.

YETTI is another mountain bike brand that is quite reputable. It was founded in 1985 by John Parker, and its headquarters is currently in Colorado. YETTI bike brands were among the first to be used for mountain biking experience before it was considered an industry and they developed designs to offer the best biking practices. 

These bikes were specially designed for racers with cutting-edge race particular designs. YETTI manufacturers placed their bikes on R&D testing on several tracks and used the knowledge gained to adapt to a unique geometry with suspension designs. 

Over the years, the bike brand created the most popular racing teams in mountain biking and has set the record by fielding legends such as Jimmy Deaton, Juli Furtado, and Missy Giove.

 The bikes are known to deliver the best speeds, great handling, and perfect control. Key features include; carbon rims, 29-inch wheels and carbon CC frames. They are developed to be all-rounded and complete for novice and professional riders in rough terrains.

Cannondale is ranked among the best mountain bike brands for all people who want to feel a different and unique biking experience.

 It was founded in 1971 and considered the first bike brand that developed the carbon fiber frames, and they have invested their time in developing bikes that work effectively uphill and downhill. The mountain bikes are developed with a combination of several materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber.

 To be specific, the frames were made of oversized aluminum pieces that were flex-resistant and lighter. Over the years, the company adapted carbon/ aluminum frames that transformed the cycling community.

 The dual suspension feature was introduced to the bike brand in 1990 with the use of Delta V.E.S.T. Riders using the bike for racers conquered the cross country and downhill racers up to the new millennium with big names such as Tinker Juarez, Cedric Gracia and Allison Sydor flying the flag of Cannondale mountain bikes. Major groundbreaking features include; lefty, innovative suspension, HeadShock, optimized aluminum, and unique carbon design. It is a bike brand that provides extra stability and control adopting the latest biking technology.

Are you looking for something unique that will stand out from the competition? Well, Santa Cruz Bicycles are the best options for you. They were launched in 1993 and ranked among the most advanced, technological and reliable bikes of the new generation. Features include; full suspension, aluminum or carbon fiber frames, carbon wheels, VPP linkage, and fork. 

The company currently manufactures many high-performance mountain bikes of severe cyclists that enable them to ride faster, higher and for longer distances. They are available in varied suspension options and components and fully assembled in California. 

The carbon wheels provide extra strength, durability, and reliability while hitting the road. Santa Cruz bike brands are currently available in sixteen different mountain bike models that come with their unique touch of quality. 

Besides, you can comfortably customize your bike according to your taste and preferences to have a great biking experience. Its lower-link design is specially designed to provide the best performance, traction, and support.


TREK came into existence in the 1970s as a project managed by Bevil Hogg and Richard Burke. It later became the largest mountain bike brand in the whole country with over 1,700 dealers in the US. These bikes offer high performance, best quality, stability and high levels of endurance in all types of terrains. 

They are designed to suit your biking needs and different transverse terrains without difficulty. Key features include; front and rear decouple, fork tubes, front and rear sliders, disc brakes, carbon wheels, Madone seat posts, headsets, and handlebars. 

Mountain bikes developed by TREK are unique, durable, reliable and offer maximum comfort to the rider in all types of trails. The perfect choice of a TREK bike is the Trek Fuel EX 9 29 that guarantees quality, performance, and better controls.

A Few Final Words

Mountain biking started as a sport in the 1970s, and it led to the development of bikes that could endure rough and rocky terrains. It was filled with fun, excitement and ultimately the best cycling experience. 

These best mountain bike brands came at a time when robust, reliable and durable bikes were highly needed to deliver the best results by enthusiastic riders. 

They guarantee high performance, reliability, durability, better control and high speeds in rough and rocky terrains.

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Winning Bikes Of Tour De France

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Tour de France is considered the world ’s biggest and prestigious bike race where cyclists are required to cycle up to 2,000 miles in 23 days. It attracts the best riders all over the world and takes place during summer going around France. 

The tour is usually made up of twenty teams with nine members each. Tour de France commenced on 7th July, and it showcased the best, lightest and fastest bikes in the world. Over the past six years, tour de France winning bikes have been dominated by Italian best brands. 

This year, the trend was similar with Geraint Thomas winning the race riding an F10 X-Light bike- an Italian brand. BMC is another reputable bike brand that has entered into the hall of fame. 

The tour is usually filled with lots of fun, and good results are achieved depending on the resilience, determination, and strength of the rider.

 Besides, the tactical decisions made during the ride are significant. The following is a list of Tour de France winning bikes. Take a look!

1. BMC Teammachine SLR01 (Cadel Evans) - 2011

Cadel Evans of BMC racing, became the 2011 Tour de France winner while riding a BMC Teammachine SLRO1. He managed to run a total of 172.5mm cranks with an outstanding saddle height of 73.2cm. 

The bike was fitted with an Easton handlebar (42cm) with a round bar and shallow drop. Evans rode two bikes both featuring Speedlay zero pedals, continental tires, Fizik Antares saddle, SRM PowerMeter and Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset. 

During the trial stages, he rode on a BMC Timemachine and completed the tour on an Andy Schleck.

2. Pinarello Dogma (Bradley Wiggins) -2012

Bradley Wiggins completed the Tour de France in 2012 on board a Pinarello Dogma 65.1, making Team Sky the overall winners of the day. However, the team used the Pinarello Dogma 2 during the early stages of the challenging race. 

Bradley rode most of the race on a Shimano Dura-Ace ten speed groupset and completed the tour on an eleven speed Di2 version, specifically before nearing Paris city. Both bikes featured osymetric chainrings and Fizik Arione saddles.

3. Pinarella Dogma (Chris Froome) – 2013

Chris Froome won the 2013 Tour de France while riding the Pinarello Dogma bike (Dogma 65.1), with Team Sky taking the grand prize home. The bicycle featured wavy forks, chainstays, and a unique asymmetric design. 

The bike took its name from the carbon fiber material used in making the frame – Torayca high-modulus 65. It made the bike lighter unlike the previous 60- tonne carbon material used in construction. Also, it made the bike more reactive. The common features included; Fizik saddle, osymetric chainrings, and the SRM data-box.

The Astana team made history by emerging victorious during the 2014 Tour de France by interrupting Sky Way’s winning streaks. Their flag was flown by Vincenzo Nibali – a talented rider on a specialized S-works Tarmac bike. It was the first time for Tarmac brand to use a carbon-layup. 

Meaning all efforts were credited to the individual rider. Vincenzo’s bike featured Corima Viva wheels, FSA stem, and Campagnolo groupset. At the last stages of the race, the bike was fitted with Corima yellow decorated wheels with an FSM stem that had yellow decals.

Chris Froome proved to his fans in Paris and the whole world that Pinarello Dogma deserved to be ranked among the Tour de France winning bikes in 2015 and 2016. He used a bike that was customized with a decoration of rhinos on the frame that were first noticed during the race in 2015. 

The rhino decals on his bike were inspired by his love for wildlife and specifically his upbringing in Kenya, an East African Country famous for the big five. His bicycle had great features which included; modern osymetric chainrings, chain-guards to prevent any chain-drop, 11-28 cassette, Shimano Dura Ace and power meter from stages. 

Chris chose his bike’s satellite shifters to be stripped down, to save some weight and make the shifting buttons to be close to each other.

 The bike was fitted with Shimano wheels; the bars were from Pro while the bottle cages came from Elite. The bike used during the final stages of the race had different features. It had a 12mm stem, Fizik saddle that had carbon rails and continental competition tires. Chris rode the Pinarello Dogma F8 bike and emerged victorious in 2015&2016.

6. Pinarello Dogma F10 (Chris Froome) -2017

In 2017, Chris Froome amazed the world by recording his third consecutive win at the Tour de France. This time, he was riding a Pinarello Dogma F10 that was beautifully decorated with a yellow color just before completing the race In Paris.

 The bike resembled the F8 model, but it was designed to be stiffer and lighter. In regards to its weight, the frame used in constructing F10 was ultra-light, making it perfect for such a difficult race. 

Chris preferred an 11-28 cassette, a 53/39 setup and osymetric chainrings that improved the pedaling performance. Other key features include; Shimano (wheels, stem, bars and bar tape) Fizik saddle and K-edge mount.

7. Pinarello Dogma F10 X-Light (Geraint Thomas) – 2018

There is no doubt that Pinarello Dogma bike brand has proved to be the best in racing over the years. During the 2018 Tour de France, Geraint emerged the winner while on board a Pinarello Dogma F10 X-light, that used a unique carbon fiber type compared to the other versions leading to a drop of a kg. 

The features of the bike were similar to the previous F10 model, but the wheels were carbon tubular with the paint job indicating every win achieved by the Sky Team during all their years of participation at the Tour de France.


Tour De France is a popular sports event that attracts the best riders all over the world riding a total distance of 2,000 miles. 

The race usually ends at the capital – Paris. Pinarello Dogma is among the Tour de France winning bikes that have proved their power and performance on the competition.

 Team Sky have proved that they are the best on the road, outsmarting BMC racing, Astana and other cases. However, the good results are not just a result of using well-functioning bikes with great features, the rider’s determination and strength on the race contributes a lot.


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The Top 5 Best Tool Box For Bike Tools

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Whether you are a bicycle mechanic or just a cyclist, always having your tools well stored in a tool box is important. This will allow you to easily handle minor repairs such as replacing old brake pads and adjusting handlebars. 

However, complex tasks like flattening a brake rotor will need a specified choice of tools. You can opt to invest in a good toolbox that will contain all the significant tools you need to make it easier for you to do bike repairs.

 It will hold essential tools such as chain tool, Allen keys, pedal spanner, screwdrivers, tire levers, and cable cutters. The significance of having a collection of essential tools can’t be underestimated. 

They make your work easier, last longer and won’t damage the components of your bike. If you are looking for the best tool box for bike tools, then you should consider one from the following list.

Bikehand is a reputable company known for manufacturing special tools for repairing bikes since 1988.

 The design of Bikehand is quite impressive. It is built to offer additional space for more tools, and the kit allows you to access the tool easily. 

The toolbox can store up to eighteen different tools such as freewheel turner, tire lever, pedal wrench, dust cap wrench, chain rivet extractor, spoke wrench and patch kit.

 Its case is made of high quality material making it durable and reliable through all weather conditions. Besides this toolkit it affordable and readily available in the market and come with a one year warranty.

 This allows you to get a replacement if the toolbox gets damaged due to manufacturer’s defects within that period. With, guaranteed quality, reliability and excellent storage space, this toolbox is one of the best to have.

Unlike other tool kits, this unique tool box comes with a handbag for storage. This makes the Deckey bicycle repair tool kit an ideal choice if you are often on the move. It is made of carbon steel and high-quality plastic, making it durable. With a total of 48 different tools, it will undoubtedly meet the demands of your bicycle repairs.

 Apart from storing your bike’s repair tools, it can be turned into a household tool and can be used by auto mechanics, construction workers, and maintenance specialists. Besides, It is lightweight which makes moving it around easy.

 This tool kit is a must-have for beginner mechanics and serious cyclists because it has enough space to carry all tools for your tune-ups, repairs, and basic maintenance. The excellent space also allows you to organize the tools for easy accessibility whenever you need to use them.

This toolbox from Spin Doctor comes fully equipped with 24 different specific tools in a custom-modeled case and ranked among the best toolkit for bike tools currently in the market.

 It is recommended for bike repairs and maintenance for beginner mechanics and serious cyclists. Spin doctor toolkit was recently updated due to the ground-breaking transformations in MTB and road components. 

Its custom-molded case is durable and fits all your specific tools for easy transportation. It has a unique easy to handle design that makes it convenient for you to access the bike tools.

 With this toolbox as part of your gear, you can either repair or upgrade your bike’s components effortlessly without involving a mechanic. Besides, your tools are adequately secured, and you don’t have to worry about losing them when traveling.

The Pro Bike toolbox is one of the stylists and reliable kits a serious cyclist can own. It has been specially designed to be durable and reliable with a stainless steel handle that has a reversible drive. Also, it has easy and safely tightens bolts to ensure your tools are secure and well stored in your garage or as you hit the road. It is also simple and easy to handle. The company even provides a guide on how to use the tool kit once you have purchased. Besides, it has a hard case pouch that is perfect for storing all your repair tools and other essential items such as credit cards, smartphones, and even money. With the advancement in disc brakes, frame designs and seat bolts, there is no doubt that it is the best alternative to the standard multi-tool kits. The toolset also comes with a zipper case that ensures all your elements are secured. Apart from comfortably handling all your bike repairs and maintenance, it can also be used for small jobs around your home.

This toolbox from Kit best is a multi-tool that comes with sixteen different types of bike tools that include six hexagon wrench, four flat wrenches, three socket spanners, two screwdrivers, and one extension sleeve extension rod. The kit has a multi-functional unique design with enough spaces for extra tools. The Kitbest repair kit has a wide range of accessories that will help you in repairing your bike. It includes a mini bike pump, tire tube patches, Allen Wrench and tire levers. Also, it consists of a bag which is easy to carry, and you can hang it on your frame or bike tube as well when riding. Also, the toolbox comes with a mini pump that inflates a wide range of bikes such as road and mountain bikes. If you are a serious cyclist, then is an essential component for better biking experience and you should always have in your company.

A Few Final Words

Whether you are a beginner in auto mechanics or a cycling enthusiast, you should always carry a toolbox containing all the essential tools to make it an easier task to make repairs and maintenance on the bike. It will enable you to quickly fix your bike’s problem easily when faced with challenging situations. However, when choosing the best toolbox, settling on one that can carry many tools at ago with enough space for extra stuff like credit cards is vital. If you need the best tool box for bike tools, then any selection from this list will guarantee your satisfaction.


Top 5 Inexpensive Womens Road Bike

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Are you tired of riding your hybrid bicycle and looking forward to a different biking experience? 

 You should consider opting for a road bike. They offer high speeds, are lighter, durable and ultimately make you feel just like a pro! Key features include carbon forks, disc brakes, and 9-10 speed drivetrains. 

However, not everyone can spend lots of money on a brand-new bike before ascertaining if it will offer the best performance on the trail or road.

 Thankfully, many budget-friendly road bikes are equipped with great components ideal for the feminine market.

 The following is a detailed list of the inexpensive womens road bike that every serious cyclist should consider purchasing. 

They are not only designed for beginners, but they can be perfect for a rider who wants to feel a different cycling level.

Are you a beginner who wants to feel comfort and control riding on the pavements or roads? 

Well, this bike from Dynacraft is perfect for you. Features include; V-brakes, resin levers, 21-speed derailleurs, Shimano shifters, alloy rims, kickstand, and adjustable saddle. 

With 21 different speeds to choose from comfortably, it is the best bike for all day riding. 

The adjustable seat makes it easier for women riders to take a good riding position that will not lead to pain or stress on shoulders, back and arms.

V-brakes guarantee a pleasant and smooth stopping power while hitting the road. Its Shimano shifters make it an easier task to ride through the trails and terrains.

 The front and rear V-brakes offer optimum control, and you won’t have to worry being involved in any accident when ridding over rough terrains or downhill The bike’s purple and whitish frame makes it feminine and attractive for riding around the neighborhood and the city streets.

 Also, the padded saddle and flat handlebars deliver a comfortable and durable ride. The bike is recommended for adults with a maximum weight of 275 lbs.

Do you love to spend your precious time cycling outdoors? If you want to purchase the most affordable bike, then you should set your eyes on the upgraded Vilano road bike. 

It is perfect for anyone who wants a road or commuting bike mainly due to the features that match women riders.

 The Tuono 2.0 is the latest version with updated and unique features from Vilano.

 It is well-equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame, anodized spacers, hubs, skewers, 21 Shimano drivetrain, AO50 handlebars, and mounted shifters. 

There is nothing so devastating like purchasing a bicycle that breaks down often.This is why the materials used in construction are very significant. Thankfully, its frame is made of aluminum, making the bike stable and durable. 

Also, the gear and braking system of your motorcycle determines if you will have a great biking experience.

 It has 21 speeds that make it easier for you to adjust to your riding needs comfortably. 

Besides, the braking system works effectively, and when you apply the brakes, it comes to an instant stop within seconds. 

Furthermore, the bike guarantees stability and durability with the ability to withstand all weather conditions.

This bike manufactured by Granite Peak is an inexpensive womens road bike that comes with great features for a cycling enthusiast. Women riders looking for an affordable ticket to a continuous adventure should consider purchasing this bike.

 It is fitted with a steel frame and a suspension fork, ensuring your ride is smooth and worth the tale. Tire treads offer lots of grips while riding on wet pavements, dirt roads, and flat terrains. While on the other hand, alloy rims provide extra durability and stability on the way.

 Speed is very significant for a cyclist who wants high performance on the roads or trails. The manufacturer fitted Shimano rear derailleurs and eighteen-speed shifters for optimum shifting performance while riding. 

The bike is recommended for rider heights of 5’2″ to 5’10”, and the presence of adjustable seat posts for height adjustments makes it a good fit for women. It is available in pink color which is a favorite color for most women.

This bike from Tour de Cure is one of the best for women who are on a tight budget. It is perfect for all riders regardless of their daily lifestyles

. Features include; Revo shifters, Vitesse racing tires, Shimano rear and front derailleurs 700c Vitesse tires. It has 21 speeds that make it easier for the bike to climb up hills and propel you smoothly on rough and flat terrains. 

With its dropping handlebars, you feel in full control while traversing through your favorite road trails. The bike is available in a whitish purple color that makes it a darling to women

You don’t need to spend more when purchasing a road bike when you can get an affordable one from Tommaso.

 It is an entry-level bike that features an ultralight aluminum frame, Shimano gears, and lightweight wheels with a full Shimano R2000 Claris groupset. 

It is fitted with a TOMMASO 6061 SLA aluminum frame with a steel fork that makes the bike stable, durable and lightweight.

It uses a full Shimano R2000 Claris group set that guarantees smooth and great shifting while riding through different terrains and trails. Also, it ensures top performance, since all components were designed to work correctly.

 Furthermore, TC-20 wheels are lightweight offering reliable strength and performance for different road conditions. It came with a two year Shimano warranty and designed to function well and even better.

A Few Final Words

These collection of road bikes have great and incredible features that never go unnoticed by novice and professional riders. They have unique and attractive designs that will also match the riding needs of women riders. 

Additionally, they are constructed with durable, durable materials that will see through different weather conditions. While there are numerous road bike models available in the market, not all of them are great.

Fortunately, women who have little or no knowledge at all on bikes can rely on this guide to make informed decisions when looking the best for inexpensive womens road bike.

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