Best Cruiser Bikes Complete Buyers Guide

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Cruiser bikes account for 40% of the total kind of bicycles that American riding enthusiasts own, although finding the best cruiser bike is no easy task.

 Boasting an array of uses, this type of bike may be used for daily commutes, exercising and for those now-and-then adventurous weekend trips that you often plan.

There is no better way to cap off your day or evening other than by riding a bicycle.The Reality is, you will never fall short of ideas when you are on a cruiser bike.

It is known for its upright riding position and large, comfortable seat. One thing is for sure, you will never get worn out on a cruiser.

Everything from the wide “balloon” tires and upright handlebars make for riding a memorable experience. 

here are 13 of the best cruiser bikes:


Bike Name



1. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle​


Steel frame

2. Mongoose Men’s Maluss Fat Tire Bicycle​


Steel frame

3. Brilliant Mayfair Three Speed Cruiser​


Steel frame

4. Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike



5. SixThreeZero In The Barrel 3-Speed Cruiser Bike​



7. Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle​


8. Mongoose Dolomite Cruiser Bike​



9. Northwoods Pomona 26-inch women’s cruiser bike



10. Sixthreezero Women’s Cruiser Bike​



11. Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser Single Speed Bike​



12. Kent’s Oakwood cruiser bike​



13. Kent bay breeze men’s cruiser bike​



Gone are the days when it was considered a taboo for women to cycle around and enjoy the beauty of the day on their bikes. 

Cycling is no longer considered a “man’s thing” and the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is here to prove it!

 Firmstrong is a brand that has certainly woken up to the reality that cruiser bikes are as good for women as they are men. 

There is no holding back the fun and excitement where this type of bicycle is concerned.

Representing a lady’s pride served on a platter full of prestige, comfort and style, you can be certain that this bike is the companion every lady needs to cruise through the beach or in and around town.

 It’s frame and structure makes it highly unique and should you opt to use it as a city bicycle, you will stand out from all other riders.

It certainly provides all the things that ladies could want from a high-end cruiser. The bike is an eye-catcher. It feels great on the grip and offers a great balance as you cruise around town. The single aspect that makes the Firmstrong Urban Lady Cruiser Bicycle different is the fact that it leaves room for customization and other options.

Key Features:

  • Highly affordable cruiser bike that does not skimp on top-notch features
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300lb
  • 17-speeds that will enable you to be in utmost control of the bicycle
  • 26-inch wheels that take on the role of heavy-duty cruisers
  • Alloy-designed bike wheels that handle all kinds of terrains
  • Front and rear disk brakes that guarantee greater control of the bike, hence greater safety
  • Steel bike frame that offers utmost strength and durability
  • Steel fork that automatically enhances the bike’s sturdiness
  • Well-padded bike seat that offers greater comfort even when riding for a long distance
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Low rise flat all-terrain-bike (ATB) handle bar which guarantees stability as well as comfort that will easily propel you through various terrain Integrated kickstand for packing convenience
  • Beach-cruiser pedals and 3-piece crank for easy pedaling
  • Bike height of 40”
  • Bike width of 26”
  • Bike length of 71”
  • Humongous tires that give the bike a “fat look” to give it a high level of stability
  • Long-lasting alloy rims into which the tires are drilled Up to four sizes that are an intermediate between the standard size, medium-sized and large bikes
  • Practical kickstand that will save you any inconvenience especially when it comes to crowded areas Heavy-duty
  • steel construction that makes the cruiser bike durable

The Pros

  • Strong and durable frame that has an exceptional balance between strength and lightness. As such, cruising along the streets has never been easier!
  • Strong braking system, that firmly holds the front and rear wheels. (This will allow you to take charge of the bike and safeguard your safety, especially in high- traffic areas).
  • Comfortably accommodates taller riders (5ft to 6ft)
  • Designed to carry bulky goods
  • Varied speed options depending on your ability and terrain
  • Colorful options that will have you spoilt for choice
  • Strong Kenda tries to ensure there is no interruption of comfort or any safety threat
  • A strong steel headset that automatically puts you in charge of your riding experiences

The Cons

  • Although this bike is a beast within its beauty, it comes with the imperfection of too much assemble work before you can enjoy your first ride.(This may be a serious downside for ladies. Other than this, it works like a charm.)

The bottom line?

With so many options to choose from, this is one of a few cruiser bikes that does not let down. The Firmstrong Cruiser Bicycle is defined by true mobility and specifically meant for those who enjoy exercise cruises. It provides a good alternative to the gym, saving both time and energy.

The Mangoose Fat Tire Bicycle saves you from experiencing all of the doldrums that you may encounter as you ride through rugged terrains. It is one of the best cruiser bikes investments that you will ever make. 

Apart from this being a highly dependable bicycle, it is also manufactured by Mongoose, a renowned bicycle company that is known some of the best inventions.

It is a respected household name in the world of cruiser bikes. 

All of its features are ideal for male riders who enjoy love biking anywhere and everywhere.

 It makes that commute to work much more efficient. 

The distinct features are the fat tires, which are essential if you are looking to conquer rough terrains. They will certainly make you feel like you are floating.

Key Features

  • Highly affordable cruiser bike that does not skimp on top-notch features
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300lb
  • 17-speeds that will enable you to be in utmost control of the bicycle
  • 26-inch wheels that take on the role of heavy-duty cruisers
  • Alloy-designed bike wheels that handle all kinds of terrains
  • Front and rear disk brakes that guarantee greater control of the bike, hence greater safety
  • Steel bike frame that offers utmost strength and durability
  • Steel fork that automatically enhances the bike’s sturdiness
  • Well-padded bike seat that offers greater comfort even when riding for a long distance
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Low rise flat all-terrain-bike (ATB) handle bar which guarantees stability as well as comfort that will easily propel you through various terrain Integrated kickstand for packing convenience
  • Beach-cruiser pedals and 3-piece crank for easy pedaling
  • Bike height of 40”
  • Bike width of 26”
  • Bike length of 71”
  • Humongous tires that give the bike a “fat look” to give it a high level of stability
  • Long-lasting alloy rims into which the tires are drilled
  • Up to four sizes that are an intermediate between the standard size, medium-sized and large bikes Practical kickstand that will save you any inconvenience especially when it comes to crowded areas Heavy-duty steel construction that makes the cruiser bike durable

The Pros

  • Considering its price tag, this is one of those cruiser bikes that represent fantastic value. It comes with the following positives:
  • Great traction or every surface
  • Fitted with super-sized 26” tires for greater stability
  • Comfortable, sturdy and can be ridden on a wide variety of terrain
  • Lightweight bike because of its alloy 4” wide rims
  • Can change gears easily because of the twist shifters on the bike Dual disc brakes that will let you ride under all conditions (with ease Easy adjusting due to the threadless headset)
  • High value for your money
  • Product of a very stable and established manufacturer
  • One-year warranty that covers various parts and servicing

The Cons

  • Lack of basic features such as bottle-holder and rack mounts
  • The brakes may feel a bit spongy in the beginning, but work well after oiling and adjusting The bikes calipers squeal at times, but they can also be tightened
  • Low-quality nuts and bolts that will require replacing in due time

The bottom Line?

Despite these downsides, the cruiser bike still works flawlessly and just as it was intended.

Taking all of the aforementioned facts into consideration:

the Mongoose Men Malus Fat Tire Bicycle is a solid find. 

The shortcomings are manageable and it is jam packed with ideal cruising features. 

It is perfect for all riding enthusiasts who love exploring in all terrains and
weather conditions.

 Brilliant is a new bike manufacturing company that has gone out of its way to prove that cruiser bikes are a hot commodity. 

The Brilliant Mayfair Three-Speed Cruiser.  is highly functional, effortless and easy on the pockets. With a reasonable price tag, you will be able to enjoy all of the magnificence that this bike comes with. You do not have to spend big bucks to enjoy the high-end features that the best cruiser bikes come with.
 It is tough enough to make the roughest terrain seem as smooth as butter. 

When well taken care of, this bicycle will surely last you a number of years. Its frame can also bend back easily into shape when the bike is truly overused. It is the most incredible purchase you will ever make.

Key Features

  • Hand-welded 1020 steel
  • frame that represents comfort
  • Internal Shimano geared hubs and Shimano Revo shifter
    32 mm wide tires that offer a silky smooth city ride
  • Generous fork and frame that offers clearance for both fenders and racks 27.5lb and 29.0lbs small and medium-fully assembled bike weight respectively Three-speeds that are perfect for high traffic cities
  • Durable frame that is typified by a saddle base
  • Highly comfortable bicycle seat that is ergonomically inclined to enable you to bend forward and cruise flawlessly
  • Simple and convenient pedaling
  • Sturdy rims and tires that facilitate proper gripping on the track or terrain
  • Tires are also made from soft materials which make them effective in absorbing shock or impact The suspension fork is also instrumental for shock absorption during rides
  • Steel, aluminum and carbon fiber fork
  • Extract accessories such as the bicycle basket
  • Kickstand for convenient parking
  • Eye-catching design
  • Available in an array of colors such as a beautiful blue and yellow highlight
  • Riders can choose the colors that appeal the most to them
  • Step by step assembly video for those who do not understand the instructions

The Pros

  • Highly affordable
  • Safe cruiser bike that meets all the rigorous standardization specifications
  • Handcrafted, state of the art bicycle that will be outstanding in any setting
  • Easy assembly process because you will only need to install the bars, wheels and seat
  • Three extra tools that makes assembly quite easy
  • Easy to understand and detailed assembly instructions
  • Reliable customer services that caters to all riders who may encounter problems after purchasing their bike. You do not need to go out of your way and pay for servicing at a local repair shop.

The Cons

  • although it can take on the toughest terrains, it is only equipped with a single-gear that is solely for the purpose of cruising. Therefore, shifting gears may be bit challenging when you are on some terrains. However, this is the only concern that the bike has.

The bottom line?

The Brilliant Mayfair Three-Speed Cruiser is perfect for those with a “relaxed” and “versatile” riding style. It may look like the traditional touring bike, but it will delightfully surprise you with its abundance of features. When it comes to cruising, it is perfectly capable of taking on any rough terrain. This Brilliant bike has no competition because the frame itself is distinct and highly unique. It is a homemade quality bike that boasts of a glossy quality finish!

Meant for casual neighborhood jaunts, the Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruise Bike is the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys a good cruise. 

If you are a riding enthusiast, then you will highly appreciate the combination of high-tech features. 

If your on the hunt for a cruiser bike that will enable you to exercise, commute or just have a fun and relaxing ride on the road then look no further! 

Needless to say, a Schwinn Sanctuary is exactly what you need!

The model is top-notch, high quality and everything in between. It comes equipped with a comfortable saddle to ensure that your day by day cycling is truly comfortable. This bike is very durable as well as affordable. 

It is exactly what you need and more! It is an example cruiser from a world-renowned brand.

Key Features

  • A cruiser bike that feels good and equally looks outstanding
  • 7-speed bicycle with multiple gears that complement each other as you cruise down the street.
  • They also make it easy to crank up the speed when you need to.
  • Eye-catching beautiful finish
    Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifter
  • Strong and reachable braking system that allows you to have total control over your bike at all times
    You will be able to come to a sudden half and avoid running into any unforeseen obstacles as you cruise on your bike
  • 26” wheels that are thick enough to ride over rough roads and gravel alike. The bike also glides through many other surfaces.
  • Built to be long tasting and can serve you for many years when well-taken care of
  • Alloy rims which give the tires a chic look
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar height to
  • accommodate even the tallest riders
  • The bike’s adjustability also makes it perfect for longer rides. As such, you will only ride at your comfort level
    Full fender and reflectors to make you visible when riding in high traffic areas. This is important when it comes to avoiding accidents.
  • Wide padded saddle for an increased level of comfort
  • · Low step-through design

The Pros

  • Highly affordable bike for its great value
  • Low-seat post as such, it is not a struggle to get on or off the bike (This can be done quickly and easily)
  • Highly comfortable saddle for those long rides
  • The gears work flawlessly and do not require any tuning or tinkering
  • They deliver as intended
  • Comfortable riding position to ensure you do not get tired easily, even when driving for long distance
  • Amazing brakes that work in the way they are supposed to (They make it possible to enjoy quick-stops in high-traffic areas)
  • Equipped with top-of the line features such as SRAM Shifters, 7-speed derailleur and so much more Highly versatile bike that is not only used for cruising, but also exercising and commuting
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Highly durable

The Cons

  • A bit heavy when you want to use extra accessories such as seat attachments (It will be quite difficult to maneuver the bike. As such, you should prepare for additional weight)
  • There are no pedal brakes and riders are required to install these separately.
  • No high-speeds. Therefore, if speed is your ultimate goal, this may not be the best cruiser bike for you

The Schwinn Sanctuary is a cruiser bike that is available for both men and women. It also comprises of all essential features that will suit your cycling needs. There may be tons of other modes available in the market, but this one is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to cruise is style.

At an affordable price, the Barrel 3 speed cruiser bike comes with high quality features without busting your wallet.

 Manufactured by Six Three Zero, you can rely on it for its utmost capability and wide range of features that appeals to skill level riders who love a great design. This bike is certainly a cut above all other cruiser bikes.

It is perfect if you want to shop at a very specific budget range. 

In comparison to its competitors, there is no question that it is superior in terms of quality and budget.

 It is definitely a purchase that you will be happy with. Today, SixThreeZero cruiser bikes are giants in the market and is a decent pick for men who are looking for a high quality bike with an affordable price tag. The Barrel 3-speed cruiser is highly unique and there are not many cruiser bikes like it.

Key Features

  • Highly affordable cruiser bike that offers immense value
    Shimano gear shifting system that makes it quite easy to control the bike even when you are riding under the highest speeds Four different colors to choose from, making the bike ideal for those with specific color preferences
  • Choose between various speeds depending on where you will be cruising. The main price difference between the bikes is not that steep. Regardless of the speed, all of the bikes are of the same price range. As such, it is important to pick your speed according to your terrain.Leather bubble saddle that ensures you are highly comfortable even through the longest rides
  • High-quality stitching on the leather which proves that the bike has undergone a top-notch manufacturing process
  • Rubber-block pedals to make your ride much more comfortable and less strenuous
  • 3-speed cruising controls
  • 18” steel frame with 26” wheels
  • Custom SixThreeZero extended frame design
  • Sixthreezero custom black grips
  • 2.1 25” wide kenda tires that provide a cushioned and smooth ride for easy rolling and sufficient cushioning, making it easy to cruise over all manner of surfaces.
  • Stainless steel spoke
  • Custom handlebar that is made out of steel
  • Lightweight bike that weighs 371lb when fully assembled
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars that accommodate different individuals this bike equally matters If speed matters to you, then your choice this bike equally matters
  • Capable of a speed of 3.22 miles per hour
  • Steel headset that is designed with strength and durability in mind

The Pros

  • Great bike for the beach and still transitions between the city aspect and dirt trails
  • Solid and well-constructed bike that is not bulky, heavy or hard to transport
  • An amazing range of features
  • Sturdy and comfortable design while still being one of the highest bikes out there
  • Forward pedals design that makes it quite easy to maneuver the bike
  • Pleasurable riding experience because of the cozy leather seat
  • Three-different speed configurations that will come in handy when riding along a rough terrain
  • Utmost strength and stability
  • Strong braking system enhances safety
  • Long-term value for your money since the bike comes with a 30-day return option and a 12-month warranty

The Cons

  • Pedals may not be able to sustain vigorous riding. Therefore, they may require replacement for more sturdy pedals that can still hold up after years of use and abuse.
  • Noisy gear change that needs to be properly oiled.

The Bottom Line?

This Sixthreezero cruiser bike has only the best features that you will find on the high end bikes. It is highly affordable but this should not be a reason to doubt its ability to perform according to your expectation. 

The price does not matter. It is simple, impressive and offers a good angle for your buck. Is concerns are easily manageable and other than this, it works like a charm. The Six ThreeZero is surely worth it.

6. Giant Simple 3 Cruiser Bike

Wherever you go with the Giant Simple 3 Cruiser Bike you will always turn heads. 

It is an eye catching bike that not only looks outstanding, but also offers a flawless riding experience. 

Owning this cruiser bike is just like owning olden day class-it is not designed to race own mountains or win races. Instead, it is all about comfort, elegance and the ability to ride through life at a steady pace.

Seeing this cruiser packed up against the wall will have you thinking of the warm breeze in your face and wind blowing through your hair as you ride down the streets. It is the perfect commuting partner. 

Everything from its sturdy frame and retro-styled swept back handlebar lets you know that it is indeed the perfect bike for you. Among cruiser bikes, this one truly takes the cake.

This is one of the best cruiser bikes to choose if you want to stylishly ride a bike that does not look like a cruiser. 

It has been designed to utter perfection. Its cruising DNA will ensure that nothing holds you back on the road. The bike is similar in every way the old cruiser
back in the 40s. The only difference is that this one has a modern twist!

Key Features

  • Comfortable bike city bike is best suited for those who prefer an upright riding position
  • A low weight aluminum frame that makes the bike quite easy to maneuver
  • Steel fork that steers you true in whatever direction you want to go without holding back. A single gear and coaster brake that makes the bike as low maintenance as can be.
  • Cushy 26” balloon tires that enables the bike to roll slowly over boardwalks Ultra comfortable saddle
  • Smart design with an array of modern feature
  • Extras such as rear carrier, fenders and a rustproof chain
  • Available in a variety of colors including red, dark blue and gold or green and gold. Riders can simply choose the colors that are most appealing to them 
  • 3-speed shimano drivetrain
  • Pedals that work flawlessly

The Pros

  • Eye-catching bike that stands out among its competition
  • Available in mens' and womens' version
  • Highly durable cruiser bike that can last for very many years when taken care of properly
  • Very versatile and can be used for a variety of reasons such as cruising down the beach or exercising
  • Lightweight to be easily moved from one place to another
  • Simple design, but more advanced features
  • Lightweight aluminum frame that makes riding this bike such as breeze
  • Three different speeds that are housed by the rear hub houses. This way you can cruise along the streets without holding anything back
  • Easy stopping power courtesy of the coaster brakes
  • Spacious handlebars that allow you to ride in an upright position. This way you will not feel tired or strain your back even when cruising for long miles Ability to roll smoothly over boardwalks and pavements as well as other rough surfaces
  • Fenders that adds an awesome aesthetic to the overall look of the bicycle

The Cons

  • The Giant Simple 3 Cruiser bike is not rust-proof. As such, when exposed to moisture or riding under wet weather conditions, the parts can easily rust and may also need to be replaced eventually
  • The kickstand can be particularly unstable, therefore, it cannot be relied upon when it comes to parking your bike. However, the kickstand can be replaced with one that is much more reliable.

No matter how many bicycle innovations come and go, this is a part of cruiser bikes that riders will always be drawn to. The versatility, quality build and sleek lines sets it apart from other cruiser bikes. It is also jam packed with the very best of features. The bike may look simple, but its finesse goes beyond the beach or boardwalk. It is indeed built with comfort and functionality in mind. You will never be disappointed whenever you hop on it. Now you can embark on your leisurely rides, street riding and as cruise with confidence!

Manufactured by one of the leading bike makers, the Schwinn Destiny is a sturdy bike that feels natural as you ride.

 Innovative engineering has created a durable and lightweight bike that is both easy to use and made to last.

The wheels are joined to an aluminum composite edge that allows the wheels to bear considerable weight. 

It also makes them durable. The bike has very comfortable seats with proper cushioning and springs that shields the rider from the shock of a bumpy road.

Key Features

  • Cargo rack: Has a rear rack for carrying cargo when you go shopping or running errands. This makes for convenient shopping leisurely or carrying whatever you want.
  •  Frame: Has a steel frame and fork that gives it the durability and safety. You can ride without the fear of the fork breaking.
  • Lightweight: the bike has strong, lightweight alloy rims that can withstand heavy loads and do not add to the overall bikes weight.
  • Comfortable seat: Padded saddle with springs for ultimate comfort while you ride. It ensures you do not get worn out or feeling sore even after a long ride.

The Pros

  • It is lightweight that makes it an advantage to those who do not want the heavy traditional steel frame.
  • Its seats are comfortable due to the padding and springs that absorb the shock from the obstacles on the ground

The Cons

  • The bike may not impress the hardcore bike enthusiasts

Put a smile on the face of everyone you pass by as you ride the Mongoose Dolomite.

 Its 4-inch tires give it the name fat and make it perfect for beach rides. 

It has plenty of clearance to make one ride it on any terrain. You can do almost anything on this bike and go anywhere on it.

Get the ultimate experience on the 26 X 4-inch tires for excellent traction to manage sandy terrains. 

It is easier to navigate most terrains and not get exhausted. Its anodized rims make the bike ideal for carrying any weight.

Its seven-speed capability is controlled by the reliable Shimano derailleur. 

The aluminum frame provides the durable, sturdy built while maintaining a lightweight construction. You will like the smooth gear shifters that give a jerk-free shifting. Its dual disc brakes ensure you have total control even in wet weather or when you need to stop suddenly.

Key Features

  • Tires: Knobby four-inch tires to ensure better control and easy ride on various surfaces. These tires make the bike look so beautiful since they are so large and easily stand out.
  • 3-piece crank
  •  Frame: the bike has an aluminum construction, hence the reliable durability and lightweight body. It is both strong and easy to carry whenever you need to even without much upper body strength. The bike is easy to control as you ride.
  • Brakes: Features both front and rear disc brakes for increased rider safety.
  • Gear: The seven-speed Shimano derailleur gives this bike so much power to manage any terrain whether it is on the streets or when climbing a hill. You will not get tired even after a long ride as you can easily change the gears to suit every situation.
  • Beach cruiser pedals

The Pros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easily navigate hills without exhaustion
  • 7 speed gears
  • Wide tires to navigate a wide range of terrains
  • Smooth gear transition

The Cons

  • The wide wheels make the braking experience a bit different

This women’s bike looks more like a sports bike. It is built to endure rough terrains. The full suspension ensures you get a high comfort level no matter the type of terrain. At around 45 pounds in weight, this bike is very light and easy to control. This should not mislead you that it cannot carry a high load. The Pomona can carry more than 150 pounds, giving it great value without costing you a fortune.

It is every woman’s best choice due to the adjustable seat and affordability. The Northwoods Pomona is made to last and can go anywhere you want it to. The suspension will not disappoint you at all. It can handle the long city route and the bumpy ride on the biking trail.

Key Features

  • Design: it has a remarkable frame with lines and curves that make it look like a sports bike while still keeping the feminine appeal. The aluminum alloy frame
  • handles all roads very easily, makes the cruiser bike very durable and keeps it lightweight. The bike is just lovable.
  • Wheels: the alloy rims with customized tires gives this bike a unique appearance, durability and contributes to it being lightweight. It is built to endure very rough terrains while providing comfort to the rider every time.
  • Seats: these feature special foam to provide excellent anti-shock performance even in difficult terrains. The high-quality leather protects the foam from water and dirt. The seats can be adjusted to fit all ladies. It comfortably covers all users no matter their size or weight.
  • Full suspension: this means the bike has both front and rear suspension system to provide high-level comfort as you ride. You can see the suspension system and test it.
  • Lightweight: the aluminum frame is very durable though this does not affect the overall weight. At around 45 pounds, the bike is very light for a bike with its features.

The Pros

  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable seats
  • Full suspension

The Cons

  • Requires Phillip head screwdriver and Allen keys to assemble

The Sixthreezero women’s Cruiser bike offers a great combination of price, durability, comfort, and style making it the best investment you will ever make on a bike. 

The bike looks and feels just as amazing and is designed to give the rider the ultimate outdoor experience.

This bike is available in various colors and is the right size for ladies. Its 17-inch steel frame makes it ideal for women.

The sturdy construction makes it steady and durable on the street and rough terrains. The single speed bike comes with cargo hold to help you with running errands. You have the option to get it in three and seven-speed versions if you desire. Its seat is comfortable and has springs for added comfort.

Experience an easy upright ride without any complicated gear system or cables that clutter the look. 

Its ergonomic seat and handlebar reduce the strain your body could get. This allows you to take long rides without the fear of getting too exhausted. The bike comes 80% assembled, therefore, leaving you with just a little assembly work and it is ready to take on the road.

Even before customization with accessories, the bike is stunning. Its lightweight design makes you feel like you are floating as you ride. Nothing compares to this feeling.

Key Features

  • Design: the frame design seamlessly combines style and comfort to give you the best. The steel frame gives it strength and durability without making it too heavy or interferes with its control. Heavy bikes make for difficult maneuverability and may have an unpleasant design.
  • Seat and handle: these are placed ergonomically to minimize any straining on your body as you do long rides. Both are adjustable to suit people of different heights for a comfortable ride. The seat is made of anti-shock foam that easily adapts to the riders. In addition, the seats have a pair of springs to give the rider a comfortable ride on any road condition.
  •  Wheels: the 26-inch wheels give you more speed with less effort. The bike has a single speed and it gets even better with the bigger wheels. The rims are crafted from alloy to give it an increased capacity to handle large weights. These tires will run over anything for the longest time.
  •  Fenders: the classic fenders will save you from sand and water splashes that may get onto your back. They nicely fit onto the cruiser design to be a part of it without sticking out.
  • Coaster brakes: to leave the bike stylish and lean, it is equipped with coaster brakes that easily engage from the pedal.
  •  Gear system: the bike comes with a Shimano system on the three and seven-speed versions.
  • Lightweight: the bike is light enough to move around, control, and maneuver.

The Pros

  • Comfortable seats
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth tires for smooth riding
  • Usable fenders and vintage headlamp
  • Reliable coaster brakes
  • Very comfortable due to the seat design and wide wheels
  • Durable steel frame
  • Has options for gears

The Cons

  • Low kickstand
  • Not that easy to assemble

This is one of the best beach bikes for ladies. The Mixte frame enables easy mounting and dismounting even when wearing a skirt. Its wide tires make for a comfortable ride.

 You will find it much easy to control and better traction on a variety of surfaces. 

The cushioned seat makes any ride comfortable and chock- free. 

You do not need to worry about hitting large holes as the bike will absorb the shock.

Its ergonomic design allows for easy control. The frame is manufactured by hand and its rims are constructed of fortified steel to prevent bending or warping when a load is subjected to the bike.

Key Features

  • Coastal brakes: the bike features easy to use coastal brakes that use no cables that would clutter the bike’s surface.
  • Lightweight: the design and construction provide for a study bike frame which is still manageably light.
  •  Steel frame: the bike is constructed of a steel frame for durability.
  • Aluminum wheels: to keep the bike lightweight and strong, its wheels are made of aluminum.
  • Comfortable seats: the cruiser bike seats are made of comfortable foam and dual spring to absorb most of the shock from the road. They are also wide enough for any person.

The Pros

  • Sturdy construction
  • Stylish coastal brakes
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Comfortable large seats
  • Affordable
  • The dual choice on frame 24 or 26inches
  • Extensive color range
  • Wide wheels for comfort and easy control
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • Sturdy rims that won’t warp or bend

The Cons

  • No toolset for assembly

The Kent Oakwood is the modern man’s bike for everyday use. It is designed for the male user with the right dimensions and features to make your ride enjoyable. 

It excellently combines quality and affordability without making any compromise in construction. The entry level bike will give you the best service and give you rich features for enjoyable cruising.

The bike features seven speeds to enable you to ride on different terrains and at different speeds.

 Its level of safety is very high, you can stop instantly due to the rear and front brakes. This ensures you have full control of the bike at all times which minimizes the chances of accidents as you ride.

The frame has a sturdy aluminum construction to offer a perfect blend of durability and agility.

It gives the bike a lightweight design for anyone to handle and is corrosion resistant too. 

The material gives it long life so you do not need to worry about replacing the bike after a few years of use. This bike was designed for the beach but also performs so well in the streets and hilly terrains. The seven-speed bike comes with reliable handbrakes for safety and comfortable seat.

Key Features

  • Seven speeds: this bike has a decent speed making it an excellent working bike if you want to commute long distances daily. This also gives it adequate resistance for those who prefer to use it as an exercise bike.
  • Lightweight: the lightweight aluminum frame gives the bike a strong build while still leaving it lightweight. This allows the bike to strike a perfect balance between lightness and strength and makes it durable to take you years.
  • Handbrakes: the front and rear braking system ensure the rider gets maximum safety at any speed. Kent has the user’s safety in mind hence the powerful and reliable hand brakes.
  • Enclosed chain cover: this feature ensures the chain does not come into contact with your body or pants as you ride hence a hassle free riding experience. It also keeps you safe from the chain in case the chain comes off when riding at a high speed.
  • Rust resistant: the bike has a rust-resistant frame made out of aluminum. This makes it sturdy, lightweight and is able to resist rust hence the durability.
  • Seat release: it features a quick release clamp for the seat post.
  •  Comfortable seats: to give the rider the best riding experience, this bike has a very comfortable seat. This allows for long distance rides without feeling exhausted.

The Pros

  • The seats are comfortable
  • Features a seven-speed gear system – Favorable pricing 

The Cons

  • Quite challenging to assemble if you are new to bikes

The Kent bay breeze is a cruise bike designed for street cruises and shopping.

 It features a rear rack for carrying your shopping and has linear pull handbrakes for instant stopping. 

The bike has a seven-speed gear system featuring Shimano gearing and amazing sports twist shifters.

The 26-inch wheels make the bike suitable for tall people and enhance its maneuverability in various surface types. 

Riding comfort comes from the padded seats that effectively absorbs the shock from the riding surface. 

This durable bike comes in purple color and has both front and rear fenders to keep mud and sand from your back as you ride.

Key Features

  •  Aluminum frame: the bike has an aluminum frame construction that gives it the lightweight and strong build.
  • Seven-speed gear: with this freedom, you can ride at any speed and surmount any terrain without much effort.
  •  Line pull brakes: the high speed must be kept in check with a reliable braking system. This is taken care of by the line pull handbrakes that can bring the bike to a sudden stop in emergencies.
  • Rear rack: those who want to run errands with this bike will find the rear rack to be very useful.
  • Fenders: both the front and rear fenders ensure you do not get dirt and water on your back when riding. They fit on the bike perfectly without disturbing its aesthetics.

The Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Big enough
  • Offers a smooth ride

The Cons

  • Needs tune-up when you first receive it

What to look for when trying to buy a good cruiser bike?

Before you settle on the best cruiser bike, you should make a few considerations including:


Consider the weight of the cruiser bike and measure this against your strengths and the terrain you will frequently use it on. Some cruiser bikes are made specifically for some terrains like the beach, hilly area or urban commute. Each terrain type bike has a different weight and components targeted at the specific terrain.

A heavy bike will not be easy to use at the beach since it will sink in the sand. This goes to using a single gear urban bike to the hills where a bike with multiple gears would best fit. The bike should feel right in your hands even before mounting it.


Cruiser bikes are still regaining their long-lost popularity so many potential buyers do not know much about which brands to go for. There are some reliable brands with lots of promises on performance and elegance. They have tried to incorporate modern technology while maintaining the traditional bike geometry.

These have lighter construction and enhanced comfort and are easy to ride. Look for brands that have what you want in a bike. Some brands are popular while others are little known but worth investing in. Take your time and consider the features, durability, construction, and the customer reviews before going too far.

Your intended use

Even before you start looking for the best cruiser bikes, it is crucial that you clearly identify what you want to use it for. If you intend to use it in the city, then a single gear urban bike will be enough. This can be as close to the traditional bike as possible and will still serve your purposes. If you live in the countryside, chances are high that your road will have hills and depressions. This calls for a bike with gears and is light enough to ride uphill without much effort.

For beach excursions, get a bike specifically designed for that. Failing to consider these factors will result in you purchasing a bike that you cannot effectively and comfortably use.


Choosing the right bike size is crucial for a comfortable journey. Ill-matching the size can cause discomfort and even pain when you ride the bike. Size is the single most important aspect to consider as you shop for your next cruiser bike. Without taking this into consideration, your riding experience will be ruined from the start.

Frame design

Decide whether you need a men’s or women’s frame design since the two vary. Men’s frame traditionally has a straight tube that goes straight horizontally just below the seating. Women’s bike frames, on the other hand, dips down to the bottom or center of the seat tube. They are also known as step through frame with a lower standover height that allows the woman to mount and dismount in dignity while wearing a dress or skirt. There is, however, no rule as to the frame one should ride, these designs are only meant for additional comfort.

Frame size

Traditionally, the cruiser bike size is determined by its wheel diameter since the frame size between two bikes of the same wheel size do not vary significantly. An adult cruiser bikes have 26-inch sized wheels. This size is intended for the woman of height 5’1” to 6’2” and men of 5’4” to 6’2”.

Gears and brakes

Before you go too far into your purchase journey, you must consider whether you will need gears. This is largely determined by the terrain you intend to use the bike on. The best cruiser bikes come in single, three, six and seven gears to serve different riding purposes. The gear you choose will depend on your riding type and whether coaster or handbrakes are preferred.

The traditional beach cruiser is a single speed bike with coaster brakes also referred to as foot brake. It is a drum brake integrated into the rear hub and engages when you backpedal. The lack of gears or hand brakes on this cruiser creates a lean stylish look. These rides are perfect on the beach and places with no hills to give you a leisurely riding experience. They are, however, not designed for long distance rides or hilly terrains.

The multi-speed cruisers are equipped with front and rear hand brakes and as many as seven gears for high-speed rides. You can ride this type of bike on any terrain without tiring yourself out or experiencing discomfort. Since they come with hand brakes, you can freewheel, backpedal and quickly stop as desired.

The six and seven-speed bikes have an external rear derailleur to shift the gears, however, the three-speed types contain a rear internal gear hub. This seals all the gears and lubricants in the hub shell. These internal gears, therefore, have a long and maintenance-free life compared to the exposed derailleur mechanism. This gear hub design allows for a coaster brake hence a much cleaner design in contrast to the numerous cables that run across the six/ seven-speed cruiser. With a three-speed cruiser, you can tackle those menacing hills and still have a stylish and clean looking bike.

The most popular gear is the Shimano 7 speed featuring SRAM twist shifters for easy shifting as you ride. The powerful gear system goes hand in hand with a reliable braking system to give you full control of the bike at any speed at all times. This helps in avoiding sudden obstacles no matter how sudden they appear to you.


Cruiser bike frames are constructed from one of two materials, steel or aluminum. The steel frames are heavier and are lower quality. Steel easily rusts when exposed to water, meaning they have a shorter service life compared to aluminum. They are also less expensive compared to the aluminum frames. Aluminum frames a lightweight and are higher quality. They do not rust, hence the longer life. This makes them more expensive than the steel types. It is crucial that you consider the durability and weight issues when choosing a frame material.


Everyone has a preference when it comes to the style of bike to ride. It is crucial that you only purchase that which will make you happy and fit your personal style. There are all sorts of cruiser bike styles to choose from across the brands. Even a single manufacturer can have several styles to serve its wide range of customers with varying tastes.


As you shop for the best cruiser bikes, it is best to focus on the desired performance. This is dependent on your intended use. If you need a bike for the beach, then consider a single speed bike with thick wheels. This will keep it from sinking into the sand. The other factor to consider is its overall weight, this will help you determine how much effort you need to ride smoothly and comfortably in your chosen terrain. Anything from 26” wheel size is adequate for riding on gravel, rough roads and many surfaces without using much energy.


Color is very important aesthetically. The bike may be a top performer, however, if the color does not suit your personality, the ride will not be as fun as you want it to be. Colors vary among men’s and women’s bikes and you will not fail to find something that suits your taste. Consider the overall bike design up to the color for a fulfilling riding experience.

Tire size

It is crucial that you choose the right tire size when shopping for a cruiser bike. The size will determine how easy it is to ride on specific terrains. For example, if you want to ride on a sandy beach or dusty road, a wide tire will be an advantage.


This may be last, but it is one aspect most people must consider before purchasing anything. Ask yourself what your budget range is and what you are comfortable spending on a cruiser bike. Consider the key features you want in a bike within a given price range and how durable your bike should be. These questions will help you figure out if the selected models are worth the money you intend to spend on them. Do not just buy without looking at the features since these determine the price.

A Few Final Words

As you shop for the best cruiser bikes, it is crucial that you consider something with high-quality construction. A lightweight material will serve you best though it does not have to be expensive. As long as the bike has all the features that make your riding experience comfortable and fun, it is worth your consideration.

There are so many models in the market to choose from and this makes the process challenging for most people. However, with these tips, you can narrow down to a few models that fit your preferences and falls within your budget. It is important that you know what you want to use the bike for before going too far in selecting one from the many models available.

Best cruiser bikes are designed for comfort with performance coming second. It is mainly for leisure riding and should not be sophisticated or full of features. People love simple machines that can take them from place to place without stress or much effort. Cruiser bikes were popular in the past and are regaining this popularity due to the leisurely riding experience it gives the rider.

If you want to ride on hilly terrains, you can get a model with gears and powerful braking systems to make it easy to ride uphill and on the plain ground as well. There are models designed for women and others meant for men though there is no rule to this except to the fact that women’s bikes have a step-through frame for dignified mounting and dismounting for dress and skirt wearers.

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