Top 8 Best Kids Mountain Bikes Reviews -Buyer’s Guide 2018

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Biking is a great and enjoyable way to spend time with your family. It provides several health benefits while enjoying what nature has to offer.

However, to enjoy this, you have to choose the best mountain bike. Below is a comprehensive guide to the best mountain bikes for kids.

Here is a List of The Top 8 Best Kids Mountain Bikes - Best Mountain bikes kids:

If you are looking for a quality kid’s mountain bike and are willing to pay more for the high quality features then this is the bike to go for. 

This bike comes with excellent functionalities, It has large cranks and wide handlebar which makes it suitable for taller kids.

It has a weight of 30lbs and 24 inch wheels

This bike is well fitted for kids aged around ten years and above.

 The recommended height for this bike is 4’5″ – 5’2″.

Key Features:

Aluminum alloy frame

This bike has a light aluminum alloy frame that has low-slung geometry. The design of the frame contributes to the functionality and durability of the bike. It enables your child to get on and off easy while at the same time prevents him to outgrow it too soon. You can expect the bike to serve your child for a while.

Suspension Fork

No matter how rough terrain is, your child will enjoy a smooth ride with this bike. It comes with an 80mm long travel SR Suntour XCR suspension fork to eliminate the shock of all the obstacles and bumps on his way.

SRAM 1×11 drivetrain

Your kid will have a wide variety of gear options to give him/her varying speed for trails, paths, hills or any terrain. Shifting through the gears is smooth, and your kid will enjoy a smooth and relaxed ride.

Powerful Brakes

This bike comes with Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes to give your kid powerful halting capability regardless of the speed.


With the 24 by 2.1 Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires, this bike can traverse practically any terrain.


  • powerful brakes
  • Excellent climbing capability
  • Sporty design


  • Expensive
  • Somewhat heavy

The Verdict

The Diamondback Bicycles Sync’r 24 Kid’s Mountain bike is a great bike for an aspiring cross-country racer. 

Overall this is one of the best 24 inch mountain bike available in the market.

The features equipped on this bike provides excellent performance. You may end up struggling to keep up with your child when going out on a ride.

This is a strongly built mountain bike that is designed for rugged terrain. It weighs 29lbs and 24” in size. 

It is well suited for girls 8-12 years of age. With its high timber, this bike will provide the rider with the freedom to maximize their journey. 

With this mountain bike, young girls can enjoy any type of riding adventures.

Key Features:

Steel frame

This girl’s mountain bike has a low steel frame that is almost step-through. This gives a low stand over height and an impression of a city bike. Your little girl will have enough stability and control when riding this bike.

Gears and Shifting

The Schwinn Girl’s High Timber Mountain Bike has 21 speeds twist shifters with Shimano rear derailleur. It not only gives high riding speed but also changing through the high number of gears is simple due to the SRAM grip shifters. Your little girl can traverse any terrain with the speed of her preference.

Suspension fork

This bike has a suspension fork to smoothen out bumps on the trail. This will give your young girl controlled riding.

Linear pull Brakes

With its alloy rim brakes, this bike has excellent stopping power which prevents the occurrence of accidents.


Schwinn High Timber 24-Inch Mountain Bike has come with an athletic and comfortable seat.

 It has a quick release saddle which allows adjustment of height easily without using any tools.

 You can give your girl the height and pedaling position of her preference for comfortable riding.


With its 24 by 1.95  all-terrain profile tires, you can expect good traction.


  • Seating adjustment
  • Highly
  • Attractive design
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • front wheel is not quick release

The Verdict

This is a bike designed for gravel and dirt terrains. It is highly reliable and durable. Its useful functionalities will give your girl a thrilling experience.

This is an incredible yet affordable kid’s mountain bike that is sturdy, great design and simple features. 

Its simple design should not make you underestimate the performance of this bike. It is agile and resilient and can withstand abuse on any terrain.

 It has a size of 24”, and a weight of 27lbs and its best suited for girls around the age of 8 to 12 years.

Key Features

Steel frame

This bike has a rugged and durable steel frame that can endure rough riding environments which will be experienced when mountain biking. The geometry design of this frame allows for a comfortable, athletic riding position for easy pedaling.

Suspension Fork

For increased control and smoothening of bumpy terrains, this bike has a suspension fork. Your child will have an enjoyable ride no matter the terrain.

Gears and Shifting

This bike comes with 18 gears with 3 in the front and 6 in the rear. It has torque drive twist shifters and rear derailleur which gives simple and fast gear changing.



Pacific Girl’s Tide Mountain Bike has large 24” by 1.95 tires. They are wide enough to conquer any time of obstacles along the way. 


This bike has standard rim brakes which gives your kid enough halting power.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Great design


  • The seat may feel uncomfortable

The Verdict

This kids mountain bike may not be good for extremely steep trails, but it’s a great choice for light terrains, dirt paths, or backroads. It is highly durable and comes at an affordable price.

This is an affordable bike that comes with a lustrous design and great features. It is a great bike for girls of 9 to 12 years with a height of around 4’6” and 5’1”. It is well suited for light trails and at average distances.

This bike has a size of 26.2 inches and weighs around 28lbs. The weight may be a bit heavy for girls within the stated age bracket, but its performance minimizes this disadvantage. 

Key Features


Raleigh Eva 24 Girl’s Mountain Bike is fitted with a strong aluminum frame. It not only holds the weight of your child, but it also withstands the abuse expected to befall to a mountain bike.

Suspension fork

Fitted with high-quality SR Suntour XCT suspension fork with 50mm travel, this bike can give your kid a smooth riding even in rocky or bumpy terrain.


Safety is the main concern of any parent letting their child go riding out there. Well, with this bike, you won’t have to worry. It comes with disk brakes that give your child excellent stopping power no matter the condition at hand.


The handles of this bike have soft PVC which ensures a comfortable and firm grip.

Gears and shifting

This kids mountain bike has a 7-speed gear that has top class shifters. With only a twist, your kids have various riding speeds for various terrains.

Wheels and tires

With 24.5 by 1.95-inch tires, this bike can handle any road with ease. The wide wheels can roll over bumps, roots, and other obstacles with extreme ease. They also have good traction which prevents the occurrence of accidents.


This bike has a padded saddle that will provide your little one with the comfort she needs when riding.


  • High-quality suspension fork for smooth rides
  • Powerful and efficient disc brakes
  • Beautiful feminine design


  • Somehow heavy for young riders

The Verdict​

Raleigh Eva 24 is a great choice for young girls that want to explore the world mountain riding. It is designed for moderate distance or light trails riding.

The Diamondback Cobra kids mountain bike is designed to give your young one an outstanding riding experience. It is made of a durable steel frame that can withstand any rough circumstance. This makes it perfect for new or adventurous riders who are likely to bang on all kinds of objects.

It comes with big tires that make it fit for navigating through muddy, dirty, rocky, or any other rough terrain. It is a reliable adventure partner that will serve your child for a long time to come.

Key Features

Excellent Brakes

A bike without efficient braking system can pose a safety risk to the rider and the bike itself. This bike comes with linear pull brakes which are powerful and provides immediate stopping regardless of the riding condition.

Comfortable seating

This bike has an adjustable seating post. This allows a kid to adjust it according to his hit for easy and comfortable riding. The saddle comes in an optimal size to accommodate the buttocks of a kid to give a comfortable riding position.

Gears and Shifting

This Diamondback mountain bike has seven gears and Shimano 6-speed drivetrain with trigger shifter.

 There is only one crank wheel with double chain guard which makes shifting easy. Besides, changing gears is not an issue. This gives the kid a boost when climbing hilly terrain.


This bike has Hi-Ten steel frame which is strong enough to withstand the roughness of any terrain. Although the material is highly durable, the bike becomes heavy where it weighs around 28lbs.

Great suspension forks

The suspension fork shocks have 40mm of travel which is more than enough to give your kid a smooth ride when traversing hilly or bumpy terrains.


This bike features 24-inch wheel with a width of 2 inches. They have a great knobby profile which gives them great traction for navigating through any terrains.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Great stopping power
  • Great control
  • Smooth rides


  • Little bit heavy
  • Less appropriate for taller kids

The Verdict​

This bike is an exceptional choice for people looking for a mountain bike to explore beyond the neighborhood confines. It has durable parts and comes at an affordable price which makes it easy to access for exploratory riders.

Mongoose Exlipse is a funky and fun girls mountain bike that can give your kid safe and fun rides. 

Its construction makes suitable for a wide range of rides where your child can use it for nature rides, going to school, and rough terrain among others.

Key Features

Full suspension

This bike has front and rear suspension which makes it easy to cruise on any terrain.

Steel frame

The bike is made of lightweight steel material which makes it easy for a girl to handle. Besides, the material is durable meaning you won’t need to buy a new bike for your little one any time soon.

Reliable Brakes

Stopping is not an issue with this bike since it comes with front & rear linear pull brakes which are easy to operate. This prevents the occurrence of accidents since the kid will have total control over the bike.

21 speeds

The bike has 21 speeds with Shimano derailleur with SRAM Grip Shift twist-grip shifters. This provides fast, smooth and precise shifting. Having 21 gears pedaling ensures there is a gear for any terrain.

Tires and wheels

Mongoose Girls Exlipse Mountain Bike has 24 inch mountain tires and alloy wheels which provides a smooth riding experience.


  • Strong and lightweight
  • Easy to control
  • Smooth riding


  • Requires a lot of maintenance

The Verdict​

The Mongoose Exlipse girl’s mountain bike is an affordable and excellent choice for the everyday ride.

If you are low on budget but want to get a great performing mountain bike for your kid, then this is your best bet

It has a size of 24 inches, weighs 35lbs, and its best suited for boys of 9 to 14 age bracket with a height of 4’6” to 5’5”. 

Although it’s relatively cheap, this bike comes with great features like front and rear shocks that makes riding fun for your child.

Key Features

Aluminum frame

This bike has an aluminum frame that can accommodate riders of a variety of heights. The material is light which makes it easy and light to hold the bike. It is also hard and can withstand any terrain no matter how bumpy it is.

21 gears

The bike comes with 21 gears which makes it easy for your child to pedal uphill. It uses twist shifting mode which is easy and instant. The bike becomes easy to handle and prevents accidents from occurring.


This bike has linear pull technology brakes which are easy to use and provides plenty of stopping power. They give your kid total control over the bike which makes it safe for him and gives you peace of mind.

Dual suspension Fork

For smooth riding in any terrain, this bike comes with a dual suspension fork. This ensures your kid can ride for a long distance without getting tired.


  • Durable
  • Great brakes
  • Good smoothing fork
  • Gear support


  • Slightly heavy

The Verdict​

This bike has functional components and durable design which comes at an affordable price.

Weighing around 25.5lbs, this 20-inch kids mountain bike is best suited for boys aged 7 to 9 years. 

If an occurrence arises and your kid has to carry the bike, its lightweight will ensure he does that with ease. It is made of quality parts and comes at a friendly price.

It has 21 speeds which make it attractive to kids who love speed even though it may seem high for its size.

 It comes with three crank wheels in the front which makes hilly riding terrain easy. The wheels are also great for kids with weak pedal power.

Key Features

Aluminum frame

This kid’s mountain bike has a slanted, light, and strong aluminum frame. It can withstand any rough terrain without breaking and is resistant to rust. You won’t need to buy a new bike for your kid any time soon when you buy this bike. In fact, your kid will outgrow it.

Excellent speed gear shifts

With 18 gear speed shifts, pedaling uphill and downhill speeding won’t be an issue. The Shimano gear shifts are easy to use and shift which makes it easy for your kid to traverse a variety of terrains smoothly.

Quality brakes

This bike comes with rim brakes that will allow your child to stop quickly. You will be relaxed knowing that your child is safe while out there in the wild.


This bike has 20 x 1.95 tires which are ideal for kids since they have more revolutions per minute compared to huge ones. This ensures your kid will keep up with you when on a riding excursion.

Alloy suspension fork

This bike comes with a suspension fork which makes it cruise smoothly in bumpy trails and rocky terrain.


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy for kids to handle
  • Highly stable
  • Great breaks for safety purposes


  • Uncomfortable saddle for long distance rides
  • Road tires fitted in this bike may not go well with some people

The Verdict

HASA 2018 18 speed kids mountain bike is a great choice for a person looking for a relatively cheap bike. It will last your kid a long time and has excellent features to give them a thrilling riding experience.

Best Kids Mountain Bike - Children Mountain Bike The Complete Buying Guide

The Model

There are different models for a mountain bike. These models have different designs that mean that different components are positioned in different ways.

 It is imperative to go for a bike model that suits your child. All components should be positioned in a manner that enhances ease of access and comfort.


Bicycle sizes are classified based on the wheel size for children and frame size for adults. For children bicycles, different wheel sizes correspond with different ages. 

However, this general classification may not suit all children. Therefore, you are required as a parent to choose the mountain bike that is fitting to your child. 

The right bike should be one that will give your kid the best cycling experience. 

Where possible, it is important to take your child with you so that it would be easy to choose the right mountain bike.
For you to know the best bicycle size for your child, you would need to know their height. 

The child should be able to touch the ground with both feet while sitting on the bike. This way, your child would not have any difficulties when mounting and stopping the bicycle.


A good mountain bike should be one that is made in ways that prioritize the safety of the user.

 It should be dependable and durable. The bicycle should not be one that would break easily. 

Therefore, you should choose a bike that is made in a way that inspires confidence regarding resilience in all riding environments.

Other aspects of safety measures that you should consider are a helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads. 

A reflective jacket for ensuring that the child can be easily spotted would be an added advantage if provided. 

The bicycle should also have reflectors to ensure that it is easy to spot the rider.

Another safety measure that you should consider is the chain guard. 

This is important especially when you are looking for young children mountain bikes.

 Your child might be curious and decide to test how the chain works by touching it.

 The curiosity may expose your child to possible harm that can be averted if the mountain bike has a chain guard.


A child’s mountain bike should have proper tires for comfort and stability. As a parent, you should consider the terrain on which your child will be riding most so as to make the right decision when it comes to bicycle tires.

For children, wide tires are better as they have a bigger surface that ensures that there is better contact with the ground. 

It also ensures that the ride is relatively smooth which is suitable for younger children.

However, as much as it is important to consider the kind of tires that your child’s bicycle has, you should not be stressed about it. 

Most manufacturers ensure that they fit tires standard on children bikes to make them easy to ride in different terrains.

Type of Frame

The weight of a bicycle is determined by its frame. The frame is always the largest part of any bike.

 A good mountain bike should be one that the child does not struggle to push around or control while riding. Its weight should not be stressful for your child.

Therefore, as a parent, you should choose a bicycle that has the right type of frame. 

Steel frames may be durable, but their weight might be a problem for your child. 

A heavy bicycle would make it difficult for your child to ride meaning that they would have a bad experience with it.

 On the other hand, bicycles with frames made of aluminum and its alloys.

Frames made of aluminum and alloys of aluminum are both durable and lightweight.

 It makes the bicycles suitable for children as they do not strain while handling them.

 They are also flexible in a way that ensures that your child enjoys a smooth ride as they absorb some of the shocks when the ride is on rough terrain. 

Good bicycle manufacturers consider this and therefore you will always have multiple choices to available.


There are different types of mountain bike brakes. 

Therefore, it is important to choose the bike with brakes that are efficient depending with the possible environs in which it will be ridden. 

Some common types of breaks are the disc brakes and the linear pull brakes.

After deciding the type of brakes that you want on your child’s bike, you should also ensure that they are working properly and that it will be easy for your child to use them.


A good mountain bike should have all the necessary features depending on where they will be ridden. 

Since they are made for rough topography, they should be fitted with good suspension.

 A good suspension will ensure that your child has a good cycling experience every time he takes the bike out for a ride.

The suspension absorbs the bumps when the ground is rough making the bike easy to handle.

However, if your child will only be riding on smooth paths, a mountain bike with a rigid fork is enough. 

It is also better for a child learning to ride as they will be sure to learn to ride on smoother parts of the road.


Mountain bikes are made naturally for rough terrain. 

They should therefore be made in a manner that allows you to adjust different components of the bike. 

The most important areas that should allow for adjustments to be made include gears, brake, saddle height and the handlebars.

Allowing room for adjustments will allow your child to have a smooth ride as they will be comfortable. 

The handlebars should be easily reachable for easy maneuvers, and the saddle height should be one that allows your child to peddle comfortably.

The brake and gear levers should also be adjustable to ensure that you can set them in a manner that makes them easily accessible to your child. Properly positioned levers enhance safety and comfort of your child.

Proper Assembly

As a parent, you should inspect the bicycle that you buy for your child to ensure that the assembling is fine. 

You can also take it to an expert or a local bicycle shop and have it examined.

Before handing the bike to your child, you should ensure all components such as brake, steering, paddles, saddle, and gears are properly fitted.

 You should also have it tested by a person who understands how mountain bikes are supposed to feel when riding and be sure that it is in the right condition for your kid.

Child’s Choice

We all have our inclinations in terms of color and design on different things, and children are not any different. 

It is therefore very important to allow your child to have their say when buying a bicycle for them.

Allowing your child to choose from the best will give them a good feeling of comfort. 

They will love the bicycle and save yourself from possibly disappointing them if you choose to buy without asking them what they would like. 

The younger ones may not know what they want, but older kids will surely have some expectation on anything you decide to get them.


A high-quality bike comes with a high value. If you choose to buy a good bicycle bike for your kid, you might end up paying more money for it, but you surely get its worth.

 You will be sure to have a bicycle that will be used for years to come which means even the younger or future kids will have their fair share of a good ride.

Having a good mountain bike means that chances of breaking down are minimal as opposed to cheap ones. 

This ensures that your child is safe when riding and that you are saved from unnecessary repairs that would be frequent if you opted for a cheap low-quality bicycle.

Therefore, going for a high-value bicycle is more economical especially for young families where more kids are expected.

 It is economical for everyone because the bicycle is an asset and will not be thrown away once the child grows and requires a bigger bicycle.

Although an affordable mountain bike does not mean it lacks quality there are various brands that offer high quality yet affordable bikes.

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