Top 3 Best Saddle for Endurance Cycling

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Whether you are a beginner or a pro biker, the importance of having a comfortable saddle are undisputable. If you ride on an uncomfortable seat for long, then you risk developing saddle blisters. These sores are very agonizing and can take several days to heal. The worst is that they can bring your cycling motive to a screeching halt especially if you are a beginner.

A comfortable saddle helps to improve your biking comfort particularly if you like endurance cycling. These seats mitigate numbness giving you a healthy cycling experience. Most of the cyclists’ complaints arise from using a bike with too narrow or too wide saddle. A saddle that is installed inadequately can also affect your riding comfort.

Finding a good saddle is a measure that any endurance biker should emphasize. There are several saddles you can find on the market. They come with different saddle heights, widths, support, comfort, and weights. If you are a cyclist that does long-distance rides and you’re looking for the best saddle for endurance cycling, then consider the following top 5 picks.

Fizik is one saddle that integrates riding comfort with flexibility. Apart from providing you with plenty of room to move around, this saddle is very light weighing only 259 grams. This means it never impacts on your cycling efficiency. Fizik Aliante is fitted with Twin Flex Technology to give you improved flexibility. 

It is a standalone saddle that is designed for the performance-oriented riders with rigid spines and minimal low back flexibility. It has braided nylon carbon rails that provide additional support. The increased curvature coupled with contoured shape provide greater support making it suitable for bull riders.

 This saddle takes care of your spine health. Whether you want to rotate your pelvis, keep your legs straight, bend over as far as possible and so much more, this saddle tops out.

Features and benefits

  • Increased curvature makes it very supportive
  •  It is lightweight and doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your bike 
  • Comfortable and flexible for any long distance rider.
  • It is very flexible and best suited for any body type

Fabric Scoop is a simple yet practical saddle that comes in four different types i.e.
Ultimate, Pro, Race, and Elite. This saddle is equipped with strong carbon rails and a comfortable nylon base for maximum support and comfort. It is a recommended saddle if you’re looking for a bike seat that gives you the best riding position.

 Fabric Scoop is best-suited for use in the mountain, road, and even cyclocross bikes. The saddle gives you a variety of options to select depending on your style, fit and feel.

 Choose from the three shapes and curvature options which include flat, radius and shallow. If you like riding in an upright position, then opt for the one with radius style. 

Shallow-styled models are good for endurance riders but for a more aggressive riding position, choose the one with a flat shape. In terms of comfort, this saddle is densely cushioned with polyurethane foam. The upper surface is covered by a waterproof fabric so you can use it even in wet weather.


  •  It is a light but very stiff and supportive saddle
  •  It gives you various shape options to choose depending on your riding style and body type
  • Cushioning makes it very comfortable
  •  Versatile and lightweight thus ideal for many riders. • Pretty simple to clean
  •  Flexible and adjustable at all times
  •  Ultra-soft and Shock absorbing

If you’re a bit skeptical about long distance bike riding due to the experience of past saddle sores, then Ergo Endurance is a game changer in this. The saddle features an ergonomic design that distributes your pressure and weight to provide you extreme comfort all day long for a memorable cycling experience. It has no nose and this gives you a large sitting area.

The vinyl surface is ultra-smooth, soft and frictionless making it suitable for long distance cycling. Anybody can use it even if you have a sensitive skin.

Features and Benefits

  •  Ideal for riders with various skin types
  • No more sore butts or numbness due to the smooth and soft sitting surface
  • It gives you sufficient sitting space
  •  Best-suited for endurance riding

A Few Final Words

Numbness, pain and other undesirable spine health effects are usually brought about by using an uncomfortable saddle. However, with a comfortable endurance saddle, you can ride for a full day without feeling any discomfort. 

When buying the best saddle for endurance cycling, keep in mind factors such as padding materials used, rails, shape, sit bone width and relief channels. Other considerations you can keep in mind include saddle height and weight.

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