Top 5 Best Bib Shorts for Endurance Cycling

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Bib shorts are short and close-fitting legwear designed to provide efficiency and comfort when cycling. 

They are the most essential accessories that should not miss in any roadie or mountain biker’s wardrobe.

 Unlike regular cycling shorts, bib shorts come with elastic suspenders or braces that you wear over your shoulders.

 They are equipped with shoulder straps that help to keep the shorts in position as you ride.

 When wearing these shorts, you don’t have to wear your underpants. This is because it negates the benefits you can get from this legwear.

 While there are several benefits of putting on bib shorts, the biggest advantages are their comfortability and moisture management. 

The other benefit is that they give you a snug fit without being too tight.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a regular cyclist, you should never hesitate to make a switch to bib shorts.

 Apart from being comfortable, they save you from saddle sores that result from endurance cycling. 

If you plan to get one, then below is a list of top 5 best bib shorts for endurance cycling.

Przewalski is made from a combination of 71% polyester and 29% elastane. This makes it both stretchable and breathable.

 It is 3D molded and designed with flat-seam stitching for improved fit and comfort.

 Przewalski is also equipped with Ergonomic Coolmax padding and a standalone back mesh construction that helps to wick away moisture and keep you cool and fresh.

 The leg grippers are made of silicon that feels very smooth and gentle. 

This not only means comfort but also keeps it from rolling especially during muscle flexing in case of intense cycling.

 The fabric used has a unique sun protection property so it saves your skin from harmful UV-rays and potential skin irritations.

 In terms of durability, Przewalski is a high-enduring one and guarantees you years of use.

Features and Benefits

  •  It fits perfectly and remains in place throughout your entire ride
  •  Highly padded for maximum comfort
  •  Coolmax technology makes it breathable
  •  Silicon leg grippers help to decrease fatigue by keeping muscle flex.
  • Eliminates numbness around the groin areas

Aero Tech is one exclusive bib short that combines both performance and comfort. 

It is made specifically for those who love touring, adventuring and mountain

riding. This elite short features gel cushioning around the sit bones.

 Other parts are padded with multi-layer high-density padding of about 15mm thickness. This helps to provide both relaxation and support. 

Leg grippers are made of high-quality spandex content of up to 23% that helps to boost muscle compression and improve blood flow so you never experience aches and painful sores. 

Additionally, the straps also keep the bottom of the shorts in place and to maintain original shape.

 It also features a combination of 23% spandex and 77% nylon makes it strong and breathable. This guarantees you up to 8 solid hours of freshness.

 Find yourself at ease every time you hit the road or mountain for a long distance bike ride with this short on.

 For shock absorption, Aero Tech Designs have incorporated an Air Gel Mesh construction in this short so don’t worry about those accidental bumps. It is soft, nappy and feels smooth on your skin.

Distinct features and benefits

  • It is stretchable and durable
  •  It maintains shape and fit throughout your ride
  •  Highly breathable so be sure of complete freshness
  •  Added padding and thickness mean impact resistance

Pearl iZuMi is a solution for bad odors, dampness and pressure points. This short comes with a floating top sheet style that gives you unparalleled comfort as you ride.

 It is made by combining 88% Nylon and 12% Lycra elastane for superior moisture management and breathability. 

The material doesn’t allow sweats and odor to stay on. It dries faster than any other cycling wear. 

It also has a BioViz color splice that gives it a low-light visibility. This means you can ride late into the dark. 

This short offers you a great form, fit and function allowing you to turn that enduring bike ride into an enjoyable and luxurious adventure. It is supportive and comfortable.

Unique features and Benefits

  •  The fabric used gives you optimal moisture transfer
  • Upper mesh construction provides you both comfort and stability
  • Floating top sheet design helps to reduce unnecessary friction
  •  BioViz reflective elements make it ideal for use even in low-light conditions

4. ARSUXEO Men’s Bib Biking Shorts

A wet and tight short should never break your bike ride. ARSUXEO promises you a smooth and cool ride. 

This short features a combination of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. It also boasts of a four-way stretch fabric that renders it both flexible and durable. 

It is elastic and wraps pretty well on your leg muscles. The thick padding not only makes it comfortable but also protects your groin regions. 

The leg cuffs are equipped with gel grippers that keep it in place and shape. At the back is a highly reflective logo that makes it very visible even in the dark.

Distinct features and benefits

  •  The padding is firm and lasts long
  •  Comfortable and protective
  • Made of quality materials for added durability 
  • The lightweight design feels easy on your body
  • It fits correctly and maintains its shape.

Hot summer can mean sweaty rides. However, that is not always the case with
Spooned Bib Shorts as it brings you the coolness you need. 

The 87% nylon and 13% spandex combination make it breathable and comfortable.

 It features a six- panel anatomic construction that gives it a professional look. 

The fabric dries up fast and wicks away sweats to make you feel cool. 

The four-way stretch makes it super flexible and great for bikers of all levels. 

In addition, this short comes with an incredible ultra-violet protection of 50+ so don’t be scared of riding under the scorching sun.

Unique features and benefits

  •  Maximum protection against dangerous UV-rays.
  •  Optimum moisture-licking for a cool and fresh feel
  • Multi-panel construction for a more professional appeal 
  • 9-inch inseam for added flexibility.

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A Few Final Words

Bib shorts aren’t just cycling shorts with suspenders. Alongside being comfortable gears, they are lightweight and supportive. 

Long distance riders understand the benefits that come along with these cycling shorts. If you’re gearing up for a long ride, then bib shorts should never miss in your backpack. The above are the top brands you can consider.

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