Best Mountain Bike lights under 100

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Everyone loves cycling. It can be displeasing to feel limited to cycling only during the day and not during the night owing to poor visibility.

 In fact, reports show that 75% of all accidents that take place during the night are as a result of poor vision. 

The question therefore here is, how can one ride their bike when it is dark? 

Is it possible to cycle at night and simultaneously ensure that you can see your surroundings well enough and ultimately keep yourself safe? The short answer would be yes. 

The long answer on the other hand would be that there exists convenient inventions known as Mountain bike lights that do a great job of lighting your path during the night or when it is dark. So here are some of the Best Mountain bike lights under $100.

By far one of the best Mountain bike lights in the market. A light that can tough out any kind of weather. Perfect for foggy mornings, rainy evenings and pitch dark nights. 

The Cycle torch shark mountain bike light is a long lasting gadget that will serve you for years and years.

 It is made of Aluminum material which keeps the light protected from damage caused by water, mud or debris collected from riding on rough roads.

 If you are looking for a long lasting light that guarantees you years of service then this light is made just for you.

Do you worry about having no access to electricity needed to recharge your mountain bike lights? 

Well the good news is that these lights are both electricity and battery powered.

 If you are up in the mountains and your lights go off, simply install your batteries into the battery slot and you are guaranteed of 1.5 hours of bright uninterrupted light.


  • Affordable
  • Both battery and USB rechargeable
  • Made of strong aluminum material
  • Super bright and durable
  • Mud proof and water roof
  • Works efficiently in different weather conditions


  • When buying these lights you will be forced to purchase a USB charging cable as it is not included in the package

Oozing style and unparalleled design, this lights’ good qualities are vast. With 550 Lumens you have enough light to see all around you during the night.

 With six different lighting modes, you can choose high mode which is the brightest, medium mode, low mode, steady pulse mode, day lighting mode or walking mode which is the dimmest. It is tough and resistant to water.

 This light has clamps that hold on tightly to your mountain bike handle bars and do not loosen even when you ride on uneven roads. With this light you can clearly see parked cars during the night.

This keeps you from causing accidents that may see you bumping into cars, people or falling into ditches as a result of poor visibility. The Cygolite Metro USB rechargeable Mountain bike light is one of the best mountain bike lights that is dependable and can serve you for many years.


  • Durable
  • USB rechargeable
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Water resistant
  • Tight clamps that can grip your handle bars for secure placement


  • It may take time to remove or adjust the light as it is made to hold on tightly on your bikes' handle bar

If you are looking for an adjustable set of best mountain bike lights, the HeroBeam double set mountain bike lights are your best bet.

 Made with solid aluminum material you are sure that these lights are strong enough to tough out any climate or weather.

A surprising perk for buying these lights is that they come in pairs. You get two front bright lights and an additional two bright red backlights for the price of one set of lights. 

They are versatile and grant you the ability to adjust the intensity from the highest 80 lumens down to 80 lumens depending on your lighting demands.

These lights are easy to install and equally as easy to remove. A great quality that comes in handy especially when you are in a hurry or riding in an unsafe

neighborhood. You do not need tools to fix these lights on the handlebars, in fact go ahead and use your own hands, it is completely fine.


  • Two for the price of one. These lights come in pairs yet they are priced as one
  • Adjustable-turn the lights up to a maximum of 200 lumens or down to a minimum of 80 lumens
  • Made of strong aluminum material
  • Can see far and wide
  • Tool free fixing
  • Easy to install and remove


  • One must exercise vigilance when using their hands to fix these lights on to the handle bars. If the lights are fixed poorly they can get loose and fall which might lead to damage.

Other than using these lights on your mountain bike, you can also use them as a flash light during a power outage or when walking your dog outside during the night.

 They are durable and reliable and can serve you for decades. With up to 300 lumens of lighting you can see your surroundings well to keep from hitting posts or falling into ditches. 

These lights are water proof and are made of strong material. They are sturdy and grip tightly on to your handle bar. You can use your hands to remove and install these lights and you are guaranteed that they will stay in place.


  • Durable and reliable
  • 300 lumens of light
  • Made of strong water resistant material
  • Sturdy grip on your bicycle handle bar
  • Hand fixing with no need for tools


  • This light comes in pairs which may be too bright for some people.

During winter, days tend to be shorter than nights. For this reason, bikers may be forced to ride their bikes at night more times than they do during other seasons. 

In this case, a reliable mountain bike light is a necessary tool of survival. The best mountain bike light is durable and satisfies all the lighting demands of every rider. 

The aforementioned mountain bike lights are budget friendly mountain bike lights that will serve you for years and years to come. They are maintenance free and do a good job of serving their purpose.

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