Best Exercise Bike for Bad Knees

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Knee problems and injuries should not hinder you from exercising. It is possible to exercise even with bad knees. The secret is making sure that you choose the right exercise bike. A good exercise bike should be low impact to avoid putting pressure on your knees. Here are some tips to consider when buying an exercise bike for bad knees:

I. Adjustable and comfortable seat

Buying a bike with an adjustable seat is essential. When exercising, you need to change the position of your seat so that you do not bend your knees. Bending your knees when working out can aggravate the damage on the knees. Choosing a bike with an adjustable and comfortable seat will avoid putting a strain on your knees.

II. Lumbar support

A good exercise bike should have a comfortable seat and lumbar seat. The role of an excellent lumbar seat is to make sure that you do not strain your back when working out. When exercising your thighs and legs, you still need to make sure that you that you keep the back protected. The last thing you want is to strain your back while trying to protect your knees.

III. Adjustable resistance

Make sure that the exercise bike that you buy has adjustable resistance. By adjusting the resistance, it will be easy to avoid hurting your knees. With an adjustable bike, it will be easy to know when your knees are hurting and adjust the bike accordingly.

Top 5 exercise bikes for bad knees:

This foldable semi-recumbent bike is ideal for people who are looking for back support. 

The compact design and foldable features make it ideal for people living in apartments and areas with small spaces.


  • Foldable design – the bike has a foldable design, and it can be easily placed in small spaces.
  • Weight capacity – the folding bike has a considerable weight capacity and can accommodate up to 300 pounds.
  • LCD screen – the bike comes with an LCD screen so that you can monitor the vitals when exercising.
  • Other features – cranking system that helps with smooth peddling and hand pulse sensors to help with monitoring heart rate.


  • Easy to track fitness
  • Easy to assemble
  • Silent and smooth peddling
  • Comfortable


  • Small bike – the small bike might not be ideal for people who are more than 6ft

The Sunny health and indoor fitness bike is an upright bike, but it is a surprisingly good bike for the knees.

 It beats all assume that a good bike for the knees should be a recumbent bike.


  • Study frame – the bike has a study steel chrome colored frame for stability
  • Adjustable seat – with an adjustable seat, it is comfortable to change the position of your seat depending on your height.
  • Wheels – the bike has wheels so that you move it easily to different parts of the home.


  • Comfortable riding position
  • Portable
  • LCD screen


  • Non-foldable – Since the bike cannot be folded, it might not be suitable for tight spaces.

The Schwinn Recumbent Bike (270) is easy on your back and knees.

 It is not just an ordinary bike. It is a combination of technology and fitness features. If you are looking for a modern fitness bike, this is a right choice.


  • Tech features – the bike is packed when it comes to tech features. It has Bluetooth, a fitness app, social compatibility and a variety of programs.
  • Inertia drive system – the bike has high-speed riding capabilities because of the inertia drive system
  • Variety of workout options – with this bike it is easy to adjust your resistance up to 25 times.


  • Riding comfort
  • LCD tracker
  • Interesting tech features
  • Smooth and quiet ride


  • Poor functioning fan – the fan might not be powerful enough for some people.

The FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike (FitDesk 2.0) is a combination of a recumbent and upright bike. If you are looking for a versatile bike, this is a good bike to buy. This is not only a low impact exercise bike, but it also doubles as a workstation.


  • Extender and seat back – the bike has an option for using the bike in upright as well as recumbent position.
  • Digital tracker – with a digital tracker it is easy to track the mileage and calories.
  • High-quality gearbox – the bike comes with a high-quality gearbox for durability and functioning of the bike.


  • Desk feature
  • Comfort
  • LCD screen
  • Upper body workout – it is possible to use the bike for working your arms with the resistance bands


  • Not portable – it might be difficult to move the bike from one place to another because it does not have wheels
  • Pricy – the bike might be a little bit costly especially when working with a tight budget

This semi-recumbent bike is ideal for home and office use. 

If you are recovering from injuries, this bike allows you to stay in a comfortable position while riding.


  • Display screen – the bike comes with a 9-inch screen that is big enough to display all the features.
  • Preinstalled programs – the preinstalled programs are ideal for improving your workout.
  • Unique features – the sole fitness exercise bike has features that you might not get from other bikes like a music player and also a bottle holder.


  • Comfortable riding position
  • Smooth and quiet ride – the magnetic resistance is ideal to give you a smooth and quiet riding experience.
  • Simplified workout
  • Compact design


  • Small bike – the size of the bike might not be ideal for tall people over 6ft.

A Few Final Words

When buying a bike for bad knees comfort should be your top priority. You need to buy a bike that will not hurt your knees when working out. The bike should have an adjustable seat; ergonomic peddles and comfortable handles.

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