Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under 1000

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Are you in search of a quality female mountain bike that ticks all the right boxes of a decent cycling machine but have no more than $1000 to spare?

 If so, then you have come to the right place for answers. What follows is a dissection of the best women’s mountain bike under 1000 category as we seek to find you a bike that is both affordable and effective.

First things first

Let’s first start off by understanding two terms that will feature frequently in this article: hardtail and full suspension.

The former basically refers to a mountain bike that has suspension solely on one wheel- usually the front one- while the latter is a full-package that covers both wheels. 

Consequently, bikes with full suspension systems tend to be heavier and more expensive than their hardtail counterparts.

Top 9 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under 1000:

This ocean blue women’s mountain bike offers the full benefits of a dual suspension (full suspension) and as a result, there’s almost no landscape beyond its grasp.

The WTB saddle is built for the female gender while the 4Bar link technology offers unparalleled control and comfort. 

Shifting prowess is down to a complete Shimano drivetrain system that features effective cranks for optimum performance while a pair of blok 8 grippy tires offers adequate reinforcement for slippery surfaces.

If you are just starting out with mountain bikes, this women’s hardtail edition is the perfect beginning point as it is one that you can upgrade as your skills improve. 

Mechanical disc brakes of the tekro aires make are tasked with providing excellent brake control and 3×8 Shimano shifters ensure an array of up to 24 cycling speeds.

 27.5-inch wheels complete a dominant aluminum frame that is built for traction and stability.

SRAM twist shifters and 21 speed Shimano derailleur provide this Mongoose model with great precision and control that is also aided by a full suspension Aluminum frame incorporating a front suspension fork. 

Breaking power is a strong point of this enthralling purple-colored work of art as it features a system of linear pull brakes that are robust and effective. 


Dark stable alloy wheels complete the gorgeous architecture of this winsome model.

 Mongoose tends to blow hot and cold with their mountain bikes but this is certainly one for former category.

Polaris is not an overly popular MTB brand but the Ladies 600RR is pretty much as decent as they come in this price range. 

The bike encompasses an 18-inch steel frame brought to life by a Shimano rear derailleur and Shimano twist shifters. 

t also features 21 speeds and is a one-suspension (hardtail) mountain bike with great flexibility thanks to a quick release front wheel and seat. It is a great option for teenagers and beginners alike.

Given its price tag, this MTB is imbued with a pretty decent components list which includes a 17 steel full suspension system and a similarly customized fork.

The architecture further encompasses a steel-riser bar, rear and front V-brakes and a steel quill stem that blend together to give the bike the lavishly cool exterior of an expensive model. 

If you are on an extremely tight budget, this bike isn’t a bad option.

Engulfed in an overflowing shade of obsidian, the Nashbar model is built for all terrains. 

The 6061 aluminum frame ensures a great balance of weight and efficiency while an assembly of cassettes, derailleurs and Shimano 3×8-speed shifters provide the perfect transition of gears that feature a commendable SR Suntour and 11-30T contour.


 Vast braking power for all conditions is provided by the Tektro HD-M285.

7) Murtisol Mountain Bike

Some of the strong points of this 26-inch wheel sleek bike include a full suspension system and an ergonomic design complimented by adjustable seat height flexibility that work hand in hand to provide a comfortable long-distance experience.

 The frame is based upon a light but durable steel alteration while the power steel V-brakes provide instantaneous braking on all surfaces.

 Lastly, the fashionable color combination ensures this bike is also not lacking in the aesthetics department. It is a great model for women of all ages.

The Roadmaster Granite Peak is perhaps among the more conservative occupants of this list however it is still a great bike that has almost everything you’d need from a fully functional and effective mountain bike.

The bike incorporates a singular suspension system just on the front wheel but it is nonetheless adept at sailing not-so-smooth terrains that an average mountain bike can’t handle. 

Other notable specs of this model include a pair of linear pull brakes for both the rear and front wheels and 18-speed twists shifters tasked with providing the requisite amount of smoothness.

For the design aspect, a 3 piece crank mounted on a steel mountain style frame culminating in robust alloy wheels ensures that the bike has an excellent center of gravity and stability. 

While it isn’t a typical go-to competitive cycling machine, the Roadmaster Granite Peak is great for casual riding and cycling through trails.

9) Specialized Jett Comp

This mean machine might be a hardtail but it is built to conquer rough trails courtesy of its large 29er wheels that make light work of any hurdles in its way. 

The frame is specially designed to fit the geometry of the female physique and ensure comfort even in the midst of unforgiving contours.

 A tailor-made SR Suntour XCR fork ensures stability and peak performance while the aluminum architecture is built for endurance and longevity.
Further analysis of the anatomy reveals a system of hydraulic disc brakes that offer instantaneous stops and an SRAM/Shimano component pairing whose sole purpose is to provide seamless shifting and smooth transitions.

A Few Final Words

Most of the mountain bikes under the 1000 dollar mark are usually of the hardtail variety but hardtail isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are buying a bike for a smoother terrain. 

For more challenging routes with drops and obstacles, it might be prudent to go with a full suspension. Nonetheless, you are sure to find your look for within these selections for the best women’s mountain bikes under 1000.