Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Brands

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Mountain biking was started way back in the 1970s, it quickly became a favorite sport for most bike lovers hence transforming the concept of a bike. Since then, the mountain biking experience has changed significantly, forcing manufacturers bikes to come up with unique designs that appeal to the broad market. Some manufacturers have developed excellent bikes that can challenge the mountainous terrains.

 The bikes were made lighter, durable and Today, mountain bikes are meant for every cyclist who yearns to experience the unique feeling of riding on rough and rocky terrains. 

With numerous models to choose from in the market, settling on one that offers all features and performance, can prove quite a hard task. Since there are some specific details to consider, the following list detailing the best mountain bike brands will make it easier for you to make a choice. Take a look!

GT mountain bikes are among the most popular bike brands in the whole world, thanks to Gary Turner, the founder, and pioneer of the current day BMX bikes who launched the bike brand back in 1972.

 He developed a more durable and innovative GT frame that was first used by his kid for racing in 1972. GT bikes were created with a simple vision, ” to give bikers a different cycling experience that is possible on a two-wheel by developing the most innovative, durable and reliable frames of all time.” 

Over the years, the bike became famous for its unique ‘triple triangle designs’ that made the rear part to be stiffer and more durable. 

These bikes offer high speeds and durability are currently ranked among the fastest mountain bikes in the world. They were mainly used for racing in the 1980s and delivered the best results for bike racers. In 1995, the bikes received a full suspension development that later led to better upgrades from 1999-2002.

 If you are looking for the best mountain bike brand that will offer high speeds, durability, and performance, then the GT is the perfect brand for you. The bike has gone through different unique innovations, and current features are also exceptional.

YETTI is another mountain bike brand that is quite reputable. It was founded in 1985 by John Parker, and its headquarters is currently in Colorado. YETTI bike brands were among the first to be used for mountain biking experience before it was considered an industry and they developed designs to offer the best biking practices. 

These bikes were specially designed for racers with cutting-edge race particular designs. YETTI manufacturers placed their bikes on R&D testing on several tracks and used the knowledge gained to adapt to a unique geometry with suspension designs. 

Over the years, the bike brand created the most popular racing teams in mountain biking and has set the record by fielding legends such as Jimmy Deaton, Juli Furtado, and Missy Giove.

 The bikes are known to deliver the best speeds, great handling, and perfect control. Key features include; carbon rims, 29-inch wheels and carbon CC frames. They are developed to be all-rounded and complete for novice and professional riders in rough terrains.

Cannondale is ranked among the best mountain bike brands for all people who want to feel a different and unique biking experience.

 It was founded in 1971 and considered the first bike brand that developed the carbon fiber frames, and they have invested their time in developing bikes that work effectively uphill and downhill. The mountain bikes are developed with a combination of several materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber.

 To be specific, the frames were made of oversized aluminum pieces that were flex-resistant and lighter. Over the years, the company adapted carbon/ aluminum frames that transformed the cycling community.

 The dual suspension feature was introduced to the bike brand in 1990 with the use of Delta V.E.S.T. Riders using the bike for racers conquered the cross country and downhill racers up to the new millennium with big names such as Tinker Juarez, Cedric Gracia and Allison Sydor flying the flag of Cannondale mountain bikes. Major groundbreaking features include; lefty, innovative suspension, HeadShock, optimized aluminum, and unique carbon design. It is a bike brand that provides extra stability and control adopting the latest biking technology.

Are you looking for something unique that will stand out from the competition? Well, Santa Cruz Bicycles are the best options for you. They were launched in 1993 and ranked among the most advanced, technological and reliable bikes of the new generation. Features include; full suspension, aluminum or carbon fiber frames, carbon wheels, VPP linkage, and fork. 

The company currently manufactures many high-performance mountain bikes of severe cyclists that enable them to ride faster, higher and for longer distances. They are available in varied suspension options and components and fully assembled in California. 

The carbon wheels provide extra strength, durability, and reliability while hitting the road. Santa Cruz bike brands are currently available in sixteen different mountain bike models that come with their unique touch of quality. 

Besides, you can comfortably customize your bike according to your taste and preferences to have a great biking experience. Its lower-link design is specially designed to provide the best performance, traction, and support.


TREK came into existence in the 1970s as a project managed by Bevil Hogg and Richard Burke. It later became the largest mountain bike brand in the whole country with over 1,700 dealers in the US. These bikes offer high performance, best quality, stability and high levels of endurance in all types of terrains. 

They are designed to suit your biking needs and different transverse terrains without difficulty. Key features include; front and rear decouple, fork tubes, front and rear sliders, disc brakes, carbon wheels, Madone seat posts, headsets, and handlebars. 

Mountain bikes developed by TREK are unique, durable, reliable and offer maximum comfort to the rider in all types of trails. The perfect choice of a TREK bike is the Trek Fuel EX 9 29 that guarantees quality, performance, and better controls.

A Few Final Words

Mountain biking started as a sport in the 1970s, and it led to the development of bikes that could endure rough and rocky terrains. It was filled with fun, excitement and ultimately the best cycling experience. 

These best mountain bike brands came at a time when robust, reliable and durable bikes were highly needed to deliver the best results by enthusiastic riders. 

They guarantee high performance, reliability, durability, better control and high speeds in rough and rocky terrains.

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