This is How Cycling Reduces Belly Fat

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Did you know that cycling is quite effective in reducing belly fat? Well, many people like cycling either as a hobby or a sporting activity but aren’t aware of its benefits in achieving fitness goals.

 In fact, many people suffering from belly fat related problems prefer this method because they start noticing the results within a short period. 

According to research, belly fat is linked to dangerous diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Besides, it has been established that excessive accumulation of fats on your waist exposes you to heart-related diseased. 

Although losing belly fat can be challenging, cycling makes the process easy. Through riding a bike, you perform various workouts which are crucial in burning fats around your waistline.

 The good thing is that there are various forms of cycling and you can choose according to your preference. Without further ado, let’s look at how cycling reduces belly fat.

1. Low-Intensity Cycling

Riding your bike for a long duration at low-intensity cycling is the tried and most effective way of burning your belly fat. During low-intensity cycling sessions, your body will burn more calories from the belly fat. However, the total calorie burn will be low because cycling is not strenuous like high-intensity cycling. 

Low-intensity cycling activities will burn up to fifty percent of calories from your belly fat, while HIIT will reduce only 35 percent. This is why low-intensity cycling is quite useful.

 You lose more weight when more calories are burned than the amounts consumed by your body. You can do this just before eating breakfast because you’ve been fasting all night long and your blood sugar levels are low. 

The amounts of glycogen are also low in the morning which forces your body to use fat for energy production thus burning more fats.

 For faster results, you need to be consistent with this fat burning routine. Instead of cycling your bike 3 – 4 times a week, change your routine and ride it for one hour from Monday through Sunday.

2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a workout that alternates between low and high intensity. The average variation of intensities keeps you focused on your time and speed, ultimately transforming your workout making it engaging and fruitful.

A HIIT consists of intense exercise that lasts 30 – 90 seconds followed immediately with a recovery time of approximately 15 seconds With practice and endurance, the intensity difference will increase to 50-50. The rest time is also known as “Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” (EPOC), meaning that you’re going to increase the consumption of oxygen to replace the amount you just used while working out. It is very significant because you will burn more calories after completing the workouts. 

You can perform high-intensity interval training sessions using a stationary bike by following these steps:

  • Do a warm-up for the first 3-5 minutes. It will help you in building resistance as the intervals become more challenging especially if you are a starter in high- intensity workouts.
  • Take 30 seconds for high intensity and 1 minute of low intensity (repeat the process four times)
  • Increase the high-intensity interval to 40 seconds followed by 1 minute of low intensity (repeat it four times)
  • Take 30 seconds for high intensity and 1 minute of low intensity (repeat four times)

High-intensity interval training sessions could be more effective in losing the fat belly because you burn more calories every minute unlike doing low-intensity intervals. Besides, your body facilitates the fat burning process when recovering from the challenging workouts. 

A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) also reduces the training time, and you will only spend 30-45 minutes in a single session. Some people prefer this workout over the low-intensity one because it’s easier to get motivated and face the challenge.

 Also, you increase the amount of oxygen your body consumes after every workout enabling you to last longer doing the exercises. Furthermore, you don’t need to be an elite athlete or hire a trainer to train you on these high-intensity workouts. You only need to use the right exercise for your fitness level. Besides, you can learn the workouts through the internet and doing them practically on your stationary bike.

3. Diet

Apart from working out, you can also burn fat belly by following a diet that will effectively manage your weight. 

Here are some of the foods to avoid and what you should include in your diet:

  • Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks

Research shows that these foods have harmful effects on your metabolic health. When you consume a lot of sugar, your liver is overloaded due to high levels of fructose ultimately turning them into fat.

  • Reduce Carbs in Your Diet

If you want to lose fat effectively, then reduce your carb intake. When you cut the number of carbs, your appetite is suppressed, and ultimately loss of weight is realized. For instant results, drop your carbs intake to 50 grams per day.

  • Eat Proteins

Proteins are crucial macronutrients for losing weight. They are known to reduce cravings by over sixty percent and improve metabolism by 100 calories per day. People who eat high amounts of functional proteins such as fish, dairy products, meat, and legumes have less belly fat.

  • Consume Foods Rich in Viscous Fiber

Eating foods rich in fiber helps in reducing weight loss, and the viscous fibers are known to be very useful in burning fat belly. Fiber reduces the movement of food on your digestive system, slowing down the rate of digestion and absorption of nutrients into the body. This helps in suppressing your appetite thus reducing the intake of food.

A Few Final Words

The process of burning belly fat is not an easy task. It needs the integration of cycling workouts that are continuously followed with a good diet.

 You should avoid consuming sugary foods and drinks, because they will ultimately lead to gaining of weight, causing killer diseases such as diabetes and obesity. 

With the above-detailed information, you should be more informed how cycling reduces belly fat. Follow the workout steps, observe a good diet, and drink lots of water to lead a healthy life.

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