Top 5 best womens starter road bike

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Are you searching for the best women’s road bikes? 

Well, you may find it quite tricky especially if you are looking for the ones with great features but simple enough to suit beginners. 

Currently, the market is flooded with several bikes from different brands all promising great results. 

But most of them don’t live up to the expectation resulting in inconveniences and extra expenses. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here is a roundup of some of the best womens starter road bike that will guarantee you a better riding experience.

The bike is ideal for women who are new to riding. It is produced by a renowned company Schwinn which means that its quality can’t be questioned. 

Besides, this company is the renowned maker of various outdoor sports gears but seems to have an unshakable lead in the production of road bikes. 

The bike boasts a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame. Thus, every woman can handle it comfortably without feeling overburdened.

 It also features unique Schwinn suspension fork that allows fast, safe and efficient riding. In terms of speed and performance, Phocus 1500 is a great bike for all biking enthusiasts. 

The bike uses Shimano 24 speed and EZ fire trigger shifters. In conjunction to this, the bike system also features rear and front Shimano derailleurs to enable efficient, precise shifting and wide range gear range. Also, the braking system is one of the best

. The bike uses mechanical disc brakes together with brake levers from Shimano that allow new female riders to enjoy smooth and efficient stopping. It’s alloy wheels with double wall design offer perfect rolling, stability, and durability.

If you are looking for the best fitting road bike on the market, look no further. This road bike is made by a reputable bike assembly company by the name Diamondback Bicycles.

 It is specially designed for female riders who are new to the sport and those looking forward to scaling up their performance. The bike uses woman’s specific butted aluminum alloy material with an upgraded performance geometry frame.

 It is ideal for those who are not specifically looking for a race bike, but a bike that is more forgiving to posture. It also comes with a unique Airen’s frame that is well made to suit the female body. 

Thanks to the 7005 aluminum alloy tubes which are butted to allow perfect compliance of lightweight and strength. Besides, this bike features an ergonomic design with the excellent braking system. It uses powerful mechanic disc brakes to deliver smooth, quick stops. Asides from entry level bike, Airen features 2*9 drivetrain and can achieve high speeds for those who like it that way.

The bike is among the top-rated road bikes ideal for women. It has been engineered by a famous company that has been in the industry for over a decade now. 

The bike is made using some of the best materials and creativity to ensure it provides incredible performance. One of the first quality that would instantly impress you about this bike is its high-quality frame.

 It uses 6061 double-butted aluminum frame which is lightweight and robust ensuring that the bike remains functional for long. Moreover, the 21-speed gear system offers impressive speeds that will take you anywhere.

 It uses Shimano A050 thumb shifters which are strong, durable and very comfortable to use. Unlike some low-quality road bikes, this one offers an easy change from one gear to another.

 Thus, it saves you time and adds convenience especially when you want to a ride up the hill. Further, it uses 700c CNC machined wheel set with a double-walled design that makes them rigid, stable and incredibly durable. 

It also uses quick release skewers for a safe and smooth rolling on different road gradients. The handlebars also feature unique padding which is slip-proof and friendly to your hands.

With over a decade of exemplary performance, Schwinn continues to foster innovation in every bike they produce. One of the leading road bikes, ideal for women, is the Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Road bike. 

As the name implies, it is a bike designed to let you focus on the road with no hassles. It features versatile and stylish designs including an aluminum road frame and road fork made of carbon fiber giving the bike lightweight and durability.

 This is why most women seem to love it so much since it blends well into any place. With a drop bar design, every woman can feel nice riding in a unique posture. Equally, it allows incredible health benefits since it allows you to practice more without feeling fatigue.

 As a top-rated road bike, everyone can expect the best drivetrain. Well, that’s quite true for this bike since it uses Shimano drivetrain integrated with micro shift shifters and excellent brake levers. You can achieve great speeds if you want or choose to ride smoothly using low gear. The stopping power for this road bike is impressive regardless of the speed or terrain.

This is another best-rated road bike by Schwinn that offers impressive performance. In fact, it can match up or even exceed the drop handle Schwinn bikes. 

The discover hybrid bike is designed exclusively for women who want to enjoy comfort and performance. It features a classic look that blends well with just about anything. It uses an aluminum city frame making the bike perfect for urban riding. 

Also, it boasts front suspension forks. This allows you to roll over bumpy obstacles such as manholes and pavement patches easily. Even though the bike is specified for urban use, the bike is also great for other terrains too that do not have a lot of obstacles.

 It also features a rear rack where you can carry groceries and bag with you from the market which makes it suitable for women. Additionally, the bike features coordination fenders that add elegance. 

These fenders are also practical in preventing the morning due from splashing over you. For the gear system, the bike uses 21 speeds with Shimano gear shifters and rear derailleur. The state-of-the-art brake design makes stopping the bike quite easily.

A Few Final Words

Although there are many bikes in the market tailored for use by women riders, some of them luck great performance. Considering that performance and durability of the bike are key, you need to be extra careful when picking a bike. 

If you are a beginner with little or no experience then these best womens starter road bikes are some of the best to have. They come with admirable features yet simple enough for use by womens starters looking forward to improving their riding experience.

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