How Many Calories Do You Burn Biking For 30 Minutes

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Biking doesn’t just allow us to enjoy fresh air; it plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy. According to a publication by Harvard Health biking is one of the quickest methods of burning calories. You might be thinking; how many calories do you burn biking for 30 minutes?

Well, the number of calories you burn depends on the activity level and the type of cycling that you practice. 

Normally, 30 mins of biking enable you to burn hundreds of calories. But like said, the calories burnt is based on the activity level. 

Generally, you’ll lose more calories when on high intensity interval training as compared to when on a low intensity program. This guide provides you with more details on what transpires in the 30 minutes of cycling enabling burning of a certain number of calories

Number of Calories Burnt

When biking, your metabolic rate increases and stays high even when you are done biking as your body adapts and recovers.

 This enables you to burn more calories after cycling. 

However, the number of calories you burn depends on how intense the exercise was. 

According to Harvard Medical School, a person weighing around 125 pounds, burns 210 calories after riding for 30 minutes. On the other hand, a person weighing 185 pounds burns 311 calories after riding a bike for 30 minutes. 

When cycling on a speed range of 12 to 14 mph, you can burn up to 346 calories if you weigh 175 pounds. But you can end up burning around 420 pounds when cycling at 14 to 16 mph. 

You can also burn around 336 calories when mountain biking and around 451 calories when cycling a stationary bike at the gym or home. Overall, you are likely to burn more calories when riding on high intensity. 

Therefore, depending on your weight and the intensity level, biking can help you lose up to 670 calories during a 30 minutes biking session. Wondering what type of biking is the best?

 The answer is simple; consistency is the key regardless of the type of exercise you choose be it high or low intensity. 

You’ll burn more calories with the one you are consistent with.

 But if you want to bike on high intensities, it is advisable, to begin with, low intensities as your level of endurance improves.

 How Many Calories Can You Burn on HIIT in 30 Mins? 

According to research, short HIIT training burns is quite effective in burning calories as compared to lower intensity training. 

Furthermore, you don’t just get to burn more calories; your cardiovascular improvements get a boost.

 For instance, a person weighing 154 pounds biking at 8 mph can burn more than 320 calories in 30 mins. 

The same person biking at 3 mph biking for an hour can manage to burn only 235 calories. 

Another study compared the number of calories burnt within 30 minutes of each HIIT for different exercises. 

The results indicated that biking on HIIT helps you burn 25-30% calories as compared to traditional exercises.

 This means that you only need to exercise for about 1/3 of the time it would take you to burn the same number of calories in traditional exercises sessions.

 In short, you spend less time exercising but burn more calories on HIIT.

 How Does HIIT Helps You Burn More Calories in A Short Time? 

One of the ways that HIIT helps you burn more calories is that it raises your metabolic rate for a long time after you are done exercising.

 This impressive ability to increase your metabolism is what makes HIIT more effective than weight training o jogging. 

A study also indicated that HIIT enables your body to use fat to generate energy instead of carbohydrates. 

You will find this helpful if you are exercising to reduce your weight.

 Also, if you monitor your diet, then you can be sure to burn more calories than you take thus enhancing your weight loss program.

Factors Affecting Number of Calories Burnt Exercising:

Although HIIT enables you to burn a substantial number of calories, some factors affect the results you get. 

So, depending on how you monitor these factors you can end up reducing or adding to the number of calories in your body.

Missing Meals

Yes, starving yourself will not help you lose those calories. You need to keep a good meal pattern. Many people think that by skipping meals, they burn calories. 

However, starving yourself only makes the matter worse since after missing a meal, you are most likely to overeat in your next meal.

 This makes you gain more calories than the amount you are losing. According to a publication in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, skipping breakfast can contribute to gaining more weight.

 Yes, it was evident that people who skip breakfast only end up consuming more food increasing calories intake throughout the day. 

This is why you need to observe your meals to avoid losing the calories only to gain them through other methods.

Amount of Water You Consume

Eight cups of water per day are the recommendable amount of water that you should drink for good hydration.

 The body burns calories by utilizing and absorbing the water while maintaining a fluid balance. 

Consuming up to 8 glasses of water helps burn about 100 extra calories each day.

 It may not sound like much, but 100 calories a day, translates to 700 calories a week and 2800 calories a month.

 The amazing thing here is that you will be losing calories by doing something that does not require much effort at all. 

However, it is important to consult a weight loss expert to know the perfect amount of water that you should take.

A Few Final Words

If lack of time is what’s preventing you from burning those calories then there you have the solution. 

Biking on HIIT provides a new way to burn more calories in the least amount of time.

 If you need to burn more calories, then you should be able to fit the 30 minutes exercising session into your plan. Possible, right?

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