Best Women’s Cycling Shorts For Long Distance

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Cycling shorts are stretchy, comfortable and are designed with special paddings that aid in reducing friction when riding for long distances. 

This, as opposed to normal casual attire which can be uncomfortable, tear easily and is constricting. Some of this attire is made of non-breathable material that may cause one to overheat or get heat rash owing to their inability to control friction. This puts the life of the rider at risk or even worse, get you into accidents.

 Tight nonstretchy attire may get you into accidents which would easily be avoided if you simply put on the right clothing. Cycling shorts aren’t only worn by professional cyclists, if you often ride long distances, cycling shorts should be a top priority. Here is a detailed read on the best women cycling shorts for long distance riding.

If you are planning to head to a neighboring town while riding your bike during spring or summer, then these are the best women cycling shorts for long distance that you have been looking for.

These shorts are designed with additional leg compression to keep the rider from experiencing fatigue but instead add endurance and speed. It is just the perfect length and makes for a perfect fit.

They are made of 34% elastane and 66% nylon which helps stretch the shorts while ensuring strength and durability. The shorts are very light and are specially designed for maximum cooling in warm weather.

You don’t have to worry about tan lines or sunburns with these short as they have sun protection abilities. They do not contain grippers which often times are the culprits behind discomfort. Other features include a Multi-board design to ensure the perfect fit and a direct vent panel for improved ventilation.


  • Additional leg compression for enhanced speed, endurance and limits fatigue
  • 34% elastane for improved stretch, durability, and strength
  • Light weight shorts with maximum cooling effect
  • Perfect for riding in warm weather
  • Has sun protection abilities
  • Do not have grippers to avoid discomfort


  • The presence of increased leg compression may be uncomfortably tight for some women

The greatest challenge women face with poor quality cycling shorts is having to put up with discomfort chaffing and rubbing on the midsection.

But with the Dakine Comp Liner Cycling shorts, you can rest easy.

These shorts have soft stitches and are professionally designed to ensure no rubbing or discomfort for the lady wearing them. Besides its ravishing looks, these shorts contain special paddings which are detrimental to a great long distance riding experience.

These shorts are comfortable and accommodate your lower body especially when negotiating corners or riding while in the standing position. It dries quickly when washed and has odor control qualities.


  • Soft stitch fabrication
  • Conveniently designed to prevent rubbing
  • Crossover waistband design
  • High quality material
  • Made with special padding for improved comfort
  • Durable and form fitting


  • One must be careful when machine washing as these shorts are made of polyester material whose quality may deteriorate when you use hot water.

The manufacturers of these shorts are well aware that women cyclists refuse to compromise on quality, comfort, and performance when it comes to what they wear.

The waist band is made to fit perfectly without pressing too hard on your body and wide leg bands for with soft but secure stitching.

The shorts are creatively designed with Aero-cool mesh for improved ventilation perfect for long distance cycling. High quality spandex is strategically placed on all pressure points to enable the rider to stretch easily when the need arises.

These best women cycling shorts for long distance have elite chamois pad which features a high density gel layer perfectly located at the sit bones. This one of a kind feature provides all the support you need for a fatigue free ride for hours on end.


  • Machine washable and air dry
  • Light weight and quality material for a dry and cool ride
  • Specially designed waistband for better comfort
  • Has Aero-cool mesh for improved ventilation
  • Women’s elite Chamois pad with gel layer for improved support


  • If you forget and set your washing machine to use hot water, the quality of these shorts may be negatively affected owing to the type of fabric used to make the shorts.

Made of 80% nylon and 20% Spandex gives you the perfect shorts for both long and short cycling. They are extremely light weight for fast drying and easy washing. 

The short comes with side pockets large enough to keep your keys, phone or other intimate objects.

The waist band is designed to stay put and does not roll down or twist independent of your position or how fast you are cycling. The shorts are conveniently designed with superior 3D padding to offer better support and improve comfort.

The Beroy Women’s 3D Cycling shorts for long distance absorb moisture and provide the rider enough support to limit the accumulation of lactic acid caused by fatigue. These shorts come in the most attractive colors to sooth every woman cyclist’s ego.


  • Contains 3D gel padding to provide support throughout long hours of cycling
  • Special design that limits the accumulation of lactic acid often caused by fatigue
  • Light weight material for easy drying and washing
  • Has side pockets for extra storage of intimate objects
  • Ability to absorb moisture for a cooler feel


  • Many find that the waist elastic band on these shorts is particularly short and may negatively affect the level of comfort for the rider.

A Few Final Words

The significance of cycling shorts cannot be stressed further. This seemingly simple attire is made specifically to accommodate long distance cycling, provide support and effectively suppress the challenges that come with spending long hours on a bike. Women are advised against putting on underwear in addition to wearing biker shorts. These shorts do just fine by themselves.

 Adding more clothes underneath will only prevent the shorts from offering you as much quality service as they are designed to. Trying on different types of cycling shorts is a great way of finding out what your taste is beside ensuring that you only buy the best fitting shorts.

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