Best Saddle for Ironman Distance

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Your saddle is the most significant component on your bike especially if you are participating in the Ironman distance, a one-day sports event that is considered difficult in the whole world. When you choose the right saddle for your bike, it guarantees comfort while cycling.

Do you know that your saddle is the key to achieving the best bike times and it is not always dependent on your wheels or frames? A comfortable saddle ensures that the rider is maintained in the aerodynamic position for increased efficiency and speed.

In addition to that, when you are comfortable riding, you can train hard and race even faster. Having a sore backside can affect your race, and it is wise to settle on the best saddle for ironman distance . In most cases, riders will find the saddle purchased with the bike works perfectly well for them.

However, if you want to cut some weight using your bike, you might need to go for a different saddle. That said, the following are the best saddles for an Ironman distance to help you select the perfect match.

If you are planning to have a great tri season this year, then you should consider purchasing the Fizik Mistica carbon saddle. 

The brand saddle has a stubby shape and a long rail that offers limitless adjustment capabilities for the right aero position.

The saddle is made of carbon fiber material with slender rails that reduce road vibrations that lead to fatigue while cycling on long distances.

 It has a deep central channel that forms two padded rails that provides comfort while rolling forward into an aero tuck.

Since the firm padding softens with continuous use, it makes the Tritone sit more comfortable while wearing tri shorts. 

The saddle weighs 1.54 pounds and can accommodate a CO2 canister, two bottle cages, and a spare inner tube.

The ISM Adamo Road Saddle is an upgrade of the ISM Racing saddle. It comes with more padding, gel and a wider split in between the front arms that

increases pudendal artery blood flow. Most Ironman professional competitors prefer this kind of saddle model because it offers maximum comfort.

In addition to that, the extra padding makes it easier for riding both in and out of the aero bars. 

The saddle is specifically manufactured for hip angle positions ranging from 0 to 90 degrees. 

The ISM Adamo Road saddle is designed to offer comfort for the rider.

Its patented ISM design eliminates the typical nose part of most saddles in the market. Besides, the broader cuts at the front arms offer better circulation. 

With ideal measurements of 245 mm long and 135 mm wide, it reduces the pressure exerted on the perineum area, hence leading to an improvement of blood flow.

The saddle is manufactured by Selle San Marco and is the best if you want additional comfort when getting into triathlon with an upright position. 

It is specifically designed for the utmost comfort and excellent performance all day.

The material used in manufacturing any particular saddle is significant for an Ironman distance rider. 

Its cover material is 100% breathable, durable and split resistant. How does the paddle guarantees comfort? 

The biodynamic padding correlates with the movements of the pedaling motion for maximum comfort.

For women who want to bring a difference and the best bike times while participating in the Ironman distance, then this saddle from Selle San Marco is the best. 

It is considering that the glamour is designed with a relief zone for outstanding comfort.

The saddle manufactured by Bontrager is one of a kind with great and unique features. 

It provides posture 1 (Aerodynamic) the forward pelvic rotation common with triathlon. 

The saddle’s nose width provides 0.55 inches of adjustability to get a personalized fit.

For limitless comfort, the saddle features multi-density padding that is well placed to offer outstanding comfort and increase performance. 

In addition to that, it has a smart cover that offers support for long-lasting comfort.

The RXL speed dial saddle can be used by both professionals yearning for a win in an Ironman distance and starters who desire to enjoy some good times.

The ISM PN 1.0 (Performance narrow) saddle manufactured by ISM is designed for pro athletes and fit techs.

 Its unique nose-less design reduces the pressure exerted from the soft tissue hence enhancing complete blood flow, healthier and a comfortable ride.

In addition to that, it features a 110 mm width that allows more rider movement, especially around the saddle. 

The ISM PN 1.0 saddle has firm padding for cyclists who desire to record a win.

With the same chassis size as the PN 1.1 and 25 series foam and gel padding for maximum hamstring and thigh clearance. 

The saddle’s long narrow design cuts the front side completely off with the two-pronged design supporting the cyclist’s sit bones while at the same time offering increased comfort and air flow.

6. Prologo Nago Evo Cpc Pas Saddle

The Prologo Nago Evo CPC PAS is the lightest saddle in the list weighing 202g. 

It belongs to the Prologo “semi-round” family and provides a good balance between both flat and round shapes and ideal for long distance riders.

The saddle is made from Ti-Rox alloy steel rails that are resistant to traction. 

Tiny hollow rubber cylinders are tactically placed on all contact points to offer comfort and secure the rider while at the process of cycling.

The material used in construction is synthetic with a weight of 202 g, 141 in width and length of 278.

Besides, the saddle is a unisex type and offers flexibility for both males and females which makes it among the best saddle for Ironman distance riders who strive to make an outstanding cycling record.

 Its black CPC sections are grippy aiding the rider to remain well planted and more powerful at all times.

A Few Final Words

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can get the best saddle for Ironman distance that will enhance your cycling performance, control, and speed.

 These saddles are manufactured to offer an aerodynamic position without causing any damage or discomfort to the rider’s body while cycling.

Besides, the saddles come in various forms, styles, and size with one specific goal in mind; to meet the needs of the Ironman distance riders.

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