Expert Reviews The Best Mountain Bike Helmets 2018

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Mountain biking although an incredible activity can be dangerous when you don’t have the right gear. 

Now days companies have created extraordinary mountain biking helmets with the most innovative designs and technology to ensure you remain safe while enjoying your ride.

There are several mountain bike helmets out now which can get you out unscathed even in the most dangerous circumstance. 

This is due to several new features which we will discuss further.

Weather your looking for the best of the best mountain biking helmet or a more affordable one which does not compromise on quality we got you covered. 

Here we will reveal the best mountain bike helmets available in 2018.

Top 14 Best Mountain Bike Helmets 2018 - Mountain Bike Helmets Reviews:


  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Available for both men and women
  • Can add a camera mount


  • Expensive
  • not as much vents as most helmets of this type

The Giro chronicle montaro Mips is designed for trail and enduro riders.

Also comes with an adjustable visor which also provides a platform for goggles

The outer shell of the helmet is made with a durable polycarbonate which is in molded with the EPS foam liner, this provides you with a lightweight yet very durable helmet. 

This helmet is also built with Mips technology which is used as an impact protection system by allowing the helmet to move independently in certain impacts which redirects energy thus reducing impact.

It is designed with a hydrophilic padding which is able to absorb more than ten times its weight in water, which ensures sweat absorption, as well as airflow through the vents ensure you stay cool and dry.


  • Extremely durable
  • very well ventilated
  • lightweight


  • Expensive

The tectal race is a pro level trail enduro helmet, this helmet is designed with a unibody shell and an EPS liner which ensures protection.

It is also equipped with SPIN technology which is a rotational impact protection system which is  designed to reduce impact incase of a crash.

Also equipped with an adjustable high quality visor which allows you to ride during any condition weather its rain, sprayed up mud, or strong sunlight the visor is designed to protect you from these conditions.

The helmet is also equipped with excellent ventilation which allows for good airflow keeping you cool and dry thus really good for sweat management.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • High range of protection features
  • Durable


  • Expensive

The troy lee designs A1 is a unisex helmet which comes with a wide range of features that enhance the quality of your ride. 

This helmet is equipped  a polycarbonate shell in-molded with the EPS liner and is built with lower back and side protection to  ensure occipital and temple lobe protection of the brain during an impact.

 It’s also designed with Mips Technology to reduce rotation forces to the head during an impact reducing the percentage of damage taken from the impact. Built with eight air passages for cool air and maximum ventilateon.

Overall this helmet is indeed in the top of our list for being extremely effective when it comes to protection as well as allowing you to get the most of your ride.


  • Innovative design with unique features


  • Limited airflow
  • Expensive

Smith optics forefront all mountain bike helmet takes the cake in terms of most innovative design.

 This helmet is designed with aero core technology which is a combination of EPS foam and choroid which is a material that creates a very well ventilated helmet as well as improves energy dissipation during impact which is 33% more effective than the average EPS foam

 Its ventilation system does a good job of reducing overall core temperature which will increase performance and a must have for long grueling rides.

Very adjustable and allows for an extremely individualized fit.

Comes with a removable and adjustable visor to protect you from certain weather conditions such as rain and strong sunlight, also designed  with an integrated mount and goggle strap holder to allow the rider to attach a GoPro or flashlight to the helmet to enhance your ride and experience. 


  • Great for protection
  • Lightweight helmet


  • Fidlock magnetic closure system may take a while to get used to

The DXB 3.0 is equipped with armor gel technology which impacts and absorbs energy thus significantly reducing the damage taken from impact.

The helmet is also built with 18 vent holes to ensure the rider remains cool.

Includes An adjustable visor included to enhance riding experience and ensure the rider’s performance is not hindered by certain weather conditions.


  • good for protection
  • Affordable
  • protects your chin when riding downhill


  • not contain as much vents as most helmets

This full face lightweight helmet is designed with safety being the top priority, the built in polycarbonate shell ensures this.

The helmet weighs 2.2lbs which is fairly lightweight and comes with 13 well placed vents to ensure you remain well cooled.

There are tons of accessories that can be purchased to make this helmet even cooler such as (the Brain Teaser Audio) which is speakers that will perfectly fit inn this helmet, or you can opt for the wireless option called BE-LINK.


  • 2 in 1 helmet as the chin bar can be removed
  • lightweight
  • plenty of vents to keep you cool


  • chin strap may feel irritating when mouth guard in onx

The super 3R helmet is not your average full face helmet it is adjustable and can be transformed into an average helmet by unbuckling the bottom part of the helmet turning it into an average road cycling helmet, which makes this incredible for both individuals looking for a serious racing helmet or just your average helmet for enjoyable rides.

This helmet is durable and is equipped with MIPS to lower the damage from impact incase of a crash thus protecting you from severe injuries.

It comes with a GoPro mount and Ann adjustable visor to enhance your riding experiences.

Overall this is an incredible helmet and its 2 in 1 feature makes it the perfect choice for people who need 2 different helmets for different occasions.


  • one size fits all
  • lightweight
  • good features for protection and saftey
  • affordable


  • straps may be irritating

The Giro fixture helmet is perfect for individuals on a budget yet want to benefit from MIPS technology, which enhances the helmets protection level by significantly reducing impact by redirecting energy.

This helmet is extremely well ventilated which ensures you don’t overheat. It also comes in a universal fit size (one size fits all) with a dial for customized fitting


  • downhill riding protection
  • mouth guard can be removed
  • go pro mount under visor which provides a unique camera angel


  • expensive

Although this helmet is full faced it has a removable chin bar which makes this helmet a 2 in 1 which allows you to use this helmet for your average ride as well as downhill riding due to the extra protection from the chin bar.

Comes with an adjustable dial to ensure you get a perfect comfortable customized  fit.

This helmet is ASTM certified with or without the chinbar which ensures it will do its job in protecting you incase of a crash. It also comes with MIPS which highly reduces the impact taken from a fall.

Its built with an adjustable visor that contains a go pro mount right under the visor, which provides you with an incredible camera angle while riding.

Overall this is a lightweight helmet which weighs in at helmet 975 grams with the chin bar and visor, and weighs 810 grams without the chin bar.



  • lightweight
  • multiple vents keep you nice and cool


  • visor not adjustable

The smith optics rover MTB helmet features aero core construction which is created with chores retrial which absorbs impact more effectively.

This helmet is very comfortable and comes with a dial which allows you to adjust the helmet for a tailored fit, although this helmet does not come in a universal fit size (one size fits all) it comes in small, medium, large and the dial is there to ensure it fits perfectly.

Overall this helmet is very affordable and provides incredible features this helmet is perfect for those who want to utilize Smith’s incredibly unique helmet features without paying way to much for a helmet.


  • lightweight
  • durable


  • not as comftroble compared to other helmets because its unique shape

This helmet definitely over delivers for the price, it comes with a huge range of incredible features with a very affordable price compared to  what you usually have to pay for a helmet with all these incredible features.

The only concern about this helmet is the fact that it does not contain MIPS which provides that extra protection inn reducing impact. Although it still does a great job in protecting you incase of a fall/ crash due to  its thick EPS (expanded polystyrene shell) protective layer molded with the super-strong, thick outer plastic layer which does a good job in absorbing the shock from impact.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Removable visor
  • Saftey light provided in the back of the helmet


  • Due to its one size fits all it might not fit well or comfortably for certain individuals (recommended to try it out before purchasing)

One of the top sellers in the mountain bike helmet catagory, the basecamp specialized helmet is extremely affordable and will exceed your expectations for the price.

This CPS certified helmet Utilizes core features to provide you with an incredible riding experience.

First off it is designed with PVC & PC, EPS foam in order to reduce impact forces and protect the rider from impact.

The helmet comes in a one size fits all size with an easy to use dial which is placed on the back of the helmet and is used to provide the rider with a more customized fit, this ensures the helmet doesn’t move around while riding.

 Also comes with a Led safety light placed on the back of the helmet to ensure your spotted at night time where ever you may be.

Equipped with 22 vents in order to maintain coolness and ensure you don’t overheat. This helmet also comes with a removable visor which ensures protection against sunlight blocking your vision or rain getting on your face. 

Overall this helmet is one of the best cheap mountain bike helmet available in the market.

It’s perfect for someone looking for an affordable helmet that comes with a bunch of incredible features which will ensure you have an enjoyable riding experience.


  • Well ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • affordable
  • available in multiple colors


  • not the best quality due to its very affordable price

The jbm cycling helmet is the most affordable helmet in our list. it comes with an incredible range of features which provides for the perfect riding experience for the price. It comes in a one size fits all standard adult size which is easily adjustable and intended to fit both men and women

This helmet is designed to be extremely light and impact resistant due to the PVC & PC, EPS foam used to help absorb impact and protect the rider during crash.


  • Lightweight
  • Extended lower & side coverage for additional protection
  • Affordable


  • Does not conntain MIPS

Theres plenty to love about the base camp neo, specifically designed for trail riding this helmet features extended lower and side coverage offering additional protection when riding on rough & technical terrain.

Built with an adjustable retention system Designed to give you a more customized comfortable fit, and to ensure the helmet doesn’t move around when you ride. Also includes a comfort inner lining which also contain a net to protect you from insects. The inner lining is removable incase in need of a wash or to be replaced.

Includes 18 vents to ensure you remain cool while enjoying your ride. The visor comes adjustable and removable incase you prefer it off.

Overall a perfect budget friendly helmet that comes with incredible features to provide you with an enjoyable ride.

How to Choose the right Mountain bike Helmet:

Different Types of Mountain biking

I. Cross Country

If your considering buying a mountain bike helmet for cross country rides your number one priority should be finding a helmet that keeps you cool.

Look for a helmet with large vents on the front as well as the rear.

II. Trail

Trail helmets have more coverage at the back and go slightly lower than the other helmets this is to ensure you get the extra protection for some danger areas you might encounter while trail riding.

trail helmets are usually slight heavier but that is due to the extra protection.


Protection is obviously the main thing to look for in a mountain biking helmet and it should meet government instituted standards, such as in the United States helmets should be CPSC approved, In EU it should be CE approved, and in Australia look for a helmet that is AS or NZS approved.

Comfort & Fit

Proper Fit is extremely important when buying a helmet. If the helmet isn’t fixed correctly it cant do it job effectively. Excessive movements from within the shell of the helmet can prevent impact forces such as MIPS to be fully absorbed. 

If buying a helmet online it is recommended to measure your head and ensure you are buying the right size.


Having a helmet with good ventilation is vital when mountain biking, keeping you cool while you ride will significantly enhance performance. 

Most mountain biking helmets feature larger vent holes this is due to the lower average speeds when mountain biking.

Retention system

An incredible feature to look for when searching for a mountain bike helmet is a retention system. This is a dial that is on the back of the helmet and allows you to adjust the helmet fit, which is perfect to ensure you get a more customized snug fit.

Peak / Visor

Finding a helmet with a visor is crucial to protect your eye from sunlight as well as a protection against rain.

 Finding a helmet with an adjustable visor is beneficial to ensure the visor doesn’t abstract your vision in any way.

Crash Replacement

Last but not least when searching for a new helmet you can check out where the company stands in terms of crash damage replacement. 

A few companies will provide you with a discount on a new helmet if you experienced an impact.

A Few Final Words

When trying to find a mountain bike helmet it can be hard with all the different types of the helmets out there.

 Which is why we created this top 14 best mountain bike helmet list to ensure you find the right helmet for your own personal needs weather it be the best of the best helmet or an affordable one that docent compromise on quality.