Best Mountain Bike Helmets under 100

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Cycling is a recreational activity millions of people enjoy. Visits to the canyon, mountain ranges, and forests are never complete without a few kilometers of cycling.

 When cycling you carry your water, watch, eyewear, among other essentials. But how many times do you remember to carry your mountain bike helmet? 

Reports show that $2.3 Billion is spent each year to cover medical costs owing to un-helmeted cycling accidents. 

Going by these worrying numbers it is clear that helmets serve an irreplaceable role whether you are riding your mountain bike for pleasure or professionally. So here is a detailed compilation of the best Mountain bike helmets under $100.

Built specifically for off-road adventurers, this helmet is packed full of convenient features. It has a comfortable fit and an attractive modern design. The Basecamp Neo helmet ensures complete cranial coverage guaranteeing total security. 

Whether you are riding on a rough patch, up or down the mountain, you have nothing to worry about. This helmet is reliable and an amazing choice for any serious mountain biker. 

It is built with 18 large vents to facilitate proper circulation of air. It is also very light and does not weigh you down when cycling. If you have a head circumference of between 22.5 inches and 24.5 inches then this helmet is the perfect size for you.


  • Comes in attractive white and black colors
  • Has a modern design
  • 18 large vents for better ventilation
  • Can fit a head circumference of up to 24. 5 Inches
  • Light in weight


  • People whose head circumference is smaller than 22.5 Inches or larger than 24 .5 inches cannot wear this helmet because it might not fit correctly

Numerous helmets are perfectly built but can be very uncomfortable to wear. This owing to there being no provision for air to circulate which can lead to profuse sweating while cycling. 

This, however, is not the case with the Go Max Aero Mountain bike helmet. It has 22 air vents that make it possible for air to come in and out with ease. 


A unique feature is the LED tail light at the back area of the helmet which does a good job of reflecting light when cycling in the dark and hence prevents accidents and collision.

 If you are looking for a helmet that is professionally made and gives you maximum security, then look no further. This is what you are looking for.


  • Weighs a paltry 250 grams
  • Comfortable fit
  • Designed with ultra-thin inner liner and chin protector
  • Attractive design
  • Has a rear LED tail light
  • 22 air vents for optimum air circulation


  • Helmet fits awkwardly

Most helmets are made strictly for men and others only for women.

 The JBM adult mountain bike helmet can be worn by both men and women and is guaranteed to fit comfortably. 

It is made of a tough and durable material that will not break easily and lasts in its original condition even after years of use.

 It is extremely light you barely notice you are still wearing it long after you get off your bike. A unique feature is that the whole top surface of this helmet is made of reflective material.

 If you are looking for a good helmet made for cycling in the dark, the JBM adult helmet is your best bet.


  • It can be worn by both men and women
  • Light in weight
  • The entire top surface is made of reflective material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Optimum ventilation
  • Made of tough and durable material


  • The strap adjusters on the sides do not lock, which means you must re-adjust it every time you put the helmet on

Finally, a mountain bike helmet that protects you, keeps you cool and makes you look good. Many Helmets are focused so much on offering protection for the user they forget that the same user still wants to maintain a good image while wearing it. 

The manufacturers of this TeamObsidian employ superior technology to ensure safety and use only the best raw materials to offer nothing short of the best protection for the rider.

 It has washable inner pads, chin cushion, and a matte finish. If you are looking for a helmet that complements your look while simultaneously offering you maximum protection, you are in the right place.


  • Sleek matte design to complement your look
  • 22 air vents for maximum air circulation
  • Superior technology for increased protection
  • Has washable pads
  • Has chin cushion for increased comfort
  • Features a dial fit for better fitting


  • Not very comfortable

Is it too hot outside? 

Are you worried that you might sweat too much if you put on your Schwin thrasher Helmet?

 Well, worry no more! there are 21 air vents to keep you cool when riding your bike, this helmet is designed with special moisture-wicking pads to eliminate moisture from sweat and keep your head dry.

Featuring a dual fit design, reflective top, adjustable webbing, this helmet has everything a biker is looking for in a helmet.It also has a built-in Visor that provides extra shade if you are riding in the sun without proper eyewear. If you are looking for a helmet with versatility, the schwin thrasher helmet is right for you.


  • Special moisture-wicking pads for increased dryness
  • 21 air vents for better air circulation
  • Reflective top surface
  • Dual fit design
  • Adjustable webbing for a more secure fit
  • Built-in Visor for extra shading


  • Not the best quality but this is due to its very affordable price

A Few Final Words

Helmets are excellent sources of protection in the event accidents occur when riding your mountain bike. 

While the verdict is still out on whether helmets help protect other parts of the body other than the head, it is clear that a helmet is an important necessity with the lives of adventure seekers depending on it.

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