Top 5 Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Under 3000

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A hardtail mountain bike gives you the challenge of riding a mountain bike by eliminating the rigid rear.

 It is a bike that offers you simplicity while at the same time testing your riding skills. 

Unlike a full suspension, a hardtail mountain bike is, not as easy to ride. 

Here are some tips to consider when looking for a hardtail bike:

Wheel size

Wheel size is an important consideration when looking for a hardtail bike. 

You need to ask yourself whether you need speed or rolling abilities. 

With small size wheels, you will get the ability to ride faster, but you might not be able to take hard terrains. 

On the other hand, if you want good rolling on mountains, then large wheels are a good option.

Braking system

We can never ignore the braking system when talking about hardtail bikes.

 If you are looking for good performance, you need to consider hydraulic disc brakes although they come at a high cost. 

On the other hand, you might still use the standard v-brakes.

Gearing and speed

Gearing and speed will depend on the kind of challenge that you want to take.

Today the most common hardtail bikes are 30 speed. 

When it comes to gearing, Shimano front and rear drivetrain derauliers are the best.

Top Hardtail Mountain Bike Under 3000:

This carbon fiber mountain bike is ideal for cyclists who are planning to join professional cycling. It might also be ideal for professional riders who have been riding professionally riding for some time. It is available in matte black with red graphics.

Key Features

  • Frame – the frame of this bake is made from carbon fiber unlike others made from steel or aluminum
  • Size and weight – it is available in 17 and 19 inches. The overall weight is 10.7kgs
  • Speed – M610 30 Speed, Shimano derailleur technology
  • Wheels and tires – MTB professional wheels 27.5 and 29 inches
  •  Brake technology – hydraulic disc braking system (Shimano technology)


  • Lightweight – this is a lightweight bike considering the carbon fiber frame that is used for the frame. You don’t have to worry about excessive weight when maneuvering hard terrain.
  • For professionals and also beginners – this bike is suitable for beginners and even professionals. When starting out, this is a good option, and the good news is that you will use it until you bike a professional.
  • Good built-quality – the quality of the bike is quite good, and you can see it by checking the parts. The frames peddles, and saddle are of decent quality.
  • Riding comfort – with MTB professional wheels, you can ride in rough terrain comfortably. The speed is also useful to help you overcome the challenges of steep terrain.
  • Safety – the hydraulic braking technology is efficient and safe when riding.


  • Uncomfortable saddle – you might want to change the saddle with a comfortable one.

This matte black bike is available in 4 sizes. You can choose among the four available sizes such as 16, 18, 20 and 22. The sizes are from small to extra-large. This is a cross-country bike, and it can go through tough terrain.


  • Frame – made using aluminum hardtail frame with no frame
  • Wheels – 29-inch wheels to accommodate the aluminum frame
  •  Gears – made using Shimano shifters and derailleurs gear system
  •  Braking system – Shimano hydraulic braking technology (BR-M315) Wheels and tires – 29-inch wheels and Kenda Honey Badger’s tires


  • Lightweight but study – the frame of this bike is made using the aluminum material. The aluminum bike is butted 6061 quality, and this means that you enjoy riding a light but stable bike.
  • Comfortable riding – ride comfort is essential when looking for a bike. This bike is comfortable keeping in mind that the gear technology makes changing gears easily. Using the Shimano shifters and derailleurs, you can adjust the gears based on the terrain.
  • Tubeless bike – if you want a bike that is tubeless, then this bike is an excellent place to start. Changing tires is quite easy
  • Bike extras – when looking for a bike, it is always important to check the extras. The bike comes with extras such as grips, seat post, and stems.


  • Not adjustable – the bike is not adjustable, and this means that you have to choose the right size.

The main color of this bike is black. However, it has graphics in other colors like grey, orange, red, white and yellow. It is a mountain bike made for performance and also convenience when riding in rough terrain.

Key Features

  • Frame – carbon fiber minimal style frame available in a variety of sizes 15.5″, 17″ and 19″ inches
  •  Brakes and suspension – the bike comes with hardtail MTB suspension, and the disk brake is hidden
  • Speed – Shimano technology 30-speed bike. Front and rear derailleur with easy shifters
  • Wheels and tires – 27.5 and 29 inch Michelin tires


  • Lightweight but durable – the frame is made from carbon fiber, and this makes it lightweight. Despite being light weight, it is still sturdy and durable. With this material, you can be sure that the bike will serve you for a long time.
  • Comfort riding – apart from good performance, you still need to make sure that you are comfortable. For maximum comfort, you can choose the wheel size that you want. The fork suspension is also good for reducing vibration.
  • Easy to assemble – the process of assembling a bike right from the box is difficult. The bike is easy to assemble, and it will take a short time before you start riding it.
  • Easy to ride – beginners are usually intimidated by mountain bikes. However, this bike is suitable for beginners. The derailleurs make it easy to switch from one gear to another without any issues.


  • Not ideal for short riders – the bike is not ideal for short riders

This bike made in Germany is available in small, medium and large. It is black with red graphics. It is a high-performance hardtail bike that is ideal for beginners.

Key Features

  • Frame- carbon frame with a remote fork
  • Speed – Shimano drivetrain 10 speed with SLX shifters 
  • Wheels and tires – Evo tires available in 29×2.25 size
  • Extras – tapered handlebars and MTN saddle


  • Excellent performance - the bike does not compromise on performance even on entry level. The remote form helps cycling effectively even in rough terrain. The 29x2.25 tires add to the excellent performance of this bike.
  • Comfort when riding – the MTN saddle is ideal when riding on bumpers and any other type of tough terrain. The tapered handlebars prevent friction offering comfort even when riding for long hours.
  • Speed and control – the lightweight frame of this bike make it easy to control. The SLX shifters are easy to adjust and control even in rough terrain


  • Uncomfortable saddle – you might want to replace the saddle with a padded one.

This is an excellent hardtail bike and especially when working on a budget. It gives you the luxury of riding a high-end bike, but it still has all the features. The bike is available in sizes 16. 18,20 and 22 depending on your height.

Key Features

  • Frame – the bike has an aluminum frame
  •  Drivetrain – Shimano drivetrain single train
  • Braking system – modern hydraulic disc brakes
  •  Fork system – 120mm travel fork


  • Lightweight – the bike is made from aluminum, but it is lightweight. It is still as light as those bikes made from carbon frame.
  • Easy control – the Shimano drivetrain and shifters make it easy to control the bike whenever you get a challenge
  • Efficient riding – with this bike you can be sure of an efficient journey. The bike comes with 120mm travel fork that can take all the obstacles when riding.
  • Easy to assemble – the bike is already 95% assembled, and you do not even have to take it to a bike mechanic.


  • Heavy – it might be a little bit heavier than carbon frame bikes.

A Few Final Words

A hardtail bike might seem like a challenge to many people. It is a simple bike that gives you the riding problem that you might not get from full suspension bikes.

 There are various types of hardtail bike like cross country, dirt and trail bikes. Before you buy a hardtail bike, you need to determine how you want to use the bike.

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