Top 5 Best Budget mtb Brakes

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How do you boost control and confidence while riding your bike on a trail, flat or rough terrain? 

You need efficient, powerful and high-performance brakes to help you ride and easily slow.

With the best MTB brakes, the rider is allowed to brake later and can comfortably ride in high speed over different terrains hence increasing the average speed.

Both manufacturers and riders overlook the significance of brakes, but if you want better rides, then you need a good set of brakes. It may sound absurd and counter-intuitive, but it’s the plain truth. 

Recent technological advancement In disc braking system has led to the lowering of both costs and weighs, hence shifting attention to this bike component.

There are two significant things you should always consider to get the best from your disc brakes; bedding them in and bleeding the hydraulics. With that said, let’s look at the best budget mtb brakes today in the market.

Leading the list is the high-performance disc brake manufactured by Shimano. 

The SLX BL-M675-R disc brake delivers the best components of the Shimano type at a pocket-friendly price.

 Its levers are broad, are deeply crooked, and get additional grip dimples with a large adjuster dial on its knuckle.

The disc brake guarantees a quick engagement and 25% high-level input with less free stroke to get aggressive riding.

 To achieve a smooth and quiet running, it has a variable-leverage Servo Wave cam that connects to the master cylinder. 

Besides, it increases power at the contact point.

SLX is considered the most consistent, predictable and high-performance brakes to be used all over the world.

2. Clarks M3

The Clarks M3 disc brake is the upgrade version of the M2 brake system. Both rear and front hydraulic brake systems are available for sale in the market. 

It features great components that include; a two-piston hydraulic brake, a lever reach adjustment, and a160mm disc rotor.

The brake’s lever has been changed into a simple radial unique design with additional alterations to streamline the one-piece caliper. 

By doing these significant transformations, the manufacturer managed to squeeze out 25% more power while at the same time reducing its weight to 140g.

The Clarks M3 disc brake can only be purchased with a 180/160 mm or 160/160 mm rotors included in the box.

 If you desire to fix a larger rotor, you will be required to purchase it separately.

 However, you can still choose to fit Shimano Deore pads to make it easier for you to find replacements and spare parts.

The SRAM Guide RSC (B1) is among the best budget mtb brakes with regards to efficiency, control, and performance. 

SRAM, the manufacturer, claims that the disc brake can withstand immense heat with a smooth and consistent feel.

Its brake features an aluminum lever, 4 –piston dual diameter caliper and an ambidextrous mount type. 

The disc brake is designed to provides a lever reach adjustment, Contact point adjustment capability and SRAM’s brand new SwingLink lever design.

 The Guide RSC lever that it comes with is among the unique features that distinguish it from other brake models.

In addition to that, the manufacturer specially designed the contact point to be easy to access behind the lever attachment close to the master cylinder. 

Its powerful 4-piston is well-built using a bleeding edge technology to allow fluid to pass through for an effective bleeding process.

The HOPE RACE EVO X-2 disc brake is perfect for lightweight hydraulic for trail and cross-country riders.

 Manufactured by Hope, the disc brake weighs 198 g and uses a hydraulic system. Unlike other brake models, the HOPE RACE EVO X-2 does use rotors.

The brake also uses a lightweight, black, polyester and well-reinforced line. 

They are deigned with levers which are hand specific, and they are available for both left and right sides. 

Besides, you can promptly adjust the levers using an Allen key. In addition to that, its unique split clamp design allows the rider to adjust quickly.

Other significant components include a Titanium hardware with two alloy-backed pads, 2-piston caliper and a pre-bled system that uses DOT 5.1 brake system.

 The brake disc offers immense stopping power, efficiency, and better control. Besides, it is easy to install and won’t cause any headaches to a novice rider.

Magura USA brakes are reputable in offering the best control and confidence since the fall of mountain bikes.

 They are reliable in all situations and conditions, and the brake offers outstanding braking power at an affordable price. 

The braking process starts just after the pads make contact and incline to provide more power.

The levers are quite comfortable for those riders blessed with big hands but huge for those with little digits.

 Its long length makes it easy for riders to use two fingers in the braking process. 

The shorter lever, on the other hand, will make the brakes more accessible to riders with small bodies without using a lot of power.

Its unique and distinguishing feature is the magnetic backing available on the brake pads that makes them fit into position, ensuring that they are in the right place.

 Unlike other brake models, the Magura USA brake has a long hose that may be shortened according to the needs and preferences of the rider. 

Besides, bleeding is quite simple and won’t take much of your precious time.

Having a high-performance pair of brakes transforms your biking experience by boosting your confidence and control which ultimately leads to high speeds of cycling.

 Before making a purchase, consider the significant features like the pads, rotor size, levers, and component capability.

The good news is that when coming up with this list of the best budget mtb brakes, we considered all the determining factors which include price and hydraulic systems that most riders love today.

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