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Many people argue that a cyclocross bike is a hybrid bike. However, this is not always the case. A cyclocross bike should have the features for cycling in gravel for short distance. It is should also be lightweight because at some point in the race the riders might be forced to carry the bike. The handles of a cyclocross bike also have a dropped look.

Features to consider when buying a cyclocross bike:

A. Frame type

The frame type of the bike is essential when choosing a cyclocross bike. It is essential to choose a frame that is light and also durable. Carbon fiber is a common choice for many bike manufacturers. However, the most common material is aluminum. Steel might be used for these bikes, but it is quite heavy.

B. Tire and wheels

Cyclocross bikes should have puncture resistant wheels, cushioned and with a good grip. You need to remember that the bike is for racing on gravel and it is essential for the bike tires to withstand the terrain. Good tires should have a high spoke count to withstand the rough terrain.

C. Brake system

We cannot talk about a racing bike without talking about the braking system. It is essential for the braking system to be safe and efficient. The best braking system for cyclocross bike is hydraulic disc brakes system. It is expensive, but it is worth it. Cantilever or V-brake options are also good when working on a budget.

D. Chain types

It is essential to check the chain types when choosing a cyclocross bike. A single chain type is good because it does not accumulate a lot of mud when riding off- road. It is also easy to clean and makes the bike light.

Other Uses

Most of the cyclocross bikes are not solely for racing. If you are planning to use your bike for other uses, make sure that it has other features like a carrier, mudguard and an excellent braking system.

Top 5 Best Budget Cyclocross Bike:

Raleigh is a well-known brand in the cycling world with over 130-years experience.

The RX 2.0 is a good option for cyclocross for users looking for a practical race bike.

It is a good looking bike with a black frame combined with blue and pink hints.

Key Features

  • Carbon alloy frame and tapered head tube 
  • Mechanical disk braking system
  • Sizes available – 52, 54, 56,58,60,62 cm 
  • Maximum weight of 27lbs


  • Lightweight bike – the RX 2.0 is a lightweight considering that it is made using a carbon alloy frame. This is a good option for cyclocross racers who are looking for a bike that they can carry. The biggest bike has a maximum of 27lbs.
  • Safety – if you are looking for a safe bike, this is a good option to choose. It will provide you safety when racing at high speed with the mechanical disk braking system that stops abruptly.
  • Good for the climbs – this is a great bike and especially when taking climbs. It has SRAM Rival technology that is good for smooth climbs.
  • Good looks – if you are looking for a good looking bike this bike is a looker. The combination of black, pink and blue makes the bike look high end.


  • Installation is not easy – when you buy the bike online, you might need to take it to your nearest bike shop. The bike mechanic will attach the parts and also do some oiling before using the bike.

The bike is available in black or green depending on your preference. 

It is a minimalist bike for people who are looking for a bike that is less bulky.

Key Features

  • Steel frame with a chrome look
  • Wide Tires
  •  Features – A bottle mounting section and kickstand 
  • Body sizes – 22 inches and 25 inches


  • Easy to assemble – the bike is easy to assemble, and it does not take a lot of time to assemble it.
  • Smooth riding – you can be sure that the bike will offer you a smooth ride due to the wide tires. Passing through gravel is easy.
  • Enhanced safety – the disk brakes work well, and they are of high quality.
  • Fast – since this is a racing bike, it is quite fast, and it is good for racers.
  • Riding convenience – it has a kickstand for easy parking and also a water bottle to keep you hydrated.


  • A little bit heavy – since the bike is made using steel it is quite heavy compared to those made using carbon fiber

Unlike other cyclocross bikes, this bike has a masculine look. It is predominately black with a red color. 

The best thing about this bike is the fact that it is not just for cyclocross. It is also a bike that you can take on your riding adventures.

Key Features

  • Strong black aluminum alloy frame
  •  SRAM Apex – braking and gear system
  • 40mm wide tires – Flintridge tires


  • Good gravel riding – this bike is a gravel grinder with the wide 40mm tires. Cycling for long gravel paths with this bike is not a problem.
  • Adjustable – the bike can be easily adjusted to gain stability. You can adjust the head tube height and wheelbase to your preferred size.
  • Lightweight – since it is made with an aluminum frame, it is not as heavy as those that are made using a steel frame.
  • Good braking system – this bike has the latest braking system using the hydraulic disc brakes.


  • Some expertise to install – you need some level of expertise to put the bike together so you can take it to a bike mechanic.

This is a stylish bike, but the style is not all that it offers. 

It’s available in black with hints of red and blue. 

The mongoose selous is not just a bike for cyclocross racing.

 It can also be used as a road bike when going out for some adventure.

Key Features

  • Comfortable, sporty saddle
  • Hydraulic Shimano braking technology
  • Shimano cluster gearing
  • Sizes – 54, 56, 58, 61cm


  • Versatile bike – this is a versatile bike, and it can be used both for racing, and it is also road bike.
  • Enjoyable driving adventure – it is important to look for a bike that will give an enjoyable driving experience. The bike can withstand the riding even on gravel roads.
  • Comfortable bike – comfort is important when looking for a bike. The bike has a comfortable saddle making it ideal for long distance riding.
  • Good for a workout – the bike is not just good for racing. It will give you the experience that you need for working out.


  • Bulky – the bike might be bulky for many people.

The bike is available in a combination of black and gold. Many people who have bought this bike are impressed by the combination of black color and gold.

Key Features

  • Exterior build – the frame of this bike is made using aluminum, and it also has a carbon fork. 
  • Sizes available – it is available in small and extra small.
  •  Customized frame


  • Speed and performance – this is one of the bikes that will not disappoint you when looking for a high-performance bike. It is good for tough terrain and also for pavement riding.
  • Durable exterior – the aluminum exterior of this bike is good for people who are looking for a strong bike.
  • Comfort – apart from the speed and performance, the bike is also made for comfort. The frames and the seat are made to match the human physique, and this is a good way to enhance comfort.
  • Long warranty – to guarantee you quality, the manufacturers of this bike offer a 2-year warranty.


  • Professional assembling – you might need to take your bike for professional assembling to get the maximum benefits.

A good cyclocross bike should be a combination of safety, performance, speed, and comfort. You need to buy a bike that will give the speed that you want without compromising on comfort or speed. Cyclocross bikes are racing bikes although we have some that can be used as road bikes.

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