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Many, while looking to explore their love for adventure consider getting into recreational cycling. They venture into the market looking for the one bike that appeals to them the most. But is it really about the appeal? What qualities do you look for in a bike? Are there other factors that go into ensuring that you make the best buy? Unfortunately, many fall short when looking to buy a bike. They spend so much money on a bike that is suited better for a different purpose and only realize it when it’s too late. Here is a detailed look into some of the best city bikes under $300.

This is one of the most versatile city bikes in its class that you can find in the market.

 In a bid to cater to a variety of demands from both men and women, this city bike comes in different sizes, colors and is made using quality materials that guarantee durability.

 If you are that rider looking for a bike that is not limited to one niche but can do a little bit of everything, the GMC Denali city bike is your best bet. What with high-quality tires that will give you excellent performance whether you are riding on a smooth pavement or rough roads and high profile alloy racing rims, you will be glad you trusted your gut and bought this bike.

Other attractive features on this bike include lightweight aluminum step-through frame and dropped handlebar with side pull brake alloy calipers and levers. It comes with Shimano Revo and Shimano Derailleur shifts whose main function is to ensure fast and smooth gear changes.


  • Lightweight aluminum step-through frame
  • Kickstand for stability when you’re off the bike
  • Alloy calipers and levers for enhanced function and durability
  • Quality tires that can adjust to different kinds of road surfaces
  • Shimano Revo and Shimano Derailleur shifts for faster, smoother gear changes


  • This bike has numerous functions that may prove too ambiguous for someone looking for a simple city bike.

With a 21 speed Shimano, you are sure that the Vilano Aluminum City bike will take you anywhere you want comfortably.

 It does well covering short distances and does even better when riding longer distances.

This bike is built to adjust to its users needs and it does so seamlessly. For quick and stable riding, this bike features an aluminum frame which in addition is great for absorbing shock from bumps. Its brakes and drop handlebars are made of alloy material for enhanced durability and functionality.

It gives you quality, comfort, and value for money. It is hence understandable how this bike made it into this list of best city bikes under $300. If you are looking for a bike that can help you meet your fitness goals, the Vilano Aluminum City bike promises not to disappoint.


  • Lightweight aluminum fram
  • 21 speed Shimano to accommodate a variety of speeds
  • Great bike for fitness of leisure riding
  • Drop handle bars for improved comfort when riding fast
  • Affordable


  • Certain riders may strain or find it difficult to adjust to using dropped handlebars as opposed to the normal flat handlebars.

It is tough, it is agile, this is a bike that few other city bikes out there can match up to.

It is designed with a handmade, diamond shaped steel frame aimed at helping the rider maintain an upright position suitable for recreational cycling, fitness riding, and urban commuting.

For better speed, control and smooth riding experience this bike is fitted with a Shimano 7 speed drivetrain and Shimano Revo twist shifters. Front and rear brakes strategically attached to a linear handlebar allow a rider to slow down or suddenly stop in case of emergency.

It comes with quality tires made to grip the ground and absorb shock from hitting rocks on rough roads or bumps while ensuring stability and safety for the rider at all times. The Critical Cycles Beaumont Urban city bike is just perfect for anyone looking for a simply designed, functional yet affordable bike for commuting to school, work or taking exercise rides up and down the street.


  • Front and rear brakes for enhanced control and safety while riding
  • Has the Shimano 7 speed drivetrain to cater to slower and faster speeds
  • Has quality tires that ensure stability as well as absorb shock from riding through rocky roads
  • Linear handle bar for comfortable riding position
  • Shimano Revo twist shifters allow for seamless gear changes


  • This city bikes simple nature may prove less assuring when riding through uneven ground for a longer duration of time.

One look at this City Bike and you know you found what you are looking for.

 Designed for simple riding around town, this bike has a flip-flop hub and freewheel made to enhance gear functions.

Front and rear alloy caliper breaks for efficient stopping and slowing down when riding. The straight handlebar comes with two secure grips to keep your hands securely fixed on the handles for better control. It is efficiently made to feature fixie styling which requires minimal maintenance. Its seat is well placed to hold the rider in the right position for a comfortable strain free ride for however long. It has no shifters or derailleurs and a complicated gear system which means less energy dispensed by the rider during the journey. This bike’s sleek urban design makes it perfect for every day commutes to work.


  • Simple urban design
  • No complicated shifters or derailleurs gear systems
  • Well-designed seat for comfortable riding position
  • Front and rear caliper brakes for durability and better control


  • This city bike has no shifters or derailleurs which makes transitioning between speeds slightly less efficient compared to other bikes with enhanced gearshift systems.

A Few Final Words

Bike riding brings with it a level of content and satisfaction that you can find nowhere else. The sense of freedom that comes with feeling the wind on your face, while enjoying different breathtaking sceneries is something to behold. To experience all this, however, you need a great city bike that is affordable and that will not break down on you after a few months of use. The above list of best city bikes presents you with a variety of quality bikes you can buy. So go ahead, you won’t regret it

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