SXL Expressway Bike Review

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The SXL expressway Aluminum urban track is designed for a day to day commuter who loves to transverse the streets of a city or town. 

It is a lightweight bike with an aluminum frame, Chao Yang high-performance tires, and riser handlebars.

This product from SXL is a single speed bike because it has a single gear ratio with no derailleur gears or hub gearing technology.

 Unlike other bike styles, they are durable and straightforward with little maintenance.

 Due to their minimal and simple design, they rarely break down and expect minimal repairs.

Why you need to own this bike? 

Read on to find out the incredible features it has.

Features and Functionality:

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

When it comes to quality and durability aluminum frames are considered the best with the largest volume of sales in the market.

 This is because the bike uses a 6061 aluminum alloys are made up of magnesium, aluminum, and silicone.

Additionally, the 6061 aluminum frame has high resistance to squeeze.

 This level of resistance is usually determined by factors such as thickness, tube shaping and wield quality.

 The frame is powerful compared to other frame types like aluminum 7005 because it is quite easy to handle which eventually translates to a reduction of frame production costs.

The aluminum frame is also double butted which means that the tube wall has two dimensions; thick at the tube end and thinner at the middle.

Rear and Front Radius Brake Calipers

The SXL expressway bike uses aluminum radius caliper brakes. Radius brakes are considered to be the best for creating radius bends for both steel and aluminum. Its unique design reduces stress while creating a very good bend that most sheet metal brakes cannot accomplish.

Besides, this type of brakes offers powerful and instant stopping power for safety, good control, and comfort. Each pair weighs 375 grams and available in different colors depending on the original color of the bike.

The SXL expressway bike features radius brakes at the back and front that guarantees quick and smooth stopping power. The wheels measure 30mm with 31.8 riser handlebars that offer steady control for your bike and support the rider’s weight.

Furthermore, unlike other bikes types this single speed bike is simple, durable, comfortable and easy to use which makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Platform Pedals

Platform pedals are ideal for most cycling activities like riding around town or mountain biking. They provide enough room for stepping hence giving a lot of power with every turn you make on the road or flat surface.

The pedals are made of an aluminum alloy that is ultra-light making it an ideal component of cyclists who participate in bike races. Besides, control and comfort are guaranteed in every ride.

To increase performance, consider upgrading to larger and thinner platforms and sealed bearings. The pedal is designed for riders with large feet and ideal to be used in racing, recreational cycling, and cross country.

4. Alloy 46T Crankset

This durable Crankset has a 46T steel chaining with lightweight arms that are currently available in different bright colors. The crank can fit on JS square taper. To modify this bike from SXL, you can choose the colored Crankset pieces. Besides, you can use the component for a single and fixed speed set up.
31.8 handlebars

Compared to other handlebar types, the 31.8 version is much stronger and offer high stiffness. Its wide diameter facilitates the same stiffness or strength with the use of little material.

Pros of the SXL expressway

  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Single speed
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Powerful stopping power
  • Easy to handle and ride
  • Comfortable


  • Might not be the best bike for riding on hills or rough terrains.
  • You cannot exceed 100kmph

A Few Final Words

The SXL expressway bike has all the significant features that an enthusiast cyclist is anticipating on a superbike. It is lightweight, affordable, durable, comfortable and worth your money. Furthermore, it is designed for daily commuting and racing through both flat and rough terrains.

This bike’s quality is unmatched plus it comes with a with a warranty on both fork and fringe. Also, customers are offered a one year warranty on all accessories.

With this bike, there is no doubt that your riding experience is going to be amazing.