Top 5 Best Cruiser Bikes Under 200

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Walking the beach can be filled with fun and adventure, but if you own a cruiser bike, the experience is more thrilling. These bikes guarantee you comfort and pleasure as you cycle down the beach, flat surfaces or commuting within a beach town.

There are cruiser bikes that use one gear while others have a wide range of speeds for easy shifting on long rides or when traversing flat surfaces. Depending on your taste and style, you may choose to purchase cruiser bikes that are equipped with water bottle cages and a rear rack to carry your stuff like towels and snacks.

Cruiser bikes are currently in high demand in the market. Many people are purchasing this bike style due to their simplicity, unique flowing design guarantees comfort, features complex shifters and coaster brakes.

With that in mind, take a look at some of the best cruiser bikes under 200.

This is the latest model of the Kent Thruster. It features a steel frame, a steel fork, ally brakes, 700C alloy rims, and a chain guard. These features give the bike a sleek design that is lightweight and durable. The bike combines comfort, style, speed, and practicality.

It’s chain guard keeps the bike’s chain on track and protects your legs from injury. The bike is also equipped with alloy brakes that are strategically positioned at the front and rear to offer extra stability and control when riding.

This cruiser bike is perfect for city commuters or a rider who wants a simple, comfortable, and easy to operate. Its unique black design with red tires gives it a great athletic look. It is available in white and red colors.

This a cruiser bike that offers comfort, ease and flexibility. It has a straightforward design, low maintenance, and proper storage. It features a 19-inch steel

frame, cruiser handles, spring saddles, and aluminum wheels.

The bike allows an upright cycling position that ensures that your back and shoulders are comfortable. It has reverse pedals and coaster brakes that guarantees smooth and instant stopping. The wheels are made of aluminum measuring 26’ with tread tires that provide comfort and stable riding experience.

The reputable Shimano seven speed derailleur allows the rider to choose a wide range of gears. It is a single speed bike and perfect for riding on flat surfaces, beach and city streets.

Additionally, it is has blacked –out accessories for an extra style that comprises a rear rack to add optional stuff like panniers and baskets. The handlebars and seat can be adjusted to a particular height or tilt for maximum comfort.

This is the latest model manufactured by Huffy and currently ranked among the best cruiser bikes under 200. It features a perfect fit frame, cruiser handlebars, cruiser tires, and a padded saddle.

The tires are 26” to enhance strength and stability while riding through different terrains. Additionally, the tires are made of a special alloy that makes it easy to transverse through the water. The cruiser handlebars feature dual density grips that improve handling and allow an upright posture while riding.

Besides, the padded pedals are made in a way that it has the lowest center of gravity to provide a better and comfortable cycling position. The sturdy fenders give the bike a classic look while at the same time keeping you clean and dry. The braking system is excellent with easy to control coaster brakes.

The bike is designed for women riders who want to feel remarkable, outstanding and straightforward. There is no doubt with its great features; the bike will not disappoint the women.

The Micargi Rover GX 26” is a single speed bike designed for women who want a different taste of riding style. It has a steel frame, 26”wheels, coaster brakes, fenders, pedals, and kickstand. For men who love to ride Micargi Rover models, there is one designed for you.

The cruiser is built on a strong and durable steel frame that has a weight capacity of 220 lbs. It is fitted with coaster brakes that guarantee a safe, controllable stopping power. Its standard tires and fenders give a great look that suits women with an awesome riding style.

Other great features include; alloy stems, alloy rims, and cruiser handlebars. It is designed for women between the heights of 5’1” to 6’0”. It is perfect to be

ridden within the neighborhood, beach, campus and the park.

Being a product from Kent, a reputable cruiser bike brand in the market, here is no doubt that this bike is amazing. The Shogun 26 inches stone harbor men’s cruiser bicycle is built on a durable and classic cruiser frame. It has cruiser tires, steel handlebars, and other components, the bike delivers.

Cruiser saddles provide maximum comfort while you ride on all types of terrains under different weather conditions. The fenders give the bike a unique and classic style that goes unnoticed.

As with most cruiser bikes, it gives a unique style to any activity you perform every day ranging from commuting, transportation and even racing. Its simplicity makes it a darling to riders who want a different biking experience.

Are you looking for a cruiser bike that you can ride as you have fun with friends and family while at the beach? You should consider purchasing the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle.

The bike is designed with excellent features such as steel frame, aluminum wheels, balloon tires, coaster brakes, and gripped handlebars.

It’s balloon tires guarantee a cushioned ride while the coaster brakes ensure the rider has confidence and control. It also comes with an over-sized seat to offer extra comfort.

This bike is specially designed for women between the heights of 5 to 6 with a maximum weight of 300 pounds. So, if you belong to this category then this is the bike to go for if you need is awesome riding experiences.

Cruiser bikes are simple, durable and easy to handle, unlike other bike styles. They are created for recreational purposes such as riding within the neighborhood, beach and around town.

Furthermore, they are comfortable with minimal repairs to handle and ideal for a rider who yearns for a great biking experience filled with fun.

If you are planning to purchase a bike, the above list detailing the best cruiser bikes under 200 will help you in making a sound decision.

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