Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

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Many people take cycling not only as a way of exercising or spending some good leisure time , but also as a great and exciting sport. To have an excellent cycling experience, you require a well-maintained bike, gloves, helmet, and cycling shoes.

Women have varied feet sizes and need special cycling shoes. Some have slim feet while others have wide feet. Women with wide feet experience a lot of challenges when choosing cycling shoes that fit perfectly. I bet you understand the toe-crushing discomfort that is caused as a result of wearing ill-fitting cycling shoes.

Wearing the right pair of cycling shoes according to your foot size makes a huge difference in terms of comfort, protection, and performance. That said, choosing the best women’s cycling shoes for wide feet can be quite challenging. The following is a list of the top cycling shoes for women with wide feet to help you in making a sound decision.

The Shimano made cycling shoes are meant for both novice and beginner women cyclists. They are lightweight, made of leather, water resistant and still quite flexible to allow your feet to move. It has a perfect balance of both flexibility and stiffness due to its lightweight fiberglass-supported nylon sole.

The upper mesh ensures that your feet are completely dry and comfortable. Its exterior is made of synthetic material that is much lighter than leather but still guarantees durability. This pair offers utmost comfort and stays in great shape for years.

Air intake system provides a continuous ventilation on the feet and you won’t have to worry about sweat. The synthetic leather upper increases strength and durability. It is a low-maintenance shoe and you won’t spend a lot on keeping the shoe clean. You are only required to give it a good wash, fine drying and keep it in a dry place.

Are you looking for a high performance and unique shoes specifically made for wide feet? Well, you should consider grabbing a pair from Giro. It is made from

synthetic fiber and instead of the usual mesh uppers, the shoe has holes that to enable aeration and keep your feet fresh.

Its exterior is made of synthetic leather making it ultra-light and durable. The leather prevents the leaking of water inside the shoe. Although the shoe is water resistant, it is not advisable to soak your pair of cycling shoes in the water, because it will affect the shoe’s water resistance.

Midsoles and molded EVA provide both arch support and cushioning to the cyclist especially those women with wide feet. Its padded collar enables perfect aeration for both stability and comfort. Unlike other shoe brands, the Giro cycling shoe has three Velcro straps that prevent your shoe from sliding off your foot.

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These cycling shoes come in a variety of colors and perfect for women with wide feet. This multi-flex pair of shoes is suitable for all types of bike riding ranging from rigorous training to leisure weekend rides.

They have good traction due to their outer sole which makes the pair perfect for all outdoor activities. Its toe space is wide to offer wiggling room without affecting the shoe size. It’s exterior is made of synthetic leather that makes it waterproof with a mesh improves aeration.

Besides, the interior of the shoe has a ventilated EVA insole which ensures excellent airflow and offers maximum comfort and additional stability when you are pedaling.

How does these pair of shoes ensure that you sweating feet are dry? They have a multi-flex outsole with great ventilation that keeps your feet dry while at the same time easing pressure exerted on your heels.

Another unique feature of the wide cycling pair of shoes is the reflective heel; it enhances visibility at night. In addition to that, it has 3 Velcro straps that make a snug fit. The straps are also easy to undo, offering flexibility when you want to switch activities promptly.

The Tommaso Pista is among the best women’s cycling shoes for wide feet. If you want to conquer the rough terrains, rocks and mountains consider purchasing a pair of Tommaso Pista wide cycling shoes.

The pair of shoes offers both comfort and high performance with a cleat area that is compatible with both SPD &SPD-SL cleat that provides a great platform for all types of pedals. Besides, it has a low profile hook and lock Velcro straps that guarantees an ergonomic fit for maximum comfort.

It has a fiberglass well-reinforced sole that offers optimum stiffness and maximizes power transfer. This exceptional technology enables cyclists to ride their

superbikes faster for a long period of time using less energy.

These wide cycling shoes are specially designed for women with wide feet. They are available in two colors black and cayenne to make it easy to choose to the target market. The pair of shoes is made of synthetic material with a rubber sole.

The Pearl Izumi Cycling shoes are high performance and super versatile shoes with a Vibram sole that delivers traction to the two pedals and the ground. It features an advanced three-layer seamless upper that provides maximum comfort and durability all day long for every biking adventure.

It has three Velcro straps that allows you to fasten and remove them easily. The exterior of the shoe designed using synthetic leather with a mesh that improves aeration. The inner sole has a padded collar that offers sufficient comfort on your feet. This pair of shoe is perfect for triathlon athletes, mountain biking and outdoor cycling.

A Few Final Words

Women cyclists with wide feet usually experience a lot of pain while trying to have a great biking experience. Many of them fail to find the right shoes to match their special needs. Before making a purchase, consider settling for the best women’s cycling shoes for wide feet..

That said, the above list of shoes will offer the best in terms of comfort, durability, and protection for women with wide feet. Don’t hesitate! Make a choice and enjoy your shopping.