Top 5 Best Starter Fixed Gear Bike

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The fixed gear bike commonly known as the fixie bike is the oldest version of every bike you see on the streets today. Unlike the mountain bikes, fixie bikes lack the freewheel mechanism but they can deliver great rides and work perfectly for starters. 

However with a wide variety of fixed gear bikes in the market, choosing the best means that you have to know what you want. This means that you might end up possessing a not-so-good bike if you lack enough experience.

 However, we have done extensive web research to save you time. So, here are 5 exceptional bikes in the market that will guarantee you the best starter fixed gear bike.

This single gear bike right for every beginner and the price won’t rip off your wallet. Considering that it is made by a reputable the bike comes with some of the best features. It is built with a sturdy aluminum body. 

This makes it highly portable and has 700x25c high-performance tire that will serve you for years. 

Besides, the bike comes with an internal cable routing with two bottle cage bosses. It uses radius brakes on the rear and front for impressive braking performance. Besides, it has 46T alloy crankset connected to a 16T cog and Joytech flip-flop hub that makes the fixed gear set up complete. 

Moreover, this bike is available in small, medium and large sizes allowing it to accommodate different riders. This is a great versatile bike that is worth every penny.

 Even though the price is quite friendly, this bike is rigid and provides a swift performance. The SXL Expressway is a great bike for both urban and off-road riding. 

Thanks to its sturdy frame, robust wheels, and swift pedaling and braking system.

Harper is another bike that is ideal for starters who need the best single gear bike that will deliver outstanding results. This is an ergonomically designed bike made by a famous company with an established track record. 

Although there are many bikes from this Company, this particular fixie bike is unbeatable. It features a premium designed characterized by hand built steel gear, track frame with barspin clearance, horizontal, and no toe overlap. The bike also features a flip-flop hub. Besides, it uses 30 mm deep v- rims, strong commuter tires, VP freestyle pedals, KC chain, and a durable dual brake sets. Moreover, this bike is changeable from fixed to freewheel design. The bike has excellent front and rear brakes that offer safe and sudden stop preventing any accidents. Additionally, this top-rated bike comes with all the maintenance tools which means you don’t have to worry in case you need to fix any part of the bike.

If you are looking for a solid, stylish and affordable fixed gear bike, then you won’t go wrong with the 6KU single speed bike which is top rated and available at a fair price. The urban truck fixie features raised bars that enable you to easily negotiate through the tricky urban and jungle corners.

 The lightweight 6061 alloy frame is coupled with one and 1/8 inches alloy fork. Thus, you can experience the best riding experience in both urban and off-road riding. Whether you want it for exercising, commutation or any other purpose, the sturdy and ergonomic design allows so. Besides, this fixie bike is jam-packed with premium features. 

To cite a few, this bike features replaceable stainless steel dropouts, high-quality aluminum, and smooth welds. In short, this is one of the few choices that boasts quality-controlled design and exceptional performance on the road.

4. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Fixie Bike- Single Speed

The pure fix single gear bike is uniquely designed to offer impressive performance both in urban and countryside. It uses 50 mm deep dish wheels which enhance a smooth rolling over different terrains. 

It also features a flip-flop hub design which helps in the easy transition from single to freewheel drivetrain bike. Everything for this bike is built to last through ages. It features high tensile and fully Tig-welded frame. The pedals feature slim nylon design and measure 9/16 inches. 

In addition, it features a removable font brake, deep dish 32 hole rims, alloy flip-flop hubs. The chain is the famous KMC z-410. So, it combines premium quality of every component.

 With such great features the bike offers unparalleled performance and remains sturdy for years. Besides, riding fixed with this bike gives you a perfect feeling of connectedness. 

The bike also features WTB Thick slick 700 x 28C tires which allow excellent control and grip on the road and a superior stopping power, thanks to its excellent braking system.

The Golden Cycles is a great producer of bikes and related accessories. With this single fixed gear bike from the same company, you can enjoy simplicity as you ride in the ultimate fun. It features raised handle design and is very easy to ride through twisted pathways and extreme corners.

 It features a simple and lightweight frame made of aluminum alloy. The light weighted design allows excellent maneuverability, especially on hilly terrains. 

The pedals are swift and robust. You can pedal at any speed without feeling worried due to the perfect grip the pedal material delivers. It’s crankset is sturdy and durable enabling the bike to roll over smoothly. 

Equally, the rims are deep, and the tires are bouncy and durable. It is also built with incredible tires with thick and soft rubber to ensure a smooth ride over all roads. Additionally, the seat is solidly constructed to enhance durability. 

The bike can achieve impressive speeds to ensure that you get the best riding experience.

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A Few Final Words

When it comes to picking the best starter fixed gear bike you need to consider several things to ensure that the bike’s performance is unmatched. But, making a great selection can be a hard process especially with plenty of bikes in the market. However, you don’t have to worry. If you pick any of these bikes then there is no doubt that your next riding experience will be thrilling. This is because the bikes have no complications which makes them ideal for starters.

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