Top 5 Best Cycling Helmet for Hot Weather

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With summer approaching, as a novice or professional cyclists you are definitely looking forward to getting outdoors to play some sports. This includes hitting both flat and rough terrains to get that much-needed workout.

However, with such hot temperatures, your head could get hot and stuffy if you are wearing a helmet. The good news is that some manufacturers have designed their helmets to be cooler even in hot weather conditions to enable you to enjoy their biking experience during the summer.

The concept of helmet cooling is usually very complex and depends on the size of the front vents and is highly affected by the interaction of airflow channels within the helmet’s interior and vents. Airflow is usually affected by the rider’s head.

Ventilation is very significant during hot weather conditions because a continuous flow of air over the head can eliminate the heat from the helmet.

That said, the following are the best cycling helmet for hot weather:

What makes the Giro Hex an excellent helmet for hot weather? The helmet has 21 air vents specially designed to scoop the wind and make your head cool all day. It also comes with up to eight different colors to choose from making it a great choice for people who want something fancier.

It is also built to combine a unique rugged style, comfort, durability and enough ventilation to hit the roads, mountains or rough terrains under extreme weather conditions. Additionally, this exceptional helmet uses the Roc Loc 5 which is the latest retention system designed by Giro to make the process of adjustment easy and comfortable.

Other great features that it comes with include a polycarbonate shell, patent P.O.V.TM that does not need any tools for adjustment. Besides, its four different sizes can comfortably fit the largest heads, making the helmet a perfect pick for most riders.

The Cannondale 2017 Ryker MIPS Bicycle Helmet, among the latest helmets manufactured by Cannondale, is one of the best cycling helmets for hot weather conditions. It is well equipped with 20 air vents and moisture absorbing pads.

The helmet combines polycarbonate shell with EPS foam to reduce weight and provide both safety and comfort. Its 20 large air vents control comfort and maintain a continuous airflow within the helmet.

Riding during hot weather conditions lead to dripping of sweat all over your face and body which leads to discomfort. To keep sweat under control, the helmet contains moisture wicking pads.

Comfort is a crucial area that Cannondale considered and tried to make a huge difference by optimizing the inner shapes to fit numerous shapes as possible.

This helmet manufactured by Team Obsidian is one of the best cycling helmets for hot weather that every serious cyclist should have. It is a lightweight helmet with 22 air vents that guarantees continuous air flow,

It contains all the significant features that every rider could desire in a good helmet; the use of shock absorption technology, unique design, washable pads, and cushioned chip straps to increase comfort while cycling.

The helmet is available in two different sizes and if you have a little head (22 inches), don’t worry! It features a sturdy skeleton to offer additional strength. In addition to that, this cycling helmet fits perfectly and adjusts within seconds with a release strap and a dial fit at its back. If you happen to find the visor an issue while having a great time cycling, remove it because it is adjustable.

Another helmet specially designed for cyclists during hot weather conditions is the Critical Cycles Silas that comes well equipped with a LED light and ABS shell. With 24 air vents, it facilitates a continuous flow of air ventilation and proper ventilation.

The most distinguishing feature of the helmet is the LED light that provides enough light for safety as you hit the road. In addition to that, there is the flexibility of adjusting it from 52-61CM in circumference.

It is made from ultra-light materials with a unique aerodynamic design that reduces its weight while at the same time offering maximum protection to the rider.

With five different colors to choose from consisting of shades of grey and white, there is always something for everyone.

Whether you are riding through mountains, rough terrains or traversing city streets during summer, the Critical Cycles made helmets are designed to offer comfort and safety. It is considering that the helmets have undergone massive safety tests and have proved to be the best. Besides, its price is pocket-friendly and quite a choice for many cyclists.

The Gonex helmet made from high-quality matt printing has 24 air vents that are evenly and well-spaced. It also features a safety light at its back that needs batteries and ideal for cyclists who love to have fun at night.

There is an adjustable internal regulator that offers flexibility to adjust the head’s circumference and a high sided cushion lining velvet that absorbs shock. Its unique hole design is more ventilated, reasonable and comfortable for every rider that wants to cycle during hot weather conditions.

How does the manufacturer guarantee comfort? The inner casing is made with high EPS density foaming that is integrally molded. It weighs under 250g with a combination of three different colors; black with red, black with white and black with yellow.

The unique 24 integrated air flow system vents reduce the resistance while cycling and also ensure that the rider’s head is both breathable and comfortable.

A Few Final Words

Before purchasing a cycling helmet for summer, you should consider checking significant features like breath-ability, safety, adjustment & retention system, padding, weight, and venting.

The mountain bike helmet industry has evolved significantly lately, and it is a fact that there are plenty of helmets available in the market to choose from. Besides, the ventilation technology used in these helmets has changed over the years, and you will not feel hot, sweaty while having a great time cycling.

With this list, you will enjoy and easy time choosing the best cycling helmet for hot weather and have the best biking experiences. In addition, they are the best helmet brands that offer comfort, safety, and maximum ventilation. Make a decision today and get one for your summer cycling ventures.

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