Top 4 Best Cruiser Bicycles for Beginners

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If you have never owned a bicycle before or it has been years since you rode one, it can be a great challenge to get the perfect bike for you considering the wide variety of bikes in the market to choose from. The bike market has expanded and changed significantly over the years with every style serving a particular purpose.

However, when looking forward to getting great rides, you should consider buying cruiser bikes because they are the simplest, comfortable, and easy to handle styles of bicycles. Furthermore, they are casual bikes and designed for riders who want a comfortable ride without the need of wearing a lot of gear.

What makes these bikes a great option is that they are also cheap compared to other mountain and racing bikes. They have great features like heavy padded seats, wide tires, upright frames and old school type of braking system.

That said, the following are the best cruiser bicycles for beginners.

This beach cruiser bike is specially designed for women beginners who want to enjoy a great biking experience. It is produced by Firmstrong, a reputable company that produces high-quality cruiser bikes. It is the best biking option for women.

It has a curvy design with a 15-inch steel frame and aluminum wheels. The most distinguishing feature of this bike is the balloon tires that make the ride comfortable. Additionally, it has an oversized seat that is attached to dual springs to offer extra comfort.

The cruiser bike uses the Shimano gear shifting system, one of the most effective systems to be used and operated. It’s handlebars have foam grips to make the hands comfortable and prevent fatigue while riding. Available in thirteen different colors, women will not find it a challenge to choose.

The rider has the flexibility of choosing different speed ratings starting from 1 speed, 3 speed, 7 speed, and 21 speed. There are two wheel sizes to choose from depending on the height of the rider; 24” and 26”.

This bike from Critical Cycles comes with a classic and unique cruiser design making it stand out among other cruiser bikes. It features an upgraded version of the cruiser frame with the top and bottom tubes only in use with additional reinforcement at the top part.

The steel frame guarantees comfort by absorbing vibration, shock, and bumps as you hit the road. Rough terrains are also manageable with this Cruiser bike. Other great features include a coaster brake, Kenda tires, freestyle pedals, and KMC chains.

Its drivetrain is quite efficient and offers sufficient room to make an instant stop. With a wide range of speeds available, you have the flexibility of changing from 3 speeds to 7 speeds without any difficulty. Due to the unique and different drivetrain styles, the bike comes with caliper brakes.

The Kenda tires give the cruiser bike enough ground coverage and ensure that the rider has a smooth ride even when riding rocks, mountains, and other rough terrains. The rims offer the wheels extra durability and provide more protection to the tubes of the tires hence preventing punctures.

The Kulana cruiser bike is among the best cruiser bicycles for beginners. It is a clean, easy and comfortable for every women beginner who wants to explore the

beach, the streets of a city or just ride on a flat surface.

It is also a single speed bike that is fitted with coaster brakes for high stopping power. The frames are made of steel and guarantee a smooth, comfortable ride. It is equipped with well-fitting fenders that also include a kickstand.

Additionally, it has graphic plates, large spring saddles, a seven-speed drivetrain, and cruiser handlebars. There is a front basket that makes it easy for the rider to store stuff and a rear rack made of wood giving the bike a unique and classic style.

Unlike other single speed bikes, the Kahu 26”is comfortable, easy to handle and durable. The bike is ideal for women beginners who want a new taste of the best biking experience.

4. State Bicycle Co. City Bike, Lightweight 3-Speed Cruiser

This is a cruiser bike manufactured by State Bicycle Co. It is lightweight, uses 3 speed Shimano gearing, coaster brakes, mustache handlebars, fenders and chain guard. Its unique relaxed geometry makes it perfect for all types of riders including beginners to professionals.

Besides, the geometry and effective gearing guarantees comfort to all types of riders. The coaster brakes make the bike an instant and easy stopping power. This allow you to ride in nearly any terrain without being involved in any accident due to brake failure.

The cruiser bicycle is perfect for beginners who love daily commuting or an errand runner within the streets of a town. So, if you are a novice rider looking for an exceptional bike with no complications then look no further than this bike.

A Few Final Words

Although there are many bike styles, shapes and sizes to choose from in the market today, not all of them are great. Being a beginner also makes finding the right bike with outstanding features quite challenging.

But, unlike other bikes, Cruiser bikes are comfortable, durable and easy to handle unlike other styles in the market. This makes the the best choice if lack enough skills to handle bikes designed with advanced features.

This list contains the best cruiser bicycles that will guarantee you a ride full of satisfaction with less failures.

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