Best Commuter Bikes Under 200

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Finding a good commuter bike for less than $ 200 can be a tough task because this category is flooded with numerous below-par models and extremely cheap quality bikes. 

But that’s not to say that all bikes under the $ 200 mark are bad as they are still a few gems in this vast group that offer extremely good value for money which brings us to the subject of today’s article: the best commuter bikes under 200 dollars.

First Things first:

Before we delve into the list, let’s first take a look at some of the crucial aspects a first-time buyer should have in mind when purchasing a commuter bike.

1) Ride distance

It is vital that you determine the length of the commuting route you take every day as there are different bike models suited for different distances. 

If, for instance, your ride path is below three miles, then any commuter bike model will do but when that figure extends to about 6 miles, then you need to pay attention to the kind of seat and height of your bike. For 9 miles or more, a good commuter bike should encompass ride efficiency and speed.

2) Braking systems

There are basically two types of braking systems i.e. rim brakes and disc brakes. The former provides inconsistent brake force and is particularly susceptible to over usage and wet conditions but the upside is that it is quite light. Disc brakes on the hand are much heavier but have greater longevity and offer more braking force. If your take quiet streets to work, then rim brakes should suffice but if you traverse a rough terrain, disc brakes are better suited for the job.

3) Tire size

Many often opt for a commuter bike with large, thin tires as they offer great speed however you should also take into account the effect of weather on various tire varieties. These kinds of tires are suited for warm weather riding but for those areas with high precipitation levels, you might need more width to withstand the effects of slick spots and puddles.

4) Suspension

A suspension system is designed to ensure a comfortable ride particularly on a route plagued with irregular surfaces. However, the presence of a suspension system isn’t always better as there are some varieties that use below-par technology for such systems. In the end, what you should be looking for is a well- constructed commuter bike that feels comfortable regardless of whether it has a suspension system or not.

5) Body position

As a general rule of thumb for commuter bikes, the handlebars and seats should be positioned such that they ensure an upright posture. You should try out a bike model to ensure this is the case before you make a purchase.

Best Commuter Bikes Under 200 Dollars:

Now that we’ve taken a look at the essential properties of a good commuter bike, we can straight away get into the list with these pointers serving as the magnifying lens to help us separate the wheat from the chaff. Without further ado, here are 5 models that make up the best commuter bikes under 200:

Starting off our list is the little-known Kent GZR700 that is best suited for those maiden riders just trying out their hand at cycling. 

For commuting purposes, the aerodynamic design is built for speed and is complemented by a robust steel frame and fork that are adept at handling rough terrains.

The bike further incorporates caliper brakes that offer great control on various contours and an assembly of Shimano gear parts that are smooth and durable. It is also worth mentioning the 21-speed shifters that ensure good speeds with excellent smoothness and commendable control.

Best known for its reputation as a magnificent fixie bike, this model is no slouch in the commuting department.

This sleek variation of the Critical Cycles lineage boasts a unique new addition in the form of coaster brakes that allow you to brake by simply pushing the pedals of your bike backwards.

In terms of durability, this handcrafted bike forged from quality steel is made for the long haul and can take to any terrain like a duck to water.

Featuring a doubled butted aluminum skeleton, this model is built for long distances and that’s due to its featherweight architecture and the 21-speed mechanisms designed to make it adapt to any terrain it is tested against.

The Shimano 21 speed also boasts other splendid properties worth mentioning such as A050 thumb shifters and 700c CNC machined sides that incorporate double layering.

Top-notch 700c tire pedals and a steel frame of 21 speed are a few notable aspects of this design that is built to withstand weights of up to 250 pounds.

The other good traits include a Vitesse racing seat that is based upon an alloy brake lever system and Shimano Revo shifts coupled with alloy Shimano derailleur alloy clipper brakes.

In a nutshell, the 700c Kent RoadTech is a nice blend of speed, comfortable and visual delight consisting of an enthralling mix of luminous green and enchanting black.

Another Critical Cycle member makes the cut as this model has all the important attributes of an urban city commuter bike. The step-thru steel frame is light and is designed to ensure an upright body position great for commuting.

Its speed, control and precision are also off the charts thanks to the RevoShift grip and the Shimano 7-speed drivetrain. The 700x35C tires provide a nice grip while the rear and front alloy brakes ensure adept ride control. This agile model offers good value for money and rounds off our top 5 ranking.

A Few Final Words

That’s it for our top 5 list of the best commuter bikes under 200. If you’re on a tight budget and would like to balance quality and cost scales, then these models discussed herein prove excellent options without compromising on standards.

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