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Top 5 Best Starter Fixed Gear Bike

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The fixed gear bike commonly known as the fixie bike is the oldest version of every bike you see on the streets today. Unlike the mountain bikes, fixie bikes lack the freewheel mechanism but they can deliver great rides and work perfectly for starters. 

However with a wide variety of fixed gear bikes in the market, choosing the best means that you have to know what you want. This means that you might end up possessing a not-so-good bike if you lack enough experience.

 However, we have done extensive web research to save you time. So, here are 5 exceptional bikes in the market that will guarantee you the best starter fixed gear bike.

This single gear bike right for every beginner and the price won’t rip off your wallet. Considering that it is made by a reputable the bike comes with some of the best features. It is built with a sturdy aluminum body. 

This makes it highly portable and has 700x25c high-performance tire that will serve you for years. 

Besides, the bike comes with an internal cable routing with two bottle cage bosses. It uses radius brakes on the rear and front for impressive braking performance. Besides, it has 46T alloy crankset connected to a 16T cog and Joytech flip-flop hub that makes the fixed gear set up complete. 

Moreover, this bike is available in small, medium and large sizes allowing it to accommodate different riders. This is a great versatile bike that is worth every penny.

 Even though the price is quite friendly, this bike is rigid and provides a swift performance. The SXL Expressway is a great bike for both urban and off-road riding. 

Thanks to its sturdy frame, robust wheels, and swift pedaling and braking system.

Harper is another bike that is ideal for starters who need the best single gear bike that will deliver outstanding results. This is an ergonomically designed bike made by a famous company with an established track record. 

Although there are many bikes from this Company, this particular fixie bike is unbeatable. It features a premium designed characterized by hand built steel gear, track frame with barspin clearance, horizontal, and no toe overlap. The bike also features a flip-flop hub. Besides, it uses 30 mm deep v- rims, strong commuter tires, VP freestyle pedals, KC chain, and a durable dual brake sets. Moreover, this bike is changeable from fixed to freewheel design. The bike has excellent front and rear brakes that offer safe and sudden stop preventing any accidents. Additionally, this top-rated bike comes with all the maintenance tools which means you don’t have to worry in case you need to fix any part of the bike.

If you are looking for a solid, stylish and affordable fixed gear bike, then you won’t go wrong with the 6KU single speed bike which is top rated and available at a fair price. The urban truck fixie features raised bars that enable you to easily negotiate through the tricky urban and jungle corners.

 The lightweight 6061 alloy frame is coupled with one and 1/8 inches alloy fork. Thus, you can experience the best riding experience in both urban and off-road riding. Whether you want it for exercising, commutation or any other purpose, the sturdy and ergonomic design allows so. Besides, this fixie bike is jam-packed with premium features. 

To cite a few, this bike features replaceable stainless steel dropouts, high-quality aluminum, and smooth welds. In short, this is one of the few choices that boasts quality-controlled design and exceptional performance on the road.

4. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Fixie Bike- Single Speed

The pure fix single gear bike is uniquely designed to offer impressive performance both in urban and countryside. It uses 50 mm deep dish wheels which enhance a smooth rolling over different terrains. 

It also features a flip-flop hub design which helps in the easy transition from single to freewheel drivetrain bike. Everything for this bike is built to last through ages. It features high tensile and fully Tig-welded frame. The pedals feature slim nylon design and measure 9/16 inches. 

In addition, it features a removable font brake, deep dish 32 hole rims, alloy flip-flop hubs. The chain is the famous KMC z-410. So, it combines premium quality of every component.

 With such great features the bike offers unparalleled performance and remains sturdy for years. Besides, riding fixed with this bike gives you a perfect feeling of connectedness. 

The bike also features WTB Thick slick 700 x 28C tires which allow excellent control and grip on the road and a superior stopping power, thanks to its excellent braking system.

The Golden Cycles is a great producer of bikes and related accessories. With this single fixed gear bike from the same company, you can enjoy simplicity as you ride in the ultimate fun. It features raised handle design and is very easy to ride through twisted pathways and extreme corners.

 It features a simple and lightweight frame made of aluminum alloy. The light weighted design allows excellent maneuverability, especially on hilly terrains. 

The pedals are swift and robust. You can pedal at any speed without feeling worried due to the perfect grip the pedal material delivers. It’s crankset is sturdy and durable enabling the bike to roll over smoothly. 

Equally, the rims are deep, and the tires are bouncy and durable. It is also built with incredible tires with thick and soft rubber to ensure a smooth ride over all roads. Additionally, the seat is solidly constructed to enhance durability. 

The bike can achieve impressive speeds to ensure that you get the best riding experience.

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A Few Final Words

When it comes to picking the best starter fixed gear bike you need to consider several things to ensure that the bike’s performance is unmatched. But, making a great selection can be a hard process especially with plenty of bikes in the market. However, you don’t have to worry. If you pick any of these bikes then there is no doubt that your next riding experience will be thrilling. This is because the bikes have no complications which makes them ideal for starters.

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Top 5 Best Starter Hybrid Bike

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Are you planning to ditch your precious steering wheel for a bike ride?

 Well, that is the most significant decision to make, considering that weight gain due to lack of exercise leads to obesity and the development of killer diseases such as cancer and Diabetes.

 Besides, the exercises it provides are good for the general well-being of your body without spending a dime on other fitness methods. 

However, you should consider purchasing a bike that best suits your needs as a starter. Thankfully, there are many models and brands in the market today that are specially made for starters. 

A hybrid bike is the best option that will offer you great and functional components that will make it easy for you to hit the road or trail comfortably. 

Also, it is perfect for a beginner, because it allows you to try it out in different riding conditions and terrains. If you are looking for the best starter hybrid bike, then consider one among the following:

1. Murtisol Mountain Bike 27.5’’ Hybrid Bicycle

This bike from Murtisol is designed to offer high speeds and performance, thanks to its lightweight steel frame and 21-speed drivetrain. 

Key features include; aluminum rims, suspended front forks, Shimano derailleurs, disc brakes, and an adjustable seat. 

No one wants to make repairs every week on a bike; hence manufacturers fitted a steel frame that is durable and strong.

 If you are looking for a hybrid bike that will offer high speeds, then look no more! Murtisol Mountain bike gives 21 speeds that enable you to transverse different trails smoothly and comfortably. 

Besides, the aluminum rims make the bike a reliable and robust partner while hitting the road.

 While on the other hand, the front suspension fork minimizes vibration when riding on rough and rocky terrains guaranteeing rider comfort.

 You are provided with safety and controllability while riding down the road provided by the effective disc brakes.

The components of this hybrid bike from North Woods are great! They never go unnoticed even to novice riders.

 It comes with a lightweight frame and alloy rims to guarantee a comfortable and smooth ride in all weather conditions. 

Fitted with Shimano Tourney derailleurs, it provides 21 speeds for adjustability and flexibility as you ride uphill or downhill. 

Also, it is equipped with linear pull brakes for instant stopping over. Its 700c tires guarantee a comfortable ride and durability in the long run. Other features include; alloy stem, fenders, suspenders, and an adjustable saddle. 

The bike allows you to ride in an upright position guaranteeing maximum riding comfort. It is a multipurpose model that is perfect for recreational purposes and even for commuting around town. 

Available at pocket-friendly prices, the bike is ideal for beginners on a tight budget.

Schwinn is a reputable company in the manufacturing of the best starter hybrid bikes for men and women. 

With great features like an aluminum frame, alloy rims, suspension forks, 21 speed Shimano derailleurs, aluminum V-brakes, and 700c tires, there is no doubt that novice cyclists will have a great biking experience.

 One of its distinguishing features is the aluminum 700c wheels that makes the bike stable and durable for long riding distances. 

Also, its springer seat is perfect for cruising, but not pedaling. They were designed to be heavy and squeaky.

 Furthermore, the saddle is wide, hence rubbing onto your legs as you cycle. 

Your bike’s saddle determines if your ride will be worth-fulfilling or not. This is why the bike is built with a good saddle to ensure your rides are comfortable. 

The bike is also fitted with sweet back steel handlebars that enable you to ride in an upright position.

 For instance, if you are riding for long distances, the less swept rear bars will place you in an excellent position to cut comfortably through the wind.

Men beginners also need the best hybrid bikes that will suit their needs regarding quality, speed, and performance. It can be quite a hard challenge to choose a good one, but this is Roadmaster Adventures for a men is exceptional. It has a steel frame and alloy wheels that guarantees reliability and high performance.

 Also included are derailleurs and 7-speed shifters, making it easier for the bike to climb uphill and downhill effortlessly. You will undoubtedly have a great biking experience. 

Additionally, it has handbrakes that allow you to have smooth, comfortable stops in different terrains. Its athletic seat is designed for long rides, hence offering optimum comfort while hitting the road. 

A three-piece crank also features providing an excellent gear range standard trim saddle for fast cycling. With these great components, it is a fact that the Roadmaster adventures hybrid bike provides high performance on flat and rough terrains, making the biking experience for a beginner fascinating.

This hybrid bike specially designed for women beginners will change how they perceive bikes. The bike from MACAROON offers all important features that improves the performance of the bike. It is also lightweight, and you can effortlessly pick it when you need to or transport it on a bike rack. 

Also, it uses an outstanding set of v-brakes for easy control and safety while riding on trails and roads by smoothly locking your wheels with little pressure. With seven different speeds to choose from, gear switching is quite smooth and works perfectly. 

The bike is available in two feminine colors – pink and red, making it easier for women to settle on the best. Besides, its front crank is smoother and more attractive. It is ideal for commuting, running errands in the city and for leisure use around the neighborhood.

A Few Final Words

Hybrid bikes are the best for beginners because they combine the best components and characteristics of mountain and road bikes. This enables them to offer high speeds, performance, and control unlike other bike models in the market today. 

Besides, they are easy to maintain and allows you to ride in an upright position, hence offering maximum comfort. Most beginners have a rough time choosing the best hybrid for their biking needs. 

However, you can now select the best starter hybrid bike from the above list depending on your budget, taste, and preferences.

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Top 10 Hybrid Bike Brands

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If you are planning to buy a hybrid bike, there are many brands you can choose from depending on your budget, taste, and preferences. 

However, with the many bikes in the market, differentiating them could be overwhelming. Whether you are turning to hybrid bike cycling for fun, as a sport or to keep fit, they are the best. 

This is because they are designed with features that make them suitable for riding in some of the roughest and toughest terrains. New to riding bikes?

 Don’t worry. You have come to the right place to find some of the best bikes with good performance from trusted brands. Bikes from these popular brands will hardly fail. 

This means your riding experience is about to become a lot better. Let’s take a look at some of the top 10 hybrid bike brands in the market today.

The brand is famous for having strong, high quality and premium build hybrid bikes. Its bikes are designed with features that enable riding in different terrains and are best for the tall and heavier people who struggle to ride other bicycles.

 Diamondback bikes provide the rider with comfortable seats that enable you to ride for long hours for maximum fun. Additionally, their bikes come with a wide range of bicycle gears making the bike suitable for city riding as well as on rough terrains.

This is another top hybrid bike brand that has a wide selection of bicycles including high quality hybrid bikes. 

Their bikes are perfect for the city riders who are looking for speed in a hybrid bike.

 The bikes are built with upright seats for premium comfort, seven-speed shifting and front, and back braking system. 

With such great features, you can expect nothing but a smooth ride full of fun with o setbacks while you are on the road. Besides, their brands include cross-gender bikes for both adults and children.

 So, if you like biking to work and enjoying some fun mountain riding on the weekends, the Roadmasters hybrid bike models are perfect for you.

Schwinn is among the hybrid bikes brands well known for outstanding quality and inexpensive bikes. 

The manufacturer has been around for a long time and has built an excellent reputation due to their long-lasting quality bikes. 

They have more than twelve different hybrid bike models with a range of colors and sizes as well as men and women’s models. 

Also, they offer matching helmets, storage options for grocery shopping, safety lights among others.

 When it comes to accessories, Schwinn is reputable for equipping their bikes with top-notch accessories that enable them to last long with good functionality

This is one of the best hybrid bikes brands in the industry. They are well known for the mass production of city bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes as well as unique models like balance bikes and beach cruisers.

  Critical Cycles are best known for stylish looking and reliable build bikes. The Critical Cycles brand is best for the people who ride hybrid bikes for fun.

 Their bikes come with a range of shifting speeds for comfort riding as well as fast and agile riding. Their bikes are also available in different colors, colored handlebars, pedals, and chains. 

Unlike other hybrid bike brands, Critical Cycles allows for customization of bikes to suit your preferences.

Montague hybrid bikes are suitable for experienced riders who demand more features, frames, and sturdiness in a bike. 

It’s one of the top 10 hybrid bike brands that manufactures bikes which are suitable for both new and professional riders.

 The Montague brand offer features like easy folding that allows you to store, carry and transport the bike easily.

 If you like traveling on your bike, then you will be impressed with the flexibility of bikes from Montague.

This is a hybrid bike brand that requires no introduction to those who are updated with the biking industry. It’s one of the top hybrid brand bikes with a wide selection of hybrid bikes.

 For the professional riders looking for a reliable and sturdy bike with a range of shifting gears, the Giant brand is an excellent choice. 

Their hybrid bikes enable you to ride on any terrain without any difficulties. If you are looking for durability and reliability, then Giant is one hybrid brand manufacturer that won’t disappoint.

This is a unique hybrid bicycle brand well known for stylish looks and a wide range of colors as well as strength and speed. Nashbar hybrid bikes are designed to suit both women and men and feature a wide range of 24 speeds with reliable components.

 The bikes are perfect for mountain riding as their swift, and smooth gear shift guarantees you won’t get stuck on a steep land as you try to change to an easier one. 

Their bikes are also designed with aluminum frames which makes them light. 

This allows you to carry them whenever you have to without feeling exhausted easily. 

Besides, their seats are some of the most comfortable in the market.

Cannondale bicycles are one of the best hybrid manufacturers in the market today. They produce stylish and versatile hybrid bikes perfect for city riding, racing as well as mountain riding. 

Their bikes are manufactured using aluminum frames and an upright riding design that makes them suitable for all age riders.

 They also come with a high quality chain, levers, gears, and brakes to ensure that they deliver great performance. 

If you need a bike with enhanced efficiency of gears and brakes for safe and comfortable riding, then look no further than bikes from Cannondale.

Gama Bikes are best known for their blend of attractive looks and strength that enable them to keep you moving even years after purchasing them. If you are looking for a stylish and vintage look in a bike, Gama bikes have what you need.

 Their vintage bikes have a front basket and a rear rack making it perfect for home and city riding.

 For the avid riders who aim at keeping fit by bracing mountain trails, Gama bikes also have you sorted with incredible features that enable them to perform well on different terrains. 

Furthermore, with their top quality gears, braking system and pedals perfect for rough terrains, you can ride safely without experiencing any failure in any part of the bike.

If you are looking for a hybrid bike that brings in value and top performance, the Giordano brand is an excellent choice. 

They are one of the world’s top 10 hybrid bike brands that manufacture kids’ road bikes as well as adult road bikes. Giordano also manufactures a wide range of hybrid bikes making it easy for you to make a choice of the best bike for your needs. 

The designs range from men’s road bikes to girl’s bikes, and they are also perfect for racing. 

For mountain riders, Giordano bikes come with a remarkably wide range of swift shifting gears enabling the bike to climb steep grounds with ease. 

Whether you are going uphill or downhill, you will be impressed at the performance of the bike’s braking system ensuring that you enjoy a safe ride.

A Few Final Words

When it comes to reliability and performance, its no doubt that hybrid bikes are unmatched. 

However, with plenty of manufacturers in the market, finding one that is reliable is quite challenging.

 This is why doing some research before committing yourself to buy one is important. But, do you have all that time?

 Well, most people don’t. If you belong to this group, then you will find this list of the top 10 hybrid bike brands handy.

 It will help you make a great selection since these are some of the leading brands in the market with good performing and durable bikes

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Top 5 Best Recumbent Bike for Senior Citizens

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Engaging in exercises is very important even in old age to help maintain good health. However, not all exercises and riding are suitable for senior citizens. 

Their bodies can’t withstand rigorous activities like upright biking, treadmills and steppers. These should be avoided and an option like riding recumbent bikes adopted. These bikes give them a safe alternative to the standard upright bikes which are not well positioned for their backs. 

Seniors prefer light to moderate exercises which is what the recumbent bike is specifically designed for. They provide safer and proper positioning during cycling reducing the risks of back pain and backbone damage.

 Looking for the best recumbent bike for senior citizens?

 Here are some of the top performing recumbent bikes for senior citizens that you can buy today:

It’s often known as the ultimate three wheeled cruisers and is one of the best recumbent bikes for seniors. 

The comfort, performance and durability of this bike are unmatched. It’s a versatile bike that is best recommended for the senior citizens who want to stay fit even during their old age. 

The bike has adjustable frames to help accommodate riders with different heights from 4’2” to 6’3”. It is also equipped with ten adjustable slots for increased riding comfort.

 It’s a three-wheeler increasing the stability of the rider as well as minimizing the chances of falling when riding. 

The ergonomically supportive chair makes the bike perfect for riders who have back problems, and the chainless drive makes it easy to pedal and ride also increasing the reliability of the bike.

 For reduced arm stress when riding, the bike has a uniquely designed steering system giving you maximum control of the bike and superior riding comfort.

This is the first ever three-wheeled reversible bike for senior citizens. Mobo designed this unique bike for a reverse action that requires no physical movement. 

Besides the bike come with several impressive features that make it suitable for senior citizens. It has a sturdy frame that can accommodate 4” tall riders to 6’3” tall riders.

 The bike is also designed with a low to the ground mindset making it a perfect tricycle for seniors and add on the enjoyment without having to sacrifice its quality. 

What’s even more interesting about this bike is that it requires almost zero effort to sit on and ride due to the low design.

 For increased comfort, the bike has adjustable back support with six angles providing the required comfort in any position. 

This bike is also a great selection for people who love riding in tight spaces since it offers increased mobility with the reverse action feature.

If you are looking for a recumbent bike that suits a senior citizen who is always on the move, then this recumbent bike is perfect. It’s a foldable three-wheel tricycle enabling you to remove the front wheels and fold it for transportation or easy storage. 

This recumbent bike is best suited for riders who love cycling at accelerated speeds. It has 24 speeds with fast gear shifting. Not to worry about stability as the bike is three-wheeled providing extraordinary stability even on high speeds. 

A recumbent bike’s best feature is comfort and stability for the senior rider. This is why this bike comes with a mesh seat for comfort and ventilation.

 It also has lockable brakes that allow steep riding and parking on inclines for safety purposes.

 The steering offers low resistance, and it’s accurate and super responsive giving senior citizens an easy time controlling the bikes when riding.

This is one of the best recumbent bikes for senior citizens offering stunning colours, a sleek and contemporary design and added stability. The bike is designed for speed, safety and added comfort. 

It comes with a huge 70-inch rear wheel specifically designed to enhance the speed. Performer JC70 has an adjustable headrest and a flexible frame as well.

 This means the bike can fit the riders’ comfort requirements with ease since it takes only some few adjustments. The reclined seat is designed with a hard-vented shell for ventilation and increased comfort.

 This bike is perfect for senior citizens who brace for challenging speeds and relatively rough terrain. 

This recumbent bike has an excellent braking system, and swift shifting gears make riding smooth and safe even on high speeds.

Not all senior citizens need a low design recumbent bike. Some require a classic style bike with a traditional bicycle look that other recumbent bikes don’t offer. If this is your kind of choice, then the Schwinn Meridian is a perfect choice. 

It’s a three-wheeled tricycle that delivers impressive performance combined with a classic style. 

The bike is ideal for adults who have balance problems but don’t want a low-lying recumbent bike. 

The bike is perfect for stay at home stable seniors who can go shopping with the bike and carry their groceries in the folding rear basket with ease. 

The bike has a standard upright design with upright handlebars and a padded saddle for extra comfort. Although it might not be reclined like other recumbent bikes, the upright design ensures safety and reduced back pain for the people who are more accustomed to traditional bike design.

A Few Final Words

Buying a recumbent bike can be a daunting task with the different models in the market today. However, there are different recumbent bikes with varying styles and configurations that can meet any budget. 

Considering that seniors who love riding bicycles prefer comfort over all other features in a bike, recumbent bikes gives them a chance to enjoy safe riding that cannot be offered by the traditional bike riding. Recumbent bikes also provide an intense workout that improves the cardiovascular flow. 

These are perfect alternatives to indoor bikes and over-crowded and sweat smelling gyms. While picking the best recumbent bike for senior citizens can be difficult, this guide provides you with some of the top-ranking recumbent bikes in the market now. The bikes are designed with exceptional features to ensure that their functionality is enhanced.

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Top 5 best womens starter road bike

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Are you searching for the best women’s road bikes? 

Well, you may find it quite tricky especially if you are looking for the ones with great features but simple enough to suit beginners. 

Currently, the market is flooded with several bikes from different brands all promising great results. 

But most of them don’t live up to the expectation resulting in inconveniences and extra expenses. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here is a roundup of some of the best womens starter road bike that will guarantee you a better riding experience.

The bike is ideal for women who are new to riding. It is produced by a renowned company Schwinn which means that its quality can’t be questioned. 

Besides, this company is the renowned maker of various outdoor sports gears but seems to have an unshakable lead in the production of road bikes. 

The bike boasts a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame. Thus, every woman can handle it comfortably without feeling overburdened.

 It also features unique Schwinn suspension fork that allows fast, safe and efficient riding. In terms of speed and performance, Phocus 1500 is a great bike for all biking enthusiasts. 

The bike uses Shimano 24 speed and EZ fire trigger shifters. In conjunction to this, the bike system also features rear and front Shimano derailleurs to enable efficient, precise shifting and wide range gear range. Also, the braking system is one of the best

. The bike uses mechanical disc brakes together with brake levers from Shimano that allow new female riders to enjoy smooth and efficient stopping. It’s alloy wheels with double wall design offer perfect rolling, stability, and durability.

If you are looking for the best fitting road bike on the market, look no further. This road bike is made by a reputable bike assembly company by the name Diamondback Bicycles.

 It is specially designed for female riders who are new to the sport and those looking forward to scaling up their performance. The bike uses woman’s specific butted aluminum alloy material with an upgraded performance geometry frame.

 It is ideal for those who are not specifically looking for a race bike, but a bike that is more forgiving to posture. It also comes with a unique Airen’s frame that is well made to suit the female body. 

Thanks to the 7005 aluminum alloy tubes which are butted to allow perfect compliance of lightweight and strength. Besides, this bike features an ergonomic design with the excellent braking system. It uses powerful mechanic disc brakes to deliver smooth, quick stops. Asides from entry level bike, Airen features 2*9 drivetrain and can achieve high speeds for those who like it that way.

The bike is among the top-rated road bikes ideal for women. It has been engineered by a famous company that has been in the industry for over a decade now. 

The bike is made using some of the best materials and creativity to ensure it provides incredible performance. One of the first quality that would instantly impress you about this bike is its high-quality frame.

 It uses 6061 double-butted aluminum frame which is lightweight and robust ensuring that the bike remains functional for long. Moreover, the 21-speed gear system offers impressive speeds that will take you anywhere.

 It uses Shimano A050 thumb shifters which are strong, durable and very comfortable to use. Unlike some low-quality road bikes, this one offers an easy change from one gear to another.

 Thus, it saves you time and adds convenience especially when you want to a ride up the hill. Further, it uses 700c CNC machined wheel set with a double-walled design that makes them rigid, stable and incredibly durable. 

It also uses quick release skewers for a safe and smooth rolling on different road gradients. The handlebars also feature unique padding which is slip-proof and friendly to your hands.

With over a decade of exemplary performance, Schwinn continues to foster innovation in every bike they produce. One of the leading road bikes, ideal for women, is the Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Road bike. 

As the name implies, it is a bike designed to let you focus on the road with no hassles. It features versatile and stylish designs including an aluminum road frame and road fork made of carbon fiber giving the bike lightweight and durability.

 This is why most women seem to love it so much since it blends well into any place. With a drop bar design, every woman can feel nice riding in a unique posture. Equally, it allows incredible health benefits since it allows you to practice more without feeling fatigue.

 As a top-rated road bike, everyone can expect the best drivetrain. Well, that’s quite true for this bike since it uses Shimano drivetrain integrated with micro shift shifters and excellent brake levers. You can achieve great speeds if you want or choose to ride smoothly using low gear. The stopping power for this road bike is impressive regardless of the speed or terrain.

This is another best-rated road bike by Schwinn that offers impressive performance. In fact, it can match up or even exceed the drop handle Schwinn bikes. 

The discover hybrid bike is designed exclusively for women who want to enjoy comfort and performance. It features a classic look that blends well with just about anything. It uses an aluminum city frame making the bike perfect for urban riding. 

Also, it boasts front suspension forks. This allows you to roll over bumpy obstacles such as manholes and pavement patches easily. Even though the bike is specified for urban use, the bike is also great for other terrains too that do not have a lot of obstacles.

 It also features a rear rack where you can carry groceries and bag with you from the market which makes it suitable for women. Additionally, the bike features coordination fenders that add elegance. 

These fenders are also practical in preventing the morning due from splashing over you. For the gear system, the bike uses 21 speeds with Shimano gear shifters and rear derailleur. The state-of-the-art brake design makes stopping the bike quite easily.

A Few Final Words

Although there are many bikes in the market tailored for use by women riders, some of them luck great performance. Considering that performance and durability of the bike are key, you need to be extra careful when picking a bike. 

If you are a beginner with little or no experience then these best womens starter road bikes are some of the best to have. They come with admirable features yet simple enough for use by womens starters looking forward to improving their riding experience.

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Top 5 Most Powerful Bicycle Lights

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If you are a serious cyclist who loves to train in different weather conditions especially with insufficient light, then you require bike lights that provide extra visibility. 

Some bikes come with low lights and you will hardly enjoyed a nice ride at varied times of the day. However, serious riders now have a reason to smile –thanks to the invention of LED technology.

 With this technology, you will be surprised that some bike lights can even outsmart car headlamps regarding performance. Unlike the old-fashioned halogen bulbs, these new bulbs produce more lights for every watt of power. 

Besides, they have lithium batteries to store extra energy into small packages hence enabling you to hit the road for long hours. How do you determine the most powerful bicycle lights? Well, the more the number of lumens in a flash, the larger the power output the light produces. Let’s take a look at the best and powerful bicycle lights.

Are you looking for a simple and powerful bicycle light for your special night-outs? 

Well, this light from KNOG is perfect for you. It is designed for fashioncautious riders who want to ride with unique bicycle lights. 

Front and rear lights are available for your rounds in town and those less-lit areas. LED designed technology offer ultra-brightness for long distance cycling while side illumination features provide riders with 180 degrees visibility. 

When your batteries are getting low, the ?low battery indicator’ will shine brightly at the front of the light. The light provides a maximum of 200 hours in eco-flash.

 The front lights are opened using a coin slot while the rear is accessed by instantaneously pressing and pulling the light’s lens. In short, these features make the light water-resistant, and you can still have a great time riding even with torrential downpours.

 The performance of the light is optimum, and drivers seem to take notice of riders from 300 meters away. The KNOG pop Duo light is available in 10 different colors to choose from comfortably.


NiteRider is a reputable company in the manufacture of LED headlights with their headquarters in the US. It is a 3,600-lumen light and is three times brighter than the standard car headlight.

 It is considered one of the most shining bicycle lights ever manufactured. The light features two chambers each with 3 Cree XML LED bulbs that can deliver up to 1000 lumens for every piece.

 The two light chambers with a total of six bulbs project a halo of light when you turn to 3,600 lumens. 

The presence of DIY software makes it easy for you to customize the light settings according to your preferences.

 LED lights are known to produce vast amounts of heat, and the NiteRider headlight has a BoroFloat lens, a type of borosilicate glass fitted at the front of the light, that does not break when your hot light accidentally falls on a water mass or cold stream.

 The light comes with a helmet mount, a bar mount, and an extension cable. 

The light is ideal for rural commuters and long-distance riding through different terrains. This is because it’s light is too much bright, you should not use it for urban rides.

The BLITZU Gator 320 is ranked among the most powerful bicycle lights ever manufactured. It is an affordable and rechargeable bike light with powerful and efficient lumens for all types of riding. 

A free tail light Is included that offers up to 360 degrees visibility while hitting the road. 

The most distinguishing feature of the light is the USB rechargeable option that guarantees a long run time. Also, it can charge all your devices including tablets and phones to keep you online for long and you can share your awesome pictures.

 Besides, it takes only 2 hours to achieve a full charge. It has the latest version of CREE LED lights that offer extra bright 320-lumen output with a maximum of 300 feet beam length.

 You can rotate the light in all directions, and easily mount and detach in a matter of seconds without the use of any tool. Additionally, the light is water resistant and is fully protected from water splash from any angle.

This light from Portland Design Works looks entirely different from other types of light, but with tremendous and appealing features. It has three –mode red LED tail lights; Rock Steady, zZz and a-HA!, that comes with two 0.5 watt Nichia LEDs that deliver the bulk of the light’s structure. 

It is also designed with other crucial components such as backpack clip, batteries, and a Stayputnik seat post mount. 

The light guarantees a 50-hour run time on the batteries making it ideal for riders who want to ride for long distances. The on/off buttons placed at the bottom makes it easier for the rider to activate the light. 

Also, the light is waterproof making it perfect for all weather conditions. It is available in one color but in high demand currently in the market. Besides, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty against any defects.

Are you looking for a bike light that is very bright and fully waterproof? 

Well, this type from Bright Eyes is one of a kind. 

It has an output of 1,600 lumens, uses a CREE T6 LED technology, externally rechargeable, sturdy mount and five different modes. The light is 100% waterproof protecting its battery with the ability to stay immersed in water for up to 30 minutes. 

Its mount is also durable with a double up on the o-ring mount to offer extra security while at the same time making it easy to remove. 

Bright eyes lights can fit all handlebars perfectly and features free diffuser lens for daytime riding, hence clearing cars from your path. It is the best light for camping, mountain biking, and hiking. 

The manufacturer guarantees a lifetime warranty on the light and a one year warranty on the battery.

A Few Final Words

If you want to have a great riding experience during the night, then you should choose the best great bicycle lights that won’t     disappoint you, but instead deliver high quality light. 

It is important to know that the power of the lights is usually determined by the number of lumens in it has. 

These lights are ranked among the best high lights currently in the market with the latest LED technology that offers good and bright lights for all times of the day. They are perfect if you often commute during low-light hours or just after dark. Don’t hesitate, to get yourself one of these most powerful bicycle lights for better riding experience.

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Top 5 Best Bicycle Jacket for Winter

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Bike riding is one of the best activities that helps you keep fit and its fun too. Although most people like riding during the hot season, it is not limited to any season. For the biking enthusiasts, riding a bicycle during the winter is even more fun as compared to riding during the hot seasons.

 This is because when riding on winter the body generates a lot of heat keeping you warm. That is one reason why having a good bicycle jacket for winter is important. 

You can brace the cold season and ride without having to worry about the cold weather. However, you need a good winter riding jacket that protects you from the freezing temperature helping retain the heat emitted by your body. But to most riders choosing the best bicycle jacket for winter can be a daunting task with all the choices available in the market today. Let us help you make a great selection today!

This is one of the best inbike thermal cycling jackets today. Its designed specifically for riding during the cold seasons. The Canari Cycle Wear has waterproofing and windproofing qualities combined with amazing thermal qualities. 

It comes equipped with a soft outer shell that offers comfort and practicality when riding. The jacket also boasts of high permeability improving the overall windproofing, waterproofing and breathability. 

This keeps the heat inside and the moisture out. The inside of the jacket is lined with soft polar fleece making it comfortable to wear. The lining is also soft increasing the warming qualities of the jacket. The jacket is ideal for long rides during the cold weather or in cold temperatures.

This is a multipurpose convertible cycling jacket that comes in ten different color combinations. For supreme comfort, the jacket is manufactured using a hundred percent polyester twill. 

One of the best features the jacket has to offer is its convertibility. You can turn the jacket into a vest easily by removing the sleeves and the neck yolk. The jacket is designed to be used during cold as well as warm weather. The Pearl Izumi convertible also has an elasticated drawstring waist. 

When riding during the rainy season, fastening the drawstring helps keeps water and other harsh weather elements away from the body and also reduces the risk of back riding up. This jacket is ideal for long rides during the cold weather as it is windproof and waterproof as well. 

The full zipper length up to the neck yolk helps protect the chest from moisture and unwanted chills. With this jacket, you don’t have to carry so extras, just carry the jacket and if the temperature gets too high for your body to bear, convert it into a vest, and the ride goes on.

Winter months cycling doesn’t have to be a hindrance anymore. The ARSUXEO winter riding jacket is one of the best bicycle jackets for winter riding. The jacket is designed with four colors green, red, orange and black. 

To keep the body warm when riding, the jacket is waterproof and windproof as well. It might not be drizzling, but the chills are eating you up. The jackets help keep wind and water at bay providing you with utmost comfort and warmth during your ride. For extra comfort and added warmth, the jacket has a special four-way stretch fabric giving you optimum comfort.

 Winter combines low visibility and cold temperatures making riding very hard, but with the ARSUXEO, the rider is safe. The jacket has a reflective stripe and logo improving visibility and reduces the risks of accidents in low visibility areas.


This jacket is designed with warmth and comfort in mind. The jacket is form fitting and flexible as well. It doesn’t hinder any of your movements making it an ideal winter riding jacket. This is one of the few winter riding jackets in the market that is made with Polartec Alpha insulation technology.

 This technology was specially made for the US Special Forces to help them stay warm all through. The technology helps the jacket retain the heat emitted by the body when you ride during the winter. The outer shell of the jacket is made with water resistant and wind resistant material. 

This means you don’t have to worry about rain showers, fog and moisture disturbances during the winter. For the avid bike rider, this is the ultimate jacket to get

5. The INBIKE Winter Windproof Thermal Jacket

This is another perfect bike riding jacket to equip oneself with during the winter season. The Inbike Windproof Thermal Jacket is tougher to the cold weather elements. Staying warm during the winter isn’t an option, and the need is even more demanding when riding. You have to protect yourself from wind, moisture, and water as well and this jacket tackles precisely that.

 Some of the best features the jacket has to offer are thermal fleece lining, windproof and waterproof.

 The double thermal fleece lining helps your muscles stay warm during the winter ride. The jacket is ideal for long rides as it is waterproof and windproof keeping these cold weather elements away from you.

 Apart from keeping you protected from the harsh weather elements, it also keeps you cool so you can finish your ride without accumulating too much heat in your body. It has mesh ventilated pockets inside allowing sweat out and air in keeping you cool but retaining heat at the same time.

A Few Final Words

If you are planning to ride during the winter, then you have to be ready to protect yourself from the cold temperature. These are some of the best bicycle jacket to have that will enable you to tackle the cold as you enjoy the ride.

With these jackets, you don’t have to worry about temperature drop or hike. You can easily convert the jacket into a vest or back to a jacket anytime. Brace yourself for the winter season with any best bicycle jacket for winter in this list and you will hardly get any disappointments.

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Top 5 Best Mtb Tire Sealant

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Mountain bike riding is all fun until you are in the middle of your ride and your bike gets a puncture. All the fun vanishes, and you are left stranded wondering what to do next. Do you know all this could have been avoided with a tire sealant? 

A tire sealant is used on a tubeless bike. Tubeless means there is no inner tube to hold the air just the rim and the tire. The sealant is applied to ensure the tubeless system is airtight and in case of a small puncture, the sealant will mend the hole without you even knowing.

 The only time you might notice is if your bike gets a large puncture. A mountain bike is bound to get punctured now and then depending on the trail you ride on. 

However, with the sealant, you are assured of a smooth ride and durable tires. Let’s take a look at some of the best tire sealants available in the market today.

This is a latex based sealant that many riders swear by. The sealant has a claimed life of 60 to 120 days and its designed to hold up for much longer than the original Orange Seal Sealant.

 The sealant offers increased durability and longer life before the sealant dries out as compared to other brands. One advantage with this sealant is its ability to stay fluid even during the cold temperatures. The amount to use depends on the size of your tire, and the setup is easy. 

The sealant maximizes protection from sidewall slices and thorny punctures which are common in rough trails. The sealant has nanites which are multiple solid particles of different shapes and size. When the tube gets punctured, these nanites quickly seal the puncture of up to 1/8 inch and the slices up to 1/2  inch. The orange seal endurance sealant is lightweight meaning it doesn’t add any weight to your tubeless system.

This is a conventional sealant available in a handy sized 4oz bottle, but two of these can fill a 29inch mountain bike tubeless tire. if you need a reliable sealant that will last for long to guarantee you enjoyable rides then look no further than this product. 

The sealant is latex based with a broad range of operating temperature meaning it remains unchanged during the cold and the hot season.

 The Stans No Tube sealant is thin and lightweight. This feature allows the sealant to coat the inside of the tire well-limiting air loss and doesn’t add weight to your tubeless tire. 

For effective sealing, Stans No Tubes has tiny crystals that help seal holes of up to 6.5mm. The same sealant can seal punctures of up to ¼ inches on the standard tubeless tires. Stans No Tubes sealant lasts for up to three months, and it seals instantly without leaving any mess on the tire.

This oddly named tire sealant is one of the best mtb tire sealants in the market today. It’s one of the thickest, and it also works in the best way. 

The sealant has top edge microfiber molecules that help fill the bigger tears and holes. 

The sealant also has an advanced latex that instantly forms a reliable seal securing the tubeless tire. The Muc Off has a special formula with a UV detection system. 

This feature helps highlight the punctures which you haven’t seen and seals them instantly.

 Other features of this sealant include non-corrosiveness, easily washes off with water and its biodegradable. The sealant can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees to 50 degrees.

 It doesn’t matter the temperature you subject the sealant to since it remains active. The No Puncture Hassle sealant, unlike other sealants, seal a sidewall cut permanently and you can even re-inflate the tire.

The Continental RevoSealant is water based making it perfect for the tubeless tire system. It also doesn’t contain ammonia and bare aluminum which harms rubber and its thin.

 When you use the Revo sealant, you don’t have to worry about chemically corroding the tire or tube. In the tubeless system, the sealant is used as a preventive measure and repairs too. 

The thin liquid sealant can stay in the tire for up to two months without drying no matter the temperatures you subject the tire. Its special formula doesn’t include tiny particles or crystals to block the holes in case of a puncture. 

Instead of all this, the sealant seals instantly in case of a puncture clogging the hole with the liquid inside the tube. This ammonium and chemical free sealant are best for riders on a budget since it’s not as expensive and it gets the job done.

 If you are looking for reliable puncture sealing without compromising your tire, this is the best option.

When listing the best mtb tire sealants, Finish Line Tubeless Tire sealant can’t be left behind. It is the new standard in sealants, and it addresses the limitations of the other tubeless sealants in the market. 

The sealant is non-latex and is designed with an ammonia-free formulation. It incorporates the use of Kevlar fibers to strengthen the seals as well as innovative fiber link technology. 

Another great feature of the sealant is that it never dries out, unlike the other sealants that dry out within some time and require to be refilled. It is a homogeneous sealant that doesn’t separate and doesn’t need shaking to work.

 If you want to get rid of the sealant, you can easily clean it with a rag and some water, and it’s not toxic. Unlike the standard tire sealants, the Finish Line Tubeless Sealant doesn’t lose its effectiveness or leave sticky cured latex in the tire and the rims.

If you have a mountain bike and you need to add on its performance, turning it to a tubeless system is one of the best ways.

 However, doing this requires the best mtb tire sealant to keep the tire inflated all the time and to get rid of punctures and cuts on the tire when riding.

 Although you might not need to use a tire sealant in your mountain bike now, chances are that you are likely to a puncture during one of your riding trips. This is why you need to have a sealant all the time since you might not know when the need will arise.

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Guidelines on How to Pick a Bicycle Saddle

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How do you choose the best saddle for your bike? This question is quite familiar to many cyclists who want a great biking experience. 

There are various factors to consider before settling on one; shape, padding, size, shell, rails, and material. Although it can be quite challenging to make a choice, it is worth putting more effort to find the perfect one for your riding needs.

 Failing to choose the best saddle will not only compromise your cycling comfort but also lead to postural injuries and alignment inefficiencies and injuries. 

A perfect seat will allow you to enjoy riding all types of terrains and the more comfortable you become, the longer and faster you hit the road. The following guidelines will offer exclusive information on how to pick a bicycle saddle because there are different options available in the market today

1. Cover Material

The most significant factor when choosing your saddle is the cover material. If you are looking forward to recording high biking speeds, consider settling on the ones made from lightweight materials like carbon fibers. 

However, you should keep in mind that the lighter the materials in use, the expensive the saddle becomes. 

If you choose to ride comfort over speed, look for titanium rails that offer extra flex because they absorb the vibrations that pass through the bike’s frame into your seat. 

Also, leather saddles guarantee more comfort for longer rides, but they need extra maintenance for durability.

 Alternatively, there are saddles made of synthetic leather and readily available in the market. They provide extra additions like Kevlar edges to inhibit aging and wear & tear. Additionally, before choosing a saddle for your bike, consider your personal cycling preferences such as speed, frequency, and duration of the rides.

2. Shape

It is important to choose a saddle that will perfectly fit your body and riding style. You cannot settle on one that doesn’t offer comfort while riding.

 Riders who frequently move on the saddle will opt for narrower seats. While on the other hand, riders who maintain one position or support most of their weight at the rear part of the saddle will prefer using full or extra contoured leathers. 

The saddle you choose should provide maximum support on your sit bones and not the entire bottom.

 The misalignment of the sit bones can lead to posture associated injuries or stiffness while riding your bike. To treat these injuries, you may need physical or chiropractic therapy. 

However, to avoid these injuries, ensure you fit appropriately on the bike and analyze various saddle shapes before making a purchase.

 Most manufacturers produce three distinct width saddles to match different sizes and provide several designs to choose from comfortably. It offers the flexibility of selecting the best seat that suits your shape and riding position.

Professional cyclists understand the importance of padding on the saddle, especially if you want to ride your bike for long distances on different terrains. 

Many saddles combine foam padding or gel, but the quality and density of the padding primarily depend on your cycling needs. So, what is the importance of padding?

 It evenly dispenses pressure from the rear part across the entire surface of your saddle. The most common padding material is Polyurethane foam and is available in different densities for a firm or soft saddles. 

Take, for instance; racier saddles are not fully padded to reduce the weight it carries, but designed to increase the speed. While commuter or recreational bikes are fitted with saddles that are deep and soft to provide more comfort. 

However, when choosing your riding saddle consider the extent of padding you need, because excess amounts of padding may result in chafing instead of providing extra comfort for regular riders. 

Also, foam padding is not durable, because they ultimately become effective and compressed after continuous use. 

For more comfort and great biking experiences, you should consider replacing the padding if it doesn’t offer extra support for a good riding posture and enough alignment for the sit bones.

4. Saddle Position

The saddle position is very crucial when riding your bike. The right position will guarantee comfort for long distances while the inappropriate position will lead to discomfort and injury. Make sure your saddle is fitted horizontally. 

The nose of the seat should not point too far up, because you will experience pain in some parts of your body.

 Also, if your saddle is positioned far back or far forward, it can lead to back, neck or arm problems. 

To prevent injuries or any other issues to your body parts, set both pedals in the horizontal position and drop a plumb line down your knee. Generally, your saddle is in a perfect position when the bike’s plumb line goes past the pedal shaft. 

At this point, you can adjust your seat comfortably towards the back or front. However, you should not make these changes so big, but make minor, reasonable adjustments to your riding position.

5. Saddle Height

So, you already bought a bike. What Next? Well, positioning your seat to the right height is very crucial and should come immediately after acquiring a bike.

 Also, ensure that it is fitted at an optimal distance from your handlebars, because you have invested enough time to find the best. If your pedal is perfect and suits your biking preferences, but the saddle position is not right, you will not have a great cycling experience.

 For instance, if you often move on your seat, the saddle is positioned more backward or forwards. The good news is that you can have your saddle correctly positioned to your right riding position by a professional just after making a purchase. He/she will access factors such as physical limitations, flexibility levels, and you’re cycling preferences.

A Few Final Words

Choosing the best saddle for your bike will offer comfort, better control, and high performance while riding for long distances.

 But, to get exceptional rides, you should settle on one that has a durable cover material, enough padding, and the right shape. Also, the position of the saddle is very crucial.

 While picking the right saddle for your bike could be hard, it doesn’t have to be. If you consider the above guidelines on how to pick a bicycle saddle, then there is no doubt that you will get a comfortable and enjoyable long ride.

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Top 21 Best Beginner Road Bikes 2018 The Ultimate Guide

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Road biking is a perfect place to develop your endurance especially on long roads with a good surface.

Over the last decade, road bikes have grown in popularity as the majority of individuals see it as a better option to make them healthier, happier, as well as more active . 

Although finding the best starter bicycle isn’t an easy to task.

Which is why we compiled a list of 21 of the best beginner road bikes to ensure you find the right one for your own personal needs.

Best Beginner Road Bike - Comparison Table




Diamondback Haanjo 1



Tommaso Forcella



GMC Denali



Specialize Allez Elite



Savadeck Carbon road bike

Carbon Fiber


Poseidon Triton road bike



Schwinn Volare 1300 road bike



Vilano Shadow Road Bike



Raleigh Merit 2



Kona Essato



Diamondback Century 1



Giordano Libero bicycle



Boardman road sport



Vitus razor road bike



Btwin triban 520 road bike



Tommaso Imola road bike



Hasa R4 road bike



Pure cycles classic road bike



Vilano FORZA 3.0 aluminum carbon Shimano Sora road Bike



Xc760 Cyrusher road bike



Nashbar AL 1 Sora road bike



Top 21 Best Beginner Road Bikes - Best Entry level road bikes:


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Smooth and comfortable to ride


  • Seat may not be very comfortable (although this can be replaced)

Joining our list of the best entry level road bikes the haano 1is perfect for you if you are looking for a quality and affordable gravel adventure road bike.

The diamondback Haanjo 1 has an aluminum frame which makes it lightweight (22lbs). 

 The Haanjo 1 is a 9 gear model with single rear derailleur which is perfect for city commuters. 

 Shifting is performed by the Shimano Acera shifter and the Shimano Acera rear derailleur, which is more than enough for beginners. 

Another amazing feature that makes this road bike  stand out is its Tekro mechanical disk brakes that provides better braking power than the regular V brakes that many entry level bikes within its price range have. Its braking system won’t fail you even when raiding in wet areas.

Apart from great performance, this road bike has also been built for comfort.

 It features an endurance geometry frame that is intended to keep you in an upright position and comfortable when going for long rides.

 The diamond back Haanjo 1 women’s version has a geometry frame that is suitable for women. 

 If you are looking for beginner road bike that is of high quality, comfortable and durable, then you won’t go wrong if you choose the diamondback Haanjo 1 or Haanjenn 1.


  • Lightweight
  • Offers features usually found on expensive bikes
  • Sturdy bike


  • The Wheels aren't as Durable as it can be (Although this can be replaced)

This road bike contains a carbon fiber and an aluminum frame, something that most entry level road bikes don’t offer.

 The carbon fiber that this road bike is equipped with helps protect you against road vibration allowing you to have a smooth ride. This bike is lightweight and therefore suitable for individuals are searching for a long distance road bike.

providing you with great speed on the road, the Tommaso Forcella is equipped with TC 30 wheel set that is lightweight and provide great aerodynamics that is perfect for beginners. 

If you are searching for a great racing bike but you are on tight budget, then this is the ideal road bike for you. When you compare the quality of features that this road race bike is equipped with versus its price, then you will discover that it is indeed good value for the price. 

This road bike is very easy to assemble. However, to ensure that every part is assembled correctly according to manufacture directions, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the job for you. 

This bike also comes with a lifetime guarantee for the frame.

Overall this is an incredible entry level road bike to consider.


  • lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Water bottle cage included


  • Gears may need to be fined tuned after assembly
  • Assembly required
  • Seat may be uncomfortable (Although can be replaced)

The GMC Denali is available in 3 different sizes and is suitable for short and long distance rides. Made from aluminum frame, this road bike is equipped with 700C size wheels which is standard for most road bikes. 

 It is also equipped with alloy rimes which are generally taller than the normal spoke rims. The added height provides the bike with more aerodynamics and better stiffness enabling you to have a smooth ride. 

The biggest selling point of this bike is its price. If you consider its price versus the quality that this bike provides it’s definitely money well spent and the perfect entry level road bike for anyone to consider.

In addition to that, it is also available in different sizes meaning it that it is easy to find a road bike that fits you perfectly. 

However, it is important to note that this bike is not fully assembled. This means that you have factor in the cost of hiring an expert to do the job for you.

4. Specialized Allez Elite

If you are looking for a powerful beginners road bike with amazing features, then you cant go wrong with the specialize Allez Elite.

 The moment you lay your eyes on this amazing road bike, you will be amazed by its amazing ergonomic design. 

This road bike looks stylish and classy. In addition to that, it is also equipped with amazing features that makes it stand out above the rest. 

The frame of this bike is designed with aluminum frame that is durable and lightweight. 

The fork on the other hand is designed with carbon fiber that helps to minimize vibration and weight of the bike. 

The Allez Elite is also built with the Shimano 105 drivetrain that offers a powerful 2 by 11 gearing.

 Unlike other road bikes that are equipped with disc brake, this bike is equipped with calipers that weighs less and are easy to maintain than the hydraulics. 

However, they are less effective in wet weather. This bike has been designed for comfort and are perfect for beginners who want to have a smooth ride. 

It is an ideal entry level road bike and it is available in variety of colors meaning that you have the option of choosing one that suits your test.


  • low-traction tire design which offer increased speed and less resistnace
  • Lightweight Frame
  • 18 speeds
  • Comes Partly assembled


  • Expensive

Road bikes made from carbon fiber usually cost more than those made aluminum. This is because carbon fiber is lighter and provides comfortable ride because of their ability to absorb vibration. 

If you are searching to high quality entry road bike that is efficient and enjoyable, then the Savadeck carbon road bike is a good choice for you.

 This bike features 18 speed derailleur gearing system and an internal cable routing meaning that it is actually inside the frame. This feature gives this road bike a streamlined look. 

In addition to that, it comes in different colors and sizes meaning that you are free to choice one that suit your comfort preference.

 The Savadeck carbon road bike is also very easy to assemble. It also comes with 3 year warranty on the frame.


  • Lightweight bike
  • Smooth shifting
  • Arrives 80% assembled


  • Brake quality not as good as it can be (But this can be replaced)

Unlike mountain bikes that are a bit heavy, road bikes are lightweight meaning that you can easily place them on a wall rack or on the truck of your car.

 One road bike that is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver around with is the Poseidon Triton. 

This bike has an aluminum frame and a carbon fiber fork that helps to reduce weight and enhance comfort.

 In addition to that, it also features derailleur and shifters by Shimano Claris with is a reputable brand that is known to manufacture quality bike component. 

This road bike has been built for upright seated position, a feature that makes the bike more convenient for long distance riders.

 This road bike is available in three different colors meaning that you can choose one that suits your stylistic needs.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Durable
  • High quality disc brakes


  • Seat may be uncomfortable (Although can be replaced)

The Schwinn Volare is a great road bike for beginners who are looking for quality bike with amazing features. It features aluminum frame and its fork is made from steel. It also features Shimano derailleurs and Shimano shifter. If you are looking for speed, then this is the right road bike for you.

 Its oversized wheel will not only give you a smooth ride but will also give you the speed that you are looking for. This road bike is also very easy to assemble. Its price is also affordable.


  • It has double butted aluminum aero frame with integrated headset
  • This bike is very affordable
  • It has great wheel that fosters smooth movement even in rough roads
  • It comes with free pedals
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • Most people have complained about the quality of seat. It does not have enough padding meaning that the quality of comfort is not good especially for cyclists who love going for long distance rides.

The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is perfect for beginners who want to enhance their health and those who want to enjoy a good road trip. 

It is a very affordable entry level road bike that is suited for fitness, club rides, sprint triathlons and even for commuting.

 It is not just an ordinary bike because it contains very useful components that will help make your ride fun and enjoyable. 

Although many people might be a bit skeptical about the quality of components that it contains because of its fairly low price, we can assure you that the quality of components that this road bike is equipped with will not only impress you but will also surpass your expectations. 

It comes with 14 speeds which is perfect for beginners. When you finally gain more experience, you can upgrade it with more speed.

 Its frame is made from aluminum that it lightweight and durable. It is also equipped with Shimano STI shifter that provide controllable and precise braking and shifting in just one unit. 

This also demonstrate how compact the drive train design is. Vilano Shadow Road Bike also has amazing wheels that have been carefully designed to provide the much needed strength and performance.

The overall design of the bike helps to dampen vibrations. 

This not only helps you to enjoy a smooth ride but it also ensure that the components that the bike is equipped to last longer. 

The large wheels that this road bike is equipped with makes rides on rough roads less stressful. In general, this road bike is strong and sturdy and is able to withstand plenty of outside forces.



  • It has wall wheels that makes the bike extremely stable
  • It has strong frames that can comfortably hold cyclists including those who are overweight
  • Available in different sizes
  • It features an axle design that is more robust
  • It is affordable
  • It is light and responsive
  • easy to assemble


  • Most people have complained about the quality of its brakes saying that it not as effective as manufacture claims.

There are many things that makes Raleigh Merit 2 to stand out. One of them is its thru axle design.

 The axles that this road bike contains are more robust than the normal quick axles found in many similar bikes. 

These axels enables this bike to perform great even in harsh condition. 

It also offers more control when performing high speed turns. 

The overall design of this road bike also allows you to change tires easily without using complicated tools.

Raleigh Merit 2 contain double wall wheels that makes the ride smooth and comfortable. It also gives you that stability that you need especially when performing high speed turns. 

The reinforced wheels that this road bike contain is specifically suitable for overweight riders who are searching for quality road bike to help them in their weight loss journey. 

This road bike is also equipped with Shimano shifting and braking system that perform well even in wet weather. Its frame is made from aluminum. This means that this road bike is lightweight (24 pounds). It comes partly assembled. 


10. Kona Essato


  • Comfortable ride guaranteed
  • It is lightweight but strong
  • It contain stiff frame
  • Good steering
  • Suitable for many tracks
  • Good fit
  • It is affordable
  • Available in different sizes


  • Some people have complained that minor adjustments need to done on the brakes to make them efficient.

If you are searching for a road bike that is up for more challenge, then the Kona Essato is the right choice for you. 

This road bike contains aluminum frame and carbon fork that reduces vibration, enabling you to have a smooth ride.

You are less likely to get weighed down when riding this bike because it is very light.

 It offers a wonderful stiffness, a factor that enables to have better control of the bike. 

The geometry design is perfect and contains larger wheels that gives you more stability while on the road. 

The 34/50 crank set with 9 speed rear gives this bike a total of 18 speed.

 It is a very powerful bike that picks speed fast. Climbing hills is also not a problem. 

The manufacture has described the aluminum frame that this road bike is made as “Kona endurance geometry” and it is made for stability, comfort and versatility.

 The seat that this road bike contains is comfortable and perfect for long distance rides.

 Kona Essato is good bike that will give you a smooth ride, whether in the city or country side.

 It also features reinforced rims that can handle extra weight.


  • DB road podium performance alloy fork for stability and strength
  • Podium performance alloy fork that delivers precise and reliable steering performance
  • Equipped with Shimano 8 speed drivetrain that is reliable and give economical performance
  • It contains hand built aluminum alloy frame with enhanced performance geometry
  • It features a Shimano Sora 8 speed derailleur
  • It is available in different sizes
  • Pedals are included and they come with toe clips


  • Saddle needs an upgrade

Diamondback is one of the most reputable bike companies that has proven for decades now that it is reliable.

 The Diamondback century 1 is one of the best entry level road bikes that deliver great performance.

 It is a powerful endurance road bike that is suitable for riders who love going for long distance ride.

 The moment you lay your eyes on this powerful road bike, you will fall in love with it immediately, thanks to its sleek finishing and custom designed aluminum frame.

 The aluminum frame also helps to keep the weight down.

Diamondback century 1 is an endurance road bike and can easily handle rough road that is full of potholes without making you uncomfortable.

 This road bike has been built with taller than the usual head tube and it helps to take strain off your neck and back. 

This enables you to go for long distance rides without hurting your back or neck. 

The angle at which the saddle is positioned enables you to sit in an upright and comfortable position when ridding. 

The podium performance fork that is placed on front favor precision steering which is beneficial particularly when negotiating corners and bends.


  • This road bike is affordable
  • The 16 speed that this road has will help you attain
  • comfortable cruising speed within a short period of time. It also makes climbing easy.
  • t has quality metal spiked pedals that are durable
  • Quality wheels that are durable and can easily be replaced. They are also very stable
  • This road bike is lightweight but strong


  • Its brakes are not responsive, they requires you to put extra effort to make the bike stop when at high speed.
  • Tubes that this bike contain are not the best quality

The Giordano Libero road bike is a great entry level road bike for individuals who are on tight budget.

 It has been designed to offer true Italian style road bike experience but at a low cost.

 Giordano Libero bicycle is equipped with aluminum frame that is very stable and gives you a smooth feel. 

The aluminum frame is also lightweight meaning that it won’t weight you down when on the road. 

The Giordano Libero drivetrain has wide variety of quality parts including the prow heel, rear derailleurs and cassette made by Shimano.

The Shimano shifters that have been integrated into the bikes brake levers gives it decent, precise shift quality. 

This road bike also features Vitesse alloy rims that have been reinforced with 32 spokes, a factor that gives the wheel plenty of stability and support and prevents unwanted bending caused by impact and weight.

 The saddle that this bikes features has good amount of adjustability and will give you decent amount of cushioning and good fit. 

Other features that you will get to enjoy when you buy this bike include metal spiked pedals and two water bottle mounts. 

Giordano Libero is indeed a perfect choice for beginners because it contains quality components that will ensure that you enjoy your ride.

 When you become a pro, you can upgrade some features to suit your needs.

13. Boardman road sport


  • It is very affordable
  • No vibration, gives a smooth ride
  • Body geometry saddle
  • Warranty on the frame
  • It is equipped with quality component
  • Internal routing cabling
  • It is lightweight


  • Brakes are not too responsive especially in wet conditions

Boardman has established itself as a leader when it comes to manufacturing decent entry level bikes that performs better than their price tag. 

This road bike features a triple butted X7 alloy frame, alloy steerer and carbon fork that is lightweight and give the cyclists a smooth ride by eliminating vibration. 

This bike also features an internal cable routing that helps to clean up the frame. 

What makes Boardman road sport standout from its rivals sold at the same price is it light weight nature. 

The ride will feel comfortable and stable. 

When it is time to slow down the Tekro R359 pivot brakes will not let you down.

 They will give you enough stopping power to keep you safe. 

The Vittoria Zaffiro tires are of good quality and offer a combination of durability and grippiness. 

The tires are about 25mm which is a bit larger than the normal 23mmtires. 

The added air chamber helps to add more comfort. It also features a very comfortable saddle. 

It is one of the best entry level road bikes for individuals who are on tight budget but are looking for a decent road bike.

14. Vitus razor road bike


  • It is affordable
  • It is stable
  • Carbon fork helps to absorb vibration enabling you to have a smooth ride
  • It come with a life time frame warranty
  • Comfortable seat. You can ride for a long period of time without hurting your back
  • It has quality tires that durable and can easily be replaced
  • Requires little maintenance


  • Its brakes does not perform well in wet areas

The Vitus razor road bike is an ideal entry level bike for beginners. It is comfortable, nimble and requires little maintenance. 

This road bike features an aluminum frame that lightweight and durable. 

It is a perfect level entry endurance road bike that will give you experience that you will enjoy.

 The alloy frame features a lightweight double butted tubing that enhances comfort while at the same time giving the bike the strength that it needs. 

A full carbon fork that this road bike is equipped with provides nimble steering and also ensure that you enjoy smooth ride by reducing vibration. 

The saddle on Vitus razor road bike is well padded. This enables you to enjoy smooth ride for long period of time. 

Despite its overall weight, Vitus razor road bike is a quick bike. Its wheel are responsive just like those found in much more expensive models. 

The geometry of this bike is amazing. You can easily get into a truck, ride in the drops without worrying about breaking your back. 

Vitus razor road bike is super stable and you can negotiate corners at high speed without losing control.

15. Btwin triban 520 road bike


  • Remarkable pricing
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Lightweight and provides a smooth ride
  • Amazing design that is attractive
  • Impressive Shimano Sora drivetrain
  • Has powerful wheel that offers smooth and speedy ride


  • The saddle are not too comfortable when used for long period of time
  • It's breaking system is not too responsive especially when in wet areas.

Since it was launched, Btwin triban 520 road bike has been received well by riders because of its performance.

 It is one of the best entry level road bikes for individuals who are on light budget. 

Btwin triban 520 road bike features a triple chain set and 9 speed Sora group set that takes care of the shifting and braking. 

Btwin triban 520 road bike frame us made using the 6061 aluminum alloy that is versatile, lightweight and sturdy. 

The overall design of the frame and geometry has been well modified and it features a shorter frame, a sloping tube and a head tube for integrated headset. 

Short frame geometry is a very important feature that gives you a more comfortable upright riding position than the normal standard position that most road bikes have. 

The Btwin sport fork is made with carbon blades that provides immense strength.

 It perfectly combines low weight, precision and strength.

Developed in Flanders, Belgium. You will not only be amazed by Btwin triban 520 road bike performance but you will also fall in love with its looks.

 The fact that it comes with triple chain set means that you will experience seller jumps. 

Gear shifting is incredibly smooth and price. The 27 speed gearing will give you enormous option when it comes to gear combinations that will give you more power on the road. 

This road bike is equipped with dual pivot brake calipers. 

The overall design of the handlebar will give you a comfortable riding experience. 

The overall length and stem of the handlebar will give you better control of the bike for a long period of time when on saddle. 

Drops and tape on the handle bar offers added comfort and great grip. This road bike is also equipped with 28 spoke Btwin sport wheels that offers smooth and speedy ride.


  • It is available in different sizes and colors
  • It is very easy to upgrade
  • It is fitted with Shimano Claris components
  • It contains light 6061 aluminum frame
  • It is affordable


  • Heavy steel fork
  • Professional assembly is required

Tommaso Imola is one of the most popular budget road bikes on the market. 

The Italian designed bike is not only good looking but it also performs well. 

The Tommaso Imola frame is made of 661 SLA aluminum frame. 

The bike provides seamless ride both uphill and on uneven road because the frame is lightweight.

 In addition to that, the frame of this road bike is available in three different colors including white, orange and black. The fork is made of steel which is a bit heavy on the bike. 

However, bearing the fact that this is a budget bike that is meant for beginners, the weight that steel fork adds is not going  to impact on the overall quality of the ride in a significant way.

Tommaso Imola is fitted with a complete Shimano Claris group set. 

The combination of gears is 3 by 8 which is perfect for beginners. You will have a lot of gear combinations to help you climb uphill as well as move fast on flat roads.

 The derailleurs that this road bike is equipped with performs well and if you take good care of them by adjusting them property, they will serve you well for a long period of time. 

The wheels that this bike is equipped with provides good aerodynamics. 

The front wheel has 20 spokes while the rear wheel has 24 spokes that is good enough to perfectly support your weight. 

The tires are of good width and roll effortlessly thus ensuring that you enjoy a smooth ride. 

Tommaso Imola is equipped with Shimano Claris brake caliper that is pretty good. The seat is also comfortable and suitable for long distances.


  • Strong and reliable frame (comes with lifetime warranty
  • Other parts come with one year warranty
  • It is affordable
  • Quality braking power
  • Reliable ridding position
  • Amazingly lightweight
  • Great gear range with Shimano ST 2400
  • double walled CNC machined alloy rims


  • The padded saddle are not as soft as you would want them to be
  • Assembly is not easy. It requires professional help

Hasa R4 road bike a budget entry level road bike that is equipped with excellent features. 

Although lightweight, this road bike is a performer that can go toe to toe with other similar road bikes that are twice its price. 

This bike has amazing features that make it a great choice for beginners who are looking for a well  performing and great looking road bike but are on tight budget.

 It is a great option for those who are looking for commuter or fitness road bike. 

It comes with lifetime warranty on the frame and one year warranty on other parts except tubes, tires and brake pads. 

The Hasa R4 road bike is a 24 speed bike and is equipped with Shimano ST-2400 shifters that perform really well.

 It is also equipped with super light aluminum alloy frame. This enables the bike to deliver great performance even when climbing uphill. Hasa R4 road bike weighs less than 22 lbs.

 However, it is strong enough to support your weight. It is equipped with Shimano brakes levers that performs quite well.


  • Its frame comes with lifetime warranty
  • Other component of the bike exclusive tires and brake pads comes with one year manufacture warranty
  • The bike is simple to assemble (shipped when 90% assembled)
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to customize and upgrade
  • Quality tires that are super responsive
  • It is affordable


  • Its brake pad are not too responsive in wet areas
  • Seat is not so comfortable especially when going for long distances rides

From mountains to desert valleys, there is no terrain that you cannot conquer when you ride Pure cycles classic 16 speed road bike. 

This road bike is equipped with supper strong 4130 chromoly steel frameset that is light and ideal for both beginners and experienced riders.

 The 16 speed Shimano Claris STI shifters, derailleurs and cassette that this road bike is equipped with delivers speed and smooth ride.

 The classy curved drop bar will comfortably position your upper body without straining your shoulders and neck.

 It will balance your weight perfectly between the front and back wheel enabling you to have total control when handling the bike.

 Pure cycles classic 16 speed road bike is also powered by the Shimano Claris 16 speed drivetrain that ensures accurate, easy to operate and fast shifting. 

The lightweight frame is complemented by butted seat tube that provides extra comfort by smoothing uneven roads by allowing the frame to flex. 

This bike also comes with a life time warranty on frames and one year warranty on other components. 

This means that you can confidently ride the bike knowing that you are well covered. 

This bike also features Hutchison nitro II tires that features all weather tread designed that gives you better control and enhances your safety. 

Pure cycles classic 16 speed road bike also features 17mm deep dish alloy rims and caliper brakes.


  • This road bike is affordable and good option for beginners
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Super light and sturdy, thanks to its carbon fiber fork
  • Excellent finish
  • This road bike comes with free platform pedals plus toe straps
  • Reliable and smooth gear transition


  • Seat and peddles needs improvement

Vilano FORZA 3.0 aluminum carbon Shimano Sora road Bike is a budget friendly bikes with top notch performance and fine craftsmanship. 

If you are looking for quality and reliable road bike to commute to work or for workout purposes, then you won’t regret if you choose this bike. 

This road bike can be compared to a chameleon because it easily transform to a perfect bike to suit the purpose or occasion that you want it to. 

This bike consists of two materials. It therefore combines characteristics of two materials. 

The frame is made of aluminum which is widely known for its lightweight. 

It will enable you move fast. On the other hand, the fork is made of carbon that is known for its strength. 

These two metal play a huge role in enhancing the performance of this road bike. It features 24 speeds, a factor that makes it a versatile bike.

 Its overall impressive appearance makes it look expensive.

 Indeed, this road bike has been designed for great performance.

 The micro shift gears that this road bike is equipped with works perfectly well even when subjected under different conditions.

 It steady and sturdy design makes riding even on rough roads fun and enjoyable.

Overall this is one of the best beginner bicycle available in the market.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is fast and comfortable
  • 90% pre-assembled and comes with instalment guide and support
  • It is lightweight
  • Powerful double brake pads that works well even in wet conditions


  • Seat is not so comfortable

Are you looking for a sporting or vacation road bike that is fast and comfortable? 

If yes then look no further than Xc760 Cyrusher road bike. 

This road bike is not only affordable but it also equipped with plenty of amazing feature that will make your riding experience fun and enjoyable. 

This bike is equipped with aluminum frame that is lightweight but durable. The overall design and appearance of this bike is attractive.

 It also features a shift lever Shimano 14 speed that is good enough to give you the power that you need on the road.

 It also features 700mm wide while that provides stability and comfort when cruising on rough road.

 It also features a powerful double disc brakes that performs extremely well even in wet conditions. 

The aluminum curved handlebar that this bike is equipped with is easy to handle even when riding at high speeds.

 It is a perfect entry level bike for beginners who are looking for a well performing bike that is sold at an affordable price. 

Quality components that this bike is equipped with will give you quality service that will match or even surpass similar bikes that are twice its price.


  • It is affordable
  • Has set of pivot brakes that give rapid stopping force
  • High quality tires that are tong and durable
  • Carbon based fork that is strong and durable


  • It is not easy to assemble. Requires professional help

Over the last decade, Nashbar has made huge progress in the road bike community. 

Since 2010, they have produced some of the best and most popular models and Nashbar AL 1 Sora road bike is no exception.

 It is a road bike that has been built using the finest components that are durable.

 It features lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork with tapered aluminum steerer tube that enhances responsive handling.

The new Shimano Sora R3000 shift levels that this bike is equipped with and derailleur enhances smooth and precise gear change. 

The compact 50/34T chain ring and nine speed cassette provides wide range of gear. 

This means that you can easily climb uphill or pick speed on a flat road. It is capable of tackling flat straights and steep climbs.

 The dual pivot brakes will give you plenty of stopping power while it smooth rolling tires will make your ride fun. 

The overall design of this road bike is very attractive. 

Nashbar AL 1 Sora road bike is also equipped with Zaffiro 700C tires that are incredible durable and are usually regarded as one of the best tires for road bikes.

 The carbon based fork are not only lightweight, strong and durable but it also does a good job in reducing shock when riding on unstable roads.


Important features that differentiate road bikes from touring, commuting, hybrid and mountain bikes include:

  • Road bikes have very lightweight wheels, frame and components
  • Majority of them have curled handlebar but some have flat bar like mountain bike.
  • They don’t have front or rear suspension
  • They have narrow tires and wheels
  • Available in both men and women styles and their sizes also varies


Some riders use road bikes to commute while others use them to cruise around enjoying a long day out, other use it for exploring the countryside.

 As a result, there are different types of road bikes to suit the  needs of each individual cyclist  Major differences are usually found in geometry (dimension of the frame) and the component. 

Below are a list of different types of road bikes:

Aero road bikes

Aero road bikes are stiff but efficient race machines. They have been designed to slice through the air. 

They have high level of integration including hidden brakes, integrated system as well as an internal cable routing.

Endurance bikes

Endurance road bikes are meant for cyclists who love long distances. They are very comfortable because they have been designed for all day riding. 

They feature a slacker geometry that puts the rider in an upright position. They have wider tires and disc brakes that works perfectly even in wet condition.

Light weight road bikes

This type of road bikes have been designed for all round racing.

As a result, they have aggressive geometry just like aero road bike but are lighter and provide greater compliance.

Entry level road bikes

Do you know that you can get a well-functioning road bike with less than $300?

These bikes are cheap because they are entry level road bikes. If you want to enjoy exclusive features, then you must upgrade various components of the bike.

Adventure and gravel road bikes

These road bikes have been designed for adventure purposes. As a result, they light weight frame, mud clearance, disc brakes ad knobby tires.

Adventure and gravel road bikes are suitable for cyclists who want to enjoy a ride in mixed terrain or off road ridding.

Flat bar road bikes

There are some road bikes models that have flat handlebars. 

They are suitable mostly for beginners who are not yet confident or those who don’t feel that they require a drop handlebar.

Women’s road bikes

All the above mentions models are available in women design. There geometry design have been tailored to suit female riders.

Road Bike Components Guide:

The frame

The frame is the heart of any bicycle and road bikes frames are usually made form carbon or aluminum because they are strong, light and durable.

Unlike initial brands that were designed with frames with flat top tube and shot seat, modern road bikes contain frames with sloping top tube that makes them smaller, lighter and improves stand over height. 

When purchasing beginner road bike, it is very important to ensure that you choose a road bike with frame size and shape that fits your individual size. 

This will make things easy for you, a factor that you will make the cycling experience fun.

The wheels

When it comes to road bikes, aerodynamics are very important. This bike has been designed for speed. 

As a result, the wheels contains fewer spokes when compared with mountain bikes. The rims are deeper and wider, a factor that helps to increase the tires volume. 

As result, you will enjoy a smoother ride with less flats. Road bike tires are also very skinny (about 23-25mm wide). This factor helps to minimize resistance. 

They also have a slick center strip that runs at higher pressure to also minimize resistance and enhances smooth ride.

The chain set

Traditional road bikes features with 53/399T combination. Modern road bikes feature a more stable 50/34 compact set up that aids riders in climbing.

 A new compact setup of 52/36 is also used. It helps to enhance speed of race gearing. Some bikes (especially cheaper bikes) have optional triple chain sets.

The cassette

Road bikes contain gears that are tightly packed together. This factor helps the rider to pedal at an ideal speed. Most road bikes (except entry levels ones) have 11 sprockets.

The handlebar

Road bikes have dropped handlebars. The handlebar have various position that are crucial for the cyclists. 

For instance, when you place your hands on either side of the stem, you will have an easy time when cruising steep climbs. On the other hand, the hoods provide good leverage and comfortable stretch when climbing. 

The drops important to choose on the other hand are used when the cyclists is speeding. The shape and bar with of the handlebar usually varies. It is therefore very one that fits you.

Seat post and saddle

Seat post and saddle set up as opposed to far much better than choose one fits your Brakes is very important parts in road bikes because they determine your level of comfort when cycling.

 Comfort is usually determined by the seat the number of padding. Road bike saddles are usually long, thin and narrow. 

On the outside, they look very uncomfortable but they are by the overly soft saddles and are suitable for long distance rides. However, it will take some time before you get used to it. 


distance bikes. As a result, they use dual pivotal brake that are much more efficient, light, compact and powerful. 

However, this type of Road bikes are long brakes are only suited for road riding because they have no mud clearance.


There is no doubt that buying your first road bike is an important milestone in your cycling life. It is therefore very important to ensure that you choose that best road bike that suits your cycling needs because it will be your companion for several years.

 However, with so many brands on the market each claiming to be of high quality, you can easily get confused on which brand to choose. In this section, we are going to give you tips on important factors to consider when choosing beginner road bike.

Consider comfort and efficiency

Comfort and efficiency of the road bike re tops factors that you should consider when searching for beginner road bikes. If you want to get the best beginner road bike that fits you well.

It does not really matter if the salesman’s gives you a good deal. Just make sure that you don’t buy a bike that is too big or too small. 

Ensure that all components of the bike that you are considering to buy including handlebars, stem and saddle fits you well so that you can enjoy your ride.

 Ensure that the bike has correct frame size. In addition to that, it is also crucial to ensure that road bike has correct seat height. 

Before you step out of the shop, it is important to ask the salesman to call a professional bike fitting expert to observe the bike and make necessary adjustment needed to enhance comfort of the bike. 

Remember that no matter how colorful or expensive the bike is, if it does not fit you well then it will be useless and waste of time. A professional fitting expert will enhance the bike handling, a factor that will help you have better experience when ridding the bike.

Consider frame material used

When buying road bikes, you will have to choose between two materials. They include carbon fiber and aluminum. Aluminum frames provides smooth ride and are less expensive when compared to carbon fiber. Most road bikes made from aluminum frames come with composite front fork that helps to absorb road vibrating to enhance ride quality. 

On the other hand, road bikes made from carbon fiber frames have better vibration absorbing ability and as a result, they provide greater comfort than aluminum frame. 

However, road bikes with carbon fiber frames are more expensive due to the labor intensive process involved in manufacturing. 

However, don’t just assume that you will have quality ride just because you have purchased a road bike made form carbon fiber frame, the quality of ride depends on specific design of the frame.

 If you are looking for a lightweight and strong road bike then it is recommended that you choose road bike made from carbon fiber. 

On the other hand, if you just want to buy a road bike just for fitness and fun, then choosing a road bike made from aluminum is the best option.

Test before you buy

The only way to know if you have chosen the right road bike that will suit our individual needs is by testing it. 

Before you close the deal, ask the salesperson to allow you to go for short test ride. This way, you will carefully access how various complements of the bike performs. 

You will also know if the bike frame fits you well. Regardless of how good the deal is, don’t close the deal if the dealer does not allow to test the ride.

Consider the brand

There are many brands on the market that claim to manufacture quality road bikes. 

However, there are brands that are known to manufacture high quality road bikes than others.

 If you want to be on the safe side, then it is recommended that you buy your road bike from a brand that has been in existence for a long period of time and has proven beyond reasonable doubt that it sells high quality road bikes.

Consider your budget

You have to be realistic and know that you can only buy a road bike that you can afford. Therefore, when choosing one, ensure that it is within your budget.

 The greatest mistake that many people make is thinking that road bikes that are expensive are usually of high quality. Although that is usually the case in most cases, it does not guarantee that you will get quality bike. 

Quality does not always have to be expensive.

 If you are on tight budget but you are looking for quality road bike to meet your individual needs, all that you need to do is conduct your own extensive research to find brands that sell high quality bikes but at an affordable price.

Consider if it has warranty

This is a very important factor that many people usually overlook. Warranty is a very important factor that you should always consider before you make a purchase.

 Nobody wants to buy a road bike that breaks down just a few months after purchase. That will be waste of your hard earned money and time. Reputable brands that manufacture high quality road bikes usually give warrant to product that they manufacture.

 Warranty is a form assurance that manufacture give consumer to assure them that they are buying quality product. 

If the road bike has a 2 year warranty, then it means that if the bike develops any mechanical issue before the warranty elapses, then you can return it to the seller for repair without paying even a single cent.

 Experts recommend that you should buy a road bike that more than 2 years warranty.

Read customer reviews online

Before you make your final decision, take your time and read online reviews to see what previous customers who have bought that particular read bike are saying about it performance and quality. 

Take your time are read reviews from independent review site to see how customers have rate the performance of the road bike that you are considering to buy. 

If previous customers have given positive reviews and rating, then chances are that the road bike is of high quality. 

On the other hand, if previous customers have given negative reviews and poor rating, then chances are that t the road bikes is of poor quality and should be avoided at all cost to avoid being disappointed.

The final verdict

There you have it the top 21 road bike entry level.In conclusion, from the above information, it is clear that getting quality beginner road bikes does mean that you need to have a lot of money, all that you need to do is conduct extensive research to get reputable brands that sell quality road bikes at an affordable price.

 If you buy any of the above listed road bikes you can be sure that you will never regret.

All of them have been thoroughly tested and proven to give great performance.

Not all manufactures who claim to manufacture high quality road bikes do stand by their word. 

There are some who are only interested to make huge profits as opposed to giving customers value for their money.

 This is why you need to be very careful when buying road bikes as a beginner. 

With increase in demand for road bikes, many companies have emerged to take advantage of the ready market. 

As a result many people, especially those who have never bought a road bike before are usually confused. If you are one of them then today you have landed in the right place. 

We have conducted extensive research on your half and in this section we are going to list best beginner road bikes that are currently available on the market. 

Our method of selection was based on customer rating and reviews, level of comfort and durability, quality of material used as well as price.

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